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Rising Dawn

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I remember their eyes. That’s the only memory I have of them. The only precious memory. Their eyes. It was too little but it meant so much. That stunning and rich blue color that seemed too good to be true.

She was crying. I knew in an instant that I was looking at mother.

I blinked slowly as I took in my surroundings of this strange new world. I heard a voice in the background.

"Congratulations. It's a healthy little femmling….” A gentle but gruff voice said. I wailed feeling unbearable cold. I flailed my little limbs, fussing about.

"We know. Please. Just, give us a moment." Another voice said. It was deep, and reassuring. I was suddenly handed over to someone else and wrapped in a blanket. That was better, now i was warmer.

All I saw was his stunning blue eyes. Just like mommy's, only they were different in a way… his hands were big and warm. I reached my hand up to touch his face. I smiled, I think daddy is holding me. Another precious detail that I hold onto like a lifeline. He seemed to radiate safety. He seemed so big...

His eyes suddenly filled with tears. He nuzzled me with his forehead and whispered in my ear.

"I don't know if you realize who I am. But I am your father, little one." I smiled and giggled. I knew it was daddy holding me! He smiled back at me. The tears in his eyes started to fall.

"I-I want you know...that, even if it may not seem like it, I will always be there. I'll watch over you. I-I wish we could raise you. I really do. But you are far precious little one...I am truly sorry, that you will not know us. But we will be watching,” the man whispered.

"We will always be there." Mommy said. I can see the tears streaking her face.

I started getting sleepy. I tried to stay awake. I wanted to stay awake.

"No matter what will always be our daughter, and we will always love you. We will come for you...Dawn." Daddy says, rocking me slightly.

I yawn, and my eyes drop shut. I drift off to sleep.

"No matter what will always be our daughter, and we will always love you. We will come for you...Dawn."

I sit up in bed. I rub my eyes and look at the alarm clock by my bed. It's five thirty in the morning. I recall the strange dream I had. It felt so real. But I know that it wasn't. My parents never came for me. I spent years, wishing that they would. Hoping. I wished on every falling star. Wished on every birthday candle, and anything that I could. I was clinging to every last bit of hope, that one day, I would be able to leave that awful foster home with my parents. My biological parents.

One of the few memories of my parents is that they both had stunning blue eyes, and my father had a deep voice. But that's about it. As little as it is… it is precious.
I do not know why I can’t seem to completely let it go. One can dream I suppose.

I sighed, getting out of bed to fix some breakfast. I live alone in a small apartment in Carson City, Nevada. It is quiet outside in the city, the haze of the morning made everything seem a little off. I liked it like this.

I'm only around five feet tall. I'm thin and pale. My hair is dark and wavy, ending just below my shoulders. My eyes are blue, a reason I speculate for the memory I managed to retain. I don’t really think it is a memory though. Something that simply makes sense.

It's a Saturday, my day off. I work at a small cafe called "The Midtown Cafe," as a waitress. It’s an average job.. Boring, but hey it’s better than starving.
I want to do something worth my life.

I pull out the dozen mini cupcakes I had bought the previous day. I look sarcastically at them. My birthday.


I stick the two candles in two of them, and call it good. I look at the number.


Today, I am twenty years old.

Twenty years, I've been alive. Twenty years, I've wished for my parents to come for me. Twenty years I've wanted something more. I'm done wishing on my parents. They left me on a doorstep, and I know that I may not ever find them. They promised to come for me, and didn't, although… it could have just been my imagination. Wanting to believe. But on the other hand They leave a note, saying how much they love me, and how sorry they are. That is what confuses me. If they really loved me, why won't they say why the left me. If they're really sorry, then why not come tell me. I still get cards. They all end the same.

'Just remember, no matter what happens, you will always be our daughter, and we will always love you. We will come for you, Dawn.'

I've gotten nineteen of them. Every year, I get one.

I've left it alone, and kept all the cards, because it gave me hope that they really were coming. I don’t tell whoever is sending them, if they are my parents or not is a mystery. Usually there's some sort of present that comes with it. Sometimes, it's money, sometimes, it's a stuffed animal, and other times it’s jewelry or life advice. I don’t confront them, whoever sends the cards. Secretly it’s security, that someone does think about me on my birthday.

I close my eyes.

"I wish," I think for a moment, reflecting, and not really caring what I did wish for. " I wish adventure." I whisper to the candles, and blow them out.

I pick the candles out, and eat a cupcake. I stash the rest of them away in the fridge. I'll eat them later.

I trash the wrapper on my way out of the kitchen, and put my shoes on. I take the stairs outside. I start to walk my usual morning route.

I find myself reflecting yet again. All the things I must have missed out on in my childhood. But then again, you can miss what you didn’t have, right? I just… saddened because I missed out. I just happened to born at the wrong time and maybe my parents simply couldn’t take care of me?

I look around suddenly realizing that I had strayed off from my path. No matter, my boss had given me the day off. I could take my time finding my way back. I didn’t bother to stop daydreaming.

Suddenly, a horn blares in my ears. I feel pain as I go airborne. I feel my face connect with the hard asphalt.

Everything hurts. My ears are ringing, and I can taste blood. I think I broke a few ribs. My arm hurts like hell, and I feel light headed.

I force my eyes open to get a good look at what hit me.

I see the end of yellow custom Camaro, and beside it, two Lamborghini's. One red and one yellow. I see my blood all over the Camaro's hood, I raised a shaky hand to my stinging head and pull it away to see it covered in blood. I squint at the windshield to try and see a driver but my eyesight is going fuzzy. My mind went blank and I felt myself slump to the asphalt before everything went dark.