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Lay Me Gently

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Shen Wei was highly intelligent, capable, beautiful, independently wealthy, confident, and single (something his brother reminded him of regularly. Usually accompanied with some rude emojis.) This was something he also reminded himself as he steeled himself to meet his new coworkers, neighbors, and subordinates, to calm himself down. He was also very late to work, but there wasn’t much he could do about that, and he certainly wasn’t skipping coffee before his first meeting. Technically speaking, he was already the boss, so could he even arrive late? He busied himself with his phone, cursing over the tiny buttons— quickly shooting off an email to his assistant that he was running a few minutes late, expect him in 10.

Having wrestled his nerves into submission, he slipped into the coffeeshop near the hospital, taking a moment to take a deep breath before considering the menu. The café was warm and cozy, and blessedly empty. Shen Wei didn’t have time to enjoy it, though. Having decided, he stepped forward to order and— oh. The barista was beautiful. Beautiful, rakish, and... smirking, smile growing as Shen Wei quickly looked away.

“Hello, angel,” the handsome man purred. “What would you like?”

Shen Wei blinked. “I, uh. I would love a... a, um... an Americano, please.”

The man took Shen Wei’s card, winking at the doctor’s stuttered response. Shen Wei cursed mentally, willing down his blush. He probably says that to all the new customers, anyway.

“I’m Zhao Yunlan, you can call me Xiao Lan, though, beautiful. Say, do I know you from somewhere?” he asked, grinning. Shen Wei glared at him, cheeks red. Zhao Yunlan’s hands were busy at the machine as he flirted, fixing up the drink with impressive finesse.

“You seem... familiar, yes,” Shen Wei murmured, turning away. He quickly pulled out his phone, pretending to text someone. He spared a tight smile and nod to Zhao Yunlan before scurrying across the shop to stew in peace. Shen Wei needed to refocus, and this encounter wasn’t helping.

When his drink was ready, he snatched it off the counter without a glance across the counter. Shoving his way out the door and into the frigid air, he clutched his briefcase tightly and marched off to Dragon Hospital. Winded, he arrived just in time for his first meeting and was immediately swept up in establishing himself at his new job. This meant that, when he finally glanced down at his coffee, he was mortified to realize that in hasty writing, his coffee was labeled ‘Angel <3’ with a phone number written below.

Blushing, he set it aside on his new desk before diving into work. And if he looked up every hour or so to blush and touch the writing, well, no one had to know.