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She’d gone over to their place a number of times, but rarely when they were still in pants. She’d often floo in to see them already up and about, but a rare occasion like this—was it just her or was it their broken air conditioner?

“Weren’t we meeting tomorrow?”

“—unless tomorrow happens to be the twentieth—no, I’d say we’re meeting today.”

“I’ll have to get dressed, first, then we’ll head out.”

It was odd seeing them so underdressed, but there was also nothing odd about it at all.

It had to be the heat affecting her. For Godric’s sake, she’d already seen her supposed two-thirds in briefs, so this shouldn’t be such a big deal to her—though she had to give it to Dean (and man was it odd to be checking her friends out).

“What time will you be back?”

“Soon as the club lets out.”

“—need a hand?”

“It shouldn’t be hard to carry. We’ll see.”

The three of them weren’t close by any means, but Dean and Seamus were close to her boys, and if she knew anything about Harry and Ron—well, they were getting along fairly well if she had to say.

“I’ll be back tonight—don’t wait up.”

“Is that my shirt?”

“If it is? Problem?”

“Looks good—wear it.”

“Already am, though.”

“Guys—we’ll be late the longer this goes. Can we leave before our bus leaves?”

“We can always apparate someplace nearby if we’re late.”

“Or take the Knight Bus—just avoid the evening cocoa.”

The clock was ticking, and Hermione rushed Dean out of the apartment—while they weren’t new to the club, they were fairly new with showing their faces. Their club rarely met, but considering how not everyone could make it to the meetings, it made sense that they wouldn’t be recognized. Even then, those who did join the meetings barely stayed for long, so their meetings would end early.

“Say—how long have you been together?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know—you and Seamus.”

“We’re not—we aren’t together.”

“I’m sure my eyes aren’t fooling me.”

“Well they’re fooled alright?”

“Let’s just go. We’ll discuss this later.”

“There’ll be nothing to discuss later.”

Is that my shirt? Looks good—wear it.

“Do me a favour and carry the canvas.”