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My life with you

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Chapter 7: Insecurities

Moving from state to state was a bit tiring for Amu, well not just her but also everyone else. They only stayed in a certain place for two to three days each, one day would be concert and the other day would be shopping if they are lucky to get a third day then it would be site seeing. There where some places Amu wished they could stay longer but she was already happy to be able to see the place. Besides the concert, Amu was still worrying about the photo shoot she had to do with Utau. She forgot about it but remembered about it suddenly when Ikuto and Utau had a small shoot for the cover of a magazine.

“Ikuto?”Amu was lying down on the bed looking through some of her emails

“Hm?” Came Ikuto’s reply.

“Do you think I’ll do good in the photo shoot Utau booked?” Amu asked, she didn’t look at him. She knew she wasn’t as tall as a model or as pretty as one but if Ikuto believes in her then she know she will do her best.

“Amu, come here.” Ikuto said. Amu went to Ikuto who immediately hugged her and placed her on his lap. Amu still didn’t look at Ikuto but she need lay her head again his chest with her eyes still closed.

“You’ll do great I know it. Don’t let any one tell you other wise, if they won’t stop just ignore them.” Ikuto said and placed a kiss on her head. Amu still didn’t look up but just nodded. Ikuto knew that there were days that Amu felt like this but he would always show her that she is beautiful no matter what she says.

“I love you for who you are Amu. I don’t care what people say and I don’t care how you look because to me you’re beautiful.” Ikuto lifted Amu’s chin and made her look at him, he could see that there were a few tears coming out of Amu’s eyes. He wiped them with his thumb before placing a chaste kiss on Amu’s lips. When Ikuto pulled away Amu wrapped her arms around Ikuto’s neck and rested her head.

“Thank you Ikuto, I love you to.” Amu said and closed her eyes. Ikuto slowly changed his position on the bed until he was lying down already. He removed Amu’s arms around his neck and placed them next to her and pulled her close. He hoped that Amu wouldn’t feel insecure any more; he knew she would be great in their photo shoot.


Utau and Kukai where together by the pool, spending some quality time together. The two of them where lucky that there weren’t that much people out so the two of them can clearly relax.

“Kukai?” Utau said, lifting her head.

“Ya?” Kukai said and lowered his shades a bit.

“Can we get something to drink and eat I’m a bit hungry.” Utau said, placing her head back on her arms but was facing Kukai.

“Sure, I’ll order for you as well” Kukai replied and stood up. Utau watched him as he made his way to the bar. She knew that Kukai is loyal to her but sometimes she feel like that she doesn’t look as good as those other people. As he made his way to the bar Utau could see how all the girls where throwing him looks and some are even trying to flirt with him. Once he reached the bar he sat on a stool and grabbed the menu, a girl sat next to him and started talking to him. Utau was getting jealous of the girl and she noticed Kukai’s expression, he had a smile on his face. Utau couldn't take more of this and decided to leave. She needed to talk to Amu right now, she needed to talk to someone she could trust. She grabbed her things and made her way back to the hotel, she’ll stop by Ikuto’s room since she knew the two of them are together at the moment. Kukai once he finished his orders he said goodbye to the girl and went to where Utua was. When he went to where Utau was suppose to be he was shocked to see that all her things where gone and that she was gone also.

“Where are you?” Kukai said in a whisper. He grabbed his things and left to go find her.


Utau was in front of Amu and Ikuto’s room, before knocking she took a deep breath and composed herself.

“Amu can I talk to you?” Utau said from outside the door. Amu could feel like that something was bothering her.

“What’s wrong?” Amu said once she opened the door. Concern was written all over her face. Utau entered the room and went to Ikuto to get a hug.

“What’s wrong Utau?” Ikuto said rubbing Utau’s back. Amu closed the door and sat down next to Ikuto and placed a reassuring hand on Utau’s shoulder.

“Am I good enough for Kukai?” Utau asked. Amu and Ikuto where both shock with what she was saying, how can she say that

“What are you talking about?! Kukai loves you!” Amu said. Utau looked at her and gave her a sad smile.

“If he does then why did the people by the pool all give him flirty looks and why did he talk to a girl in the bar?!” Utau yelled, tears where already streaming down her face and this time she hugged Amu.

“You know he’s just being nice to them.” Ikuto said. Utau looked at him and her tears just stopped.

“Utau I think you should go talk to him.” Amu said with a smile on her face. Utau looked at her and smiled. Amu wipped her tears and gave her a hug once more.

“Ya, maybe I will.’” Utau replied. The phone on the bedside table started to ringing and Ikuto answered it.


“She’s on her way back.” Ikuto said. They didn’t need to ask who it was; they knew that it was Kukai already. Utau stood up and was about to leave, but not before giving Amu and Ikuto a hug. She made her way to her room that she was sharing with Kukai. Before opening the door she took a deep breath and opened that door. Before she can ever take a step into the room Kukai grabbed her and enveloped her in a hug.

“What happened to you Utau? I was so scared.” Kukai said as he hugged her. Utau couldn’t stop her tears any more from falling.

“Shhhh…..” Kukai said as he stroked Utau’s back. He pulled Utau inside the room and closed the door behind her. He led her to the bed and pulled her along with him to sit on the bed. Once he saw that she has calmed down already he decided it was time to ask here again.

“What happened Utau?” Kukai asked again once she calmed down.

“I saw how the girls where throwing flirty looks at you then when you got to the bar that girl approached you and I could see the how happy you were.” Utau said.

“Then it got me thinking if you were sick and tired of me already so I left and went to look for Amu.” Utau continued. Kukai was a bit surprised with what Utau said. He never ment for her to feel like this, he was friendly by nature. He knew that him being to friendly can sometimes come off as him flirting but for him it’s just his way of saying hi to others.

“I’m sorry Utua, I was just being friendly, I didn’t mean to make you jealous.” Kukai said and pulled her closer to him. Utau knew deep down inside Kukai didn’t mean any harm but sometimes it felt like he was too nice.

“I’m sorry to. I know you won’t betray me I think I just let my jealous get in the way.” Utau said. She looked at Kukai and placed a small peck on Kukai lips.

“All is well” Kukai said with a smile on his face, the smile that made Utau’s heart melt. The two of them moved closer to the head bored and rested against it while holding each other in their arms.


Souka and Aruto  witnessed what happened between Kukai and Utau. They just arrived at the hotel lobby when they saw Utau run to the elevators. Souka wanted to approach her distress daughter but Aruto  stopped her and led to the entrance of the outside where the pool was. Souka saw a distress Kukai, who was trying to look for Utau. He didn’t see Souka and Aruto at all by the entrance when he ran pass them trying to look for Utau.

“Aruto  I’m worried.” Souka said and gripped his arm.

“Don’t worry about them. I know they will sort things out just like we did.” Aruto  said placed a kiss on her forehead. Souka smiled at him and let go of his arm and grabbed his hand instead.

“I hope so. I’m just worried for all of them especially Amu. She isn’t use to being in the spot light.” Souka said as they made their way to the elevator. Aruto  gripped her hand tighter as he led her out of the elevator and into their room.

“Don’t worry my love. I know Ikuto won’t let anything bad happen to her as well as Utau, Kukai and even us. We’ll keep her safe and make sure she isn’t under any pressure that she can’t handle.” Aruto  said and pulled Souka close to him.

“I hope so. I don’t want her to under go what I did.” Souka said into his chest. She will never forget the day she received a threat from someone saying that she should leave Aruto  or else she will face undesirable consequences. She tried to hide it from him and even avoid him but he confronted her in her house and he didn’t leave till he got the truth. He was shocked at first but then he held her close like he is doing right now and told her that he will protect her no matter what, and he kept his word. No matter what happened to them he would always keep her close and protected her. Soon she realized that if she kept on hiding her problems from Aruto  she was actually making the gap between them bigger and bigger.

“Don’t worry. They won’t let anything happen to her.” Aruto  reminded her. She looked up at him and gave him a hug and a peck on the lips.

“Thank you.”