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Obi-Wan slowly opened his grey-blue eyes, aware of a warm weight draped across his midsection and curled against his side. Smiling, he looked down at the one curled up next to him on the bed, looking at a sleepy mess of black curls resting on his chest. Obi-Wan gently carded his fingers through the curls, smiling once more at the sleepy mumble coming from the stirring figure.

“Cody, dearest, it’s time to wake up,” Obi-Wan murmured fondly. Cody gave a groan, curling up closer, arm tightening around Obi-Wan’s bare midsection.

“Don’t wanna,” Cody mumbled tiredly, tilting his head up to look at Obi-Wan, amber eyes tired but playful. “Can’t we just stay here?” Obi-Wan chuckled as he traced the scar beside Cody’s left eye.

Cody was never a morning person.

“I wish we could, darling, but there is a war on and I am expected in the Council chambers in an hour.” Cody just grumbled again at Obi-Wan’s reasonable explanation, curling up closer. Obi-Wan left his hand drift down, nails scratching lightly against Cody’s tanned skin, tracing his spine and making Cody arch at the touch.

Obi-Wan smiled as Cody closed his eyes, content, at Obi-Wan’s ministrations to his back.

He had been surprised when his Commander had appeared at the door to his quarters on The Negotiator, the usually calm clone nervous and stammering over his words as he confessed his attraction to Obi-Wan, his amber eyes down-cast to the floor as not to see Obi-Wan’s reaction. Obi-Wan had just pulled him close, heart soaring at the confirmation that his own feelings were reciprocated, Cody all but collapsing in relief that Obi-Wan felt the same and he wasn’t going to be decommissioned (not that he believed Obi-Wan would ever do such a thing).

“Co-dy,” Obi-Wan sang, fingers marching their way back up to nestle in Cody’s curls. “It’s time to get up.”

“You’re a horrible human,” Cody grumbled, shooting him a look as he finally sat up, stretching out his limbs. Obi-Wan smirked as he watched the muscles in Cody’s back and arms tense and flex as he stretched.

Such a sight.

Of course, Cody caught him staring. “Stop perving,” he teased as he turned around, planting a quick kiss against Obi-Wan’s lips. Obi-Wan grinned against the kiss, pulling Cody against him once more to kiss him soundly, just to make sure.

“You keep doin’ that and you’re going to be late,” Cody chuckled as he pulled away to take a breath, “and I don’t want Windu coming around to find out where you are.” Obi-Wan grimaced as that thought.

Yeah, definitely did not want Windu walking in on him and Cody having a tender moment, especially since there was a ‘no attachments’ rule Obi-Wan was meant to be following but was enjoying breaking so much more.

They both got up, getting dressed quickly.

Obi-Wan turned to look at his partner, grey eyes taking him in.

Cody was pulling on the last bits of his yellow-gold detailed armour, adjusting his gauntlets, though Obi-Wan could still see the leanness of the Commander, despite the bulky armour. His black curls had been brushed back into a semi-reasonable mess, but that would be hidden by his helmet soon. Cody’s amber eyes turned to look at him, brightening when he caught sight of Obi-Wan, a teasing smile, which only Obi-Wan ever saw, pulling at his soft lips.

Obi-Wan couldn’t get enough of him.

A heavy feeling settled in his stomach as he kept his grey eyes on Cody, as though if he looked away Cody would disappear.

“Are you okay, cyare?” Cody asked gently, stepping in front of him, hands reaching up to cradle Obi-Wan’s face, thumbs rubbing comfortingly at Obi-Wan’s cheekbones. Obi-Wan blinked, coming back to focus on Cody.

“Yes, I-I believe so,” Obi-Wan murmured. Cody tilted his head, amber eyes examining him closely.

“Something to do with the Force?” Cody asked, concerned.

Obi-Wan ran a hand through his copper hair, messing it up slightly. “Yes, a feeling as though…as though I’m going to lose you,” Obi-Wan admitted. Cody pulled Obi-Wan close, ignoring Obi-Wan’s grumbled protest about his hard armour, holding him close as he nuzzled his face into Obi-Wan’s copper hair.

“You won’t lose me,” Cody promised. “I’ll always come back to you.” Obi-Wan relaxed, wrapped his arms around Cody’s waist.

“Even with the war?” Obi-Wan questioned gently. They both knew it was a possibly that one or both of them would not survive the war. Cody just pulled back, grabbing Obi-Wan’s hand and lifting it to his mouth, kissing it gently.

Cody smiled at him. “Of course, cyare, not even this war will keep me away from you.” Obi-Wan smiled at that, moving to rest his forehead against Cody’s, staring into his eyes. He groaned as his chrono beeped, a reminder that his meeting was soon. Cody chuckled and pulled back.

“You’re going to be late,” he sang teasingly.

“Worth it,” Obi-Wan retorted, winking at Cody. Cody just laughed as he picked up his helmet. They both left the apartment, both quiet until they stopped as they reached the main foyer, where they would part ways.

“Well, Commander, thank you for that report,” Obi-Wan said evenly, ever the calm General, in case of being overheard (which they were counting on). Cody smirked, thankfully hidden under his helmet.

“My pleasure, General, I will see you back on The Negotiator,” Cody replied, voice that of a calm, loyal Commander. Obi-Wan winked at him before he turned to go to his meeting. Cody headed back to the barracks to prepare his men.

Cody took off his helmet as he reached the barracks, tucking it under his arm as he walked inside the building, going straight to his shared quarters with Captain Rex, knowing he’d find the other there.

Rex met him in front of his room, a teasing grin playing on the blond clone’s lips. Cody just rolled his eyes, walking past Rex as he headed towards the mess. Rex fell into step beside him.

“Well, well, you are late this morning,” Rex teased, a small spring in his step as he got to tease his ori’vod. “Good lay then?”

“Rex, just because you’re my favourite vod does not mean I will not end you,” Cody replied deadpanned, causing Rex to snort.

“I better be your favourite,” Rex muttered, looking to Cody, who smirked. “Gods forbid that Wolffe or Ponds is your favourite,”

“You forgot Bly,” Cody pointed out with a grin as they reached the mess. Rex shot him an unamused glare.

“He has General Secura, he doesn’t care if he’s anyone’s favourite but hers,” Rex retorted, making Cody snort with suppressed laughter. They grabbed their breakfast, nodding to the men from the 501st and 212th who greeted them.

Cody sat down at one of the grey tables, Rex sitting across from him.

“But in all seriousness, how is Kenobi?” Rex asked as he set his helmet down beside his meal tray. Cody glanced at the blue Jaig Eyes decorating Rex’s helmet before turning his gaze onto his vod, suspicious.

“In what way?” he asked cautiously. Rex grinned at that, his golden-brown eyes glimmering.

“I was just wondering why you were late, that’s all,” Rex answered, “I mean, it’s not like I have my own Jedi friend to go…play with,”

Cody let out a cough that sounded suspiciously like “Fives,” causing Rex to scowl. Cody smirked at Rex’s scowl before giving a shrug, answering Rex’s previous question. “He had a Force moment,” he answered simply. “Went all quiet and just stared at me, like I was going to disappear if he stopped, turned out he felt like he was going to lose me.” Rex looked worried at that. Cody just give his brother a reassuring smile.

“I’m not going anywhere, Rex,” Cody soothed him. Rex gave a small grin.

“Well, you’re the most stubborn out of all of us, if anyone is gonna survive, it’s going to be you,” Rex admitted, causing Cody to chuckle.

“I’m pretty certain you’re the most stubborn, di’kut,” Cody replied, grinning.

They lapsed into easy conversation after that, planning some training drills for both of their battalions.

“Please keep Hardcase away from the live ammunitions during the training drills, please, I want to live,” Fives voice entered their conversation as the ARC trooper slid in to sit beside Rex on the bench, causing the blond 501st Captain to smile slightly. Tup, Kix, Jesse, Echo and Hardcase all joined them as well, their 501st blue quickly outnumbering Cody’s lone 212th gold.

“We’ll try,” Rex snorted in reply to Fives plea, “but we all know how twitchy he gets when he doesn’t get the big gun.”

Cody’s comm chimed, causing a hush to fall over the group as he answered, “Cody.”

Ah, Commander, we’re being sent on a joint mission with the 501st, could you get the boys ready to go by fifteen-hundred?” Obi-Wan’s voice replied, all business like. Cody smiled at that.

“They’ll be ready, sir,” he replied.

Good man, Cody, I’ll meet you on The Negotiator,” Obi-Wan responded fondly before he ended the comm. Cody rolled his eyes at the sound of kissy noises being made.

“Don’t make me put all of you on sanitation duties, you know I’ll do it,” Cody threatened them, eyes landing on Rex, who did his best to look innocent. The group quickly went quiet, with Kix giving Cody a sympathetic roll of his eyes as he looked at his brothers. Cody grinned at the medic.

“Well, you all heard Kenobi,” Cody sighed. “Rex, make sure the 501st is ready to go by then.”

“Will do, Codes,” Rex answered easily. Cody got to his feet and went to prepare his men.


The next two rotations passed in a whirlwind of them travelling to a small planet called Solstice before engaging with the Separatists forces. They had managed to drive the enemy back, clearing several villages, when the Generals called them to make camp.

Cody walked through the campsite, checking on his men, making sure they were settled and making sure there were guards on duty at every moment. Cody went and checked on the wounded, Kix giving him the rundown on the number and seriousness of the wounded under his care. Satisfied that the wounded were in good hands, Cody went off to find the General to report.

He found Obi-Wan standing with Anakin, his Padawan Ahsoka, and Rex, as they all looked at some maps of the area, highlighted where the enemy were gathering. Obi-Wan looked up, feeling Cody’s approach, and smiled warmly at him. Cody pulled off his helmet, tucking it under his arm as he stopped beside Obi-Wan.

“Cody, how did your rounds go?” Obi-Wan asked, stopping talks of plans for now.

“Good, General, all men are settled with guard rosters set, and the wounded are in the capable hands of Kix and Helix,” reported Cody formally. Obi-Wan nodded, grey eyes taking in Cody’s armour, which had a few new marks on it from some close calls, though that was nothing new from a battle. Cody tilted his head slightly, trying to reassure his cyare without words that he was okay. Obi-Wan gave a small nod, turning back to the map.

“I was actually going to take Captain Rex to scout this nearby village that we just cleared,” Cody pointed it out on the map, “to make sure no droids have come back to it that will threaten us during the night.” Obi-Wan gave a slow nod, stroking his beard.

“Sounds like a good idea,” he said slowly. “Okay, but be careful, both of you.” Cody gave Obi-Wan one last smile before he jammed on his helmet, Rex following suit.

“Sure ya don’t want to give him a goodbye kiss?” Rex teased through their private channel.

“Rex, I will assign you to latrine duty, I can actually do that,” Cody reminded him. “I’m sure your men will get a kick out of it, especially Fives.” He smirked at the sound of Rex’s grumbled muttering over the comm.

The two headed off after giving final instructions to their seconds.

“Ugh, I hate jungle planets,” Rex complained as he tripped over yet another vine hidden amongst the fallen foliage. Cody barely kept from laughing at the sight of his brother stumbling around.

“Come on, Captain, it’s better than a swamp planet,” Cody replied teasingly.

“Ha ha, laugh it up, Commander,” Rex retorted deadpan.

They finally reached the deserted village, its occupants long since fled once the Separatists had begun destroying the buildings, aiming to kill. Cody and Rex walked around the crumbled buildings, keeping an eye on their HUDs for any heat signatures or movements.

“They really did a number on this place,” Rex muttered darkly, head turning as he took in the destroyed buildings.

“The Seppies don’t give a damn about civilian life,” Cody sighed, shaking his head. He quickly spun around as he heard a grunt of pain from Rex. Rex was plucking a dart from his neck, shaking his head dizzily. Cody quickly jogged over to his side, hand going to support Rex’s arm as he swayed.

“Rex! What happened? Do you feel okay?” Cody questioned quickly as he examined the dart Rex was holding.

“I-I don’t know, I feel weird, Codes,” Rex murmured, voice slurring, as he swayed. Cody blinked rapidly a few times to activate scans on his HUD, looking for any lifeforms to find who had shot the dart and who to defend his brother and himself from. Rex’s knees buckled under him, sending him to the ground, Cody quickly crouching beside him and yanking his helmet off. Rex’s eyes were glazed as he blinked rapidly, as though trying to clear his vision, sweat appearing in Rex's hairline. Rex’s golden eyes landed on him, widening slightly.

“C-Cody, behind you,” Rex whispered before his eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped forward into Cody’s arms. Cody quickly, but carefully, laid Rex on the ground before he turned, defending himself against a blow aiming for his head. The force of it still knocked his helmet off. Cody reached for his blaster but it was quickly kicked from his hand by his attacker, sending it skidding across the ground, leaving him to fight hand to hand.

Cody glared at masked attacker as he took a few steps back, making sure to protect Rex while he was so vulnerable.

He needed Obi-Wan.

Cody reached to his comm but never reached it, another attacker lunging at him from the side, tackling him to the ground. Cody hit the dirt hard and was temporarily winded, giving his attackers time to roll him onto his stomach, pinning him down, as they forced his arms behind his back.

Cody struggled under them, trying to break free of their strong grips.

“A Commander and a Captain,” one of them sniggered. “We’ll be rich,”

“You won’t get away with this!” Cody snarled from under them. He hissed in pain as something sharp pricked his neck, breaching his neck seal.

“Ah, Commander, we already have,” one of them whispered in his ear before everything went black.