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A Mermaid Story

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I made pains to never see Daisuke again. I wasn't going to let myself fall in love and lose my immortality. Unfortunately, however, I kept seeing him in the hallways. Every time I saw him, his eyes were sad. I wondered if he was always like that, or if something bad had happened to him.

We may have never become friends, however, if it hadn't been for my ex-boyfriend Marco.

I was cutting class on the roof, and Daisuke was sent to get me to come back to class. I guess the teachers thought I would listen to him since he was the only person I had spoken to since I had started school there.

"Pandora," he said, coming up the stairs. "The teacher wants you to come back downstairs."

"Tell her to call my parents," I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Why are you running away?" he asked me.

"I already ran away," I replied. "They found me. This is just a temporary escape."

That's when Marco showed up.

"Pandora!" he exclaimed. "I heard you were back. Took me a while to find you."

I considered my options at this point. My ex was coming towards me and was probably going to either punch me or kiss me, depending on his mood. I could use my powers, but Daisuke was there and he was an innocent. And there was that premonition I had had.

I stood, preparing to grab Daisuke and orb us both somewhere safe, but my ex grabbed me by the wrists.

"What are you doing?" Daisuke said, surprisingly coming forward to stop Marco.

Unfortunatly, Marco made a motion and Daisuke fell backwards. He would have fallen off the roof, but he caught himself. I breathed easier, but I wasn't out of trouble.

"Come back to me, Pandora," Marco said. I avoided eye contact with him. "I still love you."

"That's not love," I replied. "You controlled me. You forced me to love you. And I'll never forgive you!"

"Why don't you just orb away from me, like usual?" he whispered. "You can't. It's because of that innocent over there isn't it?"

He released me, but pushed me to the ground, so it took me a moment to get up. And in that moment, he pushed Daisuke off the roof.

Without thinking, I orbed myself to Daisuke's location, which was in freefall. Once I caught hold of him, I orbed us both to the ground.

He had passed out.

I sat down on the ground next to him. "Come on, wake up! Please wake up…"

Unfortunatly, it was right then that the sky decided to open. It poured rain.

When you are a mermaid in human form, water is a bad thing. I immediately turned back. That's when Daisuke's eyes opened.

"Pandora?" he said. "Why am I still alive?"

"Because you weren't meant to die yet," I found myself saying. "I have to go. But I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay? You're going to be alright."

I orbed home.