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The Past is Future's Final Step

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In a single year, a lot can change you. Your personality, your feelings, they way you treat others. They all change sooner or later. Some people never change in an obvious way, but, from the moment of birth, to the moment of death, something will change. But, the past is always with you. Ignoring it will cause greater pain. The friends, the enemies, they never go away. You might as well remember them. Sooner or later. Even if you don’t even recognize them. Try. It will lead to a much different future.

The weather this time of year was all the same. Rain, storms, everything of the sort. The overwhelming aroma of the rain was a bit too much for the successor of the Yatagarasu, Kay Faraday. She wasn’t afraid of danger, no, it was quite the opposite. She was afraid of the mundane. The people around her, the employees of some large company that didn’t really matter, they all sound the same anyway. The average police officer lounging more than working. A typical affair in this bland old town. The way the small droplets fell on the ground in almost a pattern was a bother. The surprise element was gone.

She continued to walk down the boring, gray pavement, looking at her reflection after each puddle passed by her in almost a blink of an eye. It was symbolic in a sense that the young woman couldn’t exactly put her finger on. Despite not being ready to become a full-time thief for the truth, she was still motivated to find those two other people. A wish she hoped to accomplish after finding the truth about her father all those years ago. Kay stopped in the middle of the road to ponder for a bit, standing right in front of a brightly lit police station, a contrast from the dark and grittiness from the backgrounds in her view. The feeling of unease over came the girl, a gut feeling perhaps. A sense of familiarity she had not felt since a few years ago.

“M-Maybe I should?”

A moment of no return was born in the destiny of Kay Faraday. A fateful moment in which whatever choice she chooses, will change an outcome. The feeling of doubt and uncertainty overwhelmed the girl, before she finally decided her path. Her destiny.

Kay entered the police station.

Not a moment too soon, as well. It seemed like a quaint little place. Waiting rooms, surveillance cameras, everything you’d expect from a normal station. Except, of course, a feeling of familiarity the young woman still couldn’t put her finger on. She shrugged it off as she sat down in one of the cheaper chairs, not planning to stay here for more than a few minutes. Kay closed her eyes and continued to ponder, trying to define that feeling she felt with a proper explanation.

The surprising comfort of the place was a nice change of pace. The heater was at a sufficient warmth. The chair, despite the exterior was comfortable. It was as expected.

Kay felt a light tap on her shoulder and she opened her eyes slowly to make out the figure standing in front of her.

“C’mon, missy! This is a police station. Not a motel.” If that shadow wasn’t much of a giveaway to the pseudo of that person. The voice and attitude definitely was. That muscular frame. The sharp teeth. The way he practically spits in your face without a care in the word. Even Kay could deduce an old friend.

“Agent Lang?”

The man in front of her loudly roared into a fit of laughter, before examining Faraday from head to toe. The girl seemed familiar. Someone from a past investigation, perhaps? Whoever she may be, it peeked the Interpol Agent’s interest like no other. With giving it little thought, he would conduct his own little interrogation of his own. He laughed to himself as he realized his train of thought was much like him, in a way. “You know me?”

Kay was taken aback a bit, as she frowned before thinking about her next response. Had he really forgotten who she was? However, in a flash it seemed, she started smiling subconsciously before opening her mouth. Of course he hadn’t! He saved her once! Maybe she needed to jog the old fart’s memory somehow. Without thinking, she jumped on the chair, head held up high, before exclaiming loud and clear. “I’m Kay Faraday, dummy! Even in the depths of night, when no other bird dares to take flight, one alone soars to shine the light of righteousness on the world's blight! And that one is me! For I am the Great Thief, Yatagarasu! Well, not yet, but soon!”

She stared at the man, his face was one of true confusion and concern. Kay looked around the station and saw the same look on everyone else’s faces. Defeated and nearly mortified, she quietly sat back down and started fidgeting with her fingers, a clear blush had formed on her face, her heart was beating out of control. Had he really forgotten her? “W-way to embarrass yourself, Kay..”

he mumbled to herself, looking at the tile patterned floor below her. She fought back some tears that were starting to form before she heard that familiar laughter once more. “I was just joking, kiddo. ‘Course I couldn’t forget such a big ball of energy if I even tried.’’

“Agent Lang..?”

"Long time no see! How've ya been?"

"Good! I think I grew older."

"Haha, good to hear. You really have changed.''

''And you got calmer!"

"It's the company I mainly keep.''

"Mmm.. Hey, wanna catch up?''

"Be my guest, girlie.''

''Thanks, Agent Lang!''

“C’mon, lemme take you to my temporary office. Oh, and feel free to call me Shi-Long or just Lang. We’re both adults, right?”

“Right! Got it, werewolf!”

The trip there was filled with a lot of laughs as they passed by all the officers in the rather large area, before Lang opened up the his own personal office. Despite it being temporary, it felt like a nostalgic trip for Faraday. The framed picture of him and Edgeworth a prominent part of the overall aesthetic, earning a chuckle from Kay as she realized how much TLC the picture received. “I didn’t know you cared so much for your ignorant little pretty boy.”

Lang rolled his eyes, before pushing aside the girl and removed it from the wall. “Yeah, well, he sure was a looker, alright. Despite him being questionable at times.”

“Why don’t you visit him?”

“As a matter a fact, I will.’’

“Woah, wait! What?!”

“Why do you think I’m taking this off the wall?”

“‘Cuz, you’re embarrassed I found out your crush?”

“God, woman, do you have an off switch?”

“Nope! Anyway, answer my question!”

“Well, like I said, this ol’ office is temporary. I have to go across the country to-”

“To where Mr. Edgeworth is, right?!”

“Gold star.”

“Ooh! Can I come with you? I wanna see him too!”

“Sure. I bet my old pal could hook you up with a ticket.”

“Ahh, thank you so much!! How long are we going to be gone, anyway?”

“Uhh, a few weeks.”

“Aha! Perfect! Maybe I can find some partners overseas!”

“But, we’re-”

“Figure of speech!!”

“Did you learn that from prissy pants?”

“Mhm. Plus, there is someone else I want to meet up with!”


“Ema! I heard she was in the area! ..Via newspapers..”

“Science girl?”

“Hey. She helped and defended me once, y’know!”

“Young love sure is strange.”

“S-shut up!’’ “Lang-Zi says: ‘Don’t do anything you can’t do back.’”

“Your pops sounds like he was a fun man.” “

Yeah, well, anyway, help me clean up. Meet me at the airport afterward, in a about 7 hours, alright?”

“You can get a ticket that fast?!’’

“I have my methods.”




Faraday was sitting down and observing the surroundings of the plane. The sleek feeling of the plane. The loud roars of the engine running rampant in the small cabin. The smell of sweat and anxiety emanating from the person next to her. The raw experience of a plane ride. Something relatively new for the lass. It was exciting and something right up her alley.

The flight was quiet, surprisingly. The pending anxiety in Kay started to leach out into her moments as her hand shook as she took a magazine Lang had offered her, sweat dripping down her face. The Interpol Agent’s face dimmed as he grabbed her shaking hand and held it in his own, looking at the expression of the Yatagarasu, she was nervous beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“Kay? Something’s up with you. You ok?”

“Y-Yeah, just never really been in a plane before. I guess I'm terrified.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. What’s really going on?”

“Just having some thoughts.”

"About what?"

“About--About my past.”

“Hey, feel free to vent. Lang-Zi says: ‘Listen to others before listening to yourself.’”

Kay took a deep breath, leaning forward in her chair. She was staring at her hands, covered in sweat and they started gathering dust. A feeling of melancholy overcoming her. A feeling of doubt. She had matured in a way that she was more emotional. Which, in her eyes, has it’s pros and cons. Adult life wasn’t all she made up to be, sometimes going back in her brain and reliving the time she had to save Miles from a kidnapping, or when she first saw Lang’s and Edgeworth’s relationship improve. It’s thoughts as those that keep the young lady going. Even in it’s darkest times. Finally, she parted her lips and spoke.

“I just have some doubts.. I mean, I’m in my twenties and I still don’t feel like, y’know..”

“An adult.”

“Y-Yeah. And, I’ve gotten a little carried away at points, trying to find partners. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m really going to be a Great Thief.’’

“Why don’t you try out ‘omething else? Like, your old man was a prosecutor, right?”

“I ain’t smart like you, Mr. Edgeworth or Ema.. I don’t know if they’d even let me take the bar.”

“‘Course they will. Hey, maybe let science girl or prissy pants help you out, when we get there. And hey, if you need some wisdom, come to the alpha wolf.”

''But-- Actually.. Good idea. I-I honestly don’t think this will go away anytime soon, but, it’s worth a shot!”

“That’s the attitude I was looking for.’’

''T-Thanks.. Hey, are you sure I can come to you about anything?"

"That's what I offered, didn't I?''

"Yup!! But, I do appreciate it..''

"Hey, the Alpha Wolf sure is something, right?"

“It *is* something, alright!”

The rest of the flight was still quiet, but, the energy in the cabin felt different. It went from doubt to unease to a feeling of change. A new beginning, and the path of a new journey. A glimmer of hope in a sea of despair. The light at the end of the tunnel, that sort of thing. No matter how down a path you are, there will always be someone ready to pick you up. That's the beauty of it, I suppose.

"It truly is..''