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Monika, their Goddess

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Monika had jealousy issues, that’s for sure. One day, after the Protagonist was a member of the club, she had a brilliant idea: hack the game and shrink the girls, one by one. She decided the best way to start would be to shrink Sayori. After all, she was depressed. She would think she deserves this and struggle the least out of all of them. So she hacked Sayori’s game file, changing it from sayori.chr to tiny.chr while Sayori was asleep and kidnapped her.


Sayori woke up a few hours later. It was 6 AM.


“Huh?” Sayori looked around the now giant room in confusion. “I know you must be confused, but if I sit here all day talking, we’ll be late for school, so I’ll just chalk it up to this: you are now my sex slave,” Monika declared seriously, already dressed for school. Sayori accepted her fate submissively with a nod, just as Monika figured she would. “Good, now I’ll going to put you into my shoe,” Monika announced, taking off her left shoe and placing Sayori inside. Without warning, she then placed her foot back inside the shoe.


She started walking to school. After school, she skipped going to the club that day because she had plans for Sayori. Once inside, she greeted her parents and went inside her room. There, she took Sayori out of her shoe and got both of them naked. “Now,” Monika started saying as she got into bed and placed Sayori by her feet, “school has been rough for me today. I need a foot massage.” “Um, my Goddess, I don’t mean to question you, but what if your parents walk in and see us naked?” Sayori squeaked. “Don’t worry about that. I told them I’m doing my homework and not to disturb me until I say I’m done, meaning nothing bad can possibly happen,” Monika informed. Sayori started massaging Monika’s smelly feet, causing Monika to moan in pleasure as she started doing her homework.


After she finished her homework, she placed Sayori inside her Vulva and made her rub it until she orgasmed. Then, she took Sayori out and sat on her. It hurt like a bitch, but Sayori loved it.


Afterwards, Monika got off of Sayori and gave her food as a reward.