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My Baby Love

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One pink vertical line.

He closed his eyes and ducked his head, feeling sorrow for the man beside him. His best friend.

“Well? What does it say? Jinnie c'mon!”

The hopefulness in his best friend’s voice only deepened his sorrow. Jin tried to say something, but there was no sound to back up his silent uttering.

The tension that had filled his best friend’s body left. Slowly, his eyes opened to meet Jin’s and he knew, but he didn’t want to know. If he didn’t know, it couldn’t be. “No...”

“Jimin...” Jin finally muttered out.

Said male shook his head at a terrifying speed, almost threateningly, as if he could break his neck, and not be sorry. “NO!”

“YES! Yes. Jimin, it’s negative. You’re not pregnant.”

“...I...I don’t understand. I did everything right.”

Jin huffed, “It’s not a matter if you did anything right!”

It was at that moment, Jimin snapped. “BUT IT IS! IT IS! I ATE RIGHT! I SYNCED THINGS UP PERFECTLY I —“ he choked on his words, sobs following.

As Jin enveloped Jimin’s smaller body in his arms, the omega wished it was morning again. He was happy then.



“That’s gonna be $6.45,” the beta woman at the counter smiled phonily. The omega could see her cheaply glossed lips quiver, threatening to fall.

Jimin paid no mind though, as he took out his wallet, opened it, and handed over his gold card. The beta snatched it away roughly. She eyed his perfectly manicured fingernails, before looking at her own chipped ones. “Daddy got a lot of money in the bank, hmm?”

The omega’s eyes widened in surprise at the straightforwardness of the cashier. “Well,” he had to pause to gather his thoughts, “not exactly...I work as an interior designer and my alpha is the CEO of Min Corporation.”

“Oh! You’re Park Jimin! I knew you looked familiar. Your wedding was in every magazine. Headlining every paper. On just about every channel on TV. Every radio broadcast. How nice for you. I’m sure you loved being the talk of Seoul for 2 weeks, hm?”

Before Jimin could answer, someone huffed behind him, “Is this going to take any longer?”

When Jimin turned around, he was met with a boy who had soft features, and judging by them, this boy was an omega no more than...16. Slung over the young omega’s shoulder was a backpack. It finally registered in Jimin’s head that it was 7:21AM on a Tuesday. He must have school! “Oh sorry! Miss can you please h —“

“Yeah, yeah. I hear you.”

The cashier handed Jimin his bag before looking at the teen omega expectantly. Jimin turned on his high heel and was on his way out of the drugstore, when he heard. “$6.45...You only have $5?...Sorry, I’m afraid you cannot purchase this item.”

There was pain in Jimin’s chest that caused him to halt in his steps. He wasn’t sure what compelled him to do what he did, or does as much as he can when someone needs it. His alpha, Min Yoongi, said it’s simply because he has a beautiful soul. Jimin would take that explanation with a full heart and blushing cheeks, but this time things felt different. He wasn’t driven by kindness, but worry.

Jimin placed his gold card on the counter again. The woman raised her bushy eyebrow, taking it once again. Jimin’s eyes wandered over to what the boy was trying to buy. His breath got caught in his throat. It was the exact same thing he bought.

A pregnancy test.

“Thank you,” mumbled the teen omega. He was biting his lip, fangs non-existent. The absence of them emphasized just how much of a child he was. There was so much shame written on his face. It was too much for Jimin to bear. Once things were paid for, Jimin was off.


“So why’d you set up this breakfast so suddenly?” Jimin’s best friend, a pretty omega named Jin, asked.

The two omegas had been friends, since their alphas introduced them to each other at a Christmas party three years ago. Both their alphas worked in the same field, so they saw each other often. The more time they spent with one another, the stronger their friendship grew.

The two even decided to get the same hair color, because why not? When they were together, everything seemed great. And it was, if you were to judge by the blonde atop their head. The locks of fluff framed their faces perfectly, contrasting nicely with their skin.

Jimin was so happy to have him with him in that moment. He clapped his hands together excitedly. “Jin, I think I’m pregnant! No! I know I am!”

“Really!” Jin squealed. “Where’s the test? When did you take it? Why wasn’t I there?”

“Actually, I didn’t take it yet...BUT I made sure to do everything you suggested! I ate well! Planned things out! And...Yoongi even took the pill!”

Jin gasped in shock once hearing the last part of Jimin’s statement. “Yoongi took the pill? How many?”

“To be honest, I’m not quite sure...He took many though.”

“Jimin, you know how dangerous that is!”

“But Joonie took them too! And now look at you guys. You have a beautiful daughter! I want that! Yoongi wants that too. We’d do anything...” Jimin smiled. “Please just hope with me. Trust me.”

Jin smiled back softly, trying to be as cheerful and genuine as he could be with this news. His heart hurt for his best friends. Jimin and Yoongi had been trying to have a pup for four months. They’ve had no success, but Jimin still hoped. Jin should be able to sympathize with them, because he and his alpha had trouble conceiving their now two year-old girl. Jin couldn’t find hope though. No matter how desperately he wanted to. Why?

Jimin took Jin’s hands in his. He placed a kiss on each and laid his face on them. “Thank you, Jin.”



Once the two had finished their meals, it was time to go. They had planned to head to Jimin and Yoongi’s mansion to take the test.

Before they could take one step outside the cafe though, Jin suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom.

It had only been about a minute since Jin left when Jimin was bumped into rudely. “HEY! Wa —“

Jimin cut himself off, when he saw who had bumped into him. It was that omega from the drugstore. The teen had black streaks of mascara lining his cheeks. His eyes were red. All these things indicated one thing, the poor boy had been crying.

The very second the boy’s eyes met Jimin’s, he was quick to jerk his head away. “Sorry,” was all choked out. Then, he ran...


Thinking back on things now, Jimin could only wonder what had made the boy cry so hard. Perhaps he was pregnant. The thought made him feel ugly and it burned so terribly!


At the realization of that feeling, Jimin’s fingers curled tightly around Jin’s shirt, fisting it. He was jealous...He ripped himself out of Jin’s embrace, startling the elder.

The younger of the two hopped up on his feet. Red, hot rage filled his veins. He wasn’t himself when he grabbed the expensive vase on the window sill, and smashed it.

Jin was quick to get up too. “NO JIM —“

“IM NOT JEALOUS!” Jimin screeches before going on a mad rampage throughout the mansion. He smashed China and ripped apart paintings.




Jin’s screams fell on deaf ears. Jimin heard nothing, only seeing red.

The elder wasn’t sure what to do. It was the first time he’d ever seen Jimin like this...It was heartbreaking. He didn’t want to hurt Jimin, but he had no choice when he reached for the urns that were filled with the ashes of Yoongi’s parents. He tackled the other omega.

Jimin struggled, spouting nonsense about jealousy. Jin could do nothing but wait...

“Fuck that stupid little boy. He was dumb and deserves to be shunned by his family. Compared to me..he’s inferior...he doesn’t deserve it!” There was so much venom and malice in Jimin’s words.

Who knows? He might’ve been right about that omega. Jimin could be better in every single way, but in the end, none of that mattered. Not when he had everything Jimin’s ever wanted...

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Jimin wept. “I’m sorry Jin! I’m sorry Yoongi!”

There was another loud crash in the room. It was more clear and distinct in only Jimin’s ears though.

It didn’t take long for him to figure out it was his heart.