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Lust Games

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Long walks around the city with Buffy defined Faith's evenings lately. All the 'fun' they had with vampires, wherever they'd find them: at the cemetery or anywhere else, since, somehow, Faith managed to convince Buffy not to settle with waiting, but taking matters at their own hands and go looking for hideouts, killing dozens of them at a time.

Faith felt the rush in her bones and the thought of some of her excitement rubbing off Buffy, making the blonde slayer a little bit like her, under her influence, her spell… just a little bit hers. It made Faith underground-ly feel like she could steal B away from Angel. And though Faith didn't own anything, never had, never felt like she would, she did enjoy owning people for the short period of time her charms worked its magic on them. No surprise she got frustrated when it didn't work on Buffy.

But she was sure it worked on some level, having slayer-fun time together, the calling her 'girlfriend' and it being ok, breaking the rules, the feeling that Faith could almost see in the air… there was definitely something between them. Buffy had just been too blind by Angel to see it -the brunette slayer dripped with jealousy- but that must've been a slayer thing, if she felt it – hungry and horny – she bet Buffy did too, it should be driving Buffy insane! Or maybe it was driving Faith insane: she did have the tendency to project her feelings on others. But it didn't explain why Faith would flirt with Buffy all the time and she'd be all giggly and into it, right?

Whatever it was, joke's on it. Faith couldn't deny a challenge, even if it spelled i.m.p.o.s.s.i.b.l.e., in fact, it only made things more interesting. Thinking about the difficulty of it, Buffy seemed even hotter. Faith smiled to herself, first coming back to where she actually was in the time-space.

She was walking after patrolling, escorting Buffy back to her house to only then head back to her own hotel bedroom. Everything was silent; it was her fault, she was the talkative one and she'd been quiet all the way, thoughts pushing her away. She reserved herself to watch Buffy walk alongside a little more, wondering how she could prolong the night, thinking of an excuse to invite herself in.

"Do you have something for my arm?" Faith drew attention to herself, Buffy's eyes laid on her face and triggered Faith to look away "I think I hurt it when we were kicking those bastards' asses" she wasn't satisfied with her excuse, she maybe needed to build more… maybe? But "I ran out of it" was all she had, Buffy gave her a small smile.

"Sure, I'll fix that in a sec" Faith's expression was impossible to decipher, which made Buffy quite uncomfortable "though I don't think we'll have permanent damage" Faith was tensed up now, Buffy felt the need to explain better "You know, being a slayer and shit" she stuttered to get it out, but Faith let out a sound laughter.

" 'And shit', miss goody good?" mocking Buffy was clearly more down Faith's alley than any small talk she pretended to be interested in.

"I can swear. You know, before you came along I was the badass of the gang. You just gave 'badass' a deeper meaning when you came" Buffy straightened her back to say: "I burnt down my last school and you just need to ask the principal, he'll tell you how goody good I am" Faith let out an even harder laugh.

"I'm sure you're the baddest bitch in town, B"

"God, you're annoying, Faith" mission accomplished: Buffy annoyed and safely delivered. They got up the small stairs in front of Buffy's house. Faith hesitated to enter "don't make noise, mom's probably sleeping already. I'll find the aid kit, ok?" Faith just nod, thinking how could she take advantage of the situation now that Buffy disappeared to somewhere else.

When Buffy came back, Faith had a sandwich in her hand and another on a plate and decided to comment "see you're already taking care of the whole hunger after slaying…"

"And don't you forget the horny" Faith completed joking, waving the sandwich in front of Buffy. She couldn't let the opportunity pass by to tickle the balance of things and put the blonde on a spot. But Buffy just smiled.

"I got the kit" Buffy announced. "And I gotcha snack" Faith signed to the plate "don't we make the perfect duo?" Faith completed, Buffy only rolled her eyes "give me your hand" she demanded. Faith took off her jacket to show her slightly red arms "that's it? This is nothing, you'll be completely fine in a couple of hours"

"Just put the damn thing, I didn't come in only for the snacks" Faith retorted in a way it could be interpreted as if it was both truth or sarcastic. Buffy didn't appreciated it, but pulled out a cream based medicine and put it on Faith's arm, not realizing she didn't have to, Faith could easily apply it herself – but, of course, Faith wasn't the one to tell her that.

Silence fell again between the both, it wasn't weird since nothing else bothered to make a sound anywhere nearby. Silence almost felt natural to the moment: Buffy was focused on Faith's bruises and Faith was concentrated on Buffy's… lips, eyes, hair. She wanted to play with them, she wanted to make them hers. But she knew Buffy wasn't under her spell yet, so she played along with the whole silence thing until she couldn't anymore.

Buffy's touch on her arms sent wrong signals to her brain, which she already wasn't much in control of. Faith's arms were quick to snap the cream out of Buffy's hand and corner her against the wall "you make a nice little nurse, B" she provoked, body dangerously close to Buffy's.

"What the hell are you doing now, Faith?" was Buffy's reaction to it, but Faith just laughed. Buffy didn't like being cornered, the body language was clear, she felt attacked and uneasy. Faith was too much in her personal space and whatever game she was playing, Buffy wanted no part of it: she just snapped back, throwing Faith one or two steps back, which were rapidly regained, now Faith just inches from Buffy's face, with that proud smile, which only made Buffy think she definitely had issues.

"What's so funny? Have you finally lost it?" Buffy spit, anger rising up from how uncomfortable the situation made her feel. Faith grabbed Buffy's face roughly and gently kissed her right cheek, laughing easier to break the tension she built "you're a great soul, B, thanks for the snack and the healing" Buffy let out an annoyed sigh, relieved, as Faith doubled and tripled the distance between them, getting back to her sandwich "can I spend the night? It's pretty late for me to get back… you know" she threw it casually, aware of the uneasy panting blonde she left behind her.

"As long as you don't try to murder me in my sleep…" Buffy joked, secretly not joking at all. She couldn't draw a line around Faith's sanity and how much things were jokes for her.

Faith knew the more she would tickle the tiger, the nearer she would get her to a breaking point and then, the less boring things around Sunnydale would be. But right now wasn't the time, right now she was happy with the little flirts and sassy thrusts she'd throw around.