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Collection of BuffytVS and AngeltS fandom poetry things and ficlets

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From above he is watched.

Hands tied, body tensed,
arms stretching to accommodate silken straps.
Made to leave no marks.
But arms, 
hands fisted, red crescents in palms,
pulling harder.
Wanting the red.
Wants proof of tonight he can touch, see,
hide underneath white shirt cuffs.
Straightlaced and nobody
in a sea of suits.
But not here,
here he is someone’s
pet, slave, bitch.
Call him as you see him.
As you use him.
As you want him.

Underneath silk suits and conventional,
he's inside this cage,
that you hold the key to.

Watch him,
his body straining closer,
sweat pearling on his forehead,
his throat,
dampening the straps across his cheek.
It's bright red,
like harsh light on a bleeding wound.
White teeth are sunken deep,
the ball gagging sounds that curl in his throat.
He can't speak his morenow.
Not even his please.
So instead he begs with his eyes,
with his body,
every piece of him you want.
Every bit you touch,
wants your pleasure.
Your sounds, your whispers,
deep groans of satisfaction as you sink him deep into yourself.
Fuck yourself on him,
ride him hard, let him watch.

Bliss is your pleasure,
to see it, taste it, feel it.
To know he gave it.

He'll stay,
as a thoroughbred, 
hold on till you let him go.
Straps and metal, circling tight,
pressure, sweet pressure that hurts and reminds.
To wait, pant and plead and ache.
All of him,
is yours.

Allow him worship,
make him know he's yours,
in words and blood.
Marks and whispers,
bruises for keeps,
tattoo your want on his skin.
Untie the knot and watch him fly.