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Warm Home

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Connor didn't know how much of a mess he could get himself into.

He was standing blindfolded, pinning himself against the bathroom wall and pressing against his artificial bladder, panting desperately. He had gotten it installed after the revolution, for his own purposes. He didn't know that Markus would be using it against him.

He had been told by Markus that he would have to hold it until he came back, drinking a bit of water every ten minutes. Connor already felt like he was going to burst at the seams, it had almost been five hours now that Markus had been gone. Just as he started calculations, the door opened.

Connor jumped in relief, almost letting go of his bladder in the process, "M-Markus you're back," He panted desperately.

Instead of Markus, Simon had walked into what he thought was going to be another usual day of making sure the bathroom was clean. He approached Connor with a questioning look, he had no idea what happened.

"Are you okay?" Simon asked softly as Connor reached out to him.

Connor panted, "I'm fine, I just need to go so bad.." He all but whispered the last part.

Simon took hold of him, "Go ahead," He hummed softly and Connor whimpered.

"I'm not supposed to until Markus is back," He said with a whine.

"I can take care of you," Simon hummed, pressing against his bladder and getting him over the toilet.

Connor couldn't take it anymore and quickly took off his pants, sitting down and unable to take off his underwear through desperate touches, peeing through them.

"O-oh, I'm sorry," Connor panted, still hung on the feeling.

Simon smiled, "Let's get those off you," He hummed and grabbed his underwear when Connor grabbed his hand. "What's wrong?"

Connor looked away, embarassed, "I d-don't uh.. have a.." he said nervously when Simon understood, "Please don't stare." He said self consciously and took them all the way off.

Simon nodded, looking away and taking them to the wash and starting it, coming back to him and leaning down to look you at him, "Can I..?" He asked, running his hand up his thigh.

"Please," Connor whined and nodded, practically bucking himself off the toilet.

Simon started slowly rubbing circles around his clit and his folds, then pushed a finger inside him and pushed back, quickly pushing it in and out. Connor moaned in delight, quickly and eagerly opening his legs for him. Simon smiled and watched him, pushing more fingers in until Connor was able to fit him. Simon pulled off the toilet and into the shower, pinning him against the wall and lifting his legs, slowly pushing his cock inside him.

"S-Simon!~" Connor moaned, quickly tightening around his partner and scratching deeply into his back.

Simon smiled, grabbing his hips and scratching into him, fucking him roughly, pulling at his hair. He leaned into him and kissed and bit his neck, leaving marks all over him. Connor desperately leaned into him, desperate for any sort of contact.

"I-I love you," Connor spat out, lost in his thrusts and the pressure building up, starting to shake around him, "I'm so close, please Simon,"

Simon smiled and started to thrust faster, Connor cumming around him and practically melting, Simon cumming inside him soon after. The front door could be heard opening and Simon grinned, starting to thrust inside him again.

"W-wait, he'll find us in here-" Connor panted, tensing up slightly.

Simon nodded, "He will," he nodded, thrusting harder and faster.

Markus came into the bathroom to see his boyfriend fucking his other, hard and focused against the bathroom like he didn't even hear him come in. He wasn't angry or betrayed, if anything more turned on than ever. Markus joined them in the bathtub and grabbed Connor from behind, pushing his cock in with Simon's, both Connor and Simon moaning at the pleasant friction.

Soon enough, both Simon and Markus got comfortable enough to thrust slowly in pase with each other, Connor moaning and panting around them, "Simon, Markus, I'm so so close, please~" He whimpered quickly.

They weren't going to let him go that easily. Simon and Markus started to thrust quickly and hard, filling him up quickly. They moaned in unison, sweat pouring down their bodies as Simon and Markus filled Connor with their cum, Connor cumming as well.

"I love you both," Connor panted out before going into reset mode from all of the pleasure.

Simon and Markus both helped him to the bathroom and laid on either side of him, cuddling up to him and brushing through his hair, eagerly waiting for when he would start up again for another round.