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Iridescent Cloud

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plural noun: vicissitude


~a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.~




Hibari Kyoya –Vongola’s Cloud Guardian, Wearer of the Vongola Cloud ring, Head of CEDEF and Namimori’s Discipline Committee- died at the age of twenty five. He died a glorious death, taking down the Mafioso of a rival famiglia who had the gall to attack his fellow guardiansfriendsfamily- who even thought that they could take be on Vongola’s bad side and survive.


Just because the Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi - his Boss, his ever accepting and all-encompassing Sky that he swore to protect (the small herbivore that grew up to be a fabulous omnivore)- was a kind Leader and didn’t like resorting to violence, didn’t mean he was a pushover. So, when the idiota from the Anguilla familglia kidnapped the Lightening herbivore and hurt him-


Well, is it really a wonder that they were bitten to death?


When someone dares to anger their sky, the rest of the guardians follow with the temper tantrum. Even the pineapple carnivore was busy creating havoc on the enemies –and that’s saying something since the Pineapple Carnivore and the Lightening herbivore didn’t get along, at all. Except when it comes to pranks. Because for some reason, they always banded together when it came to pranking the other guardians (Leaving a despairing Tsuna, yelling Hayato, grinning Takeshi, cheerful Ryohei, exasperated Chrome and a not-so-impressed Hibari……….. Ah, good old days…….).


So yes, Hibari died creating havoc and causing utter carnage on his enemies, and to sum it up- he died biting them to death.


It was really a glorious death.


So, forgive him for being confused –and so, so angry- when he woke up, alive-


-in the wrong body.






His hands were tiny. And chubby. And so weak that they won’t be able to hold a tonfa properly.


His eye twitched. If this is a prank by the Pineapple Carnivore, then-


Blood will be shed.


(And no amount of Tsuna’s pleading -about the resulting paperwork and the repair costs- and Gokudera’s nagging –“Stop making Juudaime worry, you Cloud Bastard!”-would make him change his decision.)


He threw off the blue blankets from his body –blue?! Why the fuck were they blue?! He hated blue (especially since blue is the color of that pineapple Carnivore’s hair!)- and slid his feet on the side of the bed, and glowered at the fact that his feet didn’t reach the floor. Turns out his legs got chibified too.


God. fucking. dammit!


He jumped off the bed –and scowled at the fact that he actually stumbled because of the impact (how much real has this illusion been made by that Carnivore?!)- and eyed the light blue walls of his room, as well as the soft toys, wooden blocks and plastic weapons- swords, guns and his favorite tonfas- and wondered why is the room similar to the one he had back at home when he was a baby herbivore. Is Mukuro trying to make him remember his childhood home? If so, then there are better ways to do this.


Snorting at the terrible idea of a prank that his fellow Mist Guardian has had, he made his way to the bathroom –from what he remembers of his childhood home, it is the door on the left- and once again scowled when he realized he didn’t reach the door knob. Dragging a little stool near the door –the Pineapple will definitely be bitten to death for this humiliation- he stood on it and then opened the door knob. Jumping off the stood, he rushed into the bathroom-


-only to pause in front of the full length mirror attached to the opposite wall. He stared at the reflection in the mirror, and the first thing that came to his mind was-




His height was no longer six feet that towered over the Omnivore Sky-and was only shorter than the loud Herbivore Sun and Omnivore Rain- but now was meagre forty two inches. His skin was pale, fair and was rid of the scars he had accumulated in his years working in a Mafioso family. His raven hair was short, and barely reached the nape of his neck, and his grey eyes were wide and innocent looking and cute –oh the horror!- instead of their narrow, sharp looking like they actually were. His body was tiny, cute, and slightly chubby –with baby fat clinging to his limbs- and not the fit and lithe body he had trained himself in.


His eyes roamed over his tiny body hesitantly. This illusion is a bit too realistic……


This is too much. The Pineapple carnivore has gone too far this time. It is getting borderline creepy and unsettling now (the Pineapple bastard must be cackling at his creeped out expression). He will deal with the insufferable idiota later.


First, he has an illusion to break.


Closing his eyes, he searched deep inside him and reached out for his flames. The purple flames –with a flicker of indigo in between- flickered as soon as he called out to them. He reached out to grab it, and-


-they moved away from his grasp.


His eye twitched. What. the. hell?!


He calmed his mind by taking deep breaths, and once again reached out to his flames. He coaxed them as if he were coaxing a small animal –yes people, Hibari can be gentle-  and gently grabbed it in his grasp-


-only for it to escape. Again.


Hibari clenched his fist and growled. Oh someone is really going to be bitten to death for this. To actually make his flames this dormant –just for a stupid prank- he didn’t know whether that Pineapple Carnivore is actually this stupid or just plain suicidal. Oh who is he kidding, it’s definitely a strange combination of both.


But really, he never had this much trouble with his flames –except maybe for the first time when he tried to use them. Taming them had been a headache and a half on it’s own. If it hadn’t been for Skull’s help-when the immortal Omnivore wasn’t busy making a fool of himself (or getting bullied by Reborn and Colonello)- and Fon’s advice –which he grudgingly listened to sometimes(he had never been on good terms with his Uncle, but they made peace with their issues…………… eventually. Maybe. Oh who is he kidding, he still had a problem with the Chinese Carnivore. That man -for some reason- just always rubbed him the wrong way.) – he would’ve taken a long time to control his flames.


Taking a deep breath, Hibari closed his eyes and tried to reach out for his Flames. Again. He will have these stupid flames under his grasp- Kyoya was nothing if not stubborn.


After twenty tries –of thirteen of which were failed attempts-he finally had a good enough grasp on his flames. However, something was strange…… They were weaker –No, it seems like they were less in quantity than what he usually had, but that wasn’t the only thing…………. His Cloud flames were –what’s the word? Yeah right- denser than before. They were stronger, more powerful and more…… cloud-like –you could say- than before. Even if they were smaller than their usual size.


Shrugging this strange phenomenon or now, Hibari got a hold of his flames –that purred as soon as he reached out for them, and playfully danced around him like a naughty child demanding for attention (more like a certain Lightening herbivore when he is being annoying)- and let it run through his whole body in a loop, and smiled smugly. That will disrupt any illusion hovering over his senses.


His smirked soon turned into a frown when he realized that nothing changed. He was still a tiny human. The illusion didn’t disrupt.


Tch, what kind of illusion is it? There has never been an illusion Kyoya couldn’t break out of –this fact was confirmed by both Viper and Mukuro when they once teamed up against Kyoya and lost heavily since he kept destroying their illusions as soon as they cast it on him. So why isn’t this illusion breaking? Is it time based?




A strange thought entered his mind, and Kyoya’s eyes widened. Impossible. It couldn’t be…….


But….. what if it really happened?


He had died, hadn’t he? So, unless he had somehow survived and is being subjected to the enemies’ interrogation through Mist Flames –if he had been caught by the wrong side- or was just being subjected to a prank illusion by Mukuro for getting maimed and making everyone worry; it is highly likely that he is very much dead and is dreaming all this –is this what happens after death? Do people dream once they die? How…….. strange.


There is also another possibility- something which is so damn impossible that he would only be laughed at by everyone else for thinking about it if they had been here. It didn’t make any sense, and he was definitely crazy for thinking this……… but it somehow fits.


His short size and age of five……… The room in his childhood home that he hadn’t seen in a decade or so……. His smaller –but powerful- Cloud Flames……….


Oh fuck, don’t tell him, he is really in the past? And in his five year old body no less……….


Damn it, this is definitely Mukuro’s fault.


(Because of course it is his fault. Everything strange that happens to Hibari is because of the damn Pineappe Carnivore. Whenever he finds him the next time, the Pineapple Canivore will definitely be bitten to death.)



 Hibari Kyoya was not sulking. Of course not. Anyone that says otherwise will be bitten to death. Because Hibari Kyoya did not sulk.


A dainty finger poked his chubby cheek. “Kyo-chan, why are you sulking?” His mother cooed at him.


He glared at his annoying Omnivore mother, and bit her finger. She yelped and smacked the back of his head –lightly of course. If she had used even an iota of the strength on him that she uses on her subordinates, he would’ve been sent flying- and he reluctantly released her finger from his mouth. His mother wiped her finger –that was dripping with Kyoya’s saliva and had tiny teeth mark indented on it- with a napkin and huffed, “Really Kyo-chan, that is no way to treat your mother?”


Kyoya just ignored his mother and continued sulking- frowning. He quietly ate his breakfast, ignoring his parents as they sent him worried glances every once in a while.


His father –Hibari Seiji-sighed and placed down his chopsticks and stared at him. “What’s wrong, Kyoya? You have been brooding even more today than you usually do.”


Kyoya shot him a glare. He did not brood, thank you very much.


“You do.” Hibari Seiji pointed out as he clearly read his son’s offended expression.


Kyoya scoffed and ignored his father in favor of eating his breakfast. He has better things to do than to deal with his omnivore mother and carnivore father –like take an analysis of his present situation, and making a tentative plan and keep an eye out for his fellow guardians, and find out if they too are back in the past or he is the only one (He wasn’t the Head of CEDEF and Namimori’s DC for no reason. As much as Basil was proficient in handling CEDEF’s matters, the man had been too kind and naive to deal with the darker parts that came with being Leader of an Organisation that had secret ties with mafia’s biggest famiglia.)


A smack on his head made him almost choke on the rice he had been chewing, making him scowl at his mother, who was staring at him sternly. “Your father asked you something, bambino,” she scolded him. “Don’t ignore him.”


His father sighed. “It’s alright, Yuna.” Seiji called out to his wife. “Kyoya doesn’t talk much anyways.”


“But still,” she frowned. “It’s so rude of him to ignore you like that.”


Seiji just shook his head. “It’s fine, really.” He then glanced at Kyoya and said, “You’re going to be late if you keep eating slowly, Kyoya.”


Kyoya just stared at him. Late? For what?


His father seemed to have read his mind, as he stared at him incredulously and said, “For school, of course. Honestly Kyoya, what has gotten into you?”


School…… Middle School? No, he’s too young for that.... Then, is he talking about Elementary School?


An image of screaming baby herbivores, sweetly smiling herbivore teachers and herbivores-that-think-of-themselves-as-carnivores (aka bullies) flashed through his mind, and he groaned and resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall. 


He is going to a place packed with herbivores…… If any of them crowd around him, he will bite them to death.


As if he had read his mind, his father reminded him sternly, “And no biting,” he warned him, “Your teacher called me the other day, telling me how you bit a fellow classmate.”


He didn’t know what his father was talking about, but he could guess. There aren’t many reasons he would bite herbivores. “The herbivore was annoying.” He mumbled in defense.


“I honestly don’t care, Kyoya.” Seiji pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed exasperatedly. “You are a human, not an animal. Stop biting people.”


His Cloud Flames bristled angrily inside him, feeling indignant and angry on his behalf. He soothed them down and wrestled them under his control before they could get out of hand and erupt out of him and harm his own parents. He knew they meant well.


Doesn’t mean he had to like it though.


(His fellow guardians never complained about his habit of biting people to death. Sure they were annoyed at him, sometimes even exasperated, but they never condoned him for his strange habits.


Not like they had any room to talk. They were plenty crazy. His violent ways had nothing on Tsuna absurd brand of luck, Hayato’s ‘Juudaime worshipping’, Takeshi’s abnormal cheeriness, Lambo’s annoying bratty attitude, Ryohei’s loudness,  Mukuro’s creepiness and Chrome’s quiet yet sadistic personality.


They were all goddamn crazy. But they were his bunch of crazies, and Kyoya wouldn’t have them any other way.)




School was hell.


There were baby herbivores everywhere- screaming, talking, laughing, chattering- and they were always crowding–why would they even do that? Why can’t they act like goddamn humans like they actually were and not some cattle!- Thankfully, no one approached him –and the fools who did always ran away with their tails tucked in between their legs when he glared at them. Tch, herbivores.


He was fine in his corner was the classroom –away from crowding herbivores with mentality of a sheep- and was having a great time playing with his plastic tonfas, when the teacher –the utter idiota- suggested a group activity so that everyone could participate and be friends –her words, not his.


Kyoya had glowered when his name had been announced with two others, and as soon as the teams were divided, color pencils and drawing sheets were distributed to everyone. Kyoya had sat on the edge of the desk –away from the two herbivores he had been assigned to his team- and was quietly drawing on his paper, and was ignoring the other two boys who were sending curious glances his way with practiced ease.


Everything was going well –his drawing of Roll (his precious Cloud hedgehog) was coming out really well- until the herbivore next to him scooting nearer to him.


“Ne, ne,” the baby herbivore exclaimed, “Your drawing is so cool! This mouse is really cute.”




He just did not call Roll a mouse.


He glared at the offending herbivore. “He is not a mouse.”


The boy blinked. “Eh? But it is!” he then said, “And you know what? He will look really cool with dark blue colored fur!” saying this the boy grabbed an indigo crayon, and started coloring on his painting.


Not only that, but of all the color crayons, he just had to use indigo –the color of Pineapple Carnivore’s hair.


Kyoya growled angrily and grabbed his plastic tonfas and hissed out, “Herbivore, for defacing my painting, I will bite you to death.”


And well…………. The rest they say is history.




Hibari Seiji pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed exasperatedly. “Kyoya, what did I tell you this morning?” he asked.


Kyoya frowned and looked away.


“Look at me, Kyoya.” His father said sternly. Kyoya reluctantly stared at him. “I told you not to hurt anyone, did I? So, why did you attack that kid?”


Kyoya opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by his father-


“And no, I don’t want to hear anything about how he was an annoying herbivore or anything like that.”


Kyoya closed his mouth shut. There is no reason for him to defend himself when his Carnivorous father won’t even listen to him. Now to think of it, this is the reason why he left his house as soon as he entered Middle School and bought his own apartment. He felt suffocated living in his childhood home under his father. He never understood why he felt so….. restricted when he was living with is parents, and only when he joined as the Vongola Cloud Guardian he understood why he felt so agitated and claustrophobic when he lived under his father’s watchful eyes in his childhood home. It is because he was a true cloud, and a Cloud is free and independent. A Cloud does not like to be bound or restricted.


It’s really no wonder he never got along with his father, much………


Seiji waited for his son’s reply, but it never came. Kyoya just stared at him as if he was staring at a particularly annoying bug and did not reply. Sighing in frustration, Hibari Seiji turned to Kyoya’s Teacher and bowed in apology. “I apologize on Kyoya’s behalf.” Seiji said apologetically. “Kyoya is a troubling child, and I understand you have your hands full with other children. I can’t say that he won’t do it again, because I know that this is not possible and no amount of lectures or punishments would make Kyoya do otherwise.” He then chuckled sheepishly and said, “Though, I will try to make him understand.”


The teacher smiled uneasily and shook her head. “I completely understand, Hibari-san, it’s not your fault.” She said, “You are a wonderful father, taking care of your son even with your tiring job –honestly not many parents try as much as you do. I’m sure Kyoya is just going through a phase, and he will overcome it soon.” She then ruffled Kyoya’s hair, and Kyoya bristled. He did not like being touched. At all. “Ne, Kyoya?”


“Don’t touch me, herbivore.” He growled at her. She –thankfully- backed off.


“Kyoya!” His father scolded him.


“Tch,” he grumbled and walked out of the Teacher’s Office, ignoring his father. He hated being stuck in this small body and being treated like a kid. He was a full grown man, a fearsome Mafioso, Vongola’s Cloud Guardian and not a five year old. He hated being treated like this.


No one took him seriously. They just thought he was a difficult child, a trouble maker –a kid with way too much violence tendencies. They didn’t understand him. They never did.


He would never admit it, but he missed his famiglia –his family. They didn’t question his strange personality, instead, they had accepted him with open arms. And even if they fought and argued with each other (most times it was Kyoya and Mukuro, with Ryohei’s loud exclamations in background as Hayato yelled to “Knock it off you idiots!!” and Takeshi’s laughter, Lambo’s chuckles and Tsuna’s “I’m so done with this shit” sighs) they were much more united than even the Arcobalaeno. They were a Team, a family, and even if they were fighting amongst each other most of the time, they would make anyone pay a hundredfold who had the gall to hurt one of their own.


There was no Tsuna here to smile compassionately at him when he was being a tad too difficult than normal, no Hayato to yell at him for being lazy but would still do his paperwork; no Takeshi to drag him out for drinks; no Lambo to pull pranks on him –or offer a grape candy when he was in one of his ‘moods’; no Ryohei to challenge him to a spar to divert his attention; no Mukuro to irritate the hell out of him; no Chrome to offer tea after he beats the crap out of others.


They weren’t here with him. He was all alone…….


What he wouldn’t give to be back with them…………….



For the stunt he pulled at school, he was grounded for the next few days. He wouldn’t be allowed to go out of his house for the next two days. And considering the fact that he had been suspended for School for two days, it made carrying out the punishment easier. Not that Kyoya minded, considering he got time to straighten things out and figure out what to do next.


It is highly unlikely that other guardians too had traveled back like he had. If they had, they would’ve already approached him- the Vongola Guardians were many things, but subtle, they were not. Especially Tsuna. The Vongola Decimo was a pure Sky who cared too much for his Guardians. He would have been the first one to approach Kyoya- considering he knew all too well that Hibari Kyoya did not like crowding. There was no way Kyoya would approach anyone on his own. So yes, Tsuna’d have been the first one to approach him –if Ryohei wasn’t there first. Because Heavens knows that the loud Sun Herbivore cannot keep any secret.


Besides, he had ended up in past after he died, right? So, unless they too had died during the raid against the enemy famiglia, there’s no way they would be back in the past with him –at least, that’s what he has concluded.


So that means his fellow Guardians did not remember him. This made things a bit difficult. It means he could change things if he wasn’t careful, and it could have serious consequences- butterfly effect and all. How annoying.


So, he shouldn’t approach his fellow guardians if he wants to keep the timeline somewhat same, or else things would change –and he knew how much things get fucked up when you mess with past or future (courtesy of the Lightening herbivore’s impromptu use of ten-year bazooka as well as the FUBAR trip to the future that ended with the big ass fight against Byakuran and his Six Funeral wreaths.)-so approaching his fellow Guardians is a big no-no.


………………Dammit, why is he feeling so distressed over something so stupid? So what if he can’t approach his fellow guardians for now? He will just have to wait for Sky Omnivore’s demonic tutor to arrive, and then he can approach them. And that’s a decade later………


Gah! Kyoya can wait. Of course he can. He can be patient when he wants to be. He won’t approach them for now, and only watch over them from afar. Yes, he can do that. He can do patient.


-But the truth is, Kyoya is impatient and stubborn and independent and so, so possessive. Watching over his fellow guardians, and restraining himself from approaching him will kill him, and he knows it.


But he will try, so that he does not fuck up the future of his family.


(He should’ve known it’s a lost cause, because nothing goes right for a Vongola Guardian. Because wherever a Vongola Guardian goes, chaos follows them like a lost puppy.


He blamed the Sky Omnivore and his crappy brand of luck, because Kyoya had never been this unlucky until he met Sawada Tsunayoshi and his Demonic Tutor –who happens to thrive in Chaos. This is all Tsuna’s fault-


-Because of course it is.)




When Kyoya’s punishment finally ended, he was sent to school with a light slap on the wrist –courtesy of his mother- and a long ass lecture to behave –by his Carnivore father. His plastic tonfas had been confiscated as a reminder to not use violence for every little thing that irritates him –his father’s words, not his- which only made him even more annoyed. Kyoya would often sit in the back, away from all the baby herbivores. During lunch or group activities, he would either hide in a corner –a valiant attempt to not interact with children and get annoyed at their ridiculous behavior- or would skip classes to inspect the Elementary school’s corridors and shooed off the kids who were out of their own classes and crowding the hallways (Pot calling kettle black at it’s finest, not that anyone would tell him that. Tch, Herbivores. Rain Omnivore would have pointed it out that very second, with a cheery laughter-he was just like that, lacking self-preservation skills and all.) The teachers didn’t know whether to call him out for skipping classes himself or thank him for getting other children to get back to their classes. In the end, they left him alone.


So, usually Kyoya would be found stalking in the Corridors of Namimori Elementary School, and if he’s bored enough, he would be on his rounds on the streets of Namimori –which was a habit ingrained from his past life. The first few times he had been on rounds and had bitten some unsuspecting fool to death (What? They were vandalizing Namimori’s property!) his father had been exasperated, but he let him continue it, considering he was making his job easier –being a Detective in the police force is a headache and half on it’s own (Seiji’s words, not his…… though he could understand. If it is anything like being the head of an secret intelligence organization for Mafia, well…….. he had a damn good idea how much exhausting the job can be)- and it also acted as a way for Kyoya to take out his anger –and in turn spare his herbivore classmates who were no fun to bite to death. This means he got less phone calls from school, and well, Seiji would take chances whenever he got them.


So, now, Kyoya had a tentative reputation of his own –something along the lines of “Demon child”-not that he cared. Walking around the streets of Namimori was…… relaxing in it’s own way. Even if the infrastructure has been reverted to decades older than what he remembered it to be, it was still Namimori –with it’s friendly people –with a few assholes in the mix- as well as the odd things that usually happen here which people shrug off with a comment about “Goddamn Namimori” and nothing else (something he hadn’t understood until one Sawada Tsunayoshi started running around in his boxer shorts, screaming “REBORN!” and with a fire on his forehead. Namimori attracted the weirdest people. There must be something in the water here…………)


This was his town –however strange it may be, or how many weirdos it attracted, it didn’t matter. Namimori was his hometown, his turf, his territory. He was a true Cloud –independent and possessive- and he was damn well was proud of it. If anyone thinks they can cross his territory without his permission, they will face the Cloud’s wrath.


So, during one of his rounds around the streets of Namimori, when he came across a bunch people –some teens and some adults- fighting, Kyoya was ready to bite them to death. He only paused when he realized that most of the people had a fox’s tattoo carved somewhere on their skin.


This tattoo……. Isn’t it a symbol of the “Dancing fox” yakuza? Why were yakuza men fighting here? And who?


Wait…….. he remembered something like this happened in the past too………


The men from the ‘Dancing Fox’ gang had cornered a Yakuza heir and his bodyguards of their rival gang, who had been on his way to some event. And the rival gang’s Yakza heir happened to be-


A cry broke him out of his thoughts, and his grey eyes widened as they took in the sight of a familiar person with pompadour hairstyle –except the person was now much younger (a preteen really)- yelping in pain as a knife tore through his arm –tearing through his shirt and leaving a deep gash that will definitely scar (unless healed by Sun flames)- and the boy stumbled back as he avoided another narrow slash aimed for him.


-Kusakabe Tetsuya.


Kyoya growled. They just did not hurt his second-in-command in front of his eyes.


Clouds are independent and possessive. You hurt one of their own, and face retribution. A Cloud’s wrath is something to be feared of. No one hurts a Cloud’s possessions and gets away with it without some heavy lasting damage.


Clenching his eyes, Kyoka reached deep inside him, and willed his Flames to wreak havoc on the fools who hurt one of his men. The Cloud Flames eagerly connected to him –heightening his five senses as well as flaring his emotions- as they followed his command.


“Oi,” He called out to the yakuza fighting in the streets in broad daylights -utter idiots, how come they haven’t been arrested yet?- making them halt in their fight and shot him a wary look. He stepped towards them, and said, “For fighting on Namimori’s grounds, you will be bitten to death.”


His grey eyes flashed amethyst as purple flames exploded from his hands –and the world burned as the Cloud Flames caused havoc and destroyed and hurt and killed- but never once had they even touched Kusakabe or his bodyguards that were tasked to protect him.


An hour later, Kyoya walked away from that scene of utter carnage with some mirror bruises a few scratched –leaving behind bodies of people who had third degree burns, deep bleeding wounds, concussions, a few broken bones, as well as missing teeth- gaining the infamous reputation of being the “Demon child of Namimori” that made every Yakuza man around the area cower in fear, as well as a loyal follower –more like a fanboy- who happened to be a Yakuza Heir.


A week later, Kusakabe Tetsuya joined Namimori Elementary School’s third grade, and to everyone’s surprise- started following Kyoya around like a lost puppy and surprisingly wasn’t bitten to death.


Hibari Seiji was just exasperated at the sudden turn of events, while his wife Yuna was beaming with pride that her child finally made a ‘friend’.


And Kyoya. He guess he was a tad bit less lonely now. He might not have his fellow guardians, but it’s okay. He had his second-in-command, and it’s fine for now. He can wait for his fellow Guardians. He is patient, after all.


(He is not.)