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Silver and Black

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The neon lights of the club pulse in the distance, blearing through the rain-stained cab windows. The car stops right before the entrance, eliminating any chance Yunlan has of leaving without it being obvious he changed his mind. Throat suddenly feeling dry, he pays the driver and gets out as gracefully as he can. It's not that he's never been to a club before, he's never been to one with only men. As Yunlan enters the crowd immediately pushes him back towards the door and overwhelmed he fights his way to the counter. The interior of the building is heavily dimmed, most if the lights centering on performing stages where bodies in varying degrees of nudity express their charms. A glass is thrust into his and Yunlan automatically takes it, alcohol burning down his throat. Suddenly the reflectors around the room die out with a loud click and a fountain of golden light erupts out on the central stage. A man crouches on the floor, only in short, white pants, all four limbs bound in chains.

Despite his muscular body the man emanates an air of fragility, hidden behind the silver hair spilling across his back, that glows with a searing, blinding light. The upper portion of his face is hidden behind a mask, yet even so the stranger seems calm and collected, soft even.  But the innocent image disappears completely the moment a beastly grin splits that face and a sinister glow creeps into the eyes peeking from behind gold.

Without warning the beat drops and music washes over the room, jumpy, slow and sensual. Yunlan stares, intrigued and can't help but feel there is something dangerous to the spectacle, something addicting . Snake-like the porcelain form twists, a mess of hair and limbs and shining metal caught in a ritual of pleasure.

Yunlan keeps his eyes glued on the presentation. He can't help it, he's never been this captivated before, certainly not a man. The dance sequence finishes with vigorous cheering, louder than the music that just played. The ethereal looking man disappears in a cloud of mist, plunged back into darkness. Yunlan grips his glass and downs the remains in one gulp. His insides are on fire and there's nothing to quench the thirst.