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Yun Lan looks at the awkward interactions between his team members and the Black Cloaked Envoy. How long is this going to continue? How long are they going to tip toe around each other?


Wei has just returned to SID with the Dixing criminal they have been searching for the past week.


He knows that Wei has issues when people treat him as the Black Cloaked Envoy, Wei thinks that everyone hates the Envoy. How can anyone hate the Envoy? They all respect him a lot, they may be afraid, yes but people are generally afraid of people in a higher authority, right? Why does Wei misunderstand?


The relationship between the team and Shen Wei is getting better, especially when Wei is 'Professor Shen' instead of the Envoy, especially when Professor Shen is so gentle, intelligent and calm. He does wonders to SID's atmosphere - Yun Lan is jealous, yes but this is necessary and bigger than his own ego and thoughts about himself - Shen doesn't have to say anything, just his presence is enough.


It's just weird that the team forgets the fact that Shen is the Envoy conveniently when they are in front of Wei who is in the form of Black Cloaked Envoy.


But right now, Yun Lan is curious about something else. He wants to know desperately. He is going to deal with his curiosity first. He will help his team and his Wei later.


He stalks forward and pulls the Envoy by his hand to a room, not before barking orders at his team to investigate the criminal. Wei and Lan are not needed for sometime, his team can handle a simple investigation without him for a few minutes. The Envoy walks elegantly even with his black cloak and with the way Yun Lan is pulling him, anyone else would have stumbled. Of course, not Wei, not the Envoy.


The Envoy is confused, he doesn't shake away Yun Lan's hands though.


Yun Lan pushes the Envoy into a room, closes the door and pulls all the blinds. He is careful, yes, he is because his team is full of nosy people who can't mind their own business. They are too curious for their own good, especially about Wei and Yun Lan's matters.


Even if Yun Lan is careful, they somehow know everything that happens between Yun Lan and Wei. How? Why? Don't they know the concept of 'personal space'? Yun Lan doesn't know where to start. Even his stern behavior and Shen's aloofness aren't enough to stop his team mates. They are too excited about Lan and Wei's relationship for their own good. Don't they have anything better to do?


Lan rolls his eyes, he has better things to do now, he has priorities - named Shen Wei who is standing in all his dark and majestic glory in front of Lan. Yun Lan wonders about the Envoy's blade. He shakes his head, he is getting distracted.


The Envoy is about to turn back into Wei and Lan senses it just a few seconds early. He shakes his head, "Don't change back."


Shen is confused but he doesn't. He doesn't protest, hesitate or ask Yun Lan about anything. He just stands still like a statue.


Yun Lan says, "Lower your cowl, will you?"


Shen is even more confused. What does Yun Lan want? Why is he behaving strangely?


Yun Lan can see Shen Wei, even in the black cloaked envoy's actions and presence, how had he not figured it all out sooner? The black cloaked envoy is adorable as well, at least in front of Yun Lan, he is.


The envoy looks at Yun Lan with the look 'Are you talking to me?'. Yun Lan rolls his eyes, there's no one else in the room after all. Yun Lan is not going to let this go. He thinks for a few seconds, wouldn't it be better if he did it himself?


Yun Lan walks forwards without any hesitation and gently removes Shen's mask, Shen is startled at first but doesn't make any move to stop Yun Lan and Yun Lan is so happy for that. He then slowly lowers Shen's hood. He smiles happily, he has finally figured it out.


"Yes, you look better with long hair! Your hood is always up, you never lower it or remove your mask. I was dying to know. I didn't want to ask you directly, I just wanted to find it on my own! Of course, you don't want many people to know your real identity and that's why you always keep your hood up and have your mask on.."


"I was so curious about your hair for weeks, it just started recently, after I remembered what happened in the past between us. You looked so beautiful with long hair. I guess you decided not to have long hair as Professor Shen, it must be so hard to maintain but I was upset that you discarded it. But you haven't, have you?"


Wei blushes, Yun Lan rubs their noses together.


He runs his hand gently through Wei's long locks. How can a person be this sinfully gorgeous? This should be a crime and Wei should be put behind bars for looking this elegant and beautiful. Yun Lan can give him company in prison.


With Wei blushing, Yun Lan can see his innocence, his big glowing eyes make him look so adorable. Why can no one believe that the Black Cloaked Envoy is endearing? Why can only Yun Lan see this? Why are people scared of the black cloaked figure when they should be celebrating his heart and cuteness instead?


The way he doesn't know much about technology, the way he fumbles when he tries to make conversations with people, the way his face lights up when he smiles, the way he blinks when he is confused, the way he bites his lip, the way he tries to take care of everyone without expecting anything in return, the way his brows crinkle when he concentrates on something, the way he can sacrifice himself for peace.


But then again, on second thought, it's better this way, Yun Lan doesn't want anyone to see his Wei, his black cloaked Envoy, his Professor Shen, like this. He doesn't want competition, Wei is his, he is Wei's. He has a right and a claim on Wei, no one else should. He will kill them if they try to get close to Wei or the Envoy. Even if he has competition, Yun Lan is confident that he can win Wei over always.


He gently rubs Wei's hair and continues to play with Wei's locks, they are so dark, shiny, soft and distracting. The dark long hair is such a contrast to Wei's pale skin. He remembers Zun's long hair, Yun Lan is sure that Wei will look amazing with light colored hair as well. He isn't worried, he can tell Zun and Wei apart even if they look exactly the same from head to toe.


They don't have to say anything or even do anything, they can stand there staring at Yun Lan and Yun Lan will be able to tell who is who just from their gaze. No matter how Zun tries to impersonate Wei, it can never happen, Yun Lan will never be fooled. He can spot Wei away from miles.


Wei turns into his normal clothes but keeps his long hair. He continues to blush though he doesn't shy away from Yun Lan's touches and whispers, "Do you like this? Is this why you kept playing with my hair even when it was short?"


Yun Lan nods eagerly, he looks like a kid with hands inside a cookie jar, however, his caresses are very gentle though, contrary to the expression on his face.


Wei hesitates, "You are not afraid of this form of mine?"


Yun Lan sighs. "Do you think I fell in love with you to just ignore a part of you? I will accept every side of you. You don't mind that I am childish, sarcastic and rude at times, do you? You put up with my everything. You don't turn a blind eye to my weaknesses and the way I annoy you at times. So why can't someone do the same with you? Why can't I do the same for you?"


Yun Lan continues. "I wasn't kidding or teasing you when I told you that you looked beautiful despite being young, when I told you that you look fine and should stop wearing the hideous mask to hide your face all those years ago. The mask didn't do much to hide your beauty though. I meant every word, I wanted to get to know you, I wanted you to know that you weren't alone, how much you meant to me."


Yun Lan laughs to himself. "I realized when we were in the black hole, I remembered to all the things you did for me, I looked back, thought about it again and realized their hidden meaning, their weight, the pain of 10,000 years. I clearly understood, I realized how much you loved me and how much I loved you because I remembered every detail of what happened between us for the past 6 months despite me being a lazy mushroom."


"The times you saved me, when you kneeled for me in the rain for hours, when you cut yourself for me, when you shared your life force with me, from Ye Zun, when you made me see again... you have repaid me countless times though I am not worth it. Don't hurt yourself again for me, I can't see you in pain, if you want to save me, save yourself first, you don't owe me anything."


Wei responds. "You will always be worth everything to me. But I don't want to cause you pain, I will take care of myself better, I will take care of us with you, not on my own."


Yun Lan shrugs, his voice grows quieter, unlike his usual self, his eyes are filled with love. "I was probably afraid to tell you how much I loved you, I thought you would push me away but I couldn't hold back after I witnessed your past, our past. I am glad you accepted me, us, after all we have been through. I confessed to you 10,000 years but you realize it now, don't you?"


Wei doesn't say anything. But Yun Lan knows that he has understood everything clearly.


Yun Lan pulls him and kisses his forehead. It's time to change the subject.


"You think too less of yourself. You deserve every praise, every love, every admiration, every respect that people have for you. You have done so much and you deserve much more."


"And you know it as well, don't you? The way you handle your duties as Black Cloak with so much sincerity, the way you don't abuse your power yet use your authority when required. Damn, you are so cool, your Honor."


A hint of shy smile can be seen playing on Wei's lips. Where's the damn lollipop when Yun Lan needs it the most? He will get to that later.


They hear a knock on the door and before Yun Lan can ask Wei to do anything, Wei's hair shortens immediately. Yun Lan breathes a sigh of relief, he doesn't want anyone else to see his Wei with long hair, no one would be able to resist or keep their hands to themselves.


Da Qian enters and rolls his eyes, "Can you not flirt at the work place, please? Have some respect for the criminals and normal human beings. The investigation is done. Sir Envoy can take him back to Dixing right away."


Wei is standing as the Envoy the next second, he walks towards the room and if his gait is more powerful and confident than usual, no one says anything. Chu bows and hands over the criminal, the Envoy thanks him, no one says anything to the different formal, cold, authoritative yet respectful tone either. They disappear into the black hole.



And if that night, Lan's hands are tangled in Wei's long tresses as they lie on their bed together unable to be separated, limbs entwined, no one minds. And if the teasing becomes worse from the team, Wei and Lan don't mind that either.