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Little Dragon, Big Wolf

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It was during a supply run that Jesse McCree would start to notice something about his teammate.

With the back of the hovertruck loaded up tight with bulk supplies, Jesse and Hanzo were free to do any personal shopping they wanted to do. Jesse had waved Hanzo away as he tightened down the canvas tarp over the bed of the truck, protecting Overwatch’s supplies from the elements as well as prying eyes. “You go on, we’ll meet back up here at 1600,” he had said cooly when he noticed his teammate patiently waiting a few feet away, arms crossed.

If he had taken a few moments to stare as the man walked away, could anyone blame him?

Genji had laughed when Jesse had admitted before their drive into town that he felt a bit nervous around Hanzo. Intimidated, even. With a fond smile, Genji had waved him off with the mere words of, “He is not what he seems to be. He is a completely different person when no one is looking. Trust me, McCree.”

Cryptic cyborg motherfucker.

Jesse did some browsing at his usual favorite stores, taking the time to visit some new ones too. He was the type of person to buy gifts for his teammates and friends just because something reminded him of them, or he remembered them wanting something like it. He hadn’t gotten anything for anyone this time around, merely for the simple reason that he was searching so hard for something to get a certain someone.

You know. That he just happened to see that he thought he’d like. Total coincidence. Yep.

But nothing was really grabbing him. He’d just have to face it: he didn’t know Shimada as well as he wanted to. He was just about ready to admit defeat, heading back towards the direction of where they had parked the truck, when he saw what Genji had meant.

Hanzo Shimada, standing in front of a children’s store with a huge glass window, staring intently inside. Hanzo Shimada, arms more hugging across himself than crossed over his chest.

Hanzo Shimada, eyes lit up like stars, looking at the big stuffed animals right in the front of the window with his bottom lip caught between his teeth.

This was not the Hanzo Shimada that Jesse knew. This Hanzo had lost his sharp edges, had taken on a softer look about him. He was almost...cute, for lack of a better word.

It melted Jesse’s heart. He wanted to see more of this Hanzo.

He sidled up silently behind Hanzo, looking over his shoulder and into the glass window. Sitting there in the middle was a big white wolf, about the size of Hanzo’s entire upper body, staring back at Hanzo with its big, plastic blue eyes. Hanzo moved a hand up from where it hugged his side to tuck a curled knuckle between his teeth. God damn, he was adorable when he wanted something this bad.


That was it.

“Got yer eye on somethin’, there?” Jesse quizzed, managing not to smile when Hanzo flinched in surprise. When he turned around to look at Jesse the facade of his cool exterior was in place, though the flushed cheeks couldn’t be hidden.

“No,” Hanzo near snapped, arms repositioning to cross over his chest. “I am ready to go. I was merely passing the time.”

“Sure,” Jesse drawled, glancing over his teammate’s shoulder at the stuffed animal that had held Hanzo’s attention. “If you’re ready, go on ‘head to the truck. I jus’ got one more purchase to make and I’ll be there shortly.”



Nearly 1 AM and yet again, Hanzo was awake. He had already walked aimlessly around the base, attempting to will his mind to quiet, but the quiet halls only reinforced the loneliness that felt like an aura around him. He had finally given up and retired to his quarters, aiming to merely lay in bed again until sleep gave him mercy just before he would need to wake for the day.

Not 5 minutes after he had settled into bed did a solid few knocks rap against his door. Hanzo sat up, staring at the door as though it had threatened him personally. Who would be at his door at this hour? After a moment of doubt that he had heard anything at all, Hanzo rose and crossed to the door, opening it after a moment of hesitation to find…

No one. No one was there. Hanzo stared out into the dark, convinced his lack of sleep was finally catching up to him in the form of auditory hallucinations.

And then he saw it, as he glanced down. Sitting there on the ground, a big blue ribbon wrapped around its neck, was the white wolf. He couldn’t hold back his gasp, followed by a soft “oh!” as he instantly dropped to his knees, hugging the plush beast to him. It smelled just like the cowboy’s cologne, he couldn’t help but notice as he buried his nose in the surprisingly soft fake fur.

Hm. The cowboy. McCree. Big and strong and protective. Hanzo felt heat rush to his face thinking of those strong arms wrapping tight around him, lifting him as though he weighed nothing, stroking his hair as he was cooed at and fussed over and cared for--

No. None of that. At least, not in the middle of the damn hall!

Hanzo hurriedly carried his prize into his room, not noticing the red glow of a cigar down the dark hallway, just past the corner.