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I Will Wait

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Eren - pov

“Come on, Eren!” Carla tugged on Eren's little hand. “Don’t you wanna go play with your friends?” Carla lifted her hand to a small playground in a park. They went there often because the park was only a few blocks from their house.

Those ‘Friends’ his mother was referring too, were certainly NOT his friends. Eren didn’t feel like making a big deal about it so he turned to hug her, and set out towards the recreational grounds.

Eren skirted around the outside of the playground to avoid the other kids. He would have to find entertainment elsewhere. He found a swing set that was a good distance from the jungle gym. I could do that. He thought to himself.

Eren walked up to the swing and opted to sit facing away from the rest of the playground. That was a mistake because right before his butt hit the seat, he felt a force push on his back and he fell forward.

Sorry! That's my swing!” Eren turned to look in the direction the voice was coming from. Jean. Eren gritted his teeth as soon as he saw the jerk.

“Giving up already? Your boring today, Eren.” Jean scowled as Eren proceeded to rise, brush himself off and start to walk away.

“I’m not in the mood today, Horseface.” Eren insulted, turning his head forward again from where he delivered the insult over his shoulder

“Why you-...!” Jean quickly took off, throwing himself at Eren, knocking them both over.

Jean sat on Eren’s back while he pushed Eren’s face into the sand that covered the playground. “Call me horse face again!”

mphf!” Eren scoffed into the sand.

Hey!” A deep, older voice came from not too far off.

Jean flinched. “oh crap!” he panicked and jumped off of Eren. He ran off in some unseen direction, which Eren didn’t care to take note of. He was just glad to not be crushed anymore.

Eren pulled his face out of the sand and coughed. “You alright, brat?” The same voice from a few moments ago spoke again. Eren didn't get a chance to look at him before he was grabbed by the back of his shirt and lifted to his feet.

Eren quickly brushed off his face and clothes before he looked to a man kneeling in front of him.

He was beautiful, to say the least. His hair was dark as night and skin as pale as the moon itself, but it was his eyes that caught his attention most. They were a beautiful, deep, silver with a hint of blue around the edges. Eren blushed as he looked at the man. His heart started pounding and he had no idea why.

Kid?” The man asked again.

Eren was snapped out of his staring. “I-I’m sorry!” Eren stuttered

I didn’t ask for an apology, I asked if you were alright?” The man reached out and brushed off some of the sand that was still stuck to Eren's face.

Too stunned to say anything, Eren shook his head almost violently to say ‘yes’.

The man nodded back and stood up. He ruffled the kid's hair before turning away and walking back to a bench along the outside of the park.

Eren stood a minute and touched his hair where the man's hand had previously been. He wanted-, no, needed to know more about this man.


Levi - pov


Levi was more than happy to walk away from that kid. “damn it..” He whispered. His heart was pounding. The kid is probably an Omega. It was the only explanation, but he seemed far too young to present. Why was he even reacting? He’s never been affected by omegas before. And those eyes. tsk’ Levi spat. It wasn’t important right now anyway. He was here for a reason and he wasn't gonna let a brat ruin his plans.

He got back to the bench and sat down. He reached down and picked up his guitar then pulled his notepad back onto his lap. Flipping through the pages, he heard a noise next to him. He looked over to see the boy was back and climbing onto the bench next to him.

He decided to pay the kid no mind as he pulled his guitar close and played around with the chords he had been working on.

After a few minutes of playing the kid spoke up. “You’re really good!” He smiled.

“Thank you,” Levi said flatly. He stopped playing and thought for a moment before turning to the boy. “What’s your name, brat?”

Eren stared at him for a moment before smiling. “Eren!” He said matter-of-factly.

“How old are you, Eren?” Levi couldn't help but notice the way kid’s brilliant green eyes lit up when he started to pay attention to him. Like they went from dark forest green to a bright emerald and gold color.

“Ten!” Eren held up both hands to show 10 fingers.

Levi made a short giggle. A Giggle!? What is this kid doing to me?! Levi quickly frowned and looked away with slightly pink cheeks, embarrassed by his emotional slip.

“what about you?” Eren leaned forward to look at Levi’s face.

“Levi.” Levi finally looked back to Eren. The kid had a big goofy grin on his adorable little face. What was this boy doing to him?”

Eren!” They both looked up simultaneously but Eren was the only one who reacted to it.

“That’s my mom. I gotta go.” Eren looked back at Levi. “Will you be here again?” Eren climbed off the bench to stand in front of Levi.

“Possibly,” Levi smirked.

“Okay!” Eren smiled big again and ran off towards the voice of his mother calling a second time.

Levi sighed. He came to the park in hope of finding some inspiration for his new song. His friends had convinced him to try playing at a talent show they were holding at the local bar.

Guitar had always been Levi’s escape from his fucked up life living with his uncle. Kenny had a knack for using Levi as a punching bag when he got bored or drunk. The only reason he hadn't fought back was that there was nowhere else for him to go. He could see about staying with his best friend Erwin, but he felt like he would just dirty their overly expensive house.

On the other hand, he could see about staying with his other friend Hange. Levi mentally face-palmed himself at the very thought. She was a good friend, but easily his polar opposite. But she always stuck around when things got bad and that's what mattered.

With those thoughts suddenly coming to him, Levi found his inspiration to write had left. Leaving him sitting in a park full of screaming kids and a headache that slowly started to rear its ugly head.

Levi stood and slung his guitar onto his back. He picked up his notebook and slipped it into his pocket. Turning on his heal, he started his treck back home. Hopefully, his uncle was still passed out. That would make the hasty retreat to his room a little more bearable.  


Carla/Eren - pov


“Did you make a new friend?” Carla asked while she and Eren made their way back home.

“Yeah! His name was Levi! He showed me a song he was working on, or at least I think it’s his own song. He didn’t say, but I've never heard it before.” Eren was more than happy to talk about his new friend.

Carla smiled at her son’s enthusiasm. “That was very nice of him.”

“Uh-huh!” Eren agreed. The rest of the walk home was spent in silence aside from Eren’s humming. Carla assumed it was the song his new friend played for him. From what she heard, it was very pretty.

Once they got to the door, Carla opened it as Eren slipped inside their cozy little home. The front door opened up to a short hallway that broke up into the living room on the left. Making his way to the couch, Eren plopped onto it face first, still humming his little tune.

“Eren, what do you want for dinner?” Carla walked through the living room and made her way to the kitchen.

“Food!” Eren rolled over to yell.

“Very funny.” Carla laughed to herself.

Eren got up off the couch to meet his mother in the kitchen. “Anything is fine.” he sat down on one of the bar stools that sat right outside the kitchen, looking in.

“Sandwiches it is!” Carla moved to the fridge to start pulling things out. On the other side of the house, the two heard a door shut. “Sounds like your dad’s home!” she said as she set the ingredients she had retrieved on the counter.

“Hey,  guys!” Grisha greeted as he walked into the kitchen. On his way in he ruffled Eren's hair, much like Levi had earlier. Eren gritted his teeth and shoved the man's hand away.

“Eren, be nice.” Carla scolded her son.

Eren scoffed. “He smells like someone else.” He glared at his father.

“He’s been at work all day, of course, he smells like others!” Carla turned back to making the sandwiches.

When she wasn't looking, Grisha glared at Eren. Eren got off the stool and started walking away. “I’ll be in my room,” he said as he walked through the living room and across the short hall to his bedroom.

After shutting his door, Eren walked to his desk on the far wall and sat down. He opened a drawer and pulled out a notebook. He was drawing a picture very angrily when he heard a soft knock on the door.

“Eren, can I come in sweetie?” Carla asked quietly.

“Yeah.” Eren set down his pen as his mom slowly came in. Once he heard the door shut he turned to her. “Why do you stay with him?” Eren whisper-yelled. Carla sat on the bed beside his desk.

For a Ten-year-old, Eren was very smart. “Because I have to.” She said sadly.

“But Why?!” Eren said a little louder. He couldn't understand why she was pushing herself to stay with someone who was clearly cheating on her with someone else.

“As an omega, it's hard to get a job. He’s the only reason you have clothes on your back and a roof over your head. I don't mind carrying this burden if it means that you’ll be safe and healthy. I’ll be fine. Now, here.” Carla set a plate she was holding on his desk. “Eat up. I'm going to go clean up the house. Put your plate in the dishwasher when you’re done.” And with that Carla left the room.

Eren turned back to his notebook and pulled the page he was drawing on, out of the book. He balled it up and threw it into the waste bin beside the desk. Sighing, he stood and walked to his bed. He laid down and thought of the events of his day. Luckily those thoughts brought him back to his new friend. Eren rolled onto his back and started to hum Levi’s song again. He really hoped Levi was there tomorrow.




Eren was pulling on his pajama shirt when his mother knocked on his door. “Eren? Are you done?”

“Yes, mom! You can come in now.” Eren jumped onto his bed as his mom walked over to sit next to him. She pulled back the blankets so Eren could crawl under them. Carla set the blankets down on Erens legs because the boy didn’t lay down all the way. Instead, he pushed his butt back so he was leaning against the headboard of his bed.

“Mom? Can you tell me a story before you go?” Eren asked, looking at his mother as he pulled his knees up to his chest.

Carla looked at her son. “Sure.” She smiled down at him. “There once was a great alpha king that ruled over a land far away from any others. The King had a beautiful omega wife who always sang such beautiful music. The whole kingdom treasured her voice and held big balls just so they could hear her sing.”

Eren smiled as he closed his eyes to imagine the story his mother was bringing to life.

“The King and Queen were soon expecting a baby but it was not a happy ending for her, for she had passed away while bringing the baby into the world. The King was forlorn at the loss of his queen and banished all music from his kingdom, for every note reminded him of his sweat queen and it was too painful to stand. After all,  music was banned, anyone caught performing it was set to the dungeon to rot away for the rest of their lives.”

“No!” Eren yelled suddenly, startling Carla a bit.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asked.

Eren threw his legs out from under the blankets and stood on his bed. “This is supposed to be a happy story!” he yelled in retaliation.

“Eren,” Carla called sweetly. “I haven't finished my story yet.”

“Fine.” Eren plopped back down on the bed and crossed his arms.

“Now where was I?” Carla thought out loud. “Ah, yes. 16 years after the Queen's death and the banishment of music, the King found himself with a new problem. The Prince. He was a stubborn, headstrong alpha boy that sought adventure whenever and wherever he could. One day the Prince had managed to sneak out of the castle and went walking along the farms to watch the animals play. As he passed one particular barn, he heard the most beautiful sound coming from it.”

“What was it?!” Eren interrupted.

“Hush! Let me tell you!” Carla giggled. “The Prince could not deny his curiosity and so he decided to venture closer to the barn that the noise had been coming from. Inside was a boy about the same age as he. Only, this boy was an omega. The boy was brushing down a white mare. It appeared that the sound was coming from him. The Prince had to get closer to get a better look. Upon approaching, he tripped over a broom and startled the farm boy. When he turned to see a well-dressed alpha on the ground behind him, he yelled and ran behind the horse. “Wait!” The prince called out to the boy. “What was that sound?” The farm boy slowly moved out from behind the horse. “What sound?” he asked. “The sound you were making just now.” The prince replied. “Oh. I'm sorry, did it offend you?” The boy averted his eyes, worried that the other boy was going to yell at him. “No. It was beautiful.” was all the prince could say to quell the boy's worries.” Carla stopped.

Eren had fallen asleep at some point so she decided to finish the story another time. He had managed to fall asleep sitting up. Carla giggled quietly as she pulled back the covers to move Eren into place. Once he was tucked back in, she leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Goodnight, my sweet baby,” she whispered.

Carla walked to the door and turned off the lights, slowly closing the door behind her as she left.




Levi’s POV


Upon reaching his home, Levi was quite glad to see that his uncle was still passed out on the couch. He quickly and quietly made his way upstairs to his room. Once inside, he set his guitar inside his closet to protect it from his uncles ‘tendencies’. Those being, grabbing anything he could find in Levi’s room to use as a good bat for his very own game of baseball. The ball ending up being Levi nine out of ten times.

Checking the time, Levi saw it was about six. He should probably find some dinner considering he didn't get any last night. The only thing in his stomach at this point was a granola bar he had this morning after finding some loose change in his uncle's room. Because the man had passed out downstairs on the couch, he was pretty safe scrounging around in his drawers without any hassle.

Leaving his room, he made his way down the stairs and to the right, into the kitchen. Opening the fridge was an instant regret. The smell worse than an arrogant alpha in rut. Pulling his shirt up to his nose, he moved to the cupboards. He found some expired soup and chewed up boxes of pasta. Probably mice. Levi cringed.

Food was suddenly unappetizing so Levi opted to scrounge for some more change to get some food when he was ready to eat again.

Right as he was about to leave the kitchen, he ran into something solid that reeked of alcohol. Jumping back suddenly, Levi found himself staring up at his uncle who was very sober and very angry for it.

“What do you think you’re doing, boy?” Kenny glared down at Levi.

“I was just looking for food. There is nothing so I'll just leave.” Levi tried to duck past Kenny.

“Not so fast.” Kenny extended his arm to stop his nephew in his tracks. “I’m a little low on funds. Whatcha got?” He pushed Levi back a bit and held out his hand to accept any change the boy was to give him.

“Sorry. I don't have any.” Levi tried to leave again.

“Don't give me that bull, son. Now cough it up!” Kenny pushed Levi back but this time with a little more force, causing him to fall back onto the floor.

“I told you, I don't have any!” Levi started to push himself back away from the man that was towering over him and walking closer.

grah!” Kenny grunted as he reached down for the boy, grabbing him by the neck of his shirt and pulling him up to his face.

haa!” Levi held on for dear life to his uncle's wrist.

Kenny pulled him in close. “Ah, to hell with ya’!” He threw Levi back to the ground. “I’ll find my own damn money then.” With that, Kenny left the room and went up the stairs.

Levi reached for his neck. That was a close one. He thought. That was it. It was too dangerous to stay here any longer. The last thing he needed was to wait until Kenny realized all his own money was gone and get even more pissed. Levi bolted up the stairs and into his room. He grabbed a backpack and started grabbing essentials. Cloths, toothbrush, wallet, phone and even some deodorant. He looked to his closet and saw a small part of his guitar sticking out from behind the door. Grabbing it, Levi went to the window and opened it. Luckily for him, there was a lower part of the roof where the house extended out on the first floor.

He stuck the guitar out the window first. Then himself. As he started to shut the window, he heard Kenny yell his name from the other bedroom. Quickly shutting the window, Levi scooted to the edge of the roof. He looked down to find a clearing he thought to be less painful looking then landing on a bush. He drooped his bag and guitar into the bush and then hopped off into the clearing. His room was located in the back of the house so once he grabbed his things, Levi had to brave the backyard fence. He opted to climb it because the gate was very squeaky and the last thing he needed to do was call on the attention of his uncle to the side yard where he was trying to make his escape.

Levi slung his guitar over his back and hauled himself up and over the six-foot fence. He almost missed the sound of a door inside the house being slammed shut by the sound of his own two feet hitting the ground. Panic started to rise in him. His uncle probably already caught on. Levi bolted through the front yard and down the street.

Leviii!” A distant beckon was barely heard as Levi booked it through his neighborhood. He had to find a place to hide so he could call Erwin. Hopefully,  he wouldn't mind if he just stayed the night. At this point in the fall, the sun was already starting to set at such an early time. It would be pitch black out in a matter of just thirty minutes. Only a few more blocks away was the local gas station. He just had to make it there and call Erwin before Kenny comes looking for him. Turning to look down his street before he turned, Levi saw his uncle’s car pull out of their driveway. Shit shit shit! Levi started to panic more. His uncle was fast! He wasn't going to make it to the gas station on foot when his uncle was only 3 blocks away with a car. He had to improvise. Taking a quick right, Levi cut through someone's yard. Just on the other side was the park he was playing at merely an hour or two ago. It felt like ages. On the far side of the park was some woods that had hiking trails through them. A car could never get in there without difficulty and he already had a decent lead on foot so Levi opted for that. Making his way up the trail, he steered off and took a deer path to get out of the sight of any lights that might try to spot him.

Once Levi felt he was deep enough in, he slowed and leaned up against a tree. Breathing heavily, he slid down so to sit and pulled out his phone. “ twenty-seven percent. Shit.” Levi mumbled to himself. Pulling up his contacts, he selected ‘ Eyebrows’ and hit call. The phone rang three times until someone finally answered.

Hello?” A deep voice came through.

“Hey Erwin, It’s me.” Levi paused. “I need help.”

Where are you?” The voice asked.

“Shiganshina Park. Somewhere in the trails.” Levi replied.

I’ll be right there. Look for my truck.” Then the person hung up.

Looking out into the woods, Levi realized he could barely see anything. He could turn on his flashlight on his phone but he would risk being seen. Taking a deep breath, Levi looked around in hopes that his eye would adjust. Lucky for him, the moon was full tonight and there was only slight overcast. His eyes adjusted quite quickly and so he started backtracking.

Once Levi found the main trail, backtracking became fairly simple. He approached the edge of the woods with caution. Looking for any signs of life other than wild. He looked to the parking lot and saw the silhouette of a truck with a large man sitting on the bed. Levi approached it slowly.

Erwin?” Levi whisper-yelled.

The head of the man turned. “Levi?”

Upon hearing his friends voice, Levi relaxed. “Thank god you’re here. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't picked up.”

“No problem, Man. Just tell me what happened on the way home.” Erwin hopped off the bed of his truck and made his way to the driver's door. Levi followed suit and got into the passenger's side.

With both men inside and on their way out of the park, Erwin spoke up. “So… Wanna tell me what happened? We all know your uncle is a piece of garbage. Did he finally chase you out?”

“I wouldn't have been hiding in the woods if he had. No. I ran. Like the coward I am. I stole some money for food from him. There was no way I was going to live through that one if he had found out a minute sooner.” Levi leaned his head up against the window of Erwin’s truck.

Damn. So this is it. You finally got the courage to leave that piece of trash.” Erwin laughed.

“But what am I going to do now? I have no money. no family. I don't even have a car!” Levi slumped his head into his hand. “I have nothing.” He said quietly. Almost inaudible. But Erwin heard him.

“You’re wrong.” Erwin pulled into his driveway. “You have me. You have us! My whole family! We keep our friends very close and when they are in trouble, we help.” Erwin got out of the car before Levi could even process what he had said.

Erwin rounded the car and opened Levi’s door. 

“No,” Levi said flatly. “I can't do that to you guys. I just need a place for the night.”

“Don't be ridiculous and get out of the car.” Erwin grabbed Levi’s bag and guitar and started for the door. “Lock it on your way out!” he shouted to his friend over his shoulder.

Tsk.” Levi hit ‘lock’ then slammed the door shut. He sulked after his taller friend and grabbed the door for him.

“Thanks, ” Erwin said to the smaller alpha.

“Don't mention it,” Levi grumbled and followed suit after the other.