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Some Assembly Required - Trip to IKEA

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Gustav was just minding his own buisness, it was still quiet at IKEA... It was still too early for many of the customers to show up yet... His mind drifted as he thought of Sweden with nostalgia, he was sad that he was missing moose hunting season, but he supposed there'd be another year and atleast at IKEA he could still get legit Swedish meatballs... Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a sort of highpitched strangled cry and he ran to investigate! It sounded like someone was either being assulted or murdered. Either way, it shouldn't be happening in IKEA...

He finally reached one of the made up display bedrooms where he thought the sound was coming from and ran in!!! Gustav pulled up short, as two horrified pairs of eyes looked back at him, attached to two very naked, cum slicked bodies...

*Switch to Miranda's POV

Miranda knew it was a mistake the second she couldn't keep her mouth shut, but she just couldn't help herself...

The next minute a man appeared in the room, he was tall, over 6 foot 4 if she had to guess, and he had quite long blonde hair, partially up, somewhat reminiscient of Thor she mused... He certainly had muscles like Thor anyway...

Gary gave her a shove and she crashed back to reality, realising he must have seen her stare, she knew she should be more worried that someone had just walked in on their naked IKEA shenanigans, but she just couldn't bring herself to care about anything other than the proximity of those tanned rippling muscles wrapped like a present in blue and yellow... IKEA really did have everything... God, she sounded just like her mum...

*Switch to Gary's POV

Gary watched a Miranda lost it before the Swedish hunk and suddenly he had an idea! Gary knew he came across as not being very manly sometimes, but he had a hidden side, a dark one he had left behind as he became a chef... He looked the man appreciatively up and down and decided adding another to the mix could only be an improvement.

He looked up at the man and purred in a deep, slightly rough voice, "Care to join and show us the real Swedish IKEA experience?"

*Switch back to Gustav

Gustav stood and looked appreciatively at the definition of tall, dark and handsome, completely forgetting that he was supposed to stop this sort of thing from happening and loosing himself in those beautiful darkbrown eyes that sparkled like the lights of a million stars...

The woman wasn't bad either, though it was hard to tell from that angle...

He never really had trouble finding love, but it had been a while, working long shifts at IKEA... He decided he deserved it and said in a husky, deep voice, "Don't mind if I do."

*Mirandas POV again

As the mysterious man answered, she released a breath she hadn't realised she was holding and watched on as the god-like man stripped in what had to be the most strip-tease like way possible... His muscles rippled like the ocean and she admired his sixpack. Finally he slid beneath the covers... "I could lose my job for this you know" he half purred/half growled in her ear. She could feel herself tighten like a precoiled spring, just from his voice.

*Back to Gary

Gary's eyes burned bright with desire as he met the bright blue eyes of the other mystery man. Finally Miranda was going to see his real skill, he hadn't even entertained the idea that they might have a threesome.

Soooo, he growled, "What's your name?"

Gustav answered, "Gustav Gyllenestam". "What's yours?"

"Gary Preston." He somehow managed to make it sound alluring, though he couldn't escape the fact the other mans name had such a ring to it... "And this is Miranda, my wife." He added in a velvety dark, smooth voice.

Gary and Gustav (or Gurra) set upon one and other with an animal like fervour, Miranda watched with fascination