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Iridescent Cloud

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plural noun: vicissitude


~a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.~




Hibari Kyoya –Vongola’s Cloud Guardian, Wearer of the Vongola Cloud ring, Head of CEDEF and Namimori’s Discipline Committee- died at the age of twenty five. He died a glorious death, taking down the Mafioso of a rival famiglia who had the gall to attack his fellow guardiansfriendsfamily- who even thought that they could take be on Vongola’s bad side and survive.


Just because the Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi - his Boss, his ever accepting and all-encompassing Sky that he swore to protect (the small herbivore that grew up to be a fabulous omnivore)- was a kind Leader and didn’t like resorting to violence, didn’t mean he was a pushover. So, when the idiota from the Anguilla familglia kidnapped the Lightening herbivore and hurt him-


Well, is it really a wonder that they were bitten to death?


When someone dares to anger their sky, the rest of the guardians follow with the temper tantrum. Even the pineapple carnivore was busy creating havoc on the enemies –and that’s saying something since the Pineapple Carnivore and the Lightening herbivore didn’t get along, at all. Except when it comes to pranks. Because for some reason, they always banded together when it came to pranking the other guardians (Leaving a despairing Tsuna, yelling Hayato, grinning Takeshi, cheerful Ryohei, exasperated Chrome and a not-so-impressed Hibari……….. Ah, good old days…….).


So yes, Hibari died creating havoc and causing utter carnage on his enemies, and to sum it up- he died biting them to death.


It was really a glorious death.


So, forgive him for being confused –and so, so angry- when he woke up, alive-


-in the wrong body.






His hands were tiny. And chubby. And so weak that they won’t be able to hold a tonfa properly.


His eye twitched. If this is a prank by the Pineapple Carnivore, then-


Blood will be shed.


(And no amount of Tsuna’s pleading -about the resulting paperwork and the repair costs- and Gokudera’s nagging –“Stop making Juudaime worry, you Cloud Bastard!”-would make him change his decision.)


He threw off the blue blankets from his body –blue?! Why the fuck were they blue?! He hated blue (especially since blue is the color of that pineapple Carnivore’s hair!)- and slid his feet on the side of the bed, and glowered at the fact that his feet didn’t reach the floor. Turns out his legs got chibified too.


God. fucking. dammit!


He jumped off the bed –and scowled at the fact that he actually stumbled because of the impact (how much real has this illusion been made by that Carnivore?!)- and eyed the light blue walls of his room, as well as the soft toys, wooden blocks and plastic weapons- swords, guns and his favorite tonfas- and wondered why is the room similar to the one he had back at home when he was a baby herbivore. Is Mukuro trying to make him remember his childhood home? If so, then there are better ways to do this.


Snorting at the terrible idea of a prank that his fellow Mist Guardian has had, he made his way to the bathroom –from what he remembers of his childhood home, it is the door on the left- and once again scowled when he realized he didn’t reach the door knob. Dragging a little stool near the door –the Pineapple will definitely be bitten to death for this humiliation- he stood on it and then opened the door knob. Jumping off the stood, he rushed into the bathroom-


-only to pause in front of the full length mirror attached to the opposite wall. He stared at the reflection in the mirror, and the first thing that came to his mind was-




His height was no longer six feet that towered over the Omnivore Sky-and was only shorter than the loud Herbivore Sun and Omnivore Rain- but now was meagre forty two inches. His skin was pale, fair and was rid of the scars he had accumulated in his years working in a Mafioso family. His raven hair was short, and barely reached the nape of his neck, and his grey eyes were wide and innocent looking and cute –oh the horror!- instead of their narrow, sharp looking like they actually were. His body was tiny, cute, and slightly chubby –with baby fat clinging to his limbs- and not the fit and lithe body he had trained himself in.


His eyes roamed over his tiny body hesitantly. This illusion is a bit too realistic……


This is too much. The Pineapple carnivore has gone too far this time. It is getting borderline creepy and unsettling now (the Pineapple bastard must be cackling at his creeped out expression). He will deal with the insufferable idiota later.


First, he has an illusion to break.


Closing his eyes, he searched deep inside him and reached out for his flames. The purple flames –with a flicker of indigo in between- flickered as soon as he called out to them. He reached out to grab it, and-


-they moved away from his grasp.


His eye twitched. What. the. hell?!


He calmed his mind by taking deep breaths, and once again reached out to his flames. He coaxed them as if he were coaxing a small animal –yes people, Hibari can be gentle-  and gently grabbed it in his grasp-


-only for it to escape. Again.


Hibari clenched his fist and growled. Oh someone is really going to be bitten to death for this. To actually make his flames this dormant –just for a stupid prank- he didn’t know whether that Pineapple Carnivore is actually this stupid or just plain suicidal. Oh who is he kidding, it’s definitely a strange combination of both.


But really, he never had this much trouble with his flames –except maybe for the first time when he tried to use them. Taming them had been a headache and a half on it’s own. If it hadn’t been for Skull’s help-when the immortal Omnivore wasn’t busy making a fool of himself (or getting bullied by Reborn and Colonello)- and Fon’s advice –which he grudgingly listened to sometimes(he had never been on good terms with his Uncle, but they made peace with their issues…………… eventually. Maybe. Oh who is he kidding, he still had a problem with the Chinese Carnivore. That man -for some reason- just always rubbed him the wrong way.) – he would’ve taken a long time to control his flames.


Taking a deep breath, Hibari closed his eyes and tried to reach out for his Flames. Again. He will have these stupid flames under his grasp- Kyoya was nothing if not stubborn.


After twenty tries –of thirteen of which were failed attempts-he finally had a good enough grasp on his flames. However, something was strange…… They were weaker –No, it seems like they were less in quantity than what he usually had, but that wasn’t the only thing…………. His Cloud flames were –what’s the word? Yeah right- denser than before. They were stronger, more powerful and more…… cloud-like –you could say- than before. Even if they were smaller than their usual size.


Shrugging this strange phenomenon or now, Hibari got a hold of his flames –that purred as soon as he reached out for them, and playfully danced around him like a naughty child demanding for attention (more like a certain Lightening herbivore when he is being annoying)- and let it run through his whole body in a loop, and smiled smugly. That will disrupt any illusion hovering over his senses.


His smirked soon turned into a frown when he realized that nothing changed. He was still a tiny human. The illusion didn’t disrupt.


Tch, what kind of illusion is it? There has never been an illusion Kyoya couldn’t break out of –this fact was confirmed by both Viper and Mukuro when they once teamed up against Kyoya and lost heavily since he kept destroying their illusions as soon as they cast it on him. So why isn’t this illusion breaking? Is it time based?




A strange thought entered his mind, and Kyoya’s eyes widened. Impossible. It couldn’t be…….


But….. what if it really happened?


He had died, hadn’t he? So, unless he had somehow survived and is being subjected to the enemies’ interrogation through Mist Flames –if he had been caught by the wrong side- or was just being subjected to a prank illusion by Mukuro for getting maimed and making everyone worry; it is highly likely that he is very much dead and is dreaming all this –is this what happens after death? Do people dream once they die? How…….. strange.


There is also another possibility- something which is so damn impossible that he would only be laughed at by everyone else for thinking about it if they had been here. It didn’t make any sense, and he was definitely crazy for thinking this……… but it somehow fits.


His short size and age of five……… The room in his childhood home that he hadn’t seen in a decade or so……. His smaller –but powerful- Cloud Flames……….


Oh fuck, don’t tell him, he is really in the past? And in his five year old body no less……….


Damn it, this is definitely Mukuro’s fault.


(Because of course it is his fault. Everything strange that happens to Hibari is because of the damn Pineappe Carnivore. Whenever he finds him the next time, the Pineapple Canivore will definitely be bitten to death.)



 Hibari Kyoya was not sulking. Of course not. Anyone that says otherwise will be bitten to death. Because Hibari Kyoya did not sulk.


A dainty finger poked his chubby cheek. “Kyo-chan, why are you sulking?” His mother cooed at him.


He glared at his annoying Omnivore mother, and bit her finger. She yelped and smacked the back of his head –lightly of course. If she had used even an iota of the strength on him that she uses on her subordinates, he would’ve been sent flying- and he reluctantly released her finger from his mouth. His mother wiped her finger –that was dripping with Kyoya’s saliva and had tiny teeth mark indented on it- with a napkin and huffed, “Really Kyo-chan, that is no way to treat your mother?”


Kyoya just ignored his mother and continued sulking- frowning. He quietly ate his breakfast, ignoring his parents as they sent him worried glances every once in a while.


His father –Hibari Seiji-sighed and placed down his chopsticks and stared at him. “What’s wrong, Kyoya? You have been brooding even more today than you usually do.”


Kyoya shot him a glare. He did not brood, thank you very much.


“You do.” Hibari Seiji pointed out as he clearly read his son’s offended expression.


Kyoya scoffed and ignored his father in favor of eating his breakfast. He has better things to do than to deal with his omnivore mother and carnivore father –like take an analysis of his present situation, and making a tentative plan and keep an eye out for his fellow guardians, and find out if they too are back in the past or he is the only one (He wasn’t the Head of CEDEF and Namimori’s DC for no reason. As much as Basil was proficient in handling CEDEF’s matters, the man had been too kind and naive to deal with the darker parts that came with being Leader of an Organisation that had secret ties with mafia’s biggest famiglia.)


A smack on his head made him almost choke on the rice he had been chewing, making him scowl at his mother, who was staring at him sternly. “Your father asked you something, bambino,” she scolded him. “Don’t ignore him.”


His father sighed. “It’s alright, Yuna.” Seiji called out to his wife. “Kyoya doesn’t talk much anyways.”


“But still,” she frowned. “It’s so rude of him to ignore you like that.”


Seiji just shook his head. “It’s fine, really.” He then glanced at Kyoya and said, “You’re going to be late if you keep eating slowly, Kyoya.”


Kyoya just stared at him. Late? For what?


His father seemed to have read his mind, as he stared at him incredulously and said, “For school, of course. Honestly Kyoya, what has gotten into you?”


School…… Middle School? No, he’s too young for that.... Then, is he talking about Elementary School?


An image of screaming baby herbivores, sweetly smiling herbivore teachers and herbivores-that-think-of-themselves-as-carnivores (aka bullies) flashed through his mind, and he groaned and resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall. 


He is going to a place packed with herbivores…… If any of them crowd around him, he will bite them to death.


As if he had read his mind, his father reminded him sternly, “And no biting,” he warned him, “Your teacher called me the other day, telling me how you bit a fellow classmate.”


He didn’t know what his father was talking about, but he could guess. There aren’t many reasons he would bite herbivores. “The herbivore was annoying.” He mumbled in defense.


“I honestly don’t care, Kyoya.” Seiji pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed exasperatedly. “You are a human, not an animal. Stop biting people.”


His Cloud Flames bristled angrily inside him, feeling indignant and angry on his behalf. He soothed them down and wrestled them under his control before they could get out of hand and erupt out of him and harm his own parents. He knew they meant well.


Doesn’t mean he had to like it though.


(His fellow guardians never complained about his habit of biting people to death. Sure they were annoyed at him, sometimes even exasperated, but they never condoned him for his strange habits.


Not like they had any room to talk. They were plenty crazy. His violent ways had nothing on Tsuna absurd brand of luck, Hayato’s ‘Juudaime worshipping’, Takeshi’s abnormal cheeriness, Lambo’s annoying bratty attitude, Ryohei’s loudness,  Mukuro’s creepiness and Chrome’s quiet yet sadistic personality.


They were all goddamn crazy. But they were his bunch of crazies, and Kyoya wouldn’t have them any other way.)




School was hell.


There were baby herbivores everywhere- screaming, talking, laughing, chattering- and they were always crowding–why would they even do that? Why can’t they act like goddamn humans like they actually were and not some cattle!- Thankfully, no one approached him –and the fools who did always ran away with their tails tucked in between their legs when he glared at them. Tch, herbivores.


He was fine in his corner was the classroom –away from crowding herbivores with mentality of a sheep- and was having a great time playing with his plastic tonfas, when the teacher –the utter idiota- suggested a group activity so that everyone could participate and be friends –her words, not his.


Kyoya had glowered when his name had been announced with two others, and as soon as the teams were divided, color pencils and drawing sheets were distributed to everyone. Kyoya had sat on the edge of the desk –away from the two herbivores he had been assigned to his team- and was quietly drawing on his paper, and was ignoring the other two boys who were sending curious glances his way with practiced ease.


Everything was going well –his drawing of Roll (his precious Cloud hedgehog) was coming out really well- until the herbivore next to him scooting nearer to him.


“Ne, ne,” the baby herbivore exclaimed, “Your drawing is so cool! This mouse is really cute.”




He just did not call Roll a mouse.


He glared at the offending herbivore. “He is not a mouse.”


The boy blinked. “Eh? But it is!” he then said, “And you know what? He will look really cool with dark blue colored fur!” saying this the boy grabbed an indigo crayon, and started coloring on his painting.


Not only that, but of all the color crayons, he just had to use indigo –the color of Pineapple Carnivore’s hair.


Kyoya growled angrily and grabbed his plastic tonfas and hissed out, “Herbivore, for defacing my painting, I will bite you to death.”


And well…………. The rest they say is history.




Hibari Seiji pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed exasperatedly. “Kyoya, what did I tell you this morning?” he asked.


Kyoya frowned and looked away.


“Look at me, Kyoya.” His father said sternly. Kyoya reluctantly stared at him. “I told you not to hurt anyone, did I? So, why did you attack that kid?”


Kyoya opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by his father-


“And no, I don’t want to hear anything about how he was an annoying herbivore or anything like that.”


Kyoya closed his mouth shut. There is no reason for him to defend himself when his Carnivorous father won’t even listen to him. Now to think of it, this is the reason why he left his house as soon as he entered Middle School and bought his own apartment. He felt suffocated living in his childhood home under his father. He never understood why he felt so….. restricted when he was living with is parents, and only when he joined as the Vongola Cloud Guardian he understood why he felt so agitated and claustrophobic when he lived under his father’s watchful eyes in his childhood home. It is because he was a true cloud, and a Cloud is free and independent. A Cloud does not like to be bound or restricted.


It’s really no wonder he never got along with his father, much………


Seiji waited for his son’s reply, but it never came. Kyoya just stared at him as if he was staring at a particularly annoying bug and did not reply. Sighing in frustration, Hibari Seiji turned to Kyoya’s Teacher and bowed in apology. “I apologize on Kyoya’s behalf.” Seiji said apologetically. “Kyoya is a troubling child, and I understand you have your hands full with other children. I can’t say that he won’t do it again, because I know that this is not possible and no amount of lectures or punishments would make Kyoya do otherwise.” He then chuckled sheepishly and said, “Though, I will try to make him understand.”


The teacher smiled uneasily and shook her head. “I completely understand, Hibari-san, it’s not your fault.” She said, “You are a wonderful father, taking care of your son even with your tiring job –honestly not many parents try as much as you do. I’m sure Kyoya is just going through a phase, and he will overcome it soon.” She then ruffled Kyoya’s hair, and Kyoya bristled. He did not like being touched. At all. “Ne, Kyoya?”


“Don’t touch me, herbivore.” He growled at her. She –thankfully- backed off.


“Kyoya!” His father scolded him.


“Tch,” he grumbled and walked out of the Teacher’s Office, ignoring his father. He hated being stuck in this small body and being treated like a kid. He was a full grown man, a fearsome Mafioso, Vongola’s Cloud Guardian and not a five year old. He hated being treated like this.


No one took him seriously. They just thought he was a difficult child, a trouble maker –a kid with way too much violence tendencies. They didn’t understand him. They never did.


He would never admit it, but he missed his famiglia –his family. They didn’t question his strange personality, instead, they had accepted him with open arms. And even if they fought and argued with each other (most times it was Kyoya and Mukuro, with Ryohei’s loud exclamations in background as Hayato yelled to “Knock it off you idiots!!” and Takeshi’s laughter, Lambo’s chuckles and Tsuna’s “I’m so done with this shit” sighs) they were much more united than even the Arcobalaeno. They were a Team, a family, and even if they were fighting amongst each other most of the time, they would make anyone pay a hundredfold who had the gall to hurt one of their own.


There was no Tsuna here to smile compassionately at him when he was being a tad too difficult than normal, no Hayato to yell at him for being lazy but would still do his paperwork; no Takeshi to drag him out for drinks; no Lambo to pull pranks on him –or offer a grape candy when he was in one of his ‘moods’; no Ryohei to challenge him to a spar to divert his attention; no Mukuro to irritate the hell out of him; no Chrome to offer tea after he beats the crap out of others.


They weren’t here with him. He was all alone…….


What he wouldn’t give to be back with them…………….



For the stunt he pulled at school, he was grounded for the next few days. He wouldn’t be allowed to go out of his house for the next two days. And considering the fact that he had been suspended for School for two days, it made carrying out the punishment easier. Not that Kyoya minded, considering he got time to straighten things out and figure out what to do next.


It is highly unlikely that other guardians too had traveled back like he had. If they had, they would’ve already approached him- the Vongola Guardians were many things, but subtle, they were not. Especially Tsuna. The Vongola Decimo was a pure Sky who cared too much for his Guardians. He would have been the first one to approach Kyoya- considering he knew all too well that Hibari Kyoya did not like crowding. There was no way Kyoya would approach anyone on his own. So yes, Tsuna’d have been the first one to approach him –if Ryohei wasn’t there first. Because Heavens knows that the loud Sun Herbivore cannot keep any secret.


Besides, he had ended up in past after he died, right? So, unless they too had died during the raid against the enemy famiglia, there’s no way they would be back in the past with him –at least, that’s what he has concluded.


So that means his fellow Guardians did not remember him. This made things a bit difficult. It means he could change things if he wasn’t careful, and it could have serious consequences- butterfly effect and all. How annoying.


So, he shouldn’t approach his fellow guardians if he wants to keep the timeline somewhat same, or else things would change –and he knew how much things get fucked up when you mess with past or future (courtesy of the Lightening herbivore’s impromptu use of ten-year bazooka as well as the FUBAR trip to the future that ended with the big ass fight against Byakuran and his Six Funeral wreaths.)-so approaching his fellow Guardians is a big no-no.


………………Dammit, why is he feeling so distressed over something so stupid? So what if he can’t approach his fellow guardians for now? He will just have to wait for Sky Omnivore’s demonic tutor to arrive, and then he can approach them. And that’s a decade later………


Gah! Kyoya can wait. Of course he can. He can be patient when he wants to be. He won’t approach them for now, and only watch over them from afar. Yes, he can do that. He can do patient.


-But the truth is, Kyoya is impatient and stubborn and independent and so, so possessive. Watching over his fellow guardians, and restraining himself from approaching him will kill him, and he knows it.


But he will try, so that he does not fuck up the future of his family.


(He should’ve known it’s a lost cause, because nothing goes right for a Vongola Guardian. Because wherever a Vongola Guardian goes, chaos follows them like a lost puppy.


He blamed the Sky Omnivore and his crappy brand of luck, because Kyoya had never been this unlucky until he met Sawada Tsunayoshi and his Demonic Tutor –who happens to thrive in Chaos. This is all Tsuna’s fault-


-Because of course it is.)




When Kyoya’s punishment finally ended, he was sent to school with a light slap on the wrist –courtesy of his mother- and a long ass lecture to behave –by his Carnivore father. His plastic tonfas had been confiscated as a reminder to not use violence for every little thing that irritates him –his father’s words, not his- which only made him even more annoyed. Kyoya would often sit in the back, away from all the baby herbivores. During lunch or group activities, he would either hide in a corner –a valiant attempt to not interact with children and get annoyed at their ridiculous behavior- or would skip classes to inspect the Elementary school’s corridors and shooed off the kids who were out of their own classes and crowding the hallways (Pot calling kettle black at it’s finest, not that anyone would tell him that. Tch, Herbivores. Rain Omnivore would have pointed it out that very second, with a cheery laughter-he was just like that, lacking self-preservation skills and all.) The teachers didn’t know whether to call him out for skipping classes himself or thank him for getting other children to get back to their classes. In the end, they left him alone.


So, usually Kyoya would be found stalking in the Corridors of Namimori Elementary School, and if he’s bored enough, he would be on his rounds on the streets of Namimori –which was a habit ingrained from his past life. The first few times he had been on rounds and had bitten some unsuspecting fool to death (What? They were vandalizing Namimori’s property!) his father had been exasperated, but he let him continue it, considering he was making his job easier –being a Detective in the police force is a headache and half on it’s own (Seiji’s words, not his…… though he could understand. If it is anything like being the head of an secret intelligence organization for Mafia, well…….. he had a damn good idea how much exhausting the job can be)- and it also acted as a way for Kyoya to take out his anger –and in turn spare his herbivore classmates who were no fun to bite to death. This means he got less phone calls from school, and well, Seiji would take chances whenever he got them.


So, now, Kyoya had a tentative reputation of his own –something along the lines of “Demon child”-not that he cared. Walking around the streets of Namimori was…… relaxing in it’s own way. Even if the infrastructure has been reverted to decades older than what he remembered it to be, it was still Namimori –with it’s friendly people –with a few assholes in the mix- as well as the odd things that usually happen here which people shrug off with a comment about “Goddamn Namimori” and nothing else (something he hadn’t understood until one Sawada Tsunayoshi started running around in his boxer shorts, screaming “REBORN!” and with a fire on his forehead. Namimori attracted the weirdest people. There must be something in the water here…………)


This was his town –however strange it may be, or how many weirdos it attracted, it didn’t matter. Namimori was his hometown, his turf, his territory. He was a true Cloud –independent and possessive- and he was damn well was proud of it. If anyone thinks they can cross his territory without his permission, they will face the Cloud’s wrath.


So, during one of his rounds around the streets of Namimori, when he came across a bunch people –some teens and some adults- fighting, Kyoya was ready to bite them to death. He only paused when he realized that most of the people had a fox’s tattoo carved somewhere on their skin.


This tattoo……. Isn’t it a symbol of the “Dancing fox” yakuza? Why were yakuza men fighting here? And who?


Wait…….. he remembered something like this happened in the past too………


The men from the ‘Dancing Fox’ gang had cornered a Yakuza heir and his bodyguards of their rival gang, who had been on his way to some event. And the rival gang’s Yakza heir happened to be-


A cry broke him out of his thoughts, and his grey eyes widened as they took in the sight of a familiar person with pompadour hairstyle –except the person was now much younger (a preteen really)- yelping in pain as a knife tore through his arm –tearing through his shirt and leaving a deep gash that will definitely scar (unless healed by Sun flames)- and the boy stumbled back as he avoided another narrow slash aimed for him.


-Kusakabe Tetsuya.


Kyoya growled. They just did not hurt his second-in-command in front of his eyes.


Clouds are independent and possessive. You hurt one of their own, and face retribution. A Cloud’s wrath is something to be feared of. No one hurts a Cloud’s possessions and gets away with it without some heavy lasting damage.


Clenching his eyes, Kyoka reached deep inside him, and willed his Flames to wreak havoc on the fools who hurt one of his men. The Cloud Flames eagerly connected to him –heightening his five senses as well as flaring his emotions- as they followed his command.


“Oi,” He called out to the yakuza fighting in the streets in broad daylights -utter idiots, how come they haven’t been arrested yet?- making them halt in their fight and shot him a wary look. He stepped towards them, and said, “For fighting on Namimori’s grounds, you will be bitten to death.”


His grey eyes flashed amethyst as purple flames exploded from his hands –and the world burned as the Cloud Flames caused havoc and destroyed and hurt and killed- but never once had they even touched Kusakabe or his bodyguards that were tasked to protect him.


An hour later, Kyoya walked away from that scene of utter carnage with some mirror bruises a few scratched –leaving behind bodies of people who had third degree burns, deep bleeding wounds, concussions, a few broken bones, as well as missing teeth- gaining the infamous reputation of being the “Demon child of Namimori” that made every Yakuza man around the area cower in fear, as well as a loyal follower –more like a fanboy- who happened to be a Yakuza Heir.


A week later, Kusakabe Tetsuya joined Namimori Elementary School’s third grade, and to everyone’s surprise- started following Kyoya around like a lost puppy and surprisingly wasn’t bitten to death.


Hibari Seiji was just exasperated at the sudden turn of events, while his wife Yuna was beaming with pride that her child finally made a ‘friend’.


And Kyoya. He guess he was a tad bit less lonely now. He might not have his fellow guardians, but it’s okay. He had his second-in-command, and it’s fine for now. He can wait for his fellow Guardians. He is patient, after all.


(He is not.)


Chapter Text



Originated from the Japanese language (なつかしい), natsukashii is the transitioning to a state of mind - nostalgia

for the past, sometimes with implications of nostalgia for a flawless past that never was.



Kyoya twitched a bit and swatted away at the noisy bug buzzing in his ear.

An exasperated sigh escaped from someone's lips. And then-

"Kyo-chan….. Wakey wakey~"

Kyoya grumbled and turned the other way on his bed. What a persistent fly. It really should be bitten –more like swatted- to death for disturbing his sleep.

When the persistent background noise stopped, he sighed contently and nuzzled into his fluffy blanket. So the bug finally flew off, huh? Good riddance.

Cue a two minute silence. And then-


The blankets engulfing his child-like body were forcefully snatched, and Kyoya groaned –not yelped, nope. Not at all. Anyone saying so would be bitten to death- and opened a grey eye to glare at the culprit who snatched his warm and fluffy blankets- his mother- and growled in warning.

The woman –unperturbed with his glare- just cooed at him. "Kyo-chan, you shouldn't sleep in, especially on your birthday!" the woman then smiled beamingly at him, while still holding his fluffy blankets- to which he scowled- and said cheerily, "Happy Birthday, Kyo-chan!"

Kyoya glowered at her –and no, he was not pouting, however much his mother squealed at him for doing so-and made grabby motion towards his fluffy blankets, which –to his indignation- were moved away from him by his mother.

"Come on, Kyo-chan!" Yuna exclaimed, her raven eyes glowing in amusement. "I even invited a special someone to visit today!"

A feeling of dread churned inside him.

What did she say? Who the hell is coming?

She hummed under her breath as she picked up her son and placed him gently on his bed. "He last visited when you were two, and had just started obsessing over animals and their position in food chain. It was really adorable watching you following your "Baby Carnivore" Uncle around like a lost puppy!"

The foreboding feeling didn't subside. Instead, it only got stronger.

This isn't possible. She must be talking about some other Carnivore. Because in his previous life, that particular carnivore hasn't met Kyoya until he was ten. So what changed?

….Maybe nothing changed. Maybe he's being paranoid for nothing. It must be someone else. Right. He is overreacting. Because it can't be the Baby storm Carnivore. It can't-

Oh gods, please don't tell him this carnivore Uncle is-

Yuna patted Kyoya's hair and said cheerily, "Fon-nii really missed his adorable nephew, I can tell!"


"E-Eh?" Yuna exclaimed, bewildered, as her adorable son slammed his head against the headboard in a face-palming gesture, muttering something under his breath about "Tsuna's absurd brand of luck strikes again" and "That Spartan tutor better not have rubbed me off with his damn chaotic luck" and something along those lines…

Kyoya just missed the sane days of his life when the sun rose from the East and set from the west -and he was blissfully unaware of the existence of Sawada Tsunayoshi and his particular brand of luck.

And then Reborn happened and his life was thrown into a mess –an exasperatingly annoying mess that made him call his sanity goodbye.

Oh, how he missed the old days when he actually was –somewhat-sane.

(No he didn't. Sanity is overrated anyways. When you're a Vongola –and especially a Guardian of one Sawada Tsunayoshi- you quickly learn to throw sanity out of a window and welcome the madness with open arms.

He was sure none of them were actually wholly sane, but it didn't matter, because they accepted each other just the way they were. Vongola Madness is just an added bonus with Reborn's particular brand of chaos in their life- to the utter pleasure of the Demonic Tutor.

Not like Kyoya would have it any other way.)

Breakfast was a tense affair, mostly because the youngest Hibari couldn't stop glaring at the Cursed infant sitting before him, daintily eating his breakfast in a noble manner. Hibari Seiji and his wife Yuna shared a worried glance, since their son hadn't exploded in anger and bitten the offender to death –like he usually did to people who annoyed him for one reason to another- and instead was just glowering in…. hostility? Resentment? –no, it's more like annoyance- at the infant dressed in a red Chinese robe, with a red pacifier hanging from his neck.

The atmosphere stayed tense for the duration of the breakfast, as the Storm Arcobalaeno didn't even glance at his glaring nephew even once, who was really suppressing the urge to grab his tonfas and drag the storm Arcobalaeno for a good spar.

It wasn't until that the red robed infant placed his chopsticks down after eating his breakfast that he deigned a glance at his –very irritable- nephew.

"Kyoya." He greeted the now six year old in a pleasant tone.

Kyoya stared at the his carnivore uncle –who was once again, a baby- with narrow grey eyes. The Storm Arcobalaeno was still the sane –calm, pleasant and polite to a default (until you somehow provoke his anger, coz then he'd be very fierce and aggressive –and you'd wish he would stop kicking your ass to the kingdom come)- even though he had been chibified. Honestly, he had been too used to seeing the adult!Fon as he grew up at a faster right –like the others- after the curse was lifted from them during the last decade of his life. It was quite… strange to see him chibified –again.

Contrarily to popular belief, Kyoya didn't exactly hate Fon. He might have actually hated him–once upon a time when Kyoya was an impressionable child who watched his mother die slowly, wishing her brother would just visit her once before it's too late (and he did visit them, but on the day of her funeral. Needless to say, Kyoya was furious. This utter idiota didn't even come to visit his sister even once when she needed him the most- and for what? For getting out of that stupid Chinese version of mafia syndicate and making sure his sister and her family won't be dragged in his mess? Ha, the joke's on him! His goodwill came way too late. The sister he had worked to the bone to ensure her happiness was now dead, and he didn't even fulfill her last wish even once.)- but now? Not so much. Especially after he had grudgingly accepted being Fon's representative –for the sake of his dead mother and nothing else- and after that they had a big fight –later on joined in by his fellow guardians when they came to know the real reason he hated Fon (he had to literally kick their asses to get them out of his way –because even if they meant good, the utter morons only caused more chaos on the battlefield than being actually helpful. Fucking idiots, the lot of them.)- that hate mellowed out into annoyance and grudging respect.

Besides, his mother was alive right now, and if a day like that ever came when something like that is even remotely repeated, he will move both heaven and hell to bring that stupid Uncle of his back home –even if he has to do it kicking and screaming , and causing general chaos- all the way. Besides, he won't let her die so soon -especially if he has any say in it.

Because after all, Kyoya isn't an innocent, impressionable child anymore. He is mafiosco, a Vongola Cloud guardian –Tsunayoshi's Cloud Guardian- through and through. He will destroy the whole world before he could let his own precious people be harmed while he is literally a sitting duck.

"Kyoya?"Fon's pleasant voice –that had an undertone of concern in them- snapped him out of his trance. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Uncle." He mumbled distractedly as took a sip of his soup.



Kyoya frowned as his Uncle stiffened and his calm demeanor shattered slightly as his raven eyes widened slightly. The reaction of his parents though, was quite hilarious.

Both of their eyes were literally popping out of their sockets in a hilarious manner, while their jaws hit the floor. They were staring him in disbelief, as if Kyoya had suddenly turned into a baby herbivore.

"Am I dreaming?" Hibari Seiji mumbled distractedly. "This is my son, right?" Seiji shot his son a concerned look and asked, "Kyoya, are you alright? Were you hit on your head today?"

His mother blinked in confusion and looked around. "Are my ears defective- because I think I just heard my adorable little son call my brother 'Uncle'?" She stared at her husband and asked distractedly, "Honey, I think I need to get my ears checked."

"Then I need to do so to, because I heard the same thing." Seiji said dryly.

"Or maybe it's a sign that the doom's day is nearing." Yuna piped in with a beaming smile, "Or maybe we are just going insane!"

Fon watched his dear sister and brother-in-law's hilarious conversation and chuckled. He glanced at his nephew and smiled serenely. "I think you broke them, Kyoya."

Kyoya's eye twitched at the utterly herbivore-like behavior his –supposed carnivorous- parents were displaying. He quickly grabbed his plastic tonfa and glowered at his parents –his father, mostly, because his mother is a delicate little being that needs to be protected, and no, it's not because she can kick his ass far quicker than he could say "Kamikorosu!" (and no, he is not a Mommy's boy. Nuh-uh. Anyone implying that shall be bitten to death without mercy.)- and hissed out, "I will bite you to death!"

Seiji yelped as his six year old son conjured his plastic tonfas from whatever interdimensional pocket he has –it's still a mystery to him where he keeps those things on his person- and flung on to him and started beating him with the tonfas. It didn't hurt –honest- but it did injure his man's pride by being beaten by a six year old, especially in front of his lovely wife and her brother –never mind that this six year old happens to be his own son.

Yuna sighed in exasperated fondness and waved her hand in a dismissive manner –totally ignoring the background noise of the fight between father and son- and said, "Never mind, False alarm."

Fon chuckled in amusement. The decision to visit his sister and her family in Japan had been a good one.

Kyoya's eye twitched as he scowled- and no, he was not pouting. Nuh-uh. Not at all.

"Kyo-chan, you look so cute when you pout!" his mother cooed as she pulled his cheeks, making him glower at her.

"Don't be so hostile, Kyoya," Fon said serenely. "It's not as bad as you think it is."

But it is. It really is. Because somehow, his mother got the idea that Kyoya really missed his Carnivore Uncle –she is still not letting go of the fact that he called the Baby Carnivore "Uncle". It was a slip-up he was really regretting- and hence threatened Fon to spend time with Kyoya and the baby Carnivore –who was as socially awkward as him, but fools others with his serene smiles and polite voice such that everyone thinks otherwise- being utterly lost at what to do with a pint-sized kid, decided that it would be a good idea to get Kyoya a birthday gift, and took the now six year old with him.

To a toy shop.

Is it the Universe's way of flipping him a middle finger for being such a shit to his Sky and fellow guardians in his previous life? Because seriously, who would be cruel enough to drag him into a toy shop filled with baby herbivores and their fake carnivore parents with his not-so-innocent (and damn kickass) mother and passive-aggressive Uncle who happens to be the Storm Arcobalaeno? This is a recipe for disaster!

His eyes glanced around the screaming baby-herbivores and their cooing parents and shot a flat look at Fon. Yeah, no. He can do without birthday gifts, thank you very much.

Kyoya discretely stepped backwards, and was almost to the door-

"And where do you think you're going, bambino?" Hibari Yuna said a bit too cheerfully as she grabbed her son by the collar of his shirt and held him up in air as if he were a disgruntled puppy. Kyoya struggled a bit, wiggling this and that way to free himself from her hold, before slumping in defeat.

"…..Toilet?" he answered weakly, and stared at his mother with wide, grey eyes and a cute pout, seeming like a cute small animal- he wasn't below using Tsunayoshi's (in)famous kicked-puppy look that had enemy mafiosco eating out of his hands –literally and metaphorically. (which in turn reduced his guardians to a cackling mess as they rolled on the ground in laughter. Seeing Tsuna wrap the enemy mafiosco around his fingers with just a few words and cute looks was an art of it's own. His fluffy hair and wide eyes certainly helped with the cuteness factor. The other person doesn't even remember he is talking to the Boss of the Bloodiest famiglia in Mafia before Tsuna has them agreeing to all his terms and then activates his HDW mode, making them realise that they have been conned. Even Mammon admitted defeat before Tsuna's conning skills, and that's saying something.)

Too bad for Kyoya that his mother was immune to his cute looks, since her reply was-

"I'm sure you can hold on for a few minutes longer, Kyo-chan."

Oh drat.

Kyoya scowled as Yuna dropped him off in midst of the toy zone, right in the middle of screaming kids, kiddy robots, toy trains, giant sized teddy bears and creepy looking dolls. Hibari was this close to grabbing his plastic tonfas and rendering every single annoying thing here to pieces.

Hightailing out of the toy zone faster than Ryohei could exclaim "EXTREME!", Kyoya wandered to a corner of the toy shop and remained hiding in shadows –so as his mother doesn't find him and drag him to other children to make friends. Gods, it was bad enough that these baby herbivores were crowding and he was barely restraining the urge to hit them and be done with is. Why did his mother think it was a good idea to bring him to an area crowded with herbivores?!

After somewhat calming his nerves, Kyoya decided to look around the toy shop –because he knew that if he doesn't buy at least one blasted thing from here, he would be forced to stay here until he does so. His mother can be vindictive like that.

So, Kyoya distractedly wandered around the toy shop. He didn't know how much time had passed, but somehow he ended up scouting around the shop twice, and somehow ended up in front of the soft toys section. He would have moved on, if not for the cute lion cub –having soft light brown fur- staring at him with his amber button like eyes among the pile he had been discarded in-

-and for a moment he thought it resembled his Sky a bit.

A pang of homesickness struck him and Kyoya didn't remember what happened after that as he was too busy trying to not let the crippling feeling of grief and despair fill him.

(He missed them. He missed them so much… he knew he shouldn't, because they were still here- still alive, and well, and oh-so-innocent and cute kids again. But… they weren't the people he remembered them as. And it hurt, it hurt a lot. Because it's a possibility that they might never turn into the amazing people he knew they were if he changes anything-even the Pineapple carnivore and Lightening herbivore, and that's saying something since they were so annoying and should be bitten to death for all the madness they unleash with just their mere existence!-and Kyoya feared he might change them if he meddles with time-

-and Kyoya doesn't want that, at all. He want his Sky, his Storm, his Rain, his Sun, his Lightening, his twin Mists. He wants his own loved ones back –not some cheap imitation of them.

Is that too much to ask?)

It wasn't until an hour later that Fon found his nephew in the soft toys section, surrounded by various soft toys –a cute lion cub with orange fur, a goofily grinning blue eared dog, a red eyed grumpy looking cat, a baby kangaroo with yellow headband, a mischievous looking cow, a creepy looking owl with indigo feathers, and a dove with pretty dark blue buttoned eyes- clutching the soft-toy cub in his arms, his body shuddering minutely.

It took a better of two hours to convince Kyoya to calm down and another half-an-hour to make the brat stumble out of his make shift den of soft toys. In the end, he had to buy every single one of those damn things to make his nephew even move an inch from that spot.

Yuna was –of course- pleased with the outcome, considering she marked off this Uncle-nephew bonding time as successful.

And well, Fon had to admit, it did bring the two of them closer –if only for the sole fact that only Fon remembered the names of every single one of his new soft toys –the lion cub was "Natsu", the grumpy cat "Goku", the goofy dog "Yama", the cow "Ushi", the Kangaroo "Ryo", the dove "Doku",and the creepy owl was named "Pineapple"- since Yuna always messed their names up, and Seiji didn't bother to remember most of their names, since he considered that Kyoya would soon grow out of it.

(To their surprise, he never did.)

Kyoya buried his head in the soft furry fabric of the Natsu and took shuddering breaths. he thought he was okay, that he could deal with their absence. he thought he was patient enough to wait till the wheels of fate started moving again, and then he'll be back with them. He thought he strong enough st stay away from them. He thought he was fine.

(He was not.)

He never believed in crap like fate and destiny and all the shit that Checker-face used to spout. He believed in making your own future with your own strength. But now...

He didn't like to admit it, but he was terrified. He was changing things, and even if they weren't anything major enough -like Fon's presence when Before the Storm Arcobalaeno hadn't even visited once until he was ten- he knew how such small things impact the future in one way or another. he would know, after all, if he and his fellow guardians had learned anything from their trip to the future-that-never-was, it was that future isn't set in stone. It can change with even slightest of changes in the past.

And Kyoya didn't want that. he didn't want his precious people to change. He wanted them the way he remembered them as.

So, even if it kills him -or drives him mad, whichever comes first- he will stay away from them. he will not implicate their future just for a moment of closure. Kyoya was a Cloud, and Clouds are possessive and selfish and he was going to be downright selfish -just because he can- and stay far away from them -if it means they will turn out into the amazing people he knew they could be.

So, to indulge in his own selfishness and fantasies of the future, Kyoya vowed to not interfere in the lives of their lives.

(Now, if only they could get the memo too...)



His eyes darted around warily as he hunched his shoulders closer to himself. He didn't remember this place. Everyone was so big –like Mama- and he didn't recognize anyone here. Not that anyone even looked at him.

He had been holding his Mama's hand a few minutes ago –and then his eyes had fell on the sweets lined up in the bakery in the opposite side of the street- and the next thing he knew, his Mama was nowhere to be found. His Mama was gone, and he was all alone here.

His lower lip trembled as his eyes welled up with tears and they soon were rolling down his cheeks. He sniffed and sobbed quietly as he shrunk into himself as the passer-by glanced at him curiously.

'This is scary…' he whimpered. 'Where is Mama…..?'

The strange orange fire inside his head that he usually sees in his dreams started nudging him towards right, whispering in glee about something. The fire wasn't hot and never burned him –like how Mama said the fire on the stove could if he wasn't careful- instead, it was warm –like the hot chocolate mama makes for him. It was a nice warm. He liked the warmth of his fire. It also helped him remember things, and helped him out when he was in trouble, so he guess the fire is nice.

He didn't understand why the fire was jumping gleefully as if it had found a long-lost toy, but he listened to it and followed it's instructions. After all, the fire never put him in danger, instead, it has always helped him, even protected him. He trusted the strange warm fire.

The fire whispered to take a right turn, and then left, and then another left. After that, he kept on walking straight. He noticed the big people –like Mama- weren't much around here. There were fewer shops here, and the further he went, the lesser people were around.

He blinked his eyes when he found himself standing in front of a playground. There weren't many children around, considering it was still noon. He was confused why the fire wanted him to come to the playground, but he complied with it. He stepped into the playground, and looked around. He looked at the few kids playing on the swings and the sand box, and it wasn't until his eyes fell on a lone bench in a corner of the playground that the orange fire in his head started bouncing in ecstasy.

His feet moved on their own and soon, he found himself standing before the lone bench –which, actually wasn't so lone, now that you think about it. There was another kid sleeping on the bench, with his sleeved arm shading his eyes from the harsh sunlight.

His orange fire crowed in delight. 'Friend!' It exclaimed in glee. 'Nice….. Warm… Friend!'

The orange fire tried to escape and rush towards the sleeping kid, but he stopped it before it could wake the other person. What if the other kid didn't like the orange fire disturbing it's sleep?

"Herbivore," a low growl escaped from the sleeping kid's lips –though how he knew he was standing there without even glancing at him was a mystery to him- as he hissed out. "Don't crowd around or I'll bite you to death."

He jumped as his eyes widened in fear, and he whimpered. 'Scary…..' He thought. 'He is so scary…..'

The orange fire seemed to take offense at that as it thrashed in denial. 'No...! Cloud… good….. Friend!' It tried to explain, but he didn't understand what it wanted to say to him.

He would have gotten away from the scary child, but his orange fire seemed to have taken a liking to him- and it begged to get nearer to the Cloud.

He bit his lower lip in conflict. What should he do? He was looking for Mama, but the orange fire that always helped him brought him to this scary kid. Why? Will he help?

But… he is so scary! What if he hurts him?

'No….' the orange fire flashed in indignant. 'Cloud…. good… no hurt…..'

He poked his fingers nervously. Well… if his fire says he won't hurt him, then he should ask the scary kid for help, right? Besides, the fire has never put him in harm's way, so, it's must be fine, right?

Gathering up his courage, he spoke softly, "A-Ano…." He whispered. "T-Tsu-kun can't find Mama… can you help Tsu-kun?"

The kid suddenly stiffened and sat up straight quickly, and he wondered how he didn't hurt his back with the speed he sat up. The other kid was now staring at him with a startled expression, and he barely registered the minute trembling of the boy's hands, since he was too fixated on the kid's eyes to notice.

The other kid's eyes were a beautiful shade of grey –with specks of purple in them- and glittered beautifully like a pearl moonstone. He decided he really liked that shade of grey.

'Pretty…' he thought distractedly as he couldn't help but stare at the glittering grey eyes that had now narrowed on him. His orange fire just curled happily inside him at that thought.

Pretty grey eyes scanned him from top to bottom, looking at him as if they were trying to print his image in his memory. He felt a bit restless, and shifted a bit uncomfortably, but did not step back warily –like he would have if it were anyone else staring at him. For some reason he wasn't actually afraid of this kid –feeling like he would never hurt him- and his orange fire only hummed in agreement.

A companionable silence settled over the two, which was only broken by the grey eyed kid a few moments later. "….Baby Omnivore." He mumbled reluctantly, as if it pained him to call him 'Omnivore'.

What is an Omnivore anyways? Can you eat it?

The other kid cleared his throat and tensed his shoulders as he seemed to collect himself from whatever trance he was in, and raised an eyebrow. "So, what do you need, Baby omnivore?"

"Tsu-kun can't find Tsu-kun's Mama. Tsu-kun's Mama is lost." He said sadly.

The other kid's lips twitched upwards. "Are you sure you aren't the one who is lost?" he asked gruffly, sounding a bit exasperated.

He just blinked his wide brown eyes, and tilted his head curiously. What did he mean….?

The other kid's ear reddened as he darted his pretty grey eyes around, and for some reason he looked flustered as he mumbled about "damn omnivore and his cute looks", and, "I can't bite him to death if he looks like an innocent small animal". He didn't understand much, but since his orange fire was bouncing as if it were cackling in glee, he guessed it wasn't anything bad.

He hesitatingly grabbed the other kid's sleeve and tugged it a bit. His eyes watered and he sniffed. "Please, help Tsu-kun."

Grey eyes stared at him –as if seeing into his very soul- and he poked nervously when the other kid didn't reply.

"Your name, baby Omnivore." The other kid sighed and then asked gruffly, "What is your name?"

He answered with a small smile. "Tsu-kun is Tsu-kun!"

His fire rolled inside him in laughter as pretty grey eyes stared up skyward and glared at the cloudless, blue sky for some reason. The grey eyes glanced back at him after a while, and he was asked again-

"What is your age?"

He counted with his fingers and then held it out to the other kid. "Tsu-kun is Four!"

"You are holding up five fingers, baby Omnivore." The kid with grey eyes said dryly.

His cheeks reddened and he stared at the ground in embarrassment. The fire thrived inside him as if it were giggling at him.

The kid with grey eyes sighed and then grabbed his hand. "Come with me." he ordered and walked off, with Tsuna stumbling behind him like a lost duckling. They made their way towards the other end of the street where an older boy with strange hairstyle was walking towards them with a cone of ice cream in his hands, surrounded by scary looking big people that made Tsuna flinch in terror.

"Kyo-san!" the older boy beamed as he stared at the grey eyed kid and bowed deeply. "Here's the ice cream you wanted."

The kid holding his hand grunted questioningly.

"It's blueberry soft cream flavored, just what you had asked for." He reassured the grey eyed child. The older boy then noticed Tsuna, and asked, "Oh, and who might you be?"

Tsuna shrunk behind the grey eyed boy, and clung to his dark jacket.

"….Sawada Tsunayoshi." He murmured reluctantly as he took the ice cream cone from him. "He is lost."

Tsuna blinked his eyes, confused. How did he know his full name? He didn't tell him, right?

"His mother, Sawada Nana, must be around here. Look for her." He ordered the older boy, who saluted him respectfully.

"Hai, Kyo-san!" the older boy said as he pulled out his phone and started dialing a number and talking to someone from it. Fifteen minutes later, Tsuna found himself in his mother's arms as she sobbed and babbled about "Where were you Tsu-kun?" and "I was so scared! Don't do that again, okay?"

The older boy reassured his mother when she thanked him for finding her son, saying it wasn't much. He even asked one of the scary looking men behind him to drop him and his mother off to their house.

The grey eyed boy slipped away from the crowd of scary looking men surrounding him, and he wouldn't have noticed if the orange fire wasn't prodding him to follow the 'Cloud'.

Tsuna decided to listen to his fire once again as he slipped his hand from his mother's hold, and ran towards the departing figure of the boy.

"Thank you!" he exclaimed to the grumpy looking boy, who was holding a blueberry flavored ice cream cone. "Tsu-kun found Tsu-kun's Mama because of you."

The grey eyed boy nodded hesitantly, and said after some moments of silence, "Don't get lost again, baby Omnivore."

"Uh-huh!" Tsuna nodded in understanding.

They both stared at each other in silence. "Here," the grey eyed boy said gruffly as he shoved the ice cream cone in his hands. "I'm sure you'll like it."

Saying this, he walked away quickly –and even if Tsuna's fire was urging him to follow him, he didn't, because it didn't seem like the grey eyed boy wanted him to follow him. it's more like he was escaping from him.

The orange fire knew that too, but it still wanted to cling to the other boy. He didn't want to let go of his friend.

Tsuna agreed with it.

"Thank you, Cloud-san!" he called out happily after the departing figure of the grey eyed boy, who stumbled as soon as he heard his words. "Tsu-kun will find you again, okay?"

The grey eyed boy turned and hissed out something along the lines of, "Don't, or I'll bite you to death!" but Tsuna wasn't afraid.

Sure, the grey eyed boy was scary, but he wasn't that bad. Huh, his fire was right. Cloud-san is a good person.

He will definitely find him again in future and make him his friend.

The orange fire bounced and cackled in delight inside him as it approved his decision.


Chapter Text


Adjective. (comparative more henotic, superlative most henotic)

~Of or pertaining to the production of peace and harmony; unifying~

Kyoya didn't know why he tempted fate. He just had to jinx it, didn't he?

Everything was going well. Everything was fine. He was fine. He had decided to not meddle with his fellow guardians lives, hadn't he? And his plan was working too!

And then one Sawada Tsunayoshi literally stumbled into his life –once again-and shattered the –faux- peace and quiet of his life.




"Herbivore," he had threatened fiercely as a baby-herbivore approached him. Tch, why do herbivores like to crowd around so much? What were they, some cattle?! And why the hell can't they stay away from their predator, and are drawn like moths to a flame?! Huffing angrily, he didn't even deign the herbivore a glance, and decided to resume his napping and catch on some much needed sleep while Kusakabe returns with his dessert. "Don't crowd around or I'll bite you to death."

The herbivore was still standing there, and not moving away like he had been told. Ignoring the herbivore for now –he will bite the idiot off if he tries anything- and drifted off to sleep. He was almost asleep when a child-like –familiar- voice whispered,

"A-Ano…." He whispered. "T-Tsu-kun can't find Mama… can you help Tsu-kun?"

He sat straight so quickly as if he had been suddenly hit by Lambo's lightning bolt, (Pineapple Carnivore would've laughed his ass off at his reaction) and he whipped his head towards the side and-

-he wasn't imagining it. It's him. It's really him.

His Sky.




His –baby- Sky was lost. Figures. He had always been hopeless like that. His brain was screaming at him to be logical, to dump the kid to some unsuspecting fake-carnivore adults and back the heck off before he destroys the timeline or does something equally moronic. But-

-he couldn't. because this was his Sky- even if he was chibified and does not remember him at all. And there was something in those molten amber eyes that drew him in. It wasn't quite the look that often grazed his Sky's face when he was in his HDW mode, but it was….. similar. And holy shit he was startled that his Sky can access his Sky Flames.

And the way they were attracting his Cloud Flames –who were getting even more difficult to control by the passing second since they wanted to leap at the Baby sky's flames and blend with them again –to bask again in the warm glow of such pure orange flames…. To have a home once again-

But he couldn't. It would be detrimental for his sky's health to form a bond so young. Especially when his own cloud Flames were so much stronger –and a headache to control- and would only stress his Baby Sky with a guardian bond at such young age. His Flames haven't developed fully yet. Harmonization –or any other attempt for bonding or anything of the like shouldn't be done –or forced- on a Baby Sky – at least until they're in their teenage years. Otherwise it can affect the mental health of the Sky.

So, Kyoya decided to get his baby Sky to his mother, and then hightail out of there. He had planned to disappear in the shadows. His Sky was young anyways. He would forget about him a few days later -and Kyoya won't do anything about it, even if it makes his chest ache in ways he hadn't experienced before. (His own Flames were rattling angrily against his control. They wanted to bask in the warmth of their Sky's Flames, they didn't want to be kept away from him after so long. Besides, they hated being retrained. )

Besides, it would be better this way. His Sky should forget all about him, at least for now. That would mean things will stay the same like they had been in his previous life.

Of course, his Baby sky had to choose that moment to crumble all his –false- hopes with his next words-

"Thank you, Cloud-san! Tsu-kun will find you again, okay?"

Kyoya's face morphed into horror and disbelief as his Flames curled inside him pleasantly at their Sky's words, bouncing in joy. While his Flames were happy that their Sky hasn't abandoned them, Kyoya despaired the fact that if the Baby sky really acts on his words, and he will have to say goodbye to the normalcy. Such a shame, really, he had been getting used to peace and quiet these days as compared to the chaotic days spent as a Vongola Cloud guardian.

(A lie.)

And what is with 'Cloud-san' anyways? If he really wanted to call him something, then wouldn't 'carnivore' be better?!

"Don't," he snapped at his Baby Omnivore Sky, "or I'll bite you to death!"

The giggle that escaped his Baby Sky's lips didn't really assure him much.




And true to his words, he just kept coming back again and again.




"Cloud-san, how are you today?!" The four year old chirped happily waved at him from the roof of his home as soon as he saw Kyoya passing by his house for his regular patrol duty.

Kyoya glowered at him, and snapped "Get off the roof, Baby omnivore!"

The four year old child giggled amusingly –and is it his imagination or did his eyes actually flash orange?- and asked, "Oh, like this?" He tentatively took a step towards –and fuck he's going to fall off the ledge if he gets closer-

His flames flailed inside him in panic –and Kyoya wasn't any far off as his heart thudded in his chest in fear. "Get back in through the window, moron!" he snapped at him, afraid he would hurt himself if he falls down.

His –Baby- Sky paused, and tilted his head as he asked in a cutely, innocent tone, "Ne, ne, Cloud-san, what does moron means? Tsu-kun doesn't understand."

"Not the time, you. utter. idiota!" he grumbled as he pointedly stared at the window, and back at him to-and-fro. The four year old Sawada Tsunayoshi pouted, before complying as he stumbled back on the red tiles over the roof and got into his room through the window.

"Don't play on the roof, baby Omnivore." He glared at his menace of a Sky.

"Only if you promise to come play with Tsu-kun!" the child demanded.

"No." he denied the very moment.

Tsuna narrowed his eyes –and…. yup, his eyes definitely flashed orange- as he chirped happily, "Do you want Tsu-kun to come down the direct way?"

Kyoya gaped at him in disbelief. Was this baby herbivore threatening him? Where did he get the guts to do that? His Sky never did that –more like he couldn't. Where did this pint-sized brat get the courage to threaten him?!

He just want to disagree –just because he is Hibari Kyoya and no one threatens Hibari Kyoya and gets away with it. Except…. It isn't just anyone. It's his Sky….. his Baby Sky. If anyone has the right to threaten him, then it's his sky.

…..Or so his Flames seem to convey to him.

Letting out a frustrated groan, Kyoya exclaimed, "Ugh, fine!" he then glared at the child and added on, "But don't you dare pull anymore suicidal stunts like this, Baby Omnivore!"

The four year old child blinked at him innocently and asked, "What's suu-sii-del?"

Kyoya groaned as he rubbed his temple. He swore his Sky was pulling his leg for just the heck of it.

("This is nice…." Tsuna giggled happily as he watched Cloud-san huffing and puffing from the window of his room. "Cloud-san is so easy to tease!"

The orange fire inside his head agreed wholeheartedly as it rolled around in laughter and cackled in glee.)




His Sky was stalking him. Kami, he had never thought he was actually say this with all seriousness, because even the mere thought of speaking about Sawada Tsunayoshi and stalking in the same sentence is blasphemy. But it's true. His -Baby- Sky was stalking him.

And he was as subtle as a drunk Sasagawa Ryohei –which means, not at all.

Kyoya let out a suffering sigh and shot a glare at the child hiding –and failing spectacularly at that- behind a street light. "What are you following me, Baby Omnivore?"

The child peeked his head out from behind the electric pole –and the action was so adorable that Kyoya had an urge to click a photo of him (for future blackmail purposes, of course)- and answered, "Tsu-kun is not following you! Tsu-kun is just going the same way!"

…..that doesn't even make sense! If he was going the same way, then shouldn't he not hide like some pathetic herbivore?

You know what, he isn't even going to ask. Nope. Nuh-uh. That way lies madness.

The how's and why's of Sawada Tsunayoshi's actions will forever remain a mystery to him, and if he's lucky, they'll just stay the same for a loooooooooooong time.




Kyoya wasn't sure how he ended up in this situation –he was sure it has something to do with his mother who somehow came to know that he's being stalked -by a cute kid no less(she found this quite adorable) and decided that a play-date is a must for Kyoya and his new friend.

So here he was, sitting in a four year old Sawada Tsunayoshi's house, surrounded by blocks and soft toys and toy vehicles and puzzle pieces.

"What should we play, Cloud-san?" Tsuna asked eagerly.

Kyoya shot him an annoyed look. "…..Kyoya." he muttered. At the confused look of the four year old, he clarified, "Call me Kyoya."

"Why?" The boy asked –and oh Kami, he actually looked honest-to-god confused. "Cloud-san is Cloud-san, why should Tsu-kun call you anything else?"

Kyoya sighed in exasperation. Typical Baby-Omnivore.

His Baby Sky tugged his sleeves. "Ne, ne, Cloud-san, let's play…. Okay?" the boy asked with a bright smile, and the rest of Kyoya's reluctance melted away.

"…..Fine." he mumbled hesitantly as he eyed the toys in the room. The question is….. what should they play?

Blocks? …yeah, no.

Soft toys?... Nope.

Toy vehicles?... Nuh-uh.

Puzzle pieces?… Are you fucking kidding me?!

The look of disgust Kyoya shot at the toys of his Baby omnivore Sky spoke volumes. Tsuna just chuckled sheepishly at his look and asked uneasily, "Ano, Cloud-san…..? What does Cloud-san want to play with Tsu-kun…..?"

A sudden thought occurred in his mind, and he stiffened. He immediately shook his head to forcefully No, this is a bad idea! He shouldn't meddle with fate…!

But… just think of all the chaos it could cause in future…..! The Spartan Tutor will definitely approve…..

"Ano…" Kyoya spared his Baby Sky a glance, as the baby Omnivore stared at him with amber eyes that glowed in mischief and a small smile on his face. "Tsu-kun thinks Cloud-san had a fun idea, and Tsu-kun wants to know!"

Damn his Baby Sky and his Vongola Hyperintuition.

Well, Kyoya was never the one to say no to his Sky anyways.

(A lie, considering he loved denying and disagreeing with anything his Sky says to him-just for the heck of it. He loved seeing the despairing look on his Sky's face as he moaned his fate for having such stubborn guardians.

He was miffed that he won't be able to see such hilarious reactions of his Sky anymore, considering this baby Sky was different than his previous –adult- version. The changes were subtle, but still there. Maybe he shouldn't tempt fate more than he already is doing…..

But he had never seen his Sky look so alive before. Sure, he used to smile and laugh… but there was always an edge of weariness to them. He never threatened him passive-aggressively, never subtly bribed him with blueberry ice cream and green tea, never commented witty and sadistic comments….. There was something in this Sky that wasn't present in his previous one that he wanted to protect….. and if it turned Sawada Tsunayoshi into a different person… well, he guess only time will tell.)

So with a resigned sigh, Kyoya decided to inform the four year old Tsuna of his brilliant idea, "we're going to play mafia." He announced as he imagined the chaos just waiting to be unleashed, and smirked. He pointed at Tsuna and said, "You are gonna be the Boss and I-" he pointed at himself, "-will be the one to bite stupid herbivores to death who would dare to mess with you or our famigilia."

For a moment, Kyoya thought the orange glimmer in Tsuna's eyes brightened as he nodded enthusiastically with a giggle –and if the giggle sounded just tad bit sadistic….. well, let it not be said that Kyoya didn't rub off on his baby Sky even a bit- and exclaimed, "It sounds nice, Cloud-san! So, what should we do?"

Kyoya's smirk turned even more bloodthirsty, "First we need to train you to be Boss material, Baby Omnivore."

Tsuna tilted his head curiously as he asked with tad bit of cautiousness, "What does Cloud-san mean?"

"It means," Kyoya leaned forward, and the Baby Sky followed as they huddled together, and whispered, "You need to learn how to use the pretty fire." Saying this, he held out his hand, and flickers of Cloud flames sparked on his fingers.

Tsuna's eyes brightened as he stared at the pretty purple fire –just like his orange fire that was begging to be let out to mingle with the pretty purple fire- and beamed at Kyoya. "Cloud-san, you are the most amazing person ever!"

And the gears of fate starting turning.

(Yuna peeked into the room in which her son was playing with his friend and squealed. "Oh my god they're so adorable!"

Nana clicked more pictures of her Tsu-kun's first play date with his best friend from her camera and smiled hesitantly at Yuna, "If you like, I can get you a copy of these pictures…..?" The loneliness and barely repressed hope was definitely visible in her eyes.

Yuna turned to stare at Nana and gave her a smile that was three parts happiness and seven parts sadism, "I think," she announced as she hugged Nana sideways, "we're going to get along just fine, Nana-chan."

And that was the start of an unholy friendship the likes of which Namimori had never seen…)




"Ne, ne, Cloud-san….." Tsuna asked as he sat on the swing in the playground and asked Kyoya –who had just returned from his patrol duty around Namimori town- with an oddly curious look. "Tsu-kun is the Boss of our fam- famigi- ugh! Family, right?"

Kyoya nodded warily as he noticed the amusement and sadistic streak swimming in the younger's eyes.

"Then does that mean that Cloud-san will call Tsu-kun Boss?" he asked in amusement.

Kyoya's eyes twitched as he hissed angrily, "For even daring to think so, Baby Omnivore, I will bite you to death!"

Tsuna squeaked as he jumped off the swing and ran away from an angry Hibari Kyoya, all the while laughing –not cackling (his orange fire begged to differ)- as he was being chased by his most favorite person in the world –after his Mama, of course. And it's not like the tonfas strikes actually hurt. For all his grumpiness, Cloud-san doesn't like to use violence against him –and when he does so, he usually hits him gently.

Cloud-san is a surprisingly gentle person –for him, that is. He didn't care that Cloud-san isn't as gentle to others as he is to him. as long as Cloud-san cared about Tsuna, that's all that matters to him.

(His orange fire purred in agreement.)




Kyoya blushed a deep red as he shoved a large-nicely wrapped- packet in his –now- five year old Baby Sky's hands and mumbled gruffly, "Happy Birthday, Baby Omnivore."

The smile he got in return dazzled him with it's brilliance, "Thank you, Cloud-san!"




Hibari Yuna was out with Sawada Nana for a spa day. That means Hibari Seiji was left to do the most crucial thing. Babysitting.

Cue his horrified screams.

And it didn't help that one of the child he is babysitting is his own –violent, sadistic, unreasonable- son, and the other child happens to be Sawada Nana's cute son who has been corrupted by Kyoya. He just knew things will end horribly, and painfully. For him, that is.

"Are you Cloud-san's father?" The tiny five year old asked innocently as he tilted his head.

Seiji was a bit thrown off by the orange glow in his eyes but he didn't show it as he crouched down before the adorable child, and smiled at him. "Yes I am. And who might you be, little one?"

"Tsu-kun is Tsu-kun!" The child said brightly, and Seiji chuckled at the enthusiastic child. Oh he is so cute! Not that Kyoya wasn't cute, but well…..

If only Kyoya was this normal…

He spared his son a glance, who noticed his stare at scowled at him. "What?!" he hissed like a kitten whose fur had been brushed wrong.

"Nothing." Seiji sighed, and then said, "You two can go play in Kyoya's room." He then shot Kyoya a stern look and warned, "Don't injure Tsunayoshi, Kyoya, even if you get annoyed at him for some reason."

Kyoya's glare at him intensified. "I would never-!"

Seiji scoffed. "You said that the last time too. Look how it ended."

"That stupid herbivore started it!" he argued at him.

"It was a play date, Kyoya. You are supposed to share your things with others on a play date. She just touched your little toy lion." He said exasperatedly. "There was no need to hit her."

"She touched Natsu."  He grumbled in fury.

"She is a child." He retorted. "Sure, Shizuka is a year older than you and should know better to ask before touching other's things, but that does not mean you can hit her to retaliate."


"No." Seiji said sternly. "You will not use violence against impressionable kids. You will not hurt Tsunayoshi-kun and that's final." He said firmly.

A tense silence surrounded them as father and son duo glared at each other. The silence was then broken a moment later by one Sawada Tsunayoshi.

"Cloud-san won't hurt Tsu-kun." a small, but firm voice broke the glaring contest between the father and son duo, who stared at the five year old child in shock.

"What?" Seiji gaped at him

"Cloud-san is nice. Cloud-san won't hurt Tsu-kun." Tsuna said with conviction, as his amber eyes narrowed at Hibari Seiji. He then tugged Kyoya's sleeves and said, "Ne, ne, Cloud-san….. Tsu-kun wants to see Natsu and others." He tilted his head and asked innocently –and well…. If his amber eyes flashed with a little bit of sadism, Kyoya won't call him out on it- "Cloud-san promised Tsu-kun, after all."

"Let's go." Kyoya grumbled as he took Tsuna to his room, leaving a gaping Seiji behind.

"Holy shit," Seiji whispered. "Kyoya made a friend."

He stared up skyward and mumbled, "Is the world ending?"




And these are few of the many instances of Kyoya and Tsuna's friendship…

While his baby Sky's presence was godsend to calm his restless Flames down, it wasn't enough to calm down the urge to just let loose and act on his blood-thirst. He was itching for a fight, and the stupid fake-carnivores he beat every once in a while -especially those Yakuza who had the great idea to snatch away his territory- weren't enough to satiate his blood-thirst. He could only restrain himself so much before he snapped and hurt some innocent bystander. What if he lost control of his own flames and hurt his baby sky? He'd never be able to forgive himself if he hurts his –baby- Sky.

That means he needs to get back in control. And that means blowing something up to the kingdom come and get out all this frustration, anger and blood-thirst brimming inside him.

So when Kusakabe Tetsuya told him about some Yakuza Gang kidnapping kids around the Kokuyo district –which is next to Namimori- for child trafficking, he immediately grabbed the opportunity to release the pent up frustration and bloodlust before he snaps.

What he didn't expect was his Baby Sky's insistence to stay with him.

"Don't go Cloud-san!" he begged as he grabbed Kyoya's sleeves in a tight grip. "Don't leave Tsu-kun!"

"Baby Omnivore," He mumbled in a –slightly-soothing tone as he gently tugged Tsuna's hands and he loosened his grip. "I need to go. Someone needs to show those herbivores their true position in food chain."

"Kusakabe-san can go!" Tsuna insisted. "Cloud-san can stay with Tsu-kun instead!"

"Baby omnivore." He said sternly, and Tsuna clamped his mouth shut. "A true carnivore doesn't shy away from confrontation." He then patted Tsuna's fluffy hair and said, "I will be back soon anyways."

Tsuna didn't look convinced.

A thought flickered in his mind and his eyes narrowed at his Baby Sky. "Why are you insisting for me to not go, anyways?"

Tsuna stiffened. He averted his eyes and didn't reply.

Kyoya growled. "Baby Omnivore…"

His baby Sky flinched. "It's the fire." He whispered softly as his eyes flashed amber. "It wants Tsu-kun to stay with Cloud-san."

Kyoya eyed the serious visage of his Sky. So his Vongola Intuition is acting up? So, is it warning Tsuna that Kyoya is walking into some sort of trap? Or that his opponents are stronger than he thought?

Whatever be the case, His Sky's Hyper-intuition has never been wrong. If it is warning Tsuna about Kyoya's opponents' strength, then maybe Kyoya will finally get some good fight out of it… Now that would work wonders for all this pent up frustration. …

He had been itching for a good fight for about two years now.

"I will be fine." Kyoya said with a smirk and patted Tsuna's fluffy hair once again. "Don't worry so much, Baby Omnivore."

Tsuna wanted to protest, but was cut off when Kyoya shoved a familiar soft toy in his hands.

"Natsu will take care of you until I come back." He mumbled gruffly.

His baby Sky buried his head in the soft orange fabric of his soft toy Lion cub and whispered in a vulnerable tone, "Cloud-san will come back soon, right?"

"I promise." Kyoya nodded solemnly as he promised his Sky as he left for Kokuyo District on a car.

They had reached the Kokuyo district in four hours, and it took another six hours to get the right information about their enemies as well as an exact location of their base in this time. It didn't take long for Kyoya to arrive on their base an beat an inch out of every single Yakuza member present there. Sadly, they weren't even strong enough to actually make him fight them seriously. And to add to his growing frustration, the kidnapped children were also not there in the base.

Kyoya then grabbed the Leader of the base and behind the closed doors tortured him for information. The pathetic man didn't even last fifteen minutes under his torture before he broke down and babbled everything like a broken radio. Turns out, this base in Kokuyo District is just one of the smaller branches of a Trafficking Ring and the children have already been shipped to Tokyo to their main base, where they would be sold in the Black market in three days.

Without wasting any time, Kyoya rushed to Tokyo –but not before giving his parents a call and informing them of the new turnoff events so that they could deal with the aftermath (His father had cursed his hot hotheadedness, while his –sweet, amazing- mother advised him to keep them updated and promised to send her own subordinates to snoop around)- and spread his resources thin to find any information on the Child Trafficking Ring. But to his frustration, it was like finding a needle among hay-stick. He looked high and low for those bastardo yakuza, but he couldn't find them at all.

(If only he had the people and resources he had groomed personally for CEDEF under his command, then he wouldn't have to run around like a headless herbivore for such a small task. Sometimes, he really wished he was back with his family, then everything would've been so much easier. His men and pineapple carnivore's spies would've found out everything about their opponents in ten minutes, and then after that the Vongola guardians themselves would've caused havoc on their enemies –if only to see who could incapacitate more men.

Ah, good old times…..)

He was so, so angry and frustrated with the lack of progress with the investigation that was almost this close to snap. That was when his Sky's special brand of luck –that has somehow been rubbed on him- reared it's head. And he got kidnapped.

In the clichéd –chloroform to the nose- way too.

He wanted to bash his head against the wall at the utter stupidity of all this. Fucking Vongola and their particular brand of luck that gets rubbed off on innocent Cloud Guardians that somehow time travelled back in the past….

(Okay, that sounded more awesome in his mind, but whatever.)

And that's how Kyoya found himself -with a throbbing headache, bloodshot eyes and gruesome thoughts of murder in his mind- in a room filled with baby herbivores in tattered clothes -sniffling and crying- while bound with metallic cuffs.

Needless to say, Hibari Kyoya was not amused. At all.

Especially when his Flames burned inside him restlessly when they recognized someone from this gaggle of baby herbivores.

And that someone happens to be his –favorite- Mist, Dokuro Chrome.

(Someone touched his –now baby- Mist and hurt her. They shall pay the retribution for touching even a hair of her.

These utter idiota just signed their own death warrants, they just didn't know it yet.)

Chapter Text




a state of uncertainty or hesitation

"mio nebbia…." He whispered as his grey eyes bore into her frail form, unwilling to shift on anything else.

Five year old Chrome was everything he had imagined her to be–small, shy, frail, easily scared; and yet, she had some differences from her older counterpart- she didn't have the resolve to protect that burned in her mismatched eyes, nor did she have the confidence to back it up (to say nothing of the passive-aggressiveness Chrome usually showed when dealing with Kyoya and Mukuro's usual sheniangians, as well as the spine of steel that made enemies cower in terror –and he hadn't even mentioned the lethality of her illusions yet).

For all the differences between this child and her older counterpart, Kyoya could see the similarities between them- the same indigo hair, blue eyes (even if it is quite strange to see her with homochromatic indigo eyes instead of heterochromatic ones), pale skin, shy personality, polite demeanor- and of course, ho can forget the active Mist flames that pulsed within the girl –the only reason no one had paid attention to her exotic features yet, the girl was unconsciously using her Mist Flames to hide herself. Impressive.

Among all his guardians, Kyoya was the closest to Chrome. The fact that she was polite, not too talkative and did not crowd like pathetic herbivores made her one of the most tolerable herbivores in his list. It did help that she could keep up with him when he was in one of his 'moods', also she wouldn't be afraid to rip him –and the Pineapple carnivore- a new one when they get too overboard with their 'spars'.

But what brought the two of them closer was the fact that their Flames resonated well with each other. Chrome and Mukuro were both Mists- however, Mukuro's Mist Flames were usually frighteningly calm and deceptive, while Chrome's Mist Flames were flexible (like a mirage) and possessive. Their Flames had always just fit right together, and it was also shown in the efficient way they worked together. If Chrome was a lackey to Mukuro, then to Kyoya she was an irreplaceable partner-in-crime (with far more patience and benevolence than he would ever be).

'Mine.' His Flames purred inside him unconsciously. minemineminemineminemine-

He snapped out of his trance and put his Flames in leash before they could escape from his control and hold Chrome in a possessive grip. He was sure his Flames would never hurt his Baby Mist, but that doesn't mean he would like to scare her. Besides, showing Flames in the company of civilians is a sure way trip to Vendicare, and he wasn't too eager to see the mummified faces of a chibified-Bermuda and his lackies so soon.

Sighing, he shook his head and scolded himself mentally to get his mind on track. A carnivore like himself should have more composure than to be panicking like a herbivore on meeting unexpected people.

Okay, so the first priority is to get these children safely out of this base, and then make those stupid fake-herbivores pay for harming his Baby Mist –err, he means trying to kidnap baby herbivores in his territories (Ha! Right) and then find their records of buyers and sellers for the child trafficking in the Underground Market. There is sure to have the records somewhere in this place, right?

There is also the matter of escaping from here. Getting out of here himself was a child's play for him –but getting the children out would be quite tricky. And from what he could sense from his Flames, there were two guards keeping an eye outside their room, and also there were people patrolling around the area and would pass the rough this room in every forty five minutes. So he had to get these children out in forty five minutes before the next patrol session.

Nodding in his head as a basic plan formed in his mind, he stared at the cheap metal cuffs he had been tied with and snorted. Fucking idiota, why the hell did they think that binding a Cloud with shackles would be a good idea? That is a sure way to hell. Fucking morons.

Using a wisp of his Cloud Flames, the metal cuffs in his hands shattered immediately into pieces. The CLANK! noise attracted the attention of other baby herbivores –who had been busy crying for a while now, to stare at him in shock.

"Don't make a single fucking noise, herbivores," He hissed in a low voice that rang around the room-though he was sure it won't be heard by the guards outside since he hadn't been that loud. "or I will bite you to death."

The baby-herbivores quietened down immediately as they trembled at the seriousness of his threat.

Kyoya then stood up and scanned the cluttered room with his grey eyes. There were a total of fifteen baby-herbivores –all of whom were under the age twelve.

"I can get you all out of here." He said quietly, as fifteen pair of eyes stared at him in fear and barely repressed hope. "But you will have to cooperate with me to the full extent. Do you agree?"

They all opened their mouth to speak, but he hushed them before they could give him away. Seriously, why don't herbivores use their brains at all?! Loud noises would only attract attention from their captors. It's not like this room was soundproof.

"Don't speak! Just nod your heads if you agree!" he hissed at them.

The children just shared a look with each other and nodded.

He took a deep breath and pinched his nose. Oh kami, he is already having a headache –and he hasn't even started the Operation yet. This is why he truly hated socializing.

"I will get you out of your hand-cuffs." He told them in a low tone. After that, I will get us out of this room, and then you will be led out of this place to safety. Any questions?" A few opened their mouths to speak, but he cut them off in a typical Hibari Kyoya fashion. "None? Good. I don't like answering stupid herbivorous questions anyways."

He would never admit that he actually enjoyed the way a few baby-herbivores actually trembled at the sight of his bloodthirsty grin. Of course, not. He isn't that childish.

(He is.)

Putting a barrier of Mist Flames around the room so that no noise would leak outside –he wouldn't trust these baby-herbivores to keep quiet, he had a lifetime of experience about how restless herbivores can get –and baby herbivores are even worse than adult ones!- he started working on the handcuffs of the kids. Using his Cloud Flames to increase the strength in his hands, he tore off the handcuffs one by one.


He made his way from the kids nearest to him to the farthest ones –and in the end, he reached Chrome-who also happened to be the only person remaining that had a handcuff on her hands. He fiercely stomped down his Flames before they could rage at seeing his Baby Mist in shackles (how dare they bind his Mist, where the fuck did they get the courage to bindcapturetie his Mist-)

Taking a deep breath, he took a step towards his Baby Mist and his heart squeezed painfully when he saw her actually flinch at his near proximity. His grey eyes softened unconsciously, and he gave her a reassuring look. He placed his hands over hers and held them gently. He was well aware of her sharp indigo eyes staring at him –and something inside him burned at the reminder that his Mist did not even trust him to even touch her- but he did not do anything other than enveloping her in a wisp of his Mist Flames –he did not use his Cloud Flames in far that they would get out of control and would latch on the poor girl, making it harder for him to part with her.

He felt her own Mist Flames –timid, but so, so strong- hesitantly reach out to his own ones, and seek comfort from his –slightly fierce and sharper- Mist Flames. From the corner of his eyes, he saw her exhale and relax a bit. When her tense shoulders relaxed, only then he acted.

Sliding his hands towards her handcuffs, he tapped the handcuffs tying her with his finger –enforced by his Cloud Flames- and the handcuffs shattered and fell off her wrists smoothly. His eyes narrowed at the patch of bruised skin on her wrist that could only be the result of wearing metal handcuffs for quite some time –and it made him realize that perhaps Chrome had been kidnapped a few weeks ago and had been held in captivity all this time. This only enraged him even further.

Kill! His Flames rolled in rage inside him. KillthemKillthemKillkillkillkillkill-

He once again suppressed his Flames, and calmed them down with just one word. A promise.

'Soon.' He whispered soothingly to his Flames as his grey eyes glinted with a hint of Bloodlust in them.

The promise of the upcoming massacre of the utter bastardo who dared to harm his Mist was enough for his Flames to settle down for a while.

He glanced up at Chrome's eyes that glittered like lapis lazuli, and saw fear, hesitance, and hope inside them. She looked like a frightened small animal to him, which only softened his heart further. He patted her head gently and whispered n a soothing tone, "I will protect you, mio nebbia." He said, his eyes burning with conviction. "I will keep you safe."

Her Mist Flames latched further with his own, and he just comfort her hurtwaryhesitant Flames by engulfing them with another layer of his Mist Flames.

"…..Thank you." she whispered quietly as she held her hands closer to herself and gave him a hesitant smile, to which he only nodded and stepped back from her.

He had exhausted his quota of touching and comforting a baby herbivore for today. And no, his ears that were now turning red in embarrassment had nothing to do with it.

(A lie.)

Clearing his throat to get the attention of the baby herbivores, he said, "Now that all of you have been freed from the cuffs, I will get you all out of here." He then paused, and added as an afterthought. "But before that, there are somethings every baby herbivore needs to agree on."

"One- no talking, no shouting, no crowding. Whatever happens on your way out, you only need to keep walking forward and follow my instructions."

"Two- even if you come across any threat, do not make any noise and leave it to me."

"Three- once you get out of this place, you will no longer be my responsibility. One way or another my people will find you and get you to your families, but in case that doesn't happen, you will go straight to the nearest police station and tell them everything."

"Four- and the most important one- do not tell anyone about me or I will bite you to death. Is that understood?"

The children all nodded fearfully.

He sighed. "Alright then, let's begin."

Saying this, Kyoya placed a finger on the ground and sent out a pulse of his flames. He learned this method of sensing active and non-active Flame users from Reborn. You can say whatever you want about the hitman's demonic tutoring methods, but it can't be denied that the man actually was a good teacher.

Closing his eyes, he sensed his surroundings through his flames, and an outlined map formed in his mind. The building they have been captured in is actually underground and it's entrance on the surface actually opened up in the ruined building outside Tokyo –no wonder they haven't found it yet. This underground building has four floors. There were almost twenty people on each floor, scattered around-in addition to the children who had been kept on the lowest level. Other than the basic outline of this place and the position of guards, he can't tell much. But this much is enough for him –at least to get these baby herbivores out.

Ignoring the door, he made his way to the side wall and did what any normal Cloud Flame user would do- blow up the wall. It only took a strike of his Cloud Flames-encased fist and-


The wall exploded outward-making every baby herbivore flinch.

It's a good thing that he had erected a Mist barrier in the area of ten meters radius around him, or else the sound really would've attracted the guards. Sometimes, he's really glad that he has Mist Flames as his secondary Flames –though he was still miffed about that fact that he actually shared something common with the Pineapple Carnivore.

"Follow me." he grunted as he stepped through the hole and into the side room that was just next to the room they had been held captive, while stepping around the debris of dust and bricks scattered on the ground. The children shuffled easily before they followed him into the side room, that turned out to be an unused storeroom.

Kyoya turned towards the children and gestured to the door. "In a while, we will get out from this door." He explained to them. "this door opens in another hallway, so you don't have to worry about the guards outside the other room we had been held in."

"…H-How do you know that?" someone asked in a low tone.

Kyoya smirked. "I just do. I don't need to explain anything to you, baby herbivore."

"Now," he said sharply as he eyed the children and said in a strict tone, "Form a line and hold each other's hands so none of you get lost. Do not make any useless noise nor let go of your hands. Just follow my lead. If I stop, you stop. If I keep walking, you should keep walking even if we end up walking straight into a damn minefield. Understood?"

The baby herbivores whispered hesitantly and after a while they agreed.

"Good." He nodded and said, "Let's get this show on the road."

Saying this, he opened the door with practiced ease-maybe he should thank that Juudaime-worshipping-herbivore for forcing all of them to learn stupid tricks like how to pick locks (Not that he actually would, of course.)- and swung the door open. After that, he stepped out of the door, followed by baby-herbivores holding each other's hands and formed a straight line as if they were little ducklings crossing a road.

No one noticed the air around them shimmering for moment as Mist flames settled around them in protection, and neither did they notice Kyoya sneaking in the shadows as his Mist Construct took his place –he stuffed his Mist Construct with enough Cloud Flames to deal with any sort of problem that they encounter on their way, the chances of which are quite low since he had put an illusionistic barrier around them which would let them pass by any non-active Flame user unnoticed.

It's a good thing that he had managed to pester that annoying Mist Arcobalaeno into teaching him the use of his Mist Flames to their full extent-although it did end up with him being extorted out of his money by that herbivore (which only further amused his fellow guardians.)

He watched as the baby herbivores followed his Mist Construct and walked away and towards the entrance on the top floor. Only when they were out of his sight that he smirked bloodthirstily and mumbled,

"Now, it's time to hunt."

His Flames purred in agreement.

(He never noticed a pair of hesitant indigo eyes watching him from the shadows, covered thickly by their own Mist Flames.)


The pair of dark blue eyes glanced back at the turn where the other children had followed the Not-grey eyed boy, and stared back at the real one who was now making his way to the other side of the hallway, just where the room they had been held in was actually located.

The figure hesitated. What should they do?

The cool, indigo fire inside them nudged them towards the departing figure of the grey eyed boy.

'Warm.' It seems to whisper shyly to them. 'Warm. Safe. Purple- Friend. Family.'

Really? That boy is her friend? Will he really be her family?

Will he trust her? Will he listen to her? Will he protect her? Will he keep her safe?

Or will he be just like Kaa-san and say bad words to her?

'No!' the indigo fire shook inside her, as if the very idea of the grey eyed boy hurting her was offensive. 'Misty Cloud. Purple. Good. Warm. Safe. Family.'

She pursued her lip. Will the boy really not hurt her? The fire is not lying, right?

But…. It has never lied to her before. It has only protected her. When her mother always said bad words to her and became harsh as soon as she saw her, the fire began to make her invisible to her mother so that she would not notice her daughter. When the mean girls who sometimes pulled her hair and taunted her became too much for her, it would make scary things appear out of nowhere and scare them away. The fire had always protected her.

And now, it was asking her to trust this grey eyed boy.

….It won't hurt to listen to the fire, right?

And so, Sasaki Nagi followed the grey eyed boy whom her indigo fire trusted so much, and wondered distantly what it actually meant by 'family.'


Hibari Kyoya marched forward like a war god as he dealt with the yakuza men that attacked him as soon as they saw him. A bloodthirsty grin made it's way to his lips as his grey eyes flashed amethyst in excitement as he slashed through bodies like a knife cuts through butter. He left corpses in his wake, blood pooling beneath them and staining the pristine marble floor crimson. The seven year old boy did not even need any kind of weapon to deal with these flies. With only his martial arts abilities as well as the purple Cloud Flames –and the indigo Mist flames from time to time- he managed to create a scene of utter carnage and desolation. And it was still not enough to satiate his need to spill the blood of these bastardo who dared to hurt one of his own-


His head tilted a bit and he dodged the bullet that had been aimed for his head with practiced ease, and formed a long purple whip with his Cloud Flames –it wasn't as refined as the ones he could in his past. Tch, his control has definitely slipped- and wrapped it around the offender's wrist and with a tug, the enemy's arm –that held the gun- was torn off from the elbow, making the person scream.

Blood gushed out of his torn arm and spilled on the floor, and he glanced at the offending detached limb in distaste and released it from the hold of his Cloud whip.


The offending limb fell on the floor in a bloody mess, while the enemy's screams reverberated around the hallways, causing everyone to feel goosebumps raising on their arms. The man's screams were cut off as the Cloud whip pierced through his heart, leaving him dead.

Three more men shot towards kyoya with their guns –but they had none of the finesse they had in the begin, and instead, their shots were more frantic and panicked. Kyoya dodged the bullets –he grunted as a stray bullet hit him in the leg, but he ignored the pain for now- and slipped nearer to them.

Kyoya had always been a close ranged fighter, so it wasn't a surprise when he slipped past the flying bullets and kicked a man with such strength that made him cough up blood and pass out immediately. He punched the other one through the head-and nodded distantly as his hand was stained with brain matter and gore- while dodging a bullet from the third foe. He then shot a small purple fireball the size of an egg towards the third man –who screamed as the cloud flames exploded and sent him flying.

Eying his surroundings, he noticed that none of his opponents were alive, and advanced forward. Earlier, he had captured a guard and interrogated him to find out about the place where these men kept records, as well as the location of their Boss. The man had adamantly refused at first, but had to reply to his questions within ten seconds when Kyoya starting torturing him. The Boss had been hiding on the second Floor in his own office. And so Kyoya made his way to the second floor from the fourth one in this underground facility, leaving behind a massacre in his wake.

And now, he had finally arrived at his destination. Kicking the door open, Kyoya entered the office –looking like a War God in all his Glory- as his amethyst eyes narrowed on the herbivore sitting calmly over his desk, doing paperwork. The herbivore –a man in his early forties with brown eyes and greying raven hair, with a scar starting from under his right eye and stretching to his lips- just glanced at him calmly and raised his brows in a mocking gesture, which only incensed his fury even further.

"Herbivore," Kyoya grinned in bloodthirst as he spoke, "for the crime of disturbing the peace of Namimori, kidnapping children under my protection and harming my people, you will be bitten to death."

The man cocked his head to the side and stared at him from top to bottom and hummed in contemplation. "That depends, child," The man said with a calm smile, "If you have the ability."

Kyoya growled. This stupid herbivore dared to underestimate him.

He will definitely be bitten to death.

Crouching a bit, Kyoya flung himself forward in in a matter of seconds, he destroyed the desk into pieces and aimed a punch at the man's abdomen. The man's face flickered with a hint of surprise, but he dodged Kyoya's punch by sliding his chair backward. Kyoya spun and aimed a kick at the man's head, which his enemy avoided by leaning his chair backward.

The seven year old Cloud Guardian growled as he punched once again, but the enemy once again dodged nimbly –only for his hand to get stuck into the back of the chair. With an aggressive pull, the chair shattered in pieces as Kyoya took his hand back, and the enemy leaped away from him to avoid the splinters of the chair he had been sitting on.

The man landed a few feet away from Kyoya as he eyed the destruction of the room, done by the hands of a seven year old. "Impressive." He smirked. "You will definitely fetch quite an amount when I will sell you in the Underground Market."

Kyoya's temper soared. He had never seen such an infuriating opponent before. Even the Marshmallow –herbivore hadn't been this annoying –and that's saying something considering how much pain in the ass he had actually been in his past life.

Kyoya crouched in an attack stance and hissed out, "You're courting death!" Saying this, he launched himself at his enemy and attacked him fiercely. His seven year old body was already tired and sore from fighting so many grown up men, but he kept on persevering and kept advancing forward. Having cloud Flames was really helpful in this case- since Cloud Flames had the ability to propagate, even with the blood loss they kept propagating more blood as well as adrenaline, and made sure his organs worked well and weren't shutting down.

Kyoya's usual grey eyes burned amethyst as he kicked, punched, hooked, uppercut, and struck with everything he had. The enemy would either dodge, or retaliate with a punch or a strike to his main points –which Kyoya dodged. Kyoya then grabbed the man's arm that had been about to strike him in the heart, and twisted the wrist- however, the man just slammed his other hand –that he held in a fist- into his back, making him choke as air was forcefully rushed out of his lungs, and his throat burned as a metallic taste appeared in his mouth and Kyoya soon coughed up blood.

Ignoring the pain, Kyoya spun quickly to dodge another strike –and the damn man actually released his arm from his hold- and his heart fluttered in panic as a glinting metal was stabbed into the right side of his chest, piercing through a lung. Kyoya collapsed on the floor as a stream of blood gushed out of his mouth and stained his lips red.

The man pulled out the sharp knife from his body, and watched in interest as Kyoya panted and glared up fiercely at the enemy Boss. It was pathetic, really, how he had been reduced to such a state by a herbivore no less. If he had his previous body, this kind of trash wouldn't even have lasted five seconds. Unfortunately, not only his body was now of a seven year old –and hence had limited capability- but his control on his Flames wasn't as refined as he would like it to have, hence, the reason why he was reduced to such a bloodied state by a pathetic herbivore.

"I have to admit, kid, you've fought quite valiantly till now." The man admitted as he stared at the seven year old child coldly. "But in the end, a child is a child. You cannot compare to the strength of an adult." The man flickered the silver knife between his fingers playfully and said, "You know, for all the trouble you've caused me, I could have gotten the compensation by selling you at a high price in the Underground Market. Such a pity though, you're already bound to someone. Aren't you, Cloud?"

Kyoya's head snapped up sharply as soon as he heard those words. Nononononono-

It couldn't be-

"Oh? Looks like you actually know a bit about this side of things, huh. You are quite smart for a child." The man's lips twitched as he stared at the child with a mocking smile on his face. "Yes, you guessed it right. My main business is to provide the mafia with potential flame active agents for their famiglia. The children that we take away are the ones that have the most potential to activate their Flames." The man eyed him appreciatively from top to bottom, making Kyoya's Flames itch in disgust. "You'd have fetched such a good price. I've never seen such pure Cloud Flames. A shame, really, you're already being courted by a powerful Sky. I can feel the remnants of the Sky's flames on you. I wonder who could have such pure Sky flames." The man contemplated, "Maybe I can entice them to this side by holding you hostage. And then I can kill you for causing me so much trouble."

Even the thought of his Baby Sky in this disgusting man's clutches –because of his mistakes- made him furious beyond belief. His Flames roared in fury as they pumped more energy into him, demanding him to-


(And turns out, he wasn't the only one who had been angered by his words.)

A blast of pure, indigo Flames shot towards the enemy, sending him flying as the Mist that had been shrouding someone in the background shifted, and revealed a five year old blue haired girl trembling as she clutched her hands closer to herself, but her eyes flashed like burning indigo crystals –so full of determination and the intent to protect –to just do something- made his breath hitch as he was almost reminded of his Mist.

"Y-You cannot h-h-hurt Purple-san!" his five year old Baby Mist quivered. "I- I won't let you!"

Brown eyes flashed at the five year old girl as the man stood up and shrugged off the debris surrounding him. "My, my, another flame active child….." The man whispered. "Aren't I lucky today? And this one isn't even being courted by any Sky yet…." The man then cocked his head to the side and narrowed his eyes as he eyed the Baby Mist from top to bottom as he contemplated, "But she does have a wisp of Sky Flames as well as Cloud flames marking her." The man then turned to Kyoya and raised a brow, "did you already mark her as a potential guardian for your Sky? My, my, aren't you a clever one."

"But unfortunately for you," the man smiled mockingly at Kyoya, "I will be keeping this one."

Saying this, a huge pressure emitted from the man as he released his Flames, and soon some dark green Flames - exploded out from the man and engulfed the area, choking the five year old girl with it's intensity.

"You will fetch a really good price, little one." The man smiled and then disappeared –and the next moment he appeared behind the indigo haired child. Lightning flames flickered from his hand and passed through his knife, and escaped and formed a close-knit net around the girl, trapping her in a cage made of Lightening Flames.

Her eyes widened as she tried to force her way out, but as soon as her small hands touched the green flames of the cage, they were burned, making her cry out in pain. Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she cradled her hands tighter to her and whimpered in pain.

"Oh child, don't you know that you should not play with fire?" the man smiled mockingly at the timid girl, but soon his smile turned into a look of horror, and a moment later a scream tore out of his lips as-


-something slammed into his chest, piercing his heart as blood flowed out of his wound, staining his clothes red. He coughed up blood and could only watch in horror as image of the girl crying in the cage made of lightning disappeared, leaving him staring at the amethyst eyes of the raven haired boy whose fist had pierced his chest.

The indigo eyed girl herself was standing next to the boy, tears rolling down her cheeks as her hands burned from lightening flames.

"Herbivore, you made a mistake." Kyoya murmured quietly. "Your mistake was to assume that I only have Cloud Flames. Also-"

His eyes flashed murderously as he hissed out, "You harmed mio nebbia, for this grave offense, you have been bitten to death."

He pulled back his blood stained hand from the man's chest, leaving the man's corpse to fall down like a puppet whose strings have been cut. Enduring the exhaustion and pain in his body, Kyoya pressed the wound on his chest that was bleeding heavily as turned to the girl next to him who was whimpering in pain, and looking everywhere but him.

Kyoya felt like he was worse than scum on earth. He had not only let a five year old innocent girl –that happened to be his Baby Mist-watch him murder so many people –regardless of the fact that he hadn't even known she had been following him since he had been drunk on his bloodlust to notice any odd occurences- but he had also let her get hurt. If he hadn't disappeared using Mist Flames and attacked the man before he could truly harm Chrome, then who knows what could've happened. But still, in the end he had still failed to protect her from harm.

My fault. His Flames rolled around inside him in guilt. Myfaultmyfaultmyfaultmyfault-

Something like this hadn't happened in the past. He was sure of it. The only thing that had happened in Chrome's childhood was the accident that led to her meeting the Pineapple Carnivore. If something like this had happened in his previous life, then he was sure that Chrome would never have ended up with them since he was sure that something like this hadn't happened to him in the past. She might have been sold off to some mafia famiglia as a flame active recruit.

That means it is his presence that has somehow messed up with this timeline. Not only had he traumatized his Baby Mist and had also been harmed for his sake, but he also messed up with her life and made her experience something she shouldn't have in her past life.

It was entirely his fault. It was all his fault. Why was he doing this, destroying his family's lives like this? Maybe he should leave them instead of getting them hurt because of his very existence. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he hadn't existed-

(Her indigo fire burned as if it were aching and whimpered inside her. 'Sad…'  it whispered to her.  'Purple- sad. Hurt.'

'Help him. Make him stay.')

"Purple-san….." The girl whimpered as she hesitantly placed her hand into his bloodied hand –staining her dainty, soft, pale –burned- hands with crimson, and made him snap out of his trance. Her teary blue eyes stared at him as her Mist Flames latched onto him. "d-don't leave me, p-p-please…" She blinked and whispered, "I d-d-don't want to be lonely…"

A lone tear rolled down her cheek, and his heart thudded in his chest painfully as the younger girl shifted closer to him and sniffed. "M-Mother says mean t-things to m-m-me….. e-e-even the g-girls in my c-c-c-class make fun of me… I-I don't wanna go back to that…."

She hesitated as she whispered softly, "The f-f-fire says you're family….. y-you are, r-r-right?" She stared at him warily, she was skittish like an abused doe, just one wrong move and it will never trust you again. "A-a-are you?"


His dull, grey eyes stared at his Baby Mist as images of his previous life flashed past his eyes-

Tsuna's exasperated sighs and screams, Hayato's scolding and Juudaime-worshipping; Takeshi's cheery attitude and his insistence on having a baseball match every Sunday; Lambo's annoying bratty attitude as he pranks everyone from time to time; Ryohei screaming about boxing being 'EXTREME' and being a nuisance in general; Chrome smiling sadistically as she replaced sugar with laxatives that one time she was irritated at everyone during her periods, Mukuro escaping in his office for normal 'spar' when he actually messed someone up (usually Tsuna) and needed a place to hide-

And he, Hibari Kyoya, the Cloud Guardian of the Vongola famiglia, who would drag others to an impromptu fight and would fuss every time the Decimo would force him to do some stupid mission. He –who would be dragged to some stupid high society gala to endure herbivore's crowding as a punishment for increasing Decimo's paperwork by destroying more than necessary things.

His fellow guardians… his companionsfriendsfamily-

"My pride is my comrades… My Friends!"




"That's what friends are for, right?"


"Hibari! Join my Boxing club!"


"I am happy to be here and I enjoy staying with you all more than anything… I want to catch up to you all…. To the world that Young Vongola and others live….."


"I want to be someone who could protect her comrades!"


"I hate the Mafia, I hate the Estraneo, I hate the Vongola…but it doesn't mean I hate the Family too…"


"Family, huh….?" He whispered as his grey eyes regained their vigor and he stared back at Chrome's teary eyes. If he left now, will they feel sad? Will they be hurt? Will they miss him?

…..What a stupidly herbivorous question. Of course they will. Actually, they're more likely to drag him back from hell and murder him themselves just for doubting the strength of their bond.

He may be back in the past as his family may never remember the precious time spent with them, but the bond between them was still there…. He could feel it. Otherwise, his Baby Sky would not be unconsciously courting his Flames for harmonization once again –after all, it takes months for the courting to be successful, and harmonization takes even longer. Also, his Baby Mist would never have connected with him so easily if the remnants of the bond he had with them during the past weren't there.

It truly is astonishing, how their bond still remains even when neither their memories, nor their own selves are the same. They were a bunch of misfits, but it doesn't matter because they were one big family- awkward, dysfunction, and most definitely chaotic, but a family nonetheless- and he won't have them any other way.

"Baby herbivore- No… mio nebbia….." He mumbled as he placed his hand over her indigo locks and patted her head, "Believe in your Flames. Believe in your resolve. Believe in yourself."

He then smirked and said-

"If you say that I am your family, then who am I to refute, my Baby Mist?"

Chapter Text

Carpe diem

used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.



Before he could open his eyes, Kyoya just knew he was in some sort of infirmary-or hospital- from the smell of disinfectant that he could pick up from his nose. Not knowing he was in a hostile territory or not, he sent out a pulse of Cloud Flames, and sighed in relief when he sensed no one around. Only then did he open his eyes –only to shut them back at the awful brightness that seemed to momentarily blind him- and tentatively opened them again after blinking several times and adjusting his vision, and found himself staring at a white ceiling.

Taking a deep breath, Kyoya eyed the heart monitor beeping to the side as well as the IV that has been inserted in his hand. He wasn't feeling pain, that means that either he has been healed by some Sun –an unlikely thought- or he was high on meds that numbed his pain enough.

He tried to rack his brain to figure out what he had been doing this time to end up in a hospital –as well as why haven't the peanut gallery gathered around to fuss over his health- only to hiss in pain as his head throbbed achingly. Memories flashed in his mind of-

Dying- waking as a five year old- his parents- Fon-meeting his Baby Sky- looking for kidnapped children- getting himself kidnapped- deathgoreblood- killing those stupid herbivores- facing the Boss- painpainpainpainpain- Blue hair, indigo eyes- Indigo Flames-

"The f-f-fire says you're family….. y-you are, r-r-right?"


Where is she? Where is his Baby Mist?!

Kyoya snatched off the oxygen mask from his mouth and tugged off the IV from his hand. Pulling off the sheets from his body, he shifted his legs to the side and struggled down the bed-

-and he would have been on his way to massacre every single herbivore in his path on his quest to find his Baby Mist, if not for the doors of his hospital room to open at that very moment, and a particularly irate nurse screeching at him as if he had just kicked an adorable puppy.

"What are you doing?!" the herbivore woman screeched in an awfully loud tone, making him wince and glare at her. "You're not getting out of this room, if I have any say in this!"

Kyoya growled under his breath and hissed out, "You're crowding, herbivore. Get out of my way."

The woman scoffed. "I'm not scared of you, kid. Besides, what can a little cutie like you actually do?"

She just did. not. say that.

Glowering at her, Kyoya summoned his Mist Flames and condensed them to appear like his tonfas, and hissed out, "I will bite you to death!"

And he would've done it too, if not for the pair of indigo eyes peeking from behind the door.


Kyoya halted comically –and barely stopped himself from face faulting to the ground- as he stared at his Baby Mist –who also wore a child-sized hospital gown-who was hovering behind the herbivore nurse, and sighed in relief. The Mist tonfas disappeared from his hands, as he reluctantly greeted his Baby Mist.

"Mio nebbia." He whispered in acknowledgement, and a small, shy smile bloomed on the younger girl's lips.

The nurse huffed in exasperation as she mumbled, "Glad you have your priority sorted out." To which he shot her a glare. The insufferable woman then shooed him back on his bed, saying, "You're still injured, Hibari-kun. If you move around too much, you will only disrupt your health." She fluffed his pillows and then tugged his blankets to his chest. "I will inform your parents that you've woken up. They've been very worried about you, Hibari-kun."

Saying this, she turned to his Baby Mist and smiled softly at the five year old child and patted her head. "I guess you want to stay with your friend, Nagi-chan?"

The girl blushed and nodded shyly.

The woman smiled. "Okay then, have fun. I'll come back in an hour or so with your medicines, okay?"

Another nod.

The nurse gave his baby Mist another sweet smile, and left the room –but not before shooting Kyoya a stern look.

Kyoya huffed, and glanced at his Baby Mist, who shuffled her feet nervously as she poked her fingers and peeked at him shyly every once in a while. Sighing in exasperation –and knowing that his Baby Mist was too shy to make the first move- he patted the space next to him on the bed, and the younger girl beamed as she shuffled closer to him, and crawled up next to him.

Kyoya let his eyes wander over her young body, and narrowed his eyes at her bandaged hand –which he remembered had been burned by the lightning Flames of that bastardo-

"I-I'm f-f-fine." The young girl whispered, snapping him out of his murderous thoughts. His Baby Mist gave him a small, shy smile and said, "T-T-Thank y-you, P-Purple-san, for s-saving m-m-me."

"I don't deserve your thanks, considering you got into trouble because of me." He mumbled under his breath as he turned his head away from her, but to his surprise a thin, dainty hand was placed on his cheek and his head was forcefully turned back to look at the indigo haired girl who had narrowed her doe-like eyes at him.

"Purple-san," she said, her voice had a hint of steel in them, and he almost thought he was seeing his Mist Chrome for a moment. "I d-don't c-c-care w-whatever y-you think, t-t-the o-only t-thing I-I-I k-know is t-that P-Purple-san i-is f-family, a-and he s-s-saved me. So, d-don't w-w-worry a-about silly t-things, okay?"

His grey eyes softened and he murmured, "Okay."



His reunion with his parents didn't turn out that good. Why? Well, there's only one reason for that…..

His parents were insufferable.

"Kyo-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" His mother wailed as she embraced him tightly in her arms and sobbed. "Do you know how worried I was? Do you?! Because I was really, really worried, you know! And then Seiji-kun was being a meanie by saying that you're so tough and you can take care of yourself –and I know the moron was worried too since he too sent out his officers to look for you- wait, that's not the point-! The point is that your stupid father didn't understand that you're seven and you're my cute little Kyo-chan and you're innocent, and adorable and oh-so-precious, you are someone to be protected and not the one to be sent to deal with grown-ups matters-!"


"-and then you got kidnapped and I was so worried, Kyo-chan! I asked Yuiichi-san to look for you, and even Seiji-kun ordered his officers to search for you, but there was no track of you! And then when we finally found you somehow, you were unconscious and hurt and I was so, so scared-"


"-how dare those monsters hurt my adorable little Kyo-chan?! Don't they have a heart?! How dare they kidnap innocent kids and make a business out of selling them as slaves, those utter bastardo-"

"Yuna!" Seiji finally snapped in an exasperated tone. "Stop choking Kyoya-kun from your hug, will you? He's turning a really strange shade of green and blue, you know?"

And true to his words, Kyoya –who was being choked unknowingly by his own mother (Really, what an way to die…. Pineapple Carnivore must be laughing at him, he just knew it!)- was turning an alarming shade of greenish blue as his mother was hugging him just a tad bit tighter.

Realizing that she has been unknowingly choking her own son, Yuna quickly released her son from her embrace with a sheepish chuckle. "Ehehehehehe, oops?"

Kyoya shot his oblivious mother a glare as he panted harshly and inhaled as much air as he could. A few moments later his complexion turned much, much better –even though it was a bit too pale.

Thank goodness his Baby Mist had returned earlier to her room, or else his dignity would've taken a deep dive.

"How are you, son?" Hibari Seiji asked his son as he sat on the only spare chair in the room.

"Like someone had almost choked me to death." Kyoya mumbled gruffly as he shot his mother a look of annoyance.

Both his parents chuckled at his words.

"Still, that was very irresponsible of you, Kyoya-kun." His father frowned as he lectured him in a disapproving tone. "You shouldn't have gone out all by yourself. Tokyo isn't like Namimori, Kyoya-kun. What if something had happened to you?"

Kyoya just snorted at his words. As if a carnivore like him would easily go down.

A vein popped over his father's forehead, "You ungrateful brat-"

"Now, now," Yuna said calmly as she patted her husband's back a bit too forcefully, almost making him wheeze. She smiled at her husband –and if her smile was a bit too pointed, well…. There's a reason Kyoya calls her an omnivore- and said, "we can play the blame game later, when Kyo-chan is safe and sound back home. Right, Seiji-kun?"

Hibari Seiji gulped as he sweat bullets and mumbled hastily, "A-Ah, o-of course, Y-Yuna-chan!" He stuttered. "Whatever you say."

Yuna's smile brightened and she turned to Kyoya and exclaimed. "See, Kyo-chan? Isn't yur Tou-san so wonderful and understanding?"

The corner of Kyoya's lips twitched upwards as he smirked smugly at his Carnivore father –who acted like a headless herbivore before his mother- who just shot him an annoyed glare for laughing at his expense. Not that Kyoya cared.

His mother is the best. Period.

"Take it."


"Take it."


"Oh for god's sake you little brat just open your goddamn mouth and take the medicine like you're told to do so!" The nurse snapped as she glared at him with her dark eyes.

He just gave her a bored look and replied flatly, "No."

Sasagawa Shizuka pinched the bridge of her nose as she gave the eight year old child an annoyed look. "Look kid, the pain meds must be wearing off by now. You need to take your mdicines on time, or else you will only hurt yourself."

True enough, he was feeling a bit sore by now –and every now and then his lungs hurt- but he was Hibari Kyoya and no one –sans his Decimo Sawada Tsunayoshi or his Sun Ryohei- can make him follow doctor's order. The reason was simple- he did not trust them. Not one bit.

And nope, it was not because he just knew the medicine was bitter. Nuh-uh. Not at all. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly lying, obviously.

Besides, he was fine. He did need any medicine at all.

(A lie.)

"Oh, for God's sake-" Pinching the bridge of her nose, the nurse just glared at him. A moment later, her eyes brightened as an idea occurred to her –he could almost see a bulb lighting over her head as she had an 'eureka!' moment- and then she smirked and said, "Alright then, Don't take them. I will just tell that cute little friend of yours that Purple-san doesn't care about his own health and is not taking his medicines on time." Her eyes twinkled in mischief as she whispered in a fake conspiring tone, "She will feel really bad, you know."

Kyoya's resolve faltered just a tiny little bit.

He narrowed his eyes and growled, "You won't dare-!"

If possible, her smirk just widened. "Oh, believe me you brat, I so will. Unless you be a good little boy and take your medicine like you're told to. Or else-"

She didn't even need to complete her sentence as Kyoya quickly snatched the pills from her hand and swallowed them after downing a glass of water. He didn't even grimace at the bitter taste as he glared at the woman who was smiling smugly like the cat who just caught the canary.

Shizuka patted the stubborn child's hair, and couldn't help but coo at his antics. The kid may be a headache and a half on daily basis, but she can't deny that he was truly adorable. "Aren't you a nice boy, huh, Kyoya-kun?"

Kyoya bristled as he glared at her. How dare she pat him as if he were a little animal and patronize him with her damn cooing?

What is he, a dog?

Amber eyes glared defiantly at grey ones, and the owner of said eyes pouted. "Cloud-san is bad." The child with fluffy brown hair said as he clung to the stuffed lion 'Natsu' that had been gifted by Kyoya before he had left for his –self-proclaimed- mission. "Cloud-san broke his promise with Tsu-kun. Tsu-kun is angry with Cloud-san."

Kyoya sighed in exasperation. "Baby Omnivore-"


"But I didn't even say anything yet-"


"Just listen to me-"


"Oi, you-"


"Pfft-" the two boys snapped their heads towards the door where a certain nurse stood as she tried her very best to smother her giggles –and failed spectacularly. "Oh. My. God." She gasped as she took in her much needed breaths since she couldn't help but laugh continuously for fifteen minutes straight. "I seriously can't believe there's actually someone who can tame the grumpy Skylark."

A vein popped over Kyoya's head and he snapped at her, "Get out herbivore, or I'll bite you to death."

"Sure, sure." She waved off his threats with practices ease –considering the fact that she's been dealing with his antics for about a week now, it's obvious that she has gotten immune to the child's threats by now- and then smiled at both the boys and said, "I will be on my way then, but before that, there's one thing I need to ask." She then stepped to the side, revealing a certain indigo haired child hiding behind her legs. "Do you mind another one to keep you company?"

Nagi peeked at both of them from beneath her bangs and poked her fingers nervously. Tsuna tilted his head (the orange fire crowed inside him in delight as soon as his eyes fell on the other girl, as it whispered fervently in his ears about MistMistMistMist- friend- good- indigo- Mist-!and nodded his head cutely. "Uh-huh." While Kyoya too nodded in greeting to the Baby Mist.

Shizuka patted the girl's hair and said softly, "Have fun, kiddo."

Saying this she left the room and clicked the door shut behind her. The girl with indigo hair shifted on her feet nervously and glanced at the brown haired boy warily.

Sighing in exasperation at his Baby Mist's shyness, Kyoya held out his hand and beckoned the mist closer to him with a soft look in his eyes. The girl's tense shoulders relaxed just a fraction as she slowly walked nearer to them, and crawled into Kyoya's bed, a bit nearer to Kyoya, and a distance away from the brown haired child.

Kyoya grunted and looked at Tsuna, who was now giving the girl a curious look. "Baby Omnivore, the reason I was late because I got you a new friend." He did not mention why or how he was injured, because according to him, that was unimportant.

Tsuna's eyes widened a bit, before he looked at the indigo haired child, who shrunk back at the sudden attention. When Kyoya's words finally registered in his mind, Tsuna smiled at the girl with an intensity that could even rival the sun's, and exclaimed, "Really? That's amazing Cloud-san!" He then introduced himself to the his new friend, because that's what you do to make friends, right? "Hi! Tsu-kun is Tsu-kun! Who are you, Mist-chan?"

Kyoya almost choked on his own spit as soon as he heard Tsuna's words. Baby Omnivore, said what now-?!

The indigo haired girl's cheeks flushed red as she replied shyly, "U-Um,m-my name is S-S-Sasaki Nagi. N-Nice t-to m-meet you, Tsu-san."

"that's not his name." Kyoya answered in exasperation when he realised that his Baby mist thought Tsuna's name is Tsu-kun. Wait- "Hold on, you said your name is Nagi?" He asked, bewildered.

She shot him a confused look. "U-Um, yes?"

He frowned. Why did she call herself Chrome in past life? Does this have anything to do with Pineapple Carnivore?

(Among all of Decimo's guardians, Chrome had been the politest, sweetest and the most secretive one. She gave her love and loyalty to others without any questions, but when it came to loving her back or answering to her loyalty, she would shy away from them. It was as if she didn't think of herself as someone who deserved such good things.

It made her fellow guardians grit their teeth in frustration and barely repress blood-lust when they thought of what had actually happened to their sweet Mist to turn her this way. They had vowed to destroy the fuckers who did this to her, but sadly they never found out about her past. Chrome didn't like to speak of her past, and Mukuro was even more secretive than her. Getting anything out from any of their twin Mists about chrome's past had been useless.

So, in the end, the Decimo and his Guardians just decided to leave it be. If Chrome wanted to forget her painful past, then who were they to dig it out once again which would only result in hurting her?)

He shook his head. He really needed to stop getting lost in thoughts.

"How did you meet Cloud-san?" Tsuna asked curiously.

"Cloud-san?" She asked questioningly. Tsuna pointed at Kyoya, and realization dawned on her. "A-Ah, you m-m-mean P-Purple-san. Purple-san s-s-saved m-me from b-bad people." She mumbled quietly. "H-He s-s-said h-he i-is m-my f-f-family."

Tsuna's eyes brightened. "Really? Cloud-san really is amazing!"

Nagi nodded her head enthusiastically. "I-I know r-right! P-Purple-san i-is r-really, really strong! H-He d-d-defeated the b-bad p-people so e-easily! He e-even b-beat up t-their boss!"

"Tsu-kun also thinks that Cloud-san is very strong! You know, Cloud-san has many minions in Namimori who Cloud-san says keep peace and beat up bad people. Cloud-san is always thinking of others. Isn't he so nice?!"


Kyoya's cheeks flushed a deep red in embarrassment as his baby Sky and Baby Mist gushed about 'how amazing their Cloud-san/Purple-san is' ignoring blatantly the fact that the person they're talking about is sitting right next to them.

Kyoya shut his eyes in mortified silence and vowed to never let Pineapple Carnivore learn about this particular incident, or else the bastardo will never let him live it down.

(Somewhere in Estraneo famiglia's laboratory, a certain indigo haired boy –whose body had been hooked with several machines- frowned. Why did he have a feeling that he was missing out on gold level blackmail material and a wonderful chance on causing mayhem?)




A few days later, when Nagi's parents (reluctantly) came to fetch their daughter from the hospital, Kyoya took one look at them, and slammed the door shut right before their faces. Leaving his Baby Mist in hands of such fake carnivores who obviously didn't like her –he could see the indifference in their eyes regarding Nagi, besides he hadn't forgotten her words about how her mother abused her verbally and emotionally- was the level of stupidity that even his Lightning herbivore won't dare to attempt.

They had tried everything they could to make Kyoya let Nagi go with her parents –the attempted bribing and blackmails were some of the most amusing ones- but when the Hibari couple realized their son will not let his –self-proclaimed- sister go, they just sighed in exasperation and grumbled about how their "Kyo-chan was being an insufferable, stubborn brat." and went along with his decision.

Dealing with the Sasaki couple had been easy. It didn't take Seiji long to get some evidence against the Sasaki couple regarding Nagi's abuse –Nagi's Nanny had witnessed a many times how her own mother verbally abused her daughter, while Nagi's step-father was a talkative drunk who hadn't realized he had actually spoken his vicious thoughts regarding the poor girl during one of his drunken stupors to his companions- and after that, persuading them had been way too easy. After that, adopting Nagi into their family had been way a piece of cake.

None of the Hibari couple had any problem with it. Seiji had sighed in relief that he will finally have a child who is much, much sane while Yuna –who had always wanted a daughter to spoil- was the happiest.

And so, here they were in Hibari home, smiling at the five year old and ushering her into her new room, and fussing over her in a way the child had never ever experienced. Nagi just glanced at her –adopted- older brother –who was the very reason she get to live in such heart-warming dream (Because what else could it be other than a dream? Her indigo fire said otherwise, but she dared not believe it. Because too many times before had her dreams shattered into pieces, and now she dared not hope this to be forever, or else this pretty dream will too crash and burn into a thousand pieces.

But even so, Nagi was really, really glad to get a chance to live in this amazing dream. And if it really is real and not a dream, then she prayed to god that even if this is not forever, she didn't care. Because having a loving mother and father and Purple-san as family was everything –and more- that she had ever asked for.)

Grey eyes stared from the shadows at the indigo haired girl blushing shyly as her –adopted- parents fussed over her, and couldn't help but smile fondly. He might've changed the future with his one selfish action, but honestly, he didn't care. Because the joyous smile on his Baby Mist's lips he could see now had never ever grazed his Chrome's lips. And even if his Baby Mist's happiness –even if it didn't last long enough for some reason- ended up resulting in changing the future, he honestly didn't care. Because nothing in this whole world mattered more to him his Baby Mist –his sister's- happiness.

He was sure his Decimo would've agreed with him.

(And so, the Mist finally belonged.)


Chapter Text

EXTRA 1- A Carnivore-in-training

Nagi sat on a couch in a leisure manner in her new home, her eyes darted around the beautifully written words on a book. Seiji –who had been passing by the room- stared at his newest child softly, and greeted her,

"What are you reading, Nagi-chan?"

The five year old child glanced up at her adopted father, and blinked her doe like eyes that almost melted his heart. "U-Um," She whispered shyly, "I-It is j-j-just a b-book Onii-sama gave m-me." She stuttered a bit, thankfully not as much as she did when she had arrived in her new home a few weeks ago.

Seiji did a double take at her words. "Kyoya-kun did?" He exclaimed in disbelief. Huh, maybe his grumpy, violent boy is finally using his common sense for his new sister….

Wondering what kind of book Kyoya had given to Nagi, Hibari Seiji peered at the Book's title, and paled when he read a few words from the book-


The Holy Law of Food Chain

(Alternate Title- How to be a true Carnivore)

By-Hibari Kyoya

Introduction -

People are divided three categories- Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores. Herbivores are weak and pathetic little shits who think they're oh-so-important, but in reality, they're not. Carnivores are the strong ones who have every right to show herbivores their rightful places and defend their territories. Omnivores are super rare ones- they usually act like a herbivore, but when push comes to shove, they show their true colours and are often as fearsome as a Carnivore. There are some important rules that must be followed by a true Carnivore (and to some extent, an Omnivore)-

Rule no. 1- A true Carnivore must acquire a territory and be strong enough to defend it from fake-herbivores (the ones who think they're carnivores but actually aren't) and other carnivores.

Rule no. 2- A true carnivore protects the innocent herbivores under their protection.

Rule no. 3- A true Carnivore disciplines the herbivores to follow the rules in their territory, and make sure to punish the ones who break the rule.

Rule no. 4- Crowding is not allowed in a Carnivore territory (and if there're actually herbivores idiotic enough to do so, then they should be bitten to death)

Rule no. 5-

"Oh my god," Seiji moaned, "Of course, I should've expected this. This is my unreasonable, bloodthirsty son I'm talking about. Why did I even expect that he'd actually give his own sister something normal to read." He then paused and whispered under his breath in despair, "Does he even know what normal actually means?"

Nagi blinked her eyes at her adopted father and asked in a puzzled tone, "Um….. Tou-san?"

Seijji snatched the book she had been reading –that happened to be handwritten by Kyoya himself- and said, "You shouldn't read this stupid book, Nagi-chan, or else Kyoya-kun will corrupt your sweet, adorable self with his violent ways."

She uncertainly shrugged her shoulders, "Um….. O-Okay?"




Nagi's lips bloomed in a small smile as she walked happily back to her (new) home after her first day at School. She had been very nervous today, and had even thought that others won't like her and that she won't be able to make any friends. But surprisingly, everything went well. Orange-san was in the same class as her, so she wasn't exactly alone, and not only that, but during the lunch period –while Orange-san had went away to look for Purple-onii-sama to pester him (his words, not hers)-a really pretty girl even invited her to join her and her friend for lunch. Kyoko-chan is really, really kind and friendly, and even though her friend Hana-chan is a bit scary, she did share a few candies with her, so Nagi guessed Hana-can is kind of like Onii-sama –scary from outside, but really, really soft and nice from inside.

Nagi was so lost in her happy thoughts that she didn't notice where she was going, and unfortunately ended up bumping into someone. "S-Sorry." Nagi winced as she shrunk her neck a bit lower –out of habit-and apologized softly.

"Tch, damn brat, can't you see where you're going?" a harsh voice snapped at her, making her quiver a bit. She glanced up, and gulped in fear when she realised she had bumped into a fierce Middle-schooler, who wasn't actually alone.

"S-Sorry." She whispered again.

The boy's friend peered at Nagi and narrowed his eyes, "I think I've seen her before…." He mumbled. A moment later, his eyes lit up as he exclaimed, "Oh, I remember it now! I saw her last week with Hibari-san!"

The other two boys from their little group stared at him in disbelief. "Hibari-san? As in the Demon Child of Namimori?"

"Who else?"

The boy who had bumped in Nagi glared at her with his brown eyes harshly and hissed out, "Hey you, how do you know Hibari Kyoya?"

Nagi's lips quivered as she said, "O-Onii-sama? W-why do y-you need O-Onii-sama f-f-for?"

"You're that demon's sister?!" The third boy exclaimed in shock –and barely repressed shiver of terror.

The second boy chuckled uneasily as he patted the brown eyes boy "Oi, I don't think we should mess with her …or else we'll have to face the demon's wrath." However, the other boy only shrugged hi off and death glared at Nagi.

"You know, your brother had been a nuisance for us…. How many times has he beaten us for stupid, little things?" he grabbed her collar harshly, and pulled her towards him, and sneered at her. "This really is a good chance to take a revenge on him…."

The boy clenched his fist in anger, and the fight began…..

(A few minutes later…..)

Nagi poked the cheek of the mean boy who had been very rude to her, and watched him twitch in pain, but did not get up. She glanced around at the other three kids who laid unconscious a few distance away, frothing from their mouth. She then looked at the image of her Onii-sama scowling at the downed herbivores, his signature tonfas clenched in his hands.

"Thank you…." she whispered, and soon, the image of his Onii-sama nodded at her and dissolved in indigo flames. She once again eyed the unconscious Middle Schoolers lying in the streets, and for some reason, she was reminded of the words she had read in her brother's handwritten book.

Sighing, she scratched her cheek and mumbled, "huh, Onii-sama w-was right…. Fake-herbivores s-should not t-try to h-harm carnivores…."She paused for a moment, and wondered, "W-Wait, d-does that m-make m-me a Carnivore too?"

For some reason, the indigo fire –that had curled protectively inside her- started rolling around as if cackling in glee.

Nagi puffed her cheeks. What was so funny about that?

EXTRA 2- Playing House

On a fine afternoon, Tsuna found himself in a playground with Mist-chan and Cloud-san who were arguing over what to play –more like Cloud-san glowering and refusing to agree to Nagi's demands, who was looked like a downtrodden kitty and unknowingly making Tsu-kun's heart clench in pity.





"You can't-"


In a rare fit of anger, Nagi scowled and threw some sand into her brother's face, making him choke on accident. "Onii-sama is being really unreasonable!" She pouted petulantly, and she was too angry to notice that she hasn't stuttered at all this time. "We always play 'mafia'! I want to play something else for once!"

Kyoya spat out some sand that had somehow gotten into his mouth, and frowned as he spoke to Nagi, "I do not agree, especially when I know that your idea of playing something else happens to be 'play house'."

Nagi's cheeks flushed pink at his words. "It's better than the mafia game you're always making us play."

"It is not-"

Tsuna sighed. There they go again.

(For some reason, the orange fire inside him was giddy –but then again, these days it was always giddy –especially in presence of Cloud-san and Mist-chan. Maybe it is happy that Tsuna is finally making friends? Who knows?)

Before their argument can escalate even further, Tsuna interrupted them, "Tsu-kun thinks we should listen to Mist-chan for once." Tsuna mumbled as he gave Kyoya and apologetic glance as the older boy gave him a look that said 'Traitor'. "Mist-chan is right, Cloud-san, we are always playing mafia anyways. Playing House once won't hurt anyone, right?"

(For some reason, his orange fire sent him a foreboding feeling and he wondered why he thought that this would not end well.)

Kyoya had grumbled petulantly for a while, but under the combined puppy dog eyes of Nagi and Tsuna, he soon deflated like a balloon and agreed easily.

So now, here they were, Playing House –of all the things- peacefully like good, innocent little kids-

Kyoya flipped a rock away in his fit of anger and hissed out like a disgruntled kitten, "For God's sake, I will not be playing the role of a Mother-"

"But you'd look so cute in an apron, Onii-sama!" Nagi argued back with a pout.

"-and what does that have to do with me playing the role of 'Mother' –you know what, never mind, I'm not playing this stupid game." Kyoya said in a no nonsense tone as he tried to get up and storm away from their position and was ready to go bite some herbivores to death to cool down his anger.

(For some reason, a collective shiver of terror ran down every delinquent's spine in Namimori and they shuddered as they wondered if the demon child was on Warpath again….)

Nagi sulked a bit as she mumbled, "Onii-sama is such a bully….." Her eyes then brightened as she exclaimed, "Alright then, you can be Father, then!" she clapped happily.

Kyoya paused in his warpath (the foreboding feeling lifted up from the delinquents' immediately and they all heaved a sigh of relief in unison) and wondered. That…. Could actually work…

Seeing that her words were having effect on her brother, Nagi beamed as she ushered him back and patted the spot next to her for him to sit down, to which he reluctantly complied.

She then clapped her hands and chattered excitedly, "Alright then, so Onii-sama will be Father, and I will be your childFather goes to office every day and works till late hours, while Mother stays at home and take care of the child, aka me!"

"Who is Mother, then?" Kyoya asked, even though he had a feeling he knew what she would say. But that can't be right. Nagi couldn't possibly mean-

"Why, it's Orange-san, of course!" Nagi beamed.

Kyoya sighed. Of course. He should've known.

"Do you mind-?" Kyoya turned to ask his Baby Sky, only to blink in bewilderment as he saw Tsuna's cheeks turning pink for some reason.

Wait….. was he blushing?

Tsuna didn't understand why his face was on fire for some reason –metaphorically, of course- and it didn't help that the orange fire was –for some reason- cackling in glee and cooing teasingly at him. He just stammered out a reply in rush when Cloud-san turned to him, and honestly, in his dazed embarrassment he didn't even remember half of what he had said, but it must be something right since Cloud-san had relaxed at his reply and turned his attention back to Nagi.

Nagi held out her hands and furrowed her brows in concentration. A moment later, her indigo fire responded to her request as it condensed and in a flash of indigo flames, materialized in form of a cute apron –with pink frills of all the things!- and a kiddy suitcase in her hands. "Here!" She beamed as she handed the apron to Tsuna, and the toy briefcase to Kyoya. "Now we're all set!"

Kyoya sighed in exasperation as he eyed the toy briefcase in equal amounts annoyance and impress. "Do we really need to go this far just for a stupid make-believe game?"

Nagi puffed her cheeks and said, "Onii-sama, you don't get to say that, considering that you always insist on using (toy) guns when we play mafia!"

Kyoya's eye twitched –and he ignored his ears that were turning red with embarrassment- as he said, "You need the practice!" he defended himself.

"Right, right." She said with an eye roll.

He just huffed and grumbled, "Oh, just get on with it."

Nagi just smiled brightly at him, while Tsuna shook his head. For all his grumpiness, Cloud-san is exceptionally gentle towards him and Mist-chan and really can't say no to them –especially to Mist-chan.

('Tsundere…' his orange fire mumbled conspiringly in barely concealed sadism and glee. 'Cloud… tsundere…..'

Tsuna blinked and hummed under his breath, as he tried to recall what Tsundere actually means. Wait… didn't he once accidentally read that word in one of those cartoon books his Mama hides under her bed, and when he had asked, she told him it refers to people who are cold from outside but gentle and warm from inside?

….Huh, that actually explains a lot.)

EXTRA 3- Dreams

Rokudo Mukuro. That is what his name is. Or what the doctors –scientists?- call him sometimes. But they rarely call him that. He is usually called test subjecttarget, and the most preferred one - Experiment No. 583978.

He would have been offended, and very much protested against this basic lack of human etiquette, if could feel anything, that is. Mostly they keep him drugged enough that he can't even twitch his fingers, and sometimes when he's a bit conscious he is floating in a tank of greenish liquid –with strange wires attached to all over his body- as they talk about things that don't even make sense to him.

The only time he is fully conscious is when they want to test the success rates of their experiment –which means mock fights and survival tests against other test subjects, and by now Mukuro has learned that to survive and stay alive he has to win at all costs –even if it means torturing, maiming or killing others….. even if it means that he has to dance like a puppet under their tunes as if they were the puppeteer and held his strings –which they did.

Emotions were a foreign concept for him. He didn't know what they were. He didn't know what the feeling was that burned inside him when he had to kill a fellow test subject for his own survival. He didn't understand why something deep inside him bubbled like hot lava when the doctors –scientists?- talk about the next experiment to perform on him as if they were just talking about the weather. Neither did he understand the cold that settled against his bones when he hears a child scream when he's somewhat conscious in the middle of night or the shiver that crawls up his spine when he hears the whimpers, crying, and begging of test subjects (children) who had the (un)fortunate luck of being his opponent for mock fights or survival games.

He may not know what emotions were, but he knew he didn't want to feel this way. At all.

Most of the time, he is dazed and high on drugs, and when he's conscious, all he can feel are these strange emotions that threaten to swallow him whole.

But one day, something changed. For once, he was lucid –well, lucid enough to recognize that he was actually somewhat conscious- even though for some reason, everything was hazy. But there was something that was cutting through the haze and seemed to pierce through his very soul- and that happened to be a pair of grey eyes.

He hadn't stayed long in that haze -dream?- since the very next second he found himself submerged in the disgusting green liquid, and was forced to incoherent drowsiness when the men in lab coats inject more drugs in him.

But for some reason, those piercing grey eyes never faded in his mind.

The strange dreams didn't leave him. Instead, they kept coming back to him at strangest of times. The haze in his dreams was always there, so were the grey eyes.

Sometimes, he would feel bursts of emotions that he was sure couldn't be his own –a warm fuzzy feeling that curled in his gut, or the pleasant humming in the back of his mind or the warmth that settled inside him protectively…. Sometimes, if he concentrated enough, he could even hear words like "Purple-san", "Onii-sama", and "Orange-san"…. But the words never made sense to him.

It wasn't until when he was subjected to a particularly harsh experiment –one of those monsters (because what else could they be?!) actually shot him with a strange bullet- that thing curling inside him protectively snapped at the agonizing painpainpainpainpainpainpainpain that had seized him in it's hold and for some reason he was being tortured and was made to feel agony and-

Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyhim?whatdidhedotodeservethis- OhMyGodsomeonepleaseHelpMeSaveMePlease-

-and suddenly, the pain was gone, and he found himself staring at piercing grey eyes, messy raven locks and a chubby face that was grumpily scowling at him-

-and he dazedly realized that he had somehow broken through the haze since he was finally seeing the owner of those piercing grey eyes in flesh.

The child with grey eyes yawned and patted his head –and he marveled at how real this felt- as he mumbled sleepily, "Don't worry, I'll stay with you the whole night…. As long as I'm here, no nightmares will claim you tonight." The child declared as he tucked him(?) in bed.

A stuffed dove and a stuffed owl was shoved into his hands as the grey eyed boy said, "Sleep, la mia nebbia…. I'll protect you, I promise."

For some reason, a warm feeling curled inside him, and he unconsciously gripped the stuffed owl a bit tighter in his arms. He hadn't known when he had fallen asleep, but he knew that it was the best sleep he had ever had in his whole life till now.

When he woke up, he found himself back in a white room, connected with wires of all kinds as the monsters in lab coats crowed around him in glee as they babbled to each other about "Experiment Success!" and "Initiate Phase two". Their voices were akin to static in his ears, as all he could think of was the pair of glittering, grey eyes, and his warm touch as he patted his head.

There were only two words that echoed in his mind again and again like a broken recorder-

"Mia nebbia…"

My Mist.


Fon was very irritated, but of course, his true feelings were hidden behind a calm expression and a pleasant smile, as if he were having a pleasant chat with some of his more favorable clients rather than dealing with Infant-sized Arcobaleno who were screaming bloody murder at each other for some reason and causing utter chaos –that's mostly Reborn's fault. Unfortunately for him, the harsh truth was that he was in midst of a –what was supposed to be a very important meeting between the Strongest Seven (eight, if you count Lal) individuals on Earth, but in reality was just a pissing contest between infant-sized adults with the metaphorical sticks shoved far up their asses than should be healthy for normal people- powwow with his fellow Arcobaleno, and for the umpteenth time that day he wondered why the fuck had he even agreed when Luce had gotten everyone to promise –*cough* guilt-trip *cough*-to keep in contact and have a get together at least once a year, and no one should miss that event.

Oh right, Reborn had forced them to agree with literal guns on their heads, and considering how scary Reborn could get with a gun in his hands, everyone had agreed fairly quickly.

So here he was now, stuck with infant-sized adults for the whole twenty-four hours –and it hasn't even been five hours since the beginning of the meeting…. Oh gods, Why him?!- and to make the matters worse, Yuna just won't. stop. spamming him with messages. Until he replies to her, that is.

He really regretted giving her his emergency contact number. (To be fair, he had only given it after Kyoya had clung to him for hours, and threatened to not let go until he leaves behind some valid contact information. Which, while annoying, was so damn adorable of his little nephew that he had almost thought to disagree just so he could cuddle more with his cute nephew and watch his brother-in-law sulk for being least favorite to Kyoya.)

Sighing in exasperation, he opened her messages, and rolled his eyes as she regaled him with tales of Kyoya's latest adventures –something about getting kidnapped, and ending up getting out after destroying the kidnappers' base and getting a little duckling as a reward-

Um…. What?!

He blinked and did a double take as he read her messages once again –ignoring his fellow Arcobaleno's arguing as if it were background noise- and sighed in exasperation. Apparently, his cute, little nephew not only got himself kidnapped, but he also got out himself –after destroying their base to pieces- and rescued the other kids, and also brought home with him a little girl whom he later adopted as his little sister –after messing with her birth parents who weren't exactly that good as parents. Huh, his nephew sure is busy.

He clicked on the image that Yuna sent him and his grey eyes widened slightly at the adorable image that was displayed on his phone's screen. The background showed that the photo was taken in a hospital –the hospital gowns that the both of them wore in the photo was a big enough sign- and the florescent lights in the background illuminated the picture spectacularly. The picture showed two children –one was his eight year old grumpy –but totally adorable- nephew Kyoya, whose eyes –that were usually alight with fierce emotions- were warm like glistening pearls, and were staring softly at a dark blue haired child, who –coincidentally- was peeking at the older boy shyly. The fluorescent lights reflected perfectly by Kyoya's grey eyes, making him seem like a little, innocent angel. Ironic, considering Kyoya's epithet in Namimori is demon child –which isn't exactly false.

While Fon was gushing and cooing internally at his nephew's adorableness and his newest niece –oh she's so cute!- angel-like appearance, he hadn't realized that the Arcobaleno –who had been screaming bloody murder until now- had paused their argument in exchange for watching him internally act like a fangirl while watching his phone.

Fon's phone was snatched –quite rudely, actually- by a certain blonde, who huffed, "How mean, kora! We're all trying to have a meeting here, and you are actually busy on your phone?! What's so mesmerizing that has gotten you so distracted, anyways?"

"Wait, give it back-"

Too late. Colonello had already glanced at his phone to look at what had gotten Fon so dazed, only to gape at the picture that was displayed on the screen.

"…Holy shit, Fon, when did you have a love child with both Reborn and Viper each, kora?! Wait, does it mean you three had a threesome and didn't tell any of us?!" Colonello accused, and oh god, he actually sounded offended for some reason.

Cue a two minute silence.

And then, Chaos ensued –the likes of which usually would've made Reborn smug like a pleased cat if he wasn't shooting down a certain blabbermouth Rain Arcobaleno and Skull –just for the heck of it.


Chapter Text



(obsolete, rare)

A cry of despair.


Yuna hummed a cheerful tune under her breath as she mixed the batter for pancakes. Well, she could've let the chef handle the cooking like he usually does, but –meh, she likes cooking for her adorable kids (and yes, it's plural now, she finally got a daughter who is as cute and adorable as her Kyo-chan! Uwa-! She's soooooooooo lucky!) so sue her! It doesn't help that –for some reason- Kyo-chan and Na-chan love everything she cooks –especially Kyo-chan. He would always stare at her handmade food with fondness and love –and barely repressed nostalgia and sadness, which she doesn't understand… Why is her Kyo-chan sad when he sees her cook?- and would eat everything she made with relish. And even if he doesn't praise her cooking like Seiji-kun and her adorable Na-chan does –he's just a shy little thing, she's sure he'll overcome his shyness someday- he would still help her bring the unclean dishes to the kitchen and reluctantly mumble a "it was alright" before scurrying off to god-knows-where with his cheeks blushing a cherry red.

Yuna sighed as she daydreamed about how cute her little Kyo-can and Na-chan are. She really doesn't understand why her husband is always complaining about Kyo-chan. How can he even think her Kyo-chan is violent and antisocial?! Seiji-kun must be seriously blind. Her Kyo-chan is just a bit shy and is sometimes too enthusiastic with martial arts. There's nothing wrong with that, considering she had spent her childhood watching her teenage brother obsessing over different kind of fighting styles in euphoric glee- her Kyo-chan is leagues better than her brother. Fon-nii was even worse than Kyo-chan during childhood.

She's sure na-chan and Kyo-chan's friend Tsuna-kun also think the same as husband clearly exasperates everything. Just because he doesn't get along well with his son –his fault considering he had once accidentally dropped Kyo-chan in his toddler years, making him subconsciously remember it- doesn't mean he has to make things even more difficult with his strict attitude. It's not that Seiji-kun didn't love Kyo-chan- on the contrary, it's exactly opposite. Seiji-kun loves Kyo-chan even more than he loves her, but he doesn't let it show.

And it doesn't help that he is always criticizing their son about one thing or another and nagging –more like scolding- him for littlest of things that were just him acting on his instincts. Ugh, maybe she really needs to revise his memory about how to not treat a baby Cloud-in-training. This is why she hated dealing with non-mafia people –they were just so clueless and skeptical about anything Flame related, and it just annoyed her to no end.

A pulse of pure Cloud Flames dispersed in the surroundings, followed by shy Mist Flames that clung to the Cloud Flames in adoration and joy. A smile formed on her lips as her own repressed stormy Cloud Flames warmly greeted them.

Her kids were home.

She was about to greet them verbally, when suddenly, her flames –that has been repressed by the Triads as per the terms of agreement for letting her go scot-free to live a civilian life- recoiled in annoyance and disgust as a harsh warmth poked and probed her flames. Gasping, she stumbled and clutched her head and wished that the world would just stop spinning –and didn't even realize that in her stumble she actually dropped the bowl she had been missing the batter in on the floor, making it shatter into pieces.

Her secondary storm Flames slammed against the seal repressing most of her Flames in fury, and her Cloud Flames rattled indignantly as they raged to killkillkillkillkillkillkill-

A whimper escaped her lips as the probing of the foreign warmth intensified, and her own Flames reacted violently- the prodding and probing of the foreign, uninviting warmth was akin to acid that was burning her from inside out-

Her flames resisted the –forced- soothing and warming lull of the foreign Flames-


Not. Home-

can't….. betray….. home-

-but to no avail. She had no means to resist against such powerful Flames –even if they disgusted her to her very core- and was so, so different to the warmjoyhappinesshome that she had felt when she was with Nana-

Her flames writhed, resisted and screamed in agony as they resisted the bond that was being forced on them. Once upon a time, her flames had been very powerful, but ever since they had been repressed, they were now just an empty shell of what they once were. If this utter bastardo managed to force a bond on her, then her flames would definitely rise up in retaliation, and the consequences would be bad.

Gasping for breath, she stumbled and fell over her knees, and curled up as she tried to rein in her flames, and at the same time tried to resist the magnetic pull of the foreign flames-


Writhing in pain, she never noticed her own children rushing towards her and flailing around her in panic, babbling something in concern.

A groan escaped her lips as her own flames hissed and roared in fury –the sounds of her precious, adorable babies clambering in terror and worry only managed to enrage her even more. As her flames turned even more uncontrollable, her headache intensified and her vision blurred, and for a moment she wondered if she would die from Forced Harmony and Flames Overload-

And then suddenly, everything quietened down. She blinked her eyes as her blurry vision gained back it's clarity, and her intense headache soothed soothed down to just a bit of pain. Her breathing returned to normal a moment later, and she absentmindedly wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. Her flames were no longer rampaging, and instead, had been lulled to calm. She could still feel foreign flames that had been forcing harmony on her in the background, but they couldn't reach her anymore -it was as if a barrier had been erected between her and the disgusting Flames.

A feathery, lukewarm something was curled around her in a possessive, yet affectionate hold, mixed with slightly cool sensation that would normally creep anyone out, but was only soothing her down even more. There was an undertone of surging warmth just underneath these sensations –not exactly overriding them, but marking them. It was as if they have been claimed –or were in the process of doing so.

These sensations…. They were none other than Flames. (She would know, after all, she had been Flame Sensitive ever since she had been 'crippled' –according to mafia terms- regarding Flames usage.)

Flames she was very familiar with.

Her eyes snapped open, and zeroed on the children surrounding her, staring at her in concern. Na-chan's eyes were blurred with tears that dripped down her eyes as she clutched her one hand, and Kyo-chan had grabbed her other hand. Both of their hands glowed a pretty indigo and purple respectively –Na-chan's indigo flickered unstably every few minutes or so, but she dared not stop. Her eyes widened and her face paled as a realization struck her like a hammer on a nail. Her children actively used Dying will flames.

Oh shit.









"K-Kaa-san," Na-chan whimpered as she tentatively reached out to her with her other hand. "D-Don't ever scare us like that, okay?" Her teary eyes reflected her sadnessdespairsorrowmiserymelancholy and she begged, "Please?"

Her words seemed to snap her out of her trance as she tried to give her precious children an apologetic smile and pulled the both of them in a hug with trembling hands. "I apologise…." She whispered softly as she patted their backs soothingly –ignoring the exhaustion and ache in her arms- and kissed their hair fondly. "I won't let this happen again."

With their faces buried in her hug, the two children never noticed how the usually cheerful expression on their mother's face turned utterly cold, her grey eyes flashed with a chilly expression -that had once upon a time made even Reborn impressed- and only one thought ringing in her mind.

'Now, which utter bastardo Sky decided to invite themselves on my territory without permission and even tried to force harmony on me?!'

Tsuna peeked from where he was hiding behind his mother's legs as she happily greeted the strange man wearing dirt-and smelly- clothes of a mine-worker whom she said was his "Papa". The "Papa" had laughed and hugged his mother, and then knelt down to hug him too, but Tsuna stumbled backwards before he could grab him. This "Papa" looked hurt, and Tsuna felt guilty for shying away from him, but that didn't men he was going to be friendly to this "Papa" person. He looked nice, sure, and by the way he treated his mother, he must be nice too. But for some reason, he was apprehensive of this "Papa" person.

His orange fire didn't like him.

And that never meant a good thing. At all.

"Isn't my tuna-fishy so adorable~? Yes, yes he is~" Iemitsu cooed as at his fie year old son and tried to give him a bear hug. Keyword- tried. For some reason, Tsuna would always panic as soon as he neared him, and would burst into tears whenever he tried to touch him or something. This time too, Tsuna stumbled backwards in panic and rushed to Nana and hid behind her legs, and peeked out at him warily with watery eyes.

To be honest, Tsuna's rejection to interact with him stung him a bit. He knew he hadn't visited his son ever since he had been born –and had only stayed in contact through posts and phone calls. Only he knew how much tormented he felt whenever he couldn't even see his own son with his very own eyes- every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every single damn second was a torture for him. He loved his family, he truly did. So he did everything he could to protect them- even if it meant keeping them at an arm's length.

In the end, between family and Family, he chose Family. What a pathetic husband and father he is, isn't he?

"Ara, Tsu-kun is still being shy?" Nana giggled as she picked Tsuna up and kissed his forehead and cooed at him to make him stop weeping. "It's just your Papa, Tsu-kun, you shouldn't shy away from him, you know."

Tsuna just puffed his cheeks, and darted a side-way glance towards his "Papa". When Iemitsu caught him staring, the fie year old boy panicked and buried his head in Nana's embrace.

Nana sighed in exasperation and patted his back "All right, all right, I won't force you, okay? Go on, play with your toys, Tsu-kun!" saying this, she gently placed him on the ground and ushered him away. The boy hesitatingly stared to and fro between his Mama and the stranger "Papa" and in the end walked in the corner of the room to play with a ball.

Iemitsu walked towards his wife with a dejected look as he stared at Tsuna with a forlorn glance. Fortunately, Tsuna was quite immersed in his game, or else he'd be cowering away from him by now.

"Tuna-fishy is still as shy as ever, I see….." Iemitsu mumbled as he wiped away every negative emotion from his face and grinned at his wife.

Nana –unaware of the turmoil in her husband's heart- chuckled at his words and said, "I won't be so sure of that, considering Tsu-kun is usually happily chasing after his friends."

Iemitsu froze and asked in an incredulous tone. "Tuna-fishy has friends?" When did his little tuna-fishy make friends?

Why didn't Nana tell him about it during her weekly phone calls? Usually she'd be so eager to share everything with him –and he always relished listening to her anecdotes- so why didn't she tell him about something as important as his shy, adorable tuna-fishy making friends?

Nana smiled fondly. "Of course he does! And they're equally adorable!" Her eyes glittered as she gossiped excitedly, "Did you know that Tsu-kun was the one to actually approach his first friend on his own?"

"What?" Oh he has to know about his! He really wanted to know how his shy tuna-fishy made his first friend.

Nana's eyes gleamed happily as she told him how her Tsu-kun barely embarked on his journey to make friends –including the hilarious attempt to stalk his 'friend'.

When Yuna got a phone call from her –dormant- Sky (a civilian who had no idea that she actually has Sky flames- really not many people were as highly sensitive to flames –to the point to even sense dormant ones- like she was. Considering that a bit of Mist Flames were also mixed with her Sky flames, it's no wonder that the Mist Flames somehow managed to confound Nana –making her seem like a dense airhead- and hid the fact that she had dormant Sky Flames.) who wanted to arrange a meeting between her and her kids with her husband who had just got back home from his work overseas, she hadn't thought much of it and agreed to the request.

Now, she was really regretting her decision. If she had known that her chosen Sky's husband happened to be the idiota who dared to force harmonization on her sealed flames, she wished she had shot him with one of Reborn-san's gifted guns earlier –or maybe sic Fon-nii on him, depending on what option she felt better to choose at the moment. But no… her luck just had to be the worst.

Not only did she agree to her Sky's request and came over for a visit, but she also brought over her children too.


The blonde man grinned as he wrapped his hand around Nana's waist and said, "Hello, I am Sawada Iemitsu –Nana's husband. I've heard so much about you from my Nana-chan. Thank you for taking care of her and tuna-fishy all this time." His grin widened as he introduced himself, but his eyes flashed with something as they stared at her.

His Sky Flames once again prodded her own sealed ones-though this time in warning, and she barely fought off a grimace. A small hand slipped into her own, and poured some pure Cloud Flames into her system, warming her gently and propagated the pathetically weak amount of Flames that existed in her body outside the seal. Yuna squeezed Kyo-chan's hand in gratitude as his pure Cloud Flames multiplied her own stormy Cloud ones, and then counteracted against the blonde man's forceful sky flames.

The blonde man –Iemitsu- stiffened, and then resumed smiling, as if nothing was wrong.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the stupid man who dared to hurt her before her kids –Humph! If he tries anymore tricks, Kyo-chan will definitely bite him to death, and she definitely won't do anything to make him stop- she smiled brightly at them –As Fon-nii says, a smile is the best weapon to disarm your opponents- and said cheerfully, "Nice to meet you, Sawada-san! I am Hibari Yuna, and these are my children Kyoya-" she pointed to her Kyo-chan who was busy glaring at Iemitsu, "-and Nagi." She then gestured to her other daughter who just smiled shyly at him.

Nana beamed as she saw her best friend and her husband getting along so well, and gestured them to come in. "Ara, don't just keep standing on the doorway, come on in! Tsu-kun has been waiting eagerly for Kyoya-kun and Nagi-chan's arrival."

The Sawada couple walked into the house, followed by the the Hibaris. They hadn't even reached the living room when clumsy footsteps approached them and a beaming Tsuna ran towards them –more specifically towards the two kids- and hugged the hell out of Kyoya. "Cloud-san is here!" He exclaimed brightly as he wrapped her arms around Kyoya's waist who just grunted and tried to get him to loosen his grip and step back –to no avail. "Tsu-kun waited for you for a long time, you know!"

Nagi pouted and said in a mock-sad tone. "Orange-san, did you forget about me?"

"No way! How can Tsu-kun forget you, Mist-chan?" Tsuna said as he released Kyoya from his impromptu hug and then bumped Nagi's shoulders, to which she smiled. A fond smile lit up on Nana and Yuna's lips as they watched their kids interact with each other. While Iemitsu's heart softened as he saw how Tsuna's eyes lit up when he saw his friends. He had never seen his son smiling so brightly, so happily ever.

The kids played with a ball while Nana and Yuna prepared dinner, while Iemitsu watched Tsuna play with his friends with a bemused smile. The way the three children interacted was quite strange. For some reason, the black haired boy –Kyoya- was the center of attention of the two other kids. Tsuna would throw the ball towards Kyoya most of the time –who just passed the ball to his sister Nagi gently. Nagi would beam at him, and then pass to Tsuna, and the cycle would repeat itself. Kyoya –who got bored easily by this stupid game- once even kicked the ball back to Tsuna harshly and it hit Tsuna and almost knocked him over. Iemitsu had jumped in fright and thought that Tsuna would panic and cry again, but to his surprise Tsuna just giggled and said, "Cloud-san is being grumpy again. Tsu-kun thinks we should play something else."

If it had been anyone else, Iemitsu was sure Tsuna would've been bawling his eyes by now. So why did he just shrug it off just like that?

"Let's play hide and seek!" Nagi suggested, and Tsuna quickly agreed. Kyoya declined, but under the combined puppy dog eyes of the both of them, he reluctantly agreed.

And for the next half an hour Iemitsu watched, bemused as Tsuna and Nagi teamed up to look for Kyoya –who wasn't found until his mother called for lunch –and turns out he had been napping on the rooftop like a lazy bird.

The kids weren't so bad, in fact, they were quite good for his tuna-fishy. They made him happy, and what else can he –as a father- ask for more. He had been worried about the children's mother –he had felt Cloud Flames saturating the town ever since he stepped here, and he was worried that the Flame user might be mafia related and recognize him as CEDEF's head and make things difficult for his family. Actually that hadn't been the only thing in his mind- in fact, he had thought that it'd be better if he managed to harmonize with this Cloud –since these Cloud Flames of this Flame user are really strong, and also the fact that Cloud Flame Users are reallyscarce find in mafia, second only to Sky Flame users.

(What he didn't know, was that he had been picking at the wrong target ever since he stepped into Namimori. The Cloud Flames he sensed had been Kyoya's declaration and marking his territory, which Iemitsu thought was Yuna's work. Then again, it is a bit jarring to even think of an eight year old having powerful flames –and Cloud Flames at that!- enough to mark the whole town as their territory. But when it is related to one Hibari Kyoya, all bets are off.)

Maybe the Cloud woman isn't that bad after all. He might be getting too paranoid –Namimori was Mafia recognized neutral grounds and safe zone, no mafia would dare to harm anyone here-unless they're suicidal and aren't afraid of getting themselves locked in Vendicare, that is.

"Come on, Nana-chan prepared really tasty dishes today!" Yuna said cheerfully as she ushered the kids in. Nagi had already dragged off Tsuna with her, and Kyoya slowly followed after them, glancing at his mother every once in a while.

Yuna smiled at him and said softly, "Go, Kyo-chan, I'll be fine."

Kyoya reluctantly agreed and went in –but not before shooting a glare at Iemitsu.

Iemitsu watched with narrowed eyes as Yuna turned to him and said with a cold expression, "We need to talk."

Iemitsu raised an eyebrow at her sudden change in expressions -and barely sensed with his Sky Flames that a faint Mist barrier has been constructed around them to keep their conversation private- tapped the pocket of his pants leisurely and said nonchalantly, "Oh? What is it, Hibari-san? Is it important enough to skip Nana-chan's handmade delicious lunch?"

Yuna's grey eyes narrowed as she saw how the herbivore –as Kyo-chan would say-wasn't taking her seriously, but considering who he actually was, well, his cockiness was well deserved. Her lips quirked upwards in a scathing smirk as she said, "Well, I think it is rather important, considering that we need to discuss why you decided to come to my territory uninvited as well as force harmony on me as soon as you arrived." Seeing that he was still dismissing her, she resisted the urge to roll her eyes and commented mockingly, "Or maybe we should talk about why the Leader of CEDEF himself has graced us with his presence, hmm?"

As soon as she spoke those words, Iemitsu tensed as a thick amount of Killing Intent escaped from him and he stood straighter, giving off a cold aura. His aura would'e intimidated any lesser Mafioso –but too bad for him she wasn't any worthless herbivore. She was Fon's sister, and had been one of the elites of the triads. She's the best, dammit. She won't be intimidated by someone like him.

His brown eyes burned like scathing amber as he hissed out, "How do you know that?"

Yuna nonchalantly cocked her head to the side and said smugly, "Well, a certain information broker was being very generous to me to for some reason, and offered me the information for a surprisingly generous discount." In exchange for some cute pictures of Kyo-chan and Na-chan though. She didn't understand why they would want her children's pictures so much that the miser even lowered their prices for information, but meh, she wasn't going to turn down such a good opportunity to get a discount from the stingiest miser of an information broker on earth. She then added as an afterthought, "Nana-chan doesn't know. And there's no chance that she –or anyone else- would learn of little conversation between us –thanks to a Mist barrier surrounding us. And yes, that means you can't back out, unless you plan on fighting me. Which I won't recommend," She smirked smugly as she purred, "-since you would not dare to risk the wrath of the Storm Arcobaleno by trying to harm his sister, right?"

"So," She pulled out a gun and pointed it at Iemitsu's head, and said in a frigid tone, "Are you going to talk now, Sawada Iemitsu?"

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Foggy and wintry


Kyoya distractedly shoved the vegetables in his plate from one corner to another, and once again glanced at the door. He frowned. Why isn't his mother back yet? Did that two-faced herbivore hurt hr or did something to her? His grey eyes flashed purple for a second as he swore to bite Sawada Iemitsu to death if he even touched a single hair on his mother's body.

He clenched his fists underneath the dining table as he remembered how his mother had collapsed suddenly with pain a few days ago. He had almost had a heart attack and had thought that her disease acted earlier than he had imagines- only to realize a moment later that that is not the case at all. The way her flames were acting against her own body-it was obvious that was suffering from the side effects of forced harmony with an incompetent Sky. He had seen such a thing happen only once in his life- and the results were not good. At all.

(He remembered how Ryohei –the usually cheerful, loud herbivore- flew in a rage and had almost massacred the whole Venice when he saw his sister in a coma due to forced harmony. Some rival famiglia had been tempted by her unlocked, pure flames and thinking of her as some harmless civilian tried to force her into harmony with their Boss and make her join their Family.

Needless to say, Ryohei was pissed. And well, since someone dared to harm one of their own, is it a wonder that the rest of the elements –including their Sky, along with Reborn and Fon and Colonello –Oh, forget it! Almost every member of Vongola and their allies (including the Varia) were pissed- followed with the destruction and caused havoc in Venice, and almost dyed the city red with blood. The Massacre that took place that time was recorded in the history as one of the bloodiest incident in history of Mafia- second only to Daemon's reign of terror.

And you know what the funny thing is? While they caused havoc in Venice, the Vindice did not appear to stop them. At all. When asked later, Bermuda had shrugged and said casually that the Vindice had been on a Vacation, and hence had cut off contact from the outside world for some time. Hence they couldn't come.

Yeah, right.)

Seeing his own mother be forced into harmony by some bastardo Sky, it was obvious that Hibari Kyoya was angry. Oh wait, he wasn't angry. He was fucking pissed. Only he knew how much he had to suppress his Killing intent and helped his mother break out of the torturing hypnosis of the Sky Flames by constructing a barrier with his Mist Flames, and then he –along with Nagi- pumped their own Flames into her body to soothe her Flames before they could rampage.

After reassuring himself that his mother was fine, he begun the hunt for the bastardo who dared to force harmony on his mother- only to find that the culprit turned out to be his Baby Sky's good-for-nothing father.

Needless to say, Hibari Kyoya was unimpressed.

He had never liked Decimo's father. Frankly, Sawada Iemitsu –in his eyes- was an utterly moronic, incompetent Leader. He did everything half-assed. He kept his family at an arm's length for the sake of his Family, but when his Family needed him the most, he let his emotions cloud his judgement and made errors in his tasks. He could still remember clearly how much annoyed he had been when he saw the poor management of CEDEF when he had taken over as Vongola's External Advisor. He had to start everything from scratch –and if he didn't have Lal's guidance, he didn't know how he would've gotten the CEDEF up and running in a competent manner.

Ever since then, he had never seen eye-to-eye with Sawada Iemitsu. It was a good thing that his Decimo wasn't that close to his own father, hence he didn't mind Iemitsu being bitten to death from time to time. (In fact, most of the time it was Tsuna himself who pleaded Kyoya to bite the annoying herbivore to death –and had even bribed him with a month long vacation to Namimori. Now, who would turn down such a tempting offer?)

And to think that this fool dared to harm his mother, this two-faced herbivore is clearly asking to be bitten to death, painfully.

Alas, his revenge plans couldn't be acted on, since his mother had forbidden him to do so and had taken initiative to talk with that fool.


"Cloud-san is sulking." Tsuna –who had been sitting next to Kyoya on the dining table- leaned slightly closer to him and whispered, "who made Cloud-san angry this time?" The five year old asked as he tilted his head curiously.

Kyoya snapped himself out of his trance and shook his head. "Just some lowly herbivore." He grunted as he grabbed some vegetable with his chopsticks and shoved it in his mouth.

"Will Cloud-san bite herbivore-san to death?" said Tsuna as he blinked his doe-like brown eyes. "Can Tsu-kun watch?" He asked excitedly.

Kyoya paused and looked at his baby sky strangely. Something crossed his mind and he asked, "If I tell you that the herbivore that I want to bite is your father, then what will you do?"

Tsuna stared at him with wide eyes. "Papa?" He asked. "Cloud-san wants to bite Papa? Cloud-san doesn't like Papa?"

Kyoya nodded, and wondered if his Baby Sky would get angry.

…...Of course he would. Tsuna had always been a bit possessive when it comes to his family. And now that Kyoya is clearly threatening to hurt his family, the baby Sky will obviously be angry.

(His Sky wouldn't have minded. He would actually have paid him triple of his annual salary just to watch Iemitsu bitten to death. Hell, he would even have joined in, or would've incited other guardians to join in the fun.

He hadn't even minded when Kyoya had bitten Byakuran to death when the white haired moron had pranked on him once, so why would he have been offended that he hurt Iemitsu –his father whom he disliked somewhat- when he hadn't even retaliated when he taught his gossip buddy a lesson?)

Kyoya suppressed the sting of sadness and heartache that suddenly came over him and huffed. "…Forget it." he mumbled, "it was a stupid thing to ask."

Tsuna shook his head and said, "Nuh-uh. Cloud-san didn't ask any stupid thing." His eyes then flashed orange for a moment, and he said with conviction, "If Cloud-san doesn't like Papa, then Tsu-kun of course will not like him."

Kyoya –who had been drinking the soup at that moment- almost spat out the soup and stared incredulously at him. Baby Sky said what now-?!

The innocent child smiled adorably at Kyoya and said, "After all, Cloud-san doesn't bite anyone unless they do something wrong. So that means Papa did something wrong and made Cloud-san angry. Isn't Tsu-kun right, Cloud-san?" The child grabbed the hem of his jacket and smiled brightly at him, "Tsu-kun is so smart, right, Cloud-san?"

Kyoya huffed and glanced away, flustered, as his ears turned red in embarrassment. He hadn't expected Tsuna to actually believe in him rather than in his own father. That… was unexpected.

But it was nice. Sort of.

Kyoya glanced back at his baby Sky and sighed fondly. He is such an idiot. How could he doubt his –Baby- Sky? He should've known better than to doubt him.

After all, Tsuna will be Tsuna.




("Aren't you angry?" Kyoya had asked, with an unreadable expression, as he watched Sawada Tsunayoshi grumpily doing his paperwork as moaned about 'evil, evil paperwork' and didn't pay any attention to the Cloud Guardian.

Tsunayoshi glanced up from his paperwork and gladly shoved it away –he just knew that Reborn would nag him for procrastinating again, but well, he'll deal it with when the time comes. What? paperwork is evil, okay?- and glanced up at Kyoya and asked, "What do you mean, Hibari-san?"

Kyoya paused, and mumbled reluctantly. "I hurt Byakuran." And it was the truth. The fight between him and Byakuran hadn't been like those mock fights he usually indulges in with his fellow guardians –or with the other Arcobaleno. The fight was serious this time, and Kyoya had almost killed Byakuran-

-and if Tsunayoshi hadn't stopped him, he would've even succeeded.

Tsunayoshi narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Kyoya seriously- as if he was searching his very soul. Kyoya didn't fidget, instead he stared straight into Decimo's eyes.

Tsunayoshi seemed to have found what he was looking for, since his lips turned upwards in a smile, and his amber eyes flashed warmly at him. "I'm not angry, Hibari-san." He said warmly. "After all, you and I both know that you don't hurt anyone for no reason."

Ignoring the warmth that suddenly engulfed his heart, he just huffed grumpily and snorted. "Tch, herbivore."

Tsunayoshi sighed fondly as he watched his Cloud guardian walk away from the office gracefully and mumbled exasperatedly, "Never change, Hibari-san.")




"Thank you for having us for lunch, Nana-chan!" Yuna beamed as she hugged Nana, who just giggled back in response.

"I'm really glad we could spend some time together today." Nana then sighed and lamented, "It would've been better if Seiji-san had joined us too."

"Maybe next time," Yuna said coaxingly to her friend, and Nana's smile brightened at the thought of holding another get-together like this. Yuna then glanced at the blonde man standing next to Nana, holding an ice-pack to his black-and blue bruised eye. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Sawada-san." Yuna's smile gained a mocking turn as she grinned at the blonde man, "I hope you don't get yourself accidentally injured during our next visit."

The blonde man who had 'accidentally' injured himself glowered at the sly woman and said with gritted teeth, "I won't, Hibari-san."

"Good." Yuna smiled smugly, and barely restrained the urge to cackle gloatingly in victory. Oh well, grinning like an idiot would suffice for now. Not only she got to bully Iemitsu and extorted a contract regarding Namimori's protection in the name of her brother, she also got to punch the bastard! Oh this meeting was definitely successful!

Nana smiled brightly as she watched the warm interactions between her friends and family. She hadn't been worried about the kids, since she knew that Tsu-kun was really enamored with the Hibari kids. She had been worried that her husband and her newest best friend would not get along well. Turns out, her worries were all for naught. The two of them were getting along swimmingly!

What more could she want?

"Good morning, Nagi-chan!" Kyoko beamed as she greeted her newest friend- a very sweet, pretty girl with blue hair- as she walked into the class. Hana nodded to the other girl, before her attention was snatched by the teacher as they entered their classroom.

"Hello Kyoko-chan, Hana-chan." Nagi greeted politely as she smiled at her two friends and sat down next to them. Her face was slightly pale –paler than usual- and she was even sweating a bit.

Hana eyed the girl skeptically and asked, "Are you okay, little monkey?"

The indigo haired girl binked, and then smiled at them, "Uh, yes, Hana-chan. Why did you ask?"

Kyoko mumbled in concern, "You don't look fine though. are you sure you're alright?"

Nagi just smiled sweetly and answered, "Don't worry, Kyoko-chan, I'm really fine."

Kyoko didn't seem reassured, but fortunately, she didn't ask any more questions. Soon, the teacher arrived, and then the children got busy practicing kanji while their teacher encouraged them.

Nagi's eyes drooped as she worked on her own practice sheet, the white paper before her eyes blurred as another wave of dizziness washed over her. Sighing, she shook her head to be more alert. She was tired. So, so tired. The nightmares, they didn't let her sleep peacefully at night, always plaguing her mind, haunting her like some evil spirit. What was worse that she never even remembered what the nightmare was about in the morning- only remembered some flashes of indigo eyes, some scary looking people in white coats, and a disgustingly green colored liquid.

And as if that wasn't enough to worry her then there was also the times where she would black out and sometimes when she woke up from her "trance", she would find herself in a completely different location, at different times. She was really afraid. What was going on?

Her fire reassured her that it wasn't anything bad….. but how could she not be concerned by this?! What if something bad happened one day and she wasn't awake at that time?! What if Onii-sama needed her help for some reason-an unlikely thing- and she wasn't there for him? how awful would that be?!

Nagi flinched as a she felt her head throbbing with a dull headache, and let her head fall on the table, her forehead touching the cool metal, and she sighed. Here it comes….




Kyoko blinked when she found Nagi-chan leaning over the table, her forehead pressing onto the surface. Thinking that she wasn't feeling well, she asked in concern, "Nagi-chan? Are you really alright?"

Nagi-chan turned her head up a bit. "Of course, my dear." she said with a smile –which was more like a smirk, actually.

Kyoko blinked. Was it her imagination, or did Nagi-chan's right eye really flash red for a second?

"Baby omnivore, get off." Kyoya snapped at the brunette child clinging to him like a particularly sticky koala bear. He was crowding, and Kyoya hated crowding.

"No." the brunette refused, and instead clung even more to him –as if that was even possible.



"listen to me-"


"Oh for the love of-" Kyoya pinched the bridge of his nose as he grabbed a plastic tonfa –since the metal ones will hurt the child- and bopped the brunette's head with it. The boy yelped in pain and momentarily released loosened his grip on Kyoya, which the Cloud took advantage of as he got out of the child's hold.

Tsuna rubbed the bump on his head that swelled red and stared at Kyoa with pitiful, teary eyes. Kyoya felt his resolve falter and almost gave in to the boy's request to cling to him, but he stopped himself at the end moment, and instead glared fiercely at the baby Omnivore.

"Don't crowd around me." Kyoya growled at boy and soon turned around and stormed away from him.

Tsuna stumbled as he stood up and immediately followed after him. "Cloud-san is a meanie." Tsuna mumbled as if he had suffered grievances and stared pitifully at Kyoya, who ignored him with practiced ease.

After patrolling around the –now- empty hallways of Elementry School, the both of them walked out of the school building and found Nagi leaning against the school gates, waiting for them.

"Are you done for today, Onii-sama?" Nagi asked her brother softly, who nodded and walked past her. Nagi caught up with her brother and gave a questioning glance towards Tsuna, who clearly looked like a rabbit that has been abused by his master.

Her lips quirked up in a smile as she glanced to and fro between Kyoya and Tsuna, and asked, "Ne, orange-san, did Onii-sama bully you again?"

Kyoya snapped at the same time Tsuna answered-

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, he did."

Nagi giggled as Kyoya glared at the brunette, who shrunk a bit under his gaze. "What happened?" She asked.

"Tch, he was crowding." Kyoya mumbled grumpily.

Nagi raised a brow and asked Tsuna, "And why would you do that? You know Onii-sama doesn't like being crowded, right Orange-san?"

Tsuna faltered for a moment, but soon regained his pace, and said, "Tsu-kun knows, but…" he bit his lower lip, and then stared imploringly at Nagi, "Ne, ne, Mist-chan, take Tsu-kun to your house with you, okay? Tsu-kun doesn't wanna go home."

"Why?" Nagi asked, puzzled.

"There's an old man in Tsu-kun's house, Papa said he is his friend." He scratched the back of his head and winced. "He makes Tsu-kun's orange fire sleepy."

Kyoya halted his steps and suddenly turned around and stared at Tsuna with wide, grey eyes. "What did you say?"

Tsuna jumped, startled at his sudden actions, and shared a puzzled look with Nagi.

"Um….. there's an old man in Tsu-kun's house?" he answered weakly.

"No, the other thing." Kyoya bit out.

"He's Papa's friend?" Tsuna tried again, and shrunk back his shoulders when Kyoya's glower increased in intensity.

Tsuna mumbled weakly, "….he makes Tsu-kun's Orange fire sleepy?"

Kyoya narrowed his grey eyes. makes his Orange fire sleepy? He clearly means someone is overpowering his Sky flames and suppressing his intuition, right? That would definitely make Tsuna wary, since thee past months he had become used to his Dying Will Flames inside him as well as his Vongola Intuition. So after experiencing his Sky Flames for months when he suddenly feels it being suppressed now, it would definitely alarm Tsuna greatly.

If Tsuna wasn't being trained by Kyoya in the usage of Flames, he wouldn't have been so much in-tune with his Flames, he wouldn't have noticed that anything is wrong. But (un)fortunately, Kyoya has been training him –and Nagi- in flames usage, hence he definitely can understand –and be wary- when his Flames are being suppressed.

Kyoya squeezed his eyes shut and wondered. Someone who can suppress Tsuna's pure Sky flames shut- they definitely can't be any ordinary person. Even as a child, Tsuna's Sky Flames can overwhelm any ordinary Mafioso with their purity and intensity. So, the person who could suppress Tsuna's Flames is definitely not an ordinary person.

"Nagi," Kyoya opened his eyes and then stared at his sister. "Tell Kusakabe to call Kaa-san and inform her that we're having a sleepover at baby Omnivore's house."

Nagi nodded and immediately parted from them and went to find Kusakabe, who can always be found somewhere not far away from where her Onii-sama is. After she was done giving Kusakabe his instructions, she came back.

Kyoya then turned to Tsuna and said, "Baby Omnivore, we're having a sleepover at your house tonight. Lead the way."

Tsuna's eyes brightened as he eagerly led them to their house, and chattered happily with Nagi about random things –while Kyoya followed the two of them briskly with dark eyes hat flashed with anticipation and barely repressed blood-thirst.

There's a carnivore in his town. And Kyoya wasn't aware of it.

Oh, someone will pay for this.

Kyoya stared at the "old man" his Baby sky had told him about and resisted the urge to flip a table in annoyance. Fuck this shit, what kind of luck his Baby Sky was born with? What "old man"? This is clearly Vongola Nono, okay?

Having Vongola Nono as well as the Head of CEDEF in the same house was intimidating enough. No wonder his Baby sky's Flames had been suppressed. Living with two powerful Skies under the same roof, it's a miracle his Baby Sky hasn't turned crazy with his Intuition working overdrive with paranoia. Though that might be because Iemitsu is Tsuna's father, and hence his Flames weren't a threat to his son, while Timoteo was clearly trying to suppress the impact his Flames will have on the Baby sky.

But it clearly wasn't enough, considering how Tsuna was weakly leaning against him with droopy eyes, looking exhausted –even though they hadn't been doing any rigorous activity.

And now Kyoya had to face the curious –and somewhat intimidating- stare of Timoteo Vongola on his own, while his Baby sky was almost dozing off, and his Baby Mist was cowering behind him, her flames had long been scared by Timoteo's powerful ones.

"Hello," The old man greeted the children softly, looking like a fragile, weak old man –as if he isn't he one trying to intimidate them with his powerful sky flames- and said, "My name is Timoteo Vongola, I am here on a vacation. You must be Tsunayoshi's friends, right?" he eyed the children in fascination –especially the ravenette as he didn't even buckle under his sky Flames-not that Timoteo was actually trying to make them submit to him, and hence had already suppressed a lot of his power- mindful of children. But even when he was not actively trying to make other flame-active people submit to his authority, his Flames were intimidating enough to suppress a child's own weak Flames.

Kyoya stiffened when he saw how Nono was eyeing him as if he was a particularly fascinating piece of art, and resisted the urge to bare his teeth violently. And he would've acted on his instincts and launched an attack on the unsuspecting fool, if he wasn't being burdened by two kids who were leaning against him for support.

Kyoya mood soured and he scowled.

Damn Decimo and his stupid brand of luck. This is definitely Tsuna's fault. He will bite his Decimo to death if he ever gets a chance to meet him again.

(Because of course it is.)

Nana walked out of the kitchen and beamed when she saw the three kids. "I got a call from your mother, Hibari-kun. She said you're having a sleepover here today! Oh my, isn't that exciting?!" She exclaimed.

Iemitsu beamed, and cried out eagerly, "Tuna-fishy is having a sleepover with his friends today? Uwah-! I can't miss it for the world!"

Even Timoteo perked up at her words.

Yeah, fuck this shit. He isn't saying here a single second more than he has to. Rather than being under the scrutiny of the Vongola Nono himself, he's rather drag his Baby Sky and Baby Mist back home and then bite his Baby sky to death –as a substitute of Decimo- for making him a victim of his shitty brand of luck.

Without wasting anytime, Kyoya grabbed Tsuna and Nagi with each of his hand, and nodded to Nana, "Change of Plans, Sawada Tsunayoshi will be having a sleepover at my house for indefinite amount of time. If you need him for something, then please inform Kaa-san."

Saying this, he immediately fled Tsuna's house, and made his way back to his own house, scowling at the fact that he had to retreat today for the sake of his Baby Sky and Baby Mist. Tch, how unbecoming of a carnivore. He'll bite Nono the next time they meet –because what utter idiota would try to intimidate Flame-active children –especially a Baby Sky who has only recently activated his own Flames? How in the seven hells did Timoteo became the Vongola Boss, again? Was Ottavo drunk or something when she declared Timoteo to be the heir?

Kyoya resisted the urge to just grab his tonfas and storm back to bite Nono to death. Even if Nono looks like a fragile old man, he isn't as weak as he looks. In fact, he was very powerful. Heck, he made Xanxus freeze for eight years! Right now, Kyoya might've experience of a lifetime with him, but he was no match for Nono. He had to retreat today, but that won't happen in future. ever.

He will have his revenge one day, no matter what.

You live for today, Nono. You live for today.



"When are you letting us meet your children, kora?" Colonello asked Fon, who just twitched and smiled serenely –though the vein throbbing on his forehead clearly expressed how much calm he actually was. Not.

"They are not my children." Fon replied. "They are my sister's."

"Yeah, right." Colonello said sarcastically. "You mean you did not have a threesome with Viper and Reborn?"

The other two twitched at his words and glowered at the loud-mouthed blonde.

Fon answered calmly, "I did not have intercourse with either Reborn or Viper. Stop slandering us."

Skull cracked up in laughter, and even Lal couldn't help twitching her lips upwards at his words.

"Fuck, this is hilarious!" Skull guffawed and pointed at Fon. "He actually said 'intercourse'."

The sound of gunshot rang around them, and Skull choked and paled when he saw a bullet embedded on his chair, just next to his ear. Reborn smiled a bit too darkly and said, "Lackey, did you say something? I didn't hear it clearly."

Skull shook his head frantically and exclaimed, "R-R-Reborn-sempai! I-It was j-j-just a j-joke! Y-Yeah!"

"Well," Reborn frowned and glared at the Cloud Arcobaleno, "It wasn't funny."

Lal mumbled under her breath in a low tone so that Reborn won't hear, "It definitely was."

Verde glanced up from his laptop on which he had been typing something and shot an irritated look at his fellow Arcobaleno. "Can you get on the main topic? I don't have any time to waste."

"Yeah Fon, let us meet our godchildren, kora!" Colonello exclaimed in agreement.

Verde pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed angrily, "That was not what I meant. I was talking about Arcana Famiglia and their-"

"Your godchildren?!" Fon's smile sharpened as he said in a faux-calm tone. "Since when can my nephew and niece become your godchildren? And even if they were my own children, why do you think I'd even let any of you be their godparent when you haven't even met them even once?"

"It's because you're not letting us meet them, kora!" Colonello argued back.

"Yeah, Fon! At least let the great Skull-sama meet them!" Skull said in an annoyed tone.

"We haven't even met our supposed children, and you want to meet them before us, lackey?" Reborn said with a glower as he caressed the Leon-gun in his hands. "Are you courting death?"

Skull paled as he scooted away from him and shook his head.

"Fuck, give us something here, kora!" Colonello said as he pulled his blonde hair. "Anything would do, okay even their photos would do!"

"Here." Viper –who goes by Mammon now- threw some photos on the round table. The other Arcobaleno stared at the photos lying haphazardly on the table- there were pictures of the children wearing cute cat onesies of contrasting colors, of the kids playing in the sandbox, of the little girl feeding the boy noodles, of the boy dozing off the girl's lap as she played with his hair, of the kids wearing an apron and baking cookies together in the kitchen- and several more.

Lal stared at the pictures and mumbled, "Oh my god, they're just so cute!" she held out her hand to touch a photo, but stiffened when she heard the Mist arcobaleno's next words.

"1,250 euro for each time you touch any photo, and fifty times that amount for any photo you want to keep." Mammon announced in a bored tone as they hovered over their seat.

"Hey, you're clearly extorting us, kora!" Colonello pointed at them and said in an accusing tone.

Mammon gave them an unimpressed look. "Do you want them or not?"

Needless to say, Chaos ensued.




Fifteen minutes later Fon found himself staring, speechless, at the destroyed room- what with the holes in the ceiling-thanks to Colonello-, the cracks of gunshots in the –courtesy of Reborn, the table that had been shattered to pieces –definitely Lal's doing, broken parts of robots lying haphazardly on the floor –that has Verde's name written all over it, and a giant crater in the middle of the room in the center of which Skull was curled up, wailing about not being able to grab even a single photo. Fon then stared at Viper as the miser counted stack of money in their hands –and by the way Fantasma floated around them happily, he can tell that Viper was definitely happy with today's business.

"Where did you get those photos?" Fona asked them.

"Your sister was kind enough to give them to me for free." Viper said dismissively as they counted the notes in their hands. They then paused and informed him with a shrug, "Oh, by the way, your sister also told me to inform you to handle the matters regarding the CEDEF."

"the CEDEF? Fon frowned a bit. "Why?" What did Yuna do to grab the wrath of the CEDEF?

"Apparently, your sister punched Sawada Iemitsu in the face. The CEDEF leader is definitely not happy with that and is demanding compensation for her disrespect." Viper mumbled.

Yuna did what now-?!

While Fon was processing the information in his head, Viper dropped another bomb on his head.

"Oh by the way, the information I told you costs fifty thousand Euro. Now pay up."


Viper glanced up from her money counting to see Fon banging his head against a wall –making the wall crumble into dust- and added on as an afterthought, "the damage repairs cost an extra twenty thousand."

Fon groaned. What did he do to deserve this?

Chapter Text



(of light) flash or sparkle.


“Because of the presence of unidentified carnivores in Namimori, there are three rules that innocent herbivores like you must follow for the sake of your own protection.” Kyoya lectured earnestly to the two children as he paced around the room.


(“Should we be offended that he is actually calling us herbivores?” Nagi deadpanned as she eyed Kyoya warily.


Tsuna shrugged. “Tsu-kun thinks it’s quite cute of Cloud-san to worry about us. Though Tsu-kun doesn’t understand what Cloud-san means by ‘unidentified carnivores’.” he then eyed the chessboard with a frown. “Now hush, Mist-chan, let me concentrate on the game.”)


“Rule no. 1- You are not allowed to use your Flames in front of anyone who is not me.” Kyoya said in a stern tone.


(Nagi stared at the chessboard with a frown as Tsuna moved his knight and took out another one of her pawns. “You’re quite good at this, Orange-san.” Nagi admitted.


“Thanks!” Tsuna giggled. “But it’s all thanks to Tsu-kun’s fire!”


Nagi scowled, “Isn’t that cheating, then?!”


Tsuna blinked, bewildered, and tilted his head cutely and said, “But Mist-chan also hid her bishop with her fire, so Tsu-kun thought Tsu-kun can also use Tsu-kun’s fire.”


Nagi flushed and sputtered, “But- you- I- Argh!” She pulled her hair in frustration.)


“Rule no. 2- Don’t go anywhere without informing me first.” Kyoya said.


(“Mist-chan, you can’t just use your fire to turn Tsu-kun’s pieces into yours. That’s not how the game works.” Tsuna said in exasperation.


Nagi frowned. “Aww……” she pouted, “When did you notice?”


“When you turned Tsu-kun’s black Queen to white.” Tsuna deadpanned.)


“Rule no. 3- Stay away from unidentified carnivores for the time being.” Kyoya ordered.


(“Checkmate!” Tsuna cheered as he paced his bishop before Nagi’s pawn –and a moment later orange flames flickered over indigo ones, revealing White King in the pawn’s place.


“But- how did you know?!” Nagi demanded.


Tsuna tapped his temple and said with a bright grin, “The orange fire told Tsu-kun!”


Nagi pouted and sulked, “No fair…..”)


“Are we clear?” Kyoya exclaimed as he stopped his pacing around the room and turned to the two children who were busy putting away the chessboard and it’s pieces.


“Uh, yeah.” Tsuna said distractedly as he counted the chess pieces, and scowled when he found white pieces to be in greater number than the black ones, and glared at Nagi.


“Sure, sure.” Nagi mumbled under her breath as she gave Tsuna a sheepishly and with a snap of her fingers put away the illusion she did on the Black chess pieces, turning them to their original shape and colour.


Kyoya stared to and fro between the two of them, and then deadpanned, “You didn’t hear me at all, did you?”


 the two of the shared a look, and then shrugged.


“Uh, you were saying…..?” Nagi mumbled sheepishly.


Kyoya’s eye twitched as he bonked their heads with plastic tonfas, making them cry out in pain as bumps grew on their heads.


“Idiots.” He mumbled under his breath and stalked off.




Two days later………..


“You let him go?” He seethed and said with gritted teeth.


“Uh, yeah….” Nagi mumbled, “Aunt Nana said Orange-san’s Papa will go back to his work a day later, so they need to spend some quality time together.” she blinked and gave her brother a wary look. “Um, is something wrong, onii-sama…?”


A vein throbbed over his forehead as he glowered at Nagi, who shrunk when she saw her brother’s glare.


“You weren’t listening to me that day at all, were you?” Kyoya huffed.


Nagi blushed and ducked her head from embarrassment. Kyoya groaned.



Timoteo Vongola had always fancied himself to be a good Mafia Boss. Everything he did was for the sake of his Family. He loved his Family. Even if he had to deal with loads of paperwork –oh the horror!- every single day –most of it is usually about damage repairs- and from the way every single member of his Family acted like a total crazy, violent person, the paperwork seemed to multiply on it’s own –no, not on it’s on. Usually it’s Coyote who adds them when he has worked on a portion of the file. The traitor.


So it really isn’t any wonder that when his fellow External Advisor asked for a vacation to visit his home and family, he agreed, and even unashamedly invited himself to it (because let those idiota deal with this shit. he was out).


Because even Mafia Bosses needed vacation.


Well, it wasn’t exactly a vacation when he needed to take a look at Tokyo and find out what exactly happened with the low-life Mafia famiglia who were involved in human trafficking and organs smuggling (usually organs of children, the utter bastardo-!) -who had set up their base in Japan and were slippery enough to escape every single damn time he sent his men to apprehend them.


Finding a destroyed base had been …… surprising. Looks like someone else got to that famiglia and gave them the punishment they so rightly deserved. And the way the blood –that has now turned black- splattered the walls and the floor, and the strong smell of decay that permeated the air made them realize this place must’ve been littered with corpses a few weeks ago. Someone had already dealt with these low-life Mafioso, and they had missed them by a few weeks –at most.


He had ordered an investigation to be done and asked to report back with full information as soon as possible. After dealing with the case and ensuring that the government won’t stick a foot in this mess, he took off to Namimori.


Iemitsu’s family was so kind and accepting……… and he actually got why Iemitsu loved them so much. Because they welcomed everyone with open arms, and showered them equally with love and care. He hadn’t met anyone who would be so kind to him, without any strings attached, that is. (After all, Mafia doesn’t do kindness.)


That was, until he met Iemitsu’s family.


Sawada Nana –Iemitsu’s wife- was a pretty, charming woman who smiled brightly like the sun and showed warmth and love to everyone whom she came across. She was so warm and accepting (just like the Sky he was unaware she is) of him, and hadn’t even questioned his motives of visiting his employee’s home during his vacation before she welcomed him into her home. The fact that her cooking is divine is just a bonus point.


The young Tsunayoshi –Iemitsu’s son- was as cute and adorable as Iemitsu boasted him to be –what with his fluffy brown hair, innocent brown eyes and the way he referred himself in third person. When he first met him, the child had been hiding behind his mother and peered at him shyly. Such an adorable child he is.


(He lamented the fact that his own children had never been this adorable –especially Xanxus, what with him glaring and spitting foul language at everyone he came across. But then again, that is what happens to a child who has been overpowered by his own Tempestous Sky Flames in his early childhood.


Why, oh why, he couldn’t have one sane child?!)


The days spent in Sawada household were some of the most relaxing time he’d ever spent in his life. He didn’t have to deal with paperwork, explosions, politics, impromptu violence, damage repairs like he had to back in Italy. Here he was Timoteo –just Timoteo. And it was relaxing to be just Timoteo for once.


He would spend his days enjoying Nana’s amazing cooking, talking about everything and nothing with Iemitsu –which didn’t always include Mafia things, and sightseeing. He didn’t get to play much with young Tsunayoshi since he was almost always playing outside and would rather like to play around then spend his time with an old man like him. Not that he minded. Young people were full of energy after all.


(Even with his Sky Flames suppressed to manageable levels so as to not startle –or sky-attract- any civilian, his Sky Flames were powerful enough to overpower any other sky in vicinity. Iemitsu didn’t count, since he was Family, and hence his Flames had already accepted him as his own.


Which is why Tsuna’s untrained Sky Flames urged him to stay away from the “old man” more and more so as not to be repressed by the older, powerful Sky.)


Meeting Tsuna’s friends had been a shocking experience. Staring at the two young children beside young Tsunayoshi made him feel as if he was staring at living, breathing chibi versions of Vongola Primo and his Mist and Cloud Guardians. The three of them looked so much like the First Vongola Generation that he had no doubt that young Tsunayoshi would be just as bright and amazing as Primo had once been. Too bad, Iemitsu loved his son too much to let him enter mafia. And he too agreed with Iemitsu’s thinking. He would not want to condemn a child to the cruel, bloodthirsty one of mafia, especially if one was an innocent civilian like Tsunayoshi. Besides, he already has three heirs who were alive –one of whom will be chosen as Vongola Decimo.


Maybe, if any of these children willingly stepped into Mafia, then he’d extend an invite to join Vongola famiglia. Until then, it’d be better to keep them away from this cruel, bloodthirsty world. After all, Timoteo Vongola, even for a Mafia Boss, had a bottom line. And that happens to be civilian, innocent children who are unwillingly dragged into mafia for absolutely no reason. And that is why, he decided to let them live their lives as a civilian, even if he was a bit unwilling to let first generations direct descendants –and perfect look-alikes- anywhere that is not Vongola territory.


And then Sawada Tsunayoshi fell off the tree and ignited his Dying will flames of the Sky for the first time, leaving Timoteo with a wavering resolve.


Having someone with such pure Sky Flames –someone who happened to be a direct descendant of Primo, and even his look-alike- would strengthen his Family hold in mafia. Even if he cannot be chosen as Decimo, he will still enjoy high prestige as a high ranked member in Family.


But…….. he is just a child. A civilian child. The son of his External Advisor , who loves his son too much to let him join the cruel world of Mafia. He knew that Iemitsu was dense, and stupid and sometimes did things in a way that would come bite them later in the ass, but there was no doubt that Iemitsu loves his family –so much that he was even willing to keep them at an arm’s length for their own safety.


(Sometimes, he had wondered why Iemitsu hadn’t left Nana (and young Tsunayoshi) and free them from himself if he really loved them. After all, love also means sacrifice. But for all Iemitsu loved them, he was also selfish enough to keep them close enough to bask in their love and care when the world became too much for him. That is okay though.


After all, who in the world is not selfish even a bit?)


As he hesitated, he was convinced by Iemitsu who immediately disagreed with him when he asked for his opinion to take Tsunayoshi to Italy and let him join their Family.


“No.” Blue eyes flickered a pale orange as Iemitsu’s pale orange Sky Flames clashed against Timoteo’s to protect his son, because Tsuna is minemineminemine and how dare you-! and mylittleSky-! “Nono, my little tunafish is just a child! He will be overwhelmed by the mafia! I do not want him to lose his innocence and kindness that makes him so different from others!” he clenched his fists, his eyes darkened as he said, “They will crush him, Nono. Crush his kindness and innocence, and he will break. And I cannot watch that happen.” The orange in his eyes flashed in conviction as he mumbled, “I am his father. I will protect him, no matter what the cost is.”


Timoteo sighed. There was no choice then. He will have to seal young Tsunayoshi’s flames.


“B-But-!” Iemitsu hesitated.


“There is no other way.” Nono sighed as his shoulders bent down as if they had the weight of the world over them. “As an active sky, his flames will beckon other passing –active- flame users, and you know Japan isn’t as mafia-free as you and I would like to believe. Tsunayoshi will be in danger then. Besides, having activated Sky Flames so young and having no one to train him into controlling them will only make him get overwhelmed by them, and you know the consequences of that. Do you want him to turn into a second Xanxus?!”


Because that is what had happened to his –adopted- son (not that anyone knows that, except him and his guardians, that is.) Xanxus had activated his Flames quite early in his childhood, but had no one to train himself, considering he spent most of his childhood with his mother in slums. By the time Nono got his hands on him, the boy had already been severely affected by his own Flames –as evident by his personality of a ticking-time bomb that could go out at any moment on any unsuspecting fool. Timoteo would not wish such a curse on anyone, let alone a young boy with so much potential.


In the end, Iemitsu agreed, for the sake of his son.


And so, they decided to seal the Sky.


(They didn’t understand that their intentions were right, but their method was wrong.)




Tsuna whimpered as the old man brought his finger closer to his forehead –the finger that was lit up with a fire that was a familiar shade of orange (but for some reason, the fire seemed cold instead of hot, and it was wrongwrongwrongwrong-). The orange fire inside him hissed at him to runrunrunrun, but for some reason he stayed transfixed on his spot, unable to move at all. The cold fire that lit up the finger neared him, and he squeezed his eyes shut as a feeling of dreaddespairdoom- settled deep in his bones, and he knew that if those fingers touched his skin, he would never be the same again.


He squeezed his eyes shut in terror, and a moment later he could even feel the cold fire sending goosebumps on his skin as it was mere inches away from him. He held his breath as the orange fire inside him writhed helplessly, as if screaming for help-


-and then as soon as his panic reached a new height, everything stopped. The feelings of cold despair inside him faded away in an instant, leaving behind his orange fire jumping in glee and barely repressed sadism. He could still feel the cold fire just hovering over his forehead –the coldness it emitted sending a shiver down his spine- but for some reason it never made contact with his skin.


Curious and confused about his situation, Tsuna hesitantly opened his eyes, and gaped at the scene before him.


The finger –that was lit up with the cold fire (keepitawayfromme-!) was mere inches from his forehead, but could not move any closer to him, because of a certain Skylark, who had clamped his hand tightly on the old man’s wrist, making him unable to move it even an inch.


Cloud-san was here, and he protected him……..


His heart skipped a beat as a warm feeling flooded in his chest, and Tsuna knew that this person will always, always protect him, no matter what.


(Years later, Tsuna would look back at this day and laugh heartily. Because this was the day he actually fell for his dearest Skylark, though he wouldn’t realize it until much, much later.)


The raven haired boy slid between Vongola Timoteo and Sawada Tsunayoshi –his Baby Sky- ignoring the gaping Iemitsu in background.


Small, chubby hands clung to his dark jacket, and a watery voice sniffled, and whispered, “C-Cloud-san….”


“Nagi,” Kyoya mumbled in a somewhat calm tone, barely repressing his bloodthirst and fury. “Keep an eye on baby omnivore, will you?”


“Hai, Onii-sama!” Nagi quivered as she grabbed Tsuna –making him release Kyoya’s jacket from his hold and coaxing him to keep him safe- and the two of them retreated.


As Tsuna followed Mist-chan to the other end of the backyard of his house, he glanced back at his Cloud-san and watched as he materialized his tonfas from thin air and growled at the two older men, who now stared at him warily.


“For attacking the baby omnivore, I will bite you to death!”





Iemitsu couldn’t even get out a word before he was interrupted by a metallic tonfa smacking straight on his head, and he barely ducked under it. Hibari Kyoya spun the tonfa that was left in his hands and struck Nono’s outstretched hand, which Timoteo only dodged because of his hyper-intuition. Kyoya then moved and attacked the two older men with the grace of a carnivore, aiming each attack at their vital points. He knew he couldn’t kill them –not because he couldn’t because that’s a big fat lie (no it’s not)but because his Baby Sky would be upset, and would be scarred for life, and Kyoya didn’t want that. So biting them for now would do. And so would maiming and torture.


What was even more frustrating was that the two didn’t even retaliate. the two of them had just made eye contact and nodded in understand –as if they had understood each other’s intentions with just an eye contact- and kept dodging his attacks. And he hated it. The bastardo were underestimating him.


He’ll make them pay.


His attacks got faster and harsher, and soon the two of them had difficulty suppressing the urge to not hurt him back as they tried their best to dodge his attacks. The ground groaned and cracked, the grass was uprooted, and even a lone tree that had the bad fortune to come in his path was uprooted.


(Nana jumped as another tremble shook her house and sighed dazedly.


“Ara, looks like Kyoya-kun is playing hunt once again.” Nana mumbled as she kept washing dishes and hummed under her breath, wondering if she should make some snacks after the children were done playing. They would get hungry after all this playing, right?)




Timoteo Vongola took in the destruction caused by the child that looked like a mini-copy of the Cloud Guardian of Primo, and there was only one thing in his mind. Cloud. The child was definitely a cloud, considering how he flew into a rage when he saw someone under his protection being harmed –even if the child didn’t understand what was actually going on (Oh how wrong he was). He resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall. Because of course the child happened to be a Cloud. Of course he was a Cloud that was equally –if not more- bloodthirsty like his predecessor infamous for his temper.


Jut his luck.


Sighing, he decided to put an end to this fight. First he would need to knock out the rampaging child before he gets out of control, and then have a talk with them.


(Kyoya could feel something change instinctively, and from his years of experiences with fights, he knew that Vongola Nono would retaliate. Something, he thinks that his baby Sky also understood –thanks to his hyper intuition- as his Sky Flames roared-


-And before Kyoya could dodge or retaliate against the older man who though he could restrain Kyoya with a mere karate chop to his neck –did this herbivore (because a carnivore would never turn down a challenge from another carnivore, and Nono has been dodging him all this time and did not retaliate like a true carnivore) actually think of him to be so weak to be defeated by a mere karate chop? He is asking to be bitten to death, right?- he found himself staring at familiar brunette boy standing protectively before him, his hands and forehead lit up with pure Sky Flames, and there was only one word that escaped Kyoya’s lips at that moment, which described all his emotions perfectly-




(to be continued~)








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He didn’t expect his plan to go spectacularly wrong when he tried to knock the raven haired child out with a hand cloaked in hypnotizing Sky Flames -that’d make the child unconscious immediately- and found another pair of hands clenching his Flamed hand tightly, lit in familiar orange flames that pulsed with purity.


Timoteo Vongola blanched when he found himself staring into glaring amber eyes of a brunette, and a small, orange flame lit on his forehead. The very same flames were also lit on his hands, which held on tightly to his own hand that had been cloaked in Sky Flames.


Timoteo let the flames on his hands extinguish as his mind whirled with thoughts. The child –Sawada Tsunayoshi- was in Hyper Dying Will Mode, at the age of five. Without any prior training or proper knowledge about his situation. And he had single-handledly stopped Timoteo from dealing a finishing blow –even if the Mafia Boss had been paying more attention on the Cloud child and had been caught off guard.  there is only one word that summarized this situation perfectly.




Tsunayoshi –when he released Timoteo won’t move to attack his friends, took a step back, and slid his eyes to give a warning glare to his Papa, who stuttered god-knows-what as he stared at Tsuna with wide eyes.


“Tsuna,” His father mumbled, ”You-“


“No one here wants to hear anything from you.” Tsuna declared, making Iemitsu shut up in an instant. His eyes then slid onto the older man before him, deeming him a threat greater than his Papa, and said, “Tsu-kun, no- ” he paused, and then continued on, the amber in his eyes burned a brighter shade as he said, “I don’t like it when someone hurts my friends, and that is what you did when you-“ he stared accusingly at Vongola Nono, “tried to do to Cloud-sa- ahem, I mean Kyoya-san.”


“But he attacked us first!” Iemitsu argued.


“He was protecting me.” Tsuna said calmly. “I don’t see how he had done anything wrong here.” He then tilted his head and said, “He is a protector of Namimori. Anything he deems dangerous to Namimori’s citizens is bitten to death. And I support him.”


He then eyed the two older men as his intuition hummed and whispered conspiringly in his ears, and he said, “Your presence in Namimori brings danger here. It’d be better if you go back to wherever you came from.” Iemitsu opened his mouth to argue once again but was cut off by Tsuna’s stern, “Or do you want people to get hurt because of you?”


The two men quietly shared a glance –as if conversing with their eyes- and in the end, it was Vongola Timoteo who said, “We will retreat then.” He placed a reassuring hand over Iemitsu’s shoulder and glanced at the young children before him. A protective Sky, a bloodthirsty Cloud, and a possessive Mist. If he didn’t have any children, he’d have had chosen Tsunayoshi as his heir. Tsunayoshi would make a good Boss.


(Un)fortunately, he already had three sons who have been training to be his heir ever since they could walk. That means sooner or later, Tsuna would either have to join mafia –with or without his consent- or get his Flames sealed –or suppressed- if he wanted to live a civilian life. But then again, seeing how protective his Elements were being of their Sky –which the baby Sky reciprocated easily- maybe that won’t be necessary.


They will retreat for now. Staying long on a foreign Sky’ home -especially when the foreign Sky’s Cloud thinks of this place as his own territory- was a disaster waiting to happen.


(There was a reason Sky Flames are the only Flames in nature that could harmonize with other flames. When a Sky rages, they can destroy as much as a Storm. In face of a conflict, it is the Sky that soothes down their Elements –just like how Rain calms the disputes. In face of adversity, a Sky’s resolve shine as bright as the Sun. A Sky stands before his Elements, protecting them from harm, just like lightning that attacks head-first for the sake of their loved ones. The Sky suppresses their pain and worries and smiles for the sake of their elements and deceives them with grins and well placed words, just like Mist. And the Sky is very possessive of those they count as theirs, just like the Cloud.)


 They will have to get away before this newly awakened Sky snaps, and rages –bringing the fury of the Cloud and the Mist with him. It’s not that they can’t deal with a raging Sky –in fact, Timoteo has experience in it (considering he had deal with Xanxus on a daily basis, it isn’t that much of a surprise) but Tsunayoshi is a young child who had just awakened his Sky flames and had already jumped to HDW-Mode. If he is pushed even more in this state, it will only harm the child further. So, for the sake of this child, they will retreat for now.


He’ll send someone –probably Lal, because Reborn won’t deal with something as small as this (at least in his eyes) until he asks it as a favor, and Timoteo would like to not waste Reborn’s favors so easily (because you can’t get the favor from the greatest Hitman in the World that easily)- later to deal with this mess.


And so, Vongola Timoteo and Sawada Iemitsu retreated and went back to Italy, leaving behind three children, two of whom surrounded the brunette as soon as the Flames lighting on his hands and forehead disappeared, leaving behind severe burns and his exhausted body.


Kyoya grabbed Tsuna before he could collapse on the ground and clutched him closer to his chest. The brunette buried his head in his chest and inhales sharply.




“Sleep, baby Omnivore.” Kyoya mumbled as he patted his head as if he were some sort of pet. “Everything will be fine.”


Grey eyes flashed with pride as he pulled Tsuna closer to him and made his way through the backyard –that looked as if some disaster struck it- into Baby Omnivre’s house, and muttered under his breath, “You did well, mio Cielo.”


The brunette child’s eyes fluttered open and stared dazedly at the person carrying him into the house. The fire inside him curled in pleasure, and the warmth he felt at Kyoya’s compliment momentarily took over the pain.


“Thank you, Cloud-san.”  Tsuna mumbled under his breath as he let himself fall unconscious, trusting his Cloud to protect him and care for him in his vulnerable state.


Hibari Kyoya just hummed in acknowledgement, but halted his steps a moment later and tilted his head a bit and mumbled, “You can drop the illusions now, Nagi, they won’t be coming back to harm anyone anytime soon.”


 Nagi stared at him with an unreadable look in her eyes and then nodded. “Alright, onii-sama. I’ll follow you in a moment.”


Kyoya then shrugged and brought his Baby Sky into the house for a quick first aid, unaware of the way red flashed (with kanji of number Six) in Nagi’s right eye.


With a wave of her –(his?)- hand, indigo flames flashed and shimmered around the ground, and suddenly the creepy carnivorous plants -that and been inching nearer to the spot where Kyoya had been fighting Vongola Nono and Iemitsu- disappeared. Heterochromatic eyes glanced contemplatively at the door the Skylark had just entered with his sky, and a moment later, a smirk bloomed on (not)Nagi’s lips.


“Kufufufufufu~” A creepy laugh escaped her(his?) lips as (s)he mumbled under her(his?) breath. “How interesting~”