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Baby I'm Yours

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Discomfort. Humiliation. That’s all Kirishima could really feel as he presented as an omega on his 14th birthday. He had been having a great time with his friends; Kaminari and Mina. They had gone through presents and cake already, and were tucked away in Kirishima’s room. The door had to be left cracked open and for once, Kirishima was thankful for it. He had been having a handstanding contest against Mina when it hit. He dropped to the ground, collapsing in on himself. Thinking it was just cramps at first, he waved off his friends’ concern and headed to the bathroom. Before he could make it there, his mom stopped him.

“Eijirou, it’s probably best if your friends leave now… Your father will take them home while I stay with you.” She said this as she lead him into her bedroom instead. He was confused at first, but then the smell hit.

He cried for hours that night. Why had life given him such a shitty hand? First, he was set to live as a woman until he could afford treatment. Then he presented as an omega? Kirishima didn’t want to deal with it all. Kaminari and Mina were of course the first to know outside of his family. They met him with the same kindness and love that they had upon them first becoming friends. He didn’t know why he let his mind convince him they’d drop him and never speak to him again. Funny how brains work. Kirishima had convinced his mom to let him start taking suppressants as he didn’t want to deal with harassment at school. He already had enough as it is.

Things did change however with his family. They went back to treating him like he was fragile, like he was less than the man they had been treating him as. Once he had come out to them, it was a slow process of them treating him the way he felt he should be. Then, after he presented, it seemed like all of that time went to waste. They started trying to getting him to try to act more feminine. “Lady-like”. He hated it. He stood his ground and kept a firm grasp on who he was. He did his best to work out and stay fit, but he only gained slight muscle from it. Mina offered to teach him self defense, which he gladly accepted. She was a beta and had to deal with a bunch of shit herself. Being tall for her age allowed her to get the upperhand in fights if she was pursued. They trained on the weekends and it paid off. Kirishima had needed to use certain techniques when creeps wouldn’t leave him alone on his walks home. Even with the suppressants, his smell still lingered faintly.


He was 18 now, attending his last year in high school alongside his 3 best friends and many acquaintances. Kaminari had heard a rumour that a new student was going to be transferring into the class, something that rarely happened in their city. Mina spoke up next, being the gossip queen had its perks.

“Oh yeah! He was apparently suspended from his old school ‘cause he got into too many fights! Supposedly, he keeps his scent hostile and can bring a group of omegas and betas to tears.”

Sero, Kaminari’s boyfriend, put a protective arm around him. Kaminari turned into his neck, sniffing at the scent he was producing to keep him calm.

“Well, if he tries that shit around this class, I’ll kick his ass.”

Sero had taken on the duty of being the small group’s alpha during sophomore year. It hasn’t changed since and they all had a very strong bond together. Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh at his comment however. Sero was a string bean. He was toned, but hadn’t ever fought anyone to Kirishima’s knowledge. He was about to get an earful from Sero before the class went silent at the sound of the door opening. In shuffled a tall blond, standing probably around 6 foot. He glared as he walked up to the front of the classroom to introduce himself. The omegas in the class were already effected. The had their heads hunkered low, producing a scent of submission. Kirishima had almost gave in, but just couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

“‘M Bakugou Katsuki. If anyone has a problem with me lets get it out of the way right now. I don’t have time for bullshit.”

He seemed happy with the reaction he got, which was silence and bowed heads. That was until he caught Kirishima’s stare. He raised an eyebrow and Kirishima offered a small smile. Bakugou scoffed and went to find the nearest open seat. It happened that the only open seat in class was the one behind Kirishima. After the intensity had somewhat faded, class went on as usual. The lingering scent of fear was prominent to Kirishima. He hated it.

It wasn’t planned out, not in the slightest. Kirishima had been struggling with his trig homework again and his friends weren’t of much help either. The rest of the class seemed to have understood what was happening, either that or they were all still shellshocked from the highly dominant alpha. Those he asked for help ignored him and it came down to what some would consider a life or death situation. He turned in his seat as casually as he could and cleared his throat.

“H-Hey Bakugou, could you help a dude out? I’ve been stuck on this problem and-”

“Hand it over.”

Kirishima was startled, but did as he was told. Bakugou snorted.

“Really? You can’t figure out the first fucking problem? What kind of dumbass class was I put into.”

Kirishima frowned. What an asshole.

“Just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean you get to be a dick about it. Chill out, man.”

Bakugou clearly wasn’t expecting that retaliation. He narrowed his eyes before huffing and looking closer at Kirishima’s messy work.

“Fine. Here’s where you went wrong…”

Listening intently, Bakugou explained the math problems in a more simplified way. Kirishima even took small notes as he spoke. He found himself entranced by the way Bakugou’s voice lowered and took on a soft tone. Somehow, the alpha’s soothing voice managed to get Kirishima’s guard to lower. His scent was light, sweet like cotton candy but had an edge of something sharper to it. Bakugou seemed to notice the change in the air and stopped mid sentence.

“So you take what you put into your calculator and plug…”

He had red tinting his cheeks as he looked at Kirishima again. Before anything on the topic could be said, the lunch bell rang. Kirishima quickly stopped his scent and it was like it was never there. He was thankful to whatever was out there for the suppressants.

“C’mon Bakugou! You should eat lunch with us!” He smiled brightly as the taller man stood. Kirishima was at shoulder height to him when they were both standing.

“Who’s us?”

His question was quickly answered as Mina pulled Kirishima into a nuggy.

“Watch the hair Mina!” Kirishima was laughing lightly as she let go, leaving her arm around his shoulders.

“Maybe some other time, uh…”

“Oh shit!” Kirishima held out his hand. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Kirishima Eijirou!”

Bakugou had his hands stuffed in his pants pockets, begrudgingly pulling one out to shake Kirishima’s hand. Kirishima marvelled at the warmth and size of bakugou’s hand in his. Even though his own hands were small in Bakugou’s it felt… right. He brushed the thought away and pulled his hand back.

“Y’sure you don’t want some kind of company for lunch?”

Kaminari and Sero were now both behind him. Sero was releasing his own alpha pheromones to keep Kaminari from bolting.

“Yea. See you after lunch Kirishima.”

With that, Bakugou walked out of the classroom to god knows where. Kirishima turned around and pouted at Sero.

“Dude! You scared him off…”

Sero sputtered.

“I? I scared him off? Yea right Kiri.”

He had a point. Why was he trying to defend Bakugou even? Maybe because he was handsome, had a comforting, strong scent when he wasn’t on edge. Kirishima had to stop himself from showing any signs of attraction. It was too late though, they knew him too well.

“Oh my God, Kiri has a crush~!”

“Shut it Kaminari!”