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Some Assembly Required - Trip to IKEA

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Miranda wastes no time in taking up Gary's offer and they strip each other in record time... In their haste they roll off of the luxurious bed with far too many decorative cushions and fall inellegantly onto the floor, luckily padded by an IKEA sheepskin, where they proceed to roll around until Miranda once again straddles a still quite submissive Gary then proceeds to lick his rippling stomach muscles, she's never really appreciated them in this way before... Gary gasps a little and tilts his head back against the bedside table, leaving the perfect opening for her to drag her tongue up him till she reaches his glorious cheekbones and adorable stubble...

Somehow they make it back onto the bed and Gary is squirming pleasntly under her on the rumpled bed.

Suddenly, without warning Miranda whips out one of the appliances she picked up in the cooking department and whacks him with it!

Gary makes a sound - part in pleasure and part in suprise, but basically a squeak.

The spatula in question comes down on his pert ass again and this time the reaction is all pleasure. She can see his member already erect and slick with precum.

"Oh, do I deserve punnishment?" He purrs and Miranda suprises herself more by answering "I am your master, submit your soul to me or suffer the consequences!".

She's sure she gets it from her mother, but that's not a thought she wants right now... oh dear... But this only momentarily puts her off, soon Gary is licking the spatula and purrs "I will pleasure you, my glorious queen" wrestling to be on top, he manages to switch places with Miranda and kisses her, nibbling her lower lip before trailing his tongue down her neck, between her glorious, plentiful breasts and past her bellybutton, eventually reaching her nether region...

Stars start to adorn her vision and her heart beats even faster, despite it allready beating a hundred miles a minute, and the build up is better than anything she's ever experienced.... She could almost cum right now... She feels herself tighten and needs to feel him, she grabs some of his irresistable black curls and holds on as he proceeds to lick her clit, making moves she didn't even know existed and driving her to the edge of oblivion. All too soon he hits the exact spot that drives her over the edge. His moist, supple tongue, worms it's way into her and her orgasm is better than even her first with him!

Her hands fist even harder in his hair as she looses it and sinks further into the bed. He soon follows, the look of her commming undone doing it for him and his cum goes all over everything, spoiling the polished look of the room, not that any of them notice at that point, as they both lie breathing heavily for a couple of minutes, before Miranda disappears under the covers and Gary lets out a startled yelp as she grips his member and licks... However that is soon spoiled by Miranda flailing and choking under the covers, FYI, it's even harder to breathe doing it under the covers than it is doing it "normally"... She abandons the idea and slides her bodacious body up against him, creating once again that fabulously good friction and uses instead her hands to get the deaired effect.... It works. Gary cums again like he's never cum before and she only just manages to silence him in time, in the literal heat of the moment, she almost forgot they were in fact still at IKEA. The idea only serves to drive her on and she has to srop herself from cuming straight away as the spatula finds its way into her... Its supple silicone goes up like its going home and she quickly follows in her orgasm, not able to stop herself from crying out!