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We'll Get Through This

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The hanger was chaotic to say the least. Pilots and stand-in mechanics were rushing about all over the place in preparation for their final stand and the noise had been steadily rising for the last 10 minutes as the time to launch crept ever closer. (Y/N) stood in a corner by the Chimera she’d claimed as her own, trying to have a few last moments of calm before she had to go. Before she had to fly out into the dark vacuum of space and try not to die.

She looked across the hanger to where her gunner was saying an emotional goodbye to her boyfriend and hoped that goodbye wouldn’t be their last. Michelle was just a year younger than her, the daughter of a Heimdall engineer who hadn’t made it off the station. She was one of the strongest people (Y/N) had met and her desire for vengeance had led to her becoming one of their best shooters. She was the only one (Y/N) wanted with her out there.

“(Y/N)!” her name being shouted over the noise of the hanger drew her attention away from the emotional scene. She turned to see Ezra, their wing leader, striding towards her. She smiled as she caught sight of him, the tall gorgeous boy looking like an action hero in his flight suit as he walked with a maturity and determination she’d never seen in someone so young. The sight did some funny things to her insides and she had to mentally berate herself for thinking about him like that. Kady was one of her closest friends and exes are strictly off-limits. It’s basic girl-code.

“Hey Ez,” she smiled up at him when he stopped in front of her, “any word on when we’re heading out?”

“Not yet, Kades is gonna radio when we’re nearing a safe velocity. That’s not why I came over though.”

“Okay, what can I do for you then?”

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about. I’ve been trying for weeks now but I can never manage it, but I mean, it’s kinda now or never. Who knows what’s gonna happen out there?” he paused to collect his thoughts, all nervousness now, and ran a hand through his hair. She smiled up at him and squeezed his shoulder to reassure him. She was confused by his change in demeaner but didn’t want to put any pressure on him to tell her before he was ready to. Eventually he was ready to continue.

“Look, I don’t know exactly how to say this, I just know I need to. And it’s fine if you don’t feel the same or you want to pretend this never happened, but I can’t go out there without saying anything, not knowing will kill me faster than anything Bei-Tech could throw at us.” Her heart was hammering in her chest at what she thought he might be trying to say but her brain was telling her not to get her hopes up. The war of wills inside her was making her confused and it must have shown on her face when he paused again.

“Shit, I’m really messing this up, aren’t I? This doesn’t usually happen, fuck I’m such an idiot.” He roughly ran both hands through his hair as he paced a few steps.

“Ez, you know you can tell me anything, I won’t judge. What are you trying to say?”

He looked at her intently before answering.

“Do you think I could show you?”

She nodded. He returned to her in three long strides. One hand reached up to cup her face while the other gripped her waist as he pulled her against his toned body and bent his head down to press a firm kiss to her lips. She tensed for a moment, surprised by his actions, before she melted into the kiss, reaching up to grab fistfuls of his flight suit to keep him as close to her as possible.

The two broke away, both breathing heavily as twin smiles spread across their faces, the realisation that the other felt the same slowly sinking in.

“Well at least now if I die I won’t have to die without knowing what that was like.” (Y/N) breathed out a laugh as she rested her forehead against his. His grip at her waist tightened and he frowned at her words.

“You’re not gonna die (Y/N), I won’t allow it.”

“Then you’re not allowed to either, deal?”

“Deal.” He tilted his head to give her another quick kiss before she pulled away as her mind caught up with her.

“Shit. What am I meant to tell Kady!?” Her eyes widened as she thought about what her friend would think, “this is so against girl-code, fuck, I’m such a bad friend!”

“(Y/N) relax,” Ezra tried to calm her, “Kady knows how I feel about you, we’ve actually got her to thank for this. She threatened to throw me out of an airlock if I didn’t tell you.”

“I’ll have to remember to thank her when all this is over.”

“Thank me now!” They could just make out the shout down the radio in the Chimera beside them and both broke out into laughter. Of course, Kady had found a way to listen or watch.

“Thanks, Kades! You’re the best!” (Y/N) yelled back at her.

“You’re welcome! Now you two lovebirds need to get ready and find your gunners. You can continue your canoodling when you get back.”

“Copy that Kades, I’ll get everyone ready to standby.” With that Kady went back to her duties up on the bridge and left them to it. Ezra grabbed a radio and told everyone to ready their fighters and standby for further orders before turning back to the girl in front of him. The chaos of the hanger became purposeful around them as everyone finished preparing.

“Well I guess this is it then,” (Y/N) said as nerves started flooding through her system, “um, fly safe and don’t die for me yeah?” she smiled weakly at him and moved to go extract Michelle from her boyfriend’s arms. Ezra grabbed her wrist and stopped her progress before she got far.

“Hey, we’re both gonna make it back, okay? But on the off chance something happens, I want a better goodbye than that.” A smirk graced his features and he bent his head to place his lips against hers in a lingering kiss. She deepened it quickly and the kiss became more desperate, neither of them being able to get enough of the other. They only broke apart when a throat was cleared very deliberately beside them. They pulled away slowly to find Nik and Michelle wearing identical shit-eating grins.

“So, Wing Leader what was that about standing by in our fighters?” Nik raised an eyebrow at the couple before him.

“We were getting to that.” Ezra just rolled his eyes at the other boy before he pressed his lips quickly to (Y/N)’s forehead and dragged a still-smirking Nik away to their own fighter.

(Y/N) turned to her friend and gunner with an uncontainable grin on her face. Michelle squealed with glee at her friend finally getting her man and engulfed her in a bone-crushing hug before they both took their places in the Chimera and started up their systems.

“Okay, is this thing on? Everyone reading me?” Kady’s voice came through the radio. Hanna, Nik, Ezra, Ella, (Y/N), Michelle, and AIDAN all responded with various phrases of affirmation before Kady spoke again.

“All right, we still haven’t heard anything from Asha or her crew on the ground, so we’re proceeding with the assault unless we hear reason not to. I’m going to keep this channel open during the attack. Just for us. Ella, AIDAN, and I are all listening. Anyone needs anything, sing out.”

“And please, I beg of you, no flirting on this channel. Cuz, blondie, babyface, (Y/N), I’m looking at you.” Ella chimed in when Kady had finished.

“Hey! How come (Y/N) doesn’t get a stupid nickname?” Nik’s offended voice greeted them all next.

“Because I like her more than the rest of you.”


(Y/N) and Michelle tuned out of the conversation to finish checking their systems while the others discussed some food place they should visit after they got through this. They heard the good lucks before the channel went silent as everyone returned to their tasks. With the systems checks done, (Y/N) and Michelle sat in silence to await further orders. Both trying to calm their nerves and savour what could be their last moments of safety.

5 minutes or so passed before they finally received orders from Ezra to prep for launch and (Y/N) readied herself to fly out into the void.

“You ready for this Michelle?”

“As I’ll ever be. Come on, let’s make these Bei-Tech bastards pay.”