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Wait for Me

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The crowds pulsed around them - loved ones and soldiers saying their goodbyes - many for the last time.

Captain Ichabod Crane of the His Majesty's Army was about to board a ship to join the fighting on the Continent. He strongly suspected he would never see the shores of home again and it broke his heart, mainly because of the woman in his arms, "Abbie, dearest, if I don't come back..."

"You have to come back," Abbie insisted, almost yelling to be heard over the pushing, loud crowds at the docks.

Ichabod pulled her tighter into his arms, "I promise, I will do my best to return to you, but there are no guarantees Abbie, we must-"

"You have to come back," Abbie eyes welled up with tears she held back by sheer will alone.

Ichabod felt his heart breaking as he looked at the love of his live, pleading with her, "I will try, but you mustn't wait for me."

Abbie grabbed at his lapels, standing on her toes to reach him, "I'm pregnant, Ichabod!" 

Shock. Hope. Love. "I have to come back."