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My life with you

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Amu waited for Ikuto to come pick her up in school like she would always do. He was a little late today because he was getting ready for a concert with Utau. She was finally over Ikuto and gave Kuukai a chance, which wasn't so bad since they seem to hit it out well. For Amu everything was still the same even Ikuto being a perverted hentai neko.

"Amu what are you thinking about?" Someone said wrapping their arms around her waist.

"Hmmm… What took you so long Ikuto?" Amu said turning around and wrapping her arms around his neck. Ikuto just smirked and pulled Amu closer then he captured her lips into a passionate kiss. Amu kissed back even if she knew there were still some students there. Ikuto pulled away because he knows he will go too far if he didn't stop. Amu blushed and hid her face in Ikuto's chest; he smirked and pulled Amu towards his car. He opened the door for Amu and waited for her to get in before getting in the driver's seat. He brought Amu to his place, it was ok for Amu's mom because she trusted Ikuto and Amu would always sneak there if she didn't let her go. Ikuto still didn't have his own house yet since his parents won't let him have one, unless he is married. They entered the house and was about to make their way up but they were spotted by Ikuto’s mom,Souko .

"Hello Amu" She said with a smile. Amu smiled back and went over to hug her. Ikuto didn't really have a problem about Amu hugging family member but if it was Kuukai or Nadehiko he will get protective with her. After a while Aruto came out from the music room and gave Amu a hug as well.

"Ikuto your going to have a concert soon so start practicing" Aruto said. When Amu heard this she knew one thing and that was Ikuto wasn't going to be able to spend that much time with her because he has to practice a lot. She wouldn’t tell him about it but he knew that Amu was thinking about that.

"But I won't be able to spend time with Amu and I just had a concert" Ikuto whined. Amu couldn't help but giggle at him.

"Don't worry Ikuto" Amu said with a smile on her face. Ikuto couldn't help but smirk back at her. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
"Are you sure? " Ikuto asked just to make sure. He doesn't like seeing Amu sad especially if it's because of him. Amu wouldn’t show It but he knew inside she was sad about it.

"Ya, I don't mind. Its almost break so I can come over during your practices if you like..." Amu said stuttering in between and she had blush on her face. She tried to hide it but all of them knew she was blushing.

"You can come and watch if not I’ll just go and see you" Ikuto said with a smirk on his face, making Amu blushed harder. Aruto and Souko couldn't help but smile at the couple. Aruto was also like that when he was Ikuto's age; he didn't like having concerts because he knew he couldn't spend time with Souko .
"Is it ok with you?" Amu asked, not wanting to make eye contact because of the reaction she might get.

"Of course Amu, don't worry about it. Especially if it means Ikuto will practice some more." Aruto said followed by a laugh. Ikuto couldn't help but get mad at his dad but he just let it go because he also saw Amu laughing along with him.


It was already their break and Amu got permission to sleep over because Utau begged her mom to let her. Since Amu's mom was scared that Amu might just end up sleeping with Ikuto and not really spending time with Utau. She has been busy with concerts so she doesn't get to spend enough time with Amu any more. Kuukai goes touring with her so it isn't a problem; she just missed girl time with Amu.

"How was your tour Utau?" Amu asked while painting her nails. Utau got her hocked on nail polish so she always brought home nail polish for Amu and other stuff.

"Fun since Kuukai was with me the whole time but I was missing girl time with you!" Utau replied rolling around in her bed. Amu continued to paint her nails midnight blue and adding a cat sticker. Once she was done she looked up at Utau.

"At least Kuukai was with you." Amu said moving up so she could sit on the bed.

"True, but still girl time!" Utau said hitting Amu with a pillow. Amu couldn't help but laugh at her childish attitude that pops out every now and then. She grabbed another pillow and hit Utau with it. They just kept on hitting each other until the door opened to revile Souko .

"What are the two of you doing?" She said once she closed the door behind her.

"Nothing just playing" Utau replied, They let go of the pillows before sitting up and fixing their clothes.

"Lets go to the mall, your father and Ikuto are still rehearsing and it doesn't seem like they will finish any time soon." Souko said. Amu knew Ikuto would be practicing a lot since it was an important concert.

"Sure, I'm game. What about you Amu?" Utau replied.

"Sure" Amu said with a smile. Souko smiled at the two of them and told them to get ready. Amu was wearing a black and blue-checkered skirt, a white tank top, and a short leather jacket with some black chucks and a black shoulder bag. Utau on the other hand decided to go for a lavender dress with white ballet flats and a white clutch bag. They left the room so they could meet up with Souko down stairs. When they arrived down stairs Souko still wasn't there so they decided to go to the music room. Ikuto was still practicing while Aruto was just listening. Amu knocked before opening the door for her and Utau. Ikuto stopped playing, placed his violin down and went over to Amu.

"Where are you going?" He asked. He nuzzled his face in her hair taking in her strawberry scent and making him more relaxed.

"Shopping with your mom and Utau today since you’re still practicing." She replied giggling a little at him. The door opened again and this time it was Souko that came in. She went toward Aruto and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Lets go" She said to Amu and Utau, both of them nodded in agreement. Amu placed a kiss on Ikuto's cheek before leaving with his mom and sister. Amu didn't really have a problem shopping with them except for the fact they buy her clothes, which are bit expensive. She already tried to stop them but they don't listen to her at all, so she has no choice but to let them buy it for her.

"Which mall are we going to?" Amu asked when the car left the mansion.

"The new one that just opened." Utau answered. Amu knew why they choose that mall, it had a lot of expensive brands and not people are going since only the expensive brands where open the other shops were still close.

"Must we really go to that mall?"

"Of course, my dear. I'm not letting you pay that's why we choose that mall." Souko replied with a big grin on her face.
'What did I get myself into?!’ Amu thought before staring out the window.