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Be You

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The Tsukei Orphanage was quiet at midnight, no one stirred from their beds and small kids were sleeping soundlessly, snuggled in their covers. It was a cool night in October with leaves fluttering down to the ground. On the doorstep of the Orphanage lay a basket with a letter on top of a blanket. Under the blanket was a newborn baby girl that had a small tuft of blond hair on top of her head and three whisker-like markings on both of her cheeks. Her small chest rose and then fell as she slept on, oblivious to what her future will hold. On the envelope it held a name, one that won't be around for long.

Naruko Uzumaki.

Naruko knew she was different at age six, her whisker-like markings proved that. She also knew because she felt...wrong. She felt wrong when she had to use the little girl's bathroom when the Orphanage went on field trip, she hated going in there with a passion. She felt wrong when she had to go over to the girls side of the room of the gym when they split the kids up based on their gender. She felt wrong having long hair and wearing girls clothes. She forced her caretakers to cut her hair short and get her boy's clothes with the promise of behaving herself a short time afterwards.

Naruko just felt wrong all around, and the caretakers and other kids doesn't help the matter either. They had never really accepted her since the first time she was discovered and brought in. The kids always thought that she was weird and wasn't worth their time because of it. Naruko didn't mind it though, this just means she had more time to play "ninja" and work on pranks.

Of course, she was forced to behave when those who wished to adopt came around. Although, every single one of them overlooked her and deemed her as "too hyperactive" and "not intelligent enough." Naruko didn't show that it bothered her, even though it did.

At the age of nine, her punishments for acting out got harsher.

Before, she'd just got sent to timeout for a certain amount of minutes, like the other kids. Now though, She got sent to her room without eating dinner. Because of how much she did act out, she went to bed without food more times than when she does with food. Because of this, she was rather skinny and her ribs could be seen ever so slightly when she took her shirt off.

At this age, she also found out what she truly was. Why she felt comfortable going with the guys(even if they picked on her) and why she hated, essentially being a girl.

She was watching tv by herself, the others gone on a field trip that she wasn't allowed to go on, and was flipping through the channel until she stopped at a particular one. The show that was on it was taking about what it is like living as something called transgender.

As she watched and listened, she slowly started to make the connections to herself and what was on tv.

Naruko Uzumaki was transgender and was a boy, deep within her-his soul.

When he was eleven, the fateful couple came into the orphanage to adopt.

The older had silvery hair, spiked one way, onyx colored eyes, one covered by a patch and his lower half of his face was covered by a mask. He wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt with black pants and black boots. Beside him was a shorter man with tanned skin, brown hair that was tied back, brown eyes, a scar across the bridge of his nose, a green shirt sleeved shirt, dark blue pants and blue and white sneakers.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the head caretaker asked, causing Naruk-Naruto to roll his eyes from his corner of the room where he was playing with a fake kunai. The fake cheeriness was too obvious now a days.

"Hello, I'm Kakashi." the silver haired man responded politely with an unseen smile. "This is my husband, Iruka. We were wondering if we could adopt."

"Yes of course! You may go and walk around. You're allowed to talk to any of the kids. Once you find someone you're looking for, come to me." With that, she allowed them into the room where the kids were playing in.

Naruto watched as the two adults looked around before turning back to his toy kunai. He was currently twirling it around his fingers, off in his own little world until a voice came from behind him.

"Why are you here by yourself?"

Naruto looked and saw that it was the brown haired man that asked. He blinked in surprise before answering.

"The other kids want me to stay away. I think it's because I'm weird."

"Is that so? Why?"

"Its because of my weird markings and...well…being a boy." Naruto saw Iruka's eyebrow shot up in confusion.

"But you look like any other boy…"

"Thing is sir...I' body isn't a boy." Naruto watched as realization came across the other's face before his face turned a little serious.

"What's your name?"

"It's Naruk-"

"No." Iruka cut Naruto off. "I mean the name you go by."


"It's nice to meet you Naruto. My name is Iruka, the man I came in with is my husband, Kakashi. Why don't you tell me a few things about yourself?"

"Uh...w-well...My favorite food is ramen, I like to play ninja, my favorite animal are foxes…" Naruto continued on for a half an hour before the Kakashi walked up to the two, curiosity visible in his eye.

"I'll be right back, okay Naruto? I have to talk to Kakashi in private." smiled Iruka as he stood up and walked away with the other man. Naruto watched as they approached the caretaker and talked to her. Her face was pleasant at first before it morphed into one of disbelief. It was clear that she was stuttering now and the two men had a firm expression on their faces, as if they had their mind set. Once the three finished their conversation, Iruka walked back over to Naruto and knelt down before ruffling the blond's hair.

"Guess what Naruto?"


"Kakashi and I are going to adopt you as our son!"

Naruto's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. "R-really?"

"Yeah." Iruka smiled before he scooped the young boy up and made is way to Kakashi and the woman. The look on the woman's face was easily the one of uncertainty and disbelief, not that Naruto could blame her. He was in disbelief himself.

She grabbed a piece of paper from the table beside her with a pen and held them out to the silver haired man, who took the objects and began to fill them out. Naruto watched as Kakashi wrote the necessary things.

"You need to use her legal name." the woman stated once the man got to the section, which made Naruto slightly flinch and bury is face into Iruka's shoulder and Iruka sent the woman a look before rubbing the boys back. Thankfully, it didn't take long to finish and soon, the couple walked out of the Orphanage with their new precious bundle in Iruka's arms.