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Forgotten Encounter / Inklings

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She's suddenly the leader of The Narrows and it all feels so . . . heady.

"Thank you, by the way, for saving my bacon," Ed says to her as he sips a grasshopper, his signature drink. He lifts the glass to her. "If it wasn't for you, I would have been toast – or more precisely, roast."

He laughs at his own joke.

Firefly had threatened to barbeque them all down to a crispy skin. Until Lee had taken her out with a pistol and some well-chosen words that was. Words that he had found endlessly amusing.

"And thanks for the drink," he says downing it with a wink before standing up and walking away.

Since her first proclamation of "drinks on the house!" about an hour ago, it's been getting quite rowdy in here. She's drinking too – but it isn't from pleasure – or pain. She's keyed up and in need of some kind of release. But she isn't sure the alcohol's doing the trick.

She watches Ed walk away, still adorned in the faux brushed satin suit that he wears when he entertains the people of The Narrows by mocking Penguin. It is dull and lifeless … but there is something about the way it fits him … the trim waistcoat, snug over impeccably fitting pants … and the way he moves in it. She shakes her head to clear the stray thought and asks the barkeep for another one.

Ed had crouched down before Grundy the moment Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina had taken off, abandoning their plans to kidnap Ed and take him to Penguin – which had been the entire reason that they and Firefly, Penguin's enforcer, had been sent The Narrows in the first place. Grundy, who was usually Ed's biggest protector, was terrified of fire and had been reduced to a sobbing mess on the floor of the arena once Firefly came blazing in and had remained so until she had been subdued and the other three were gone.

Lee had watched in amazement as Ed had reached out to Grundy to comfort him as soon as he was free of Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina's clutches - before doing anything else.

"Hey, it's okay big guy. Firelady can't hurt you."

Grundy eventually groaned, accepting Ed's words as truth, and said, "Grundy safe."

Ed had stayed with him until he was alright.

Amazing. Perhaps Ed could actually care about someone besides himself.

As Lee was on checking Grundy later, to make sure he hadn't been too damaged in the fight, Ed had stood behind her, amusing himself by reliving her melodramatic takedown of Firefly over and over. She'd never live that down.

"Hey Firefly, you're the only one who stinks around here," he'd say as he made his fingers into a gun, pretending to be her. Then he'd laugh and repeat.

She had rolled her eyes and tried to explain herself to him, but that's not what's caught in her memory right now. No, she remembers him standing behind her. And just how close he had stood to her head. She hadn't been facing him, but she had been thinking about exactly what his outfit looked like in that moment … the waistcoat, barely touching his waistband, sometimes exposing the button beneath, the coat with tails trailing down the side of his legs…

She shivers at the delicious memory. She might not have laid eyes on him directly, but she had felt his close proximity. And just how warm he was . . .

Lee had been pent up, restless, ever since Ed had convinced her to step up and take leadership of The Narrows – after they had both recognized the power vacuum that Cherry's demise had just left.

"If you don't do it, somebody else will. Probably worse than Cherry," he had said and pointed out that the people of The Narrows appeared to have already acknowledged her as their new leader. The looks on their faces . . .

Was this restlessness, this need, a power rush? Anxiety over the future? Or something else?

It didn't matter. She needed relief.

But Ed?

She finds him in the green room, not changed out of that suit just yet. Good.

"Lee –"

She doesn't even give him a chance to finish, just presses him against a wall, knocks off his bowler hat to better reach the back of his head, and pulls him down for a kiss. Which he reciprocates. Deeply. She finds it a little disturbing just how easily he responds. Shouldn't he at least be shocked at her behavior?

Apparently not.

He's greedily devouring her as much as she's devouring him. And they're both pulling each other's clothes off. Her green velvet jacket joins his coat with tails on the floor. She's opened his waistcoat and he's pulling her shirt over her head. That hideous purple patterned tie of his has GOT to come off. And it does in a flourish, just as he undoes her belt buckle.

They still haven't spoken, not even when their lips aren't locked in fiercely passionate battle. They just breathe heavily as the articles of clothing come off, one piece at a time.

She's nearly naked by the time her hand reaches the top of his waistband. Pants are all he's got left on.

They are forehead to forehead when he gruffly says, "Lee…"

"Mmm…?" She starts to undo the button.

He stays her hand. "Lee, wait."

"What is it?"

"I think I should tell you something."


"The night Kristen died –"

Lee stiffens.

"Sorry." He puts his hands on her shoulders and then trails them down her arms to calm her before he proceeds. "That was the first time I ever –"

"Had sex?"


As a physician, she knows that many people lose their virginity much earlier in life than people are lead to believe - and others much later. Ed hadn't exactly been a stud muffin in his youth - she could tell. So she isn't shocked. "And?"

"And, well, I've only been with one other."

"That's okay."

"No, Lee, you don't understand."

"Don't understand what?"

"That relationship was very short lived." A mask of sadness descends upon his face.

Since when can Ed feel sad? She had assumed that he was likely a psychopath and that those kind of emotions were beyond his reach. It had certainly seemed that way after Kristen's death. But she had been getting to know him on a different level down here in The Narrows. They had inadvertently become closer than they ever had been when they worked at the GCPD. And certainly, they were on more equal footing now that he was no longer her subordinate.

"I was only with her for about a week," Ed says forlornly.

"I'm sorry," Lee says and touches his face gently, honestly shocked that he's opening up to her about this. Never in a million years . . .

"So, I'm still practically a virgin, Lee. Go easy on me." An impish smile starts to replace the sadness on his face. It's a delightful thing to see. "I don't think I know what I'm doing."

"Oh, I'm sure you know plenty," Lee says and bops his nose. "But I'll be nice."

"Oh, you don't have to be nice. You can be naughty," he teases.

"We'll get there," she replies and gets to work on that button as his fingers loop themselves into the side of her panties.

What is she doing? It feels so good and she needs a release, but this is Ed. What is she going to do about this when they're finished?

He finds that spot again and her thoughts become a blur – she's nothing but a ball of goo within minutes. Crying out, the whole nine.

"I can tell you liked that," Ed says and bops her nose when she's finished. He's picked that up from her.

"Now just what can I do for you, Mister?" she asks, rolling him over.

"Oh . . . oh my."

"Never tried this one?"

"Uh, no."

He pounds up into her so forcefully that her breasts end up bouncing every which way as she rides him. They've never gotten this out of control before.

"Like the view?" she asks.

"I'm not sure I can concentrate on the view."

"Come on, I thought guys were visual."

"Not the smart ones."

She laughs so hard she stops. He can be so delightfully . . . different. "What floats your boat then, Ed?"

He rolls her over. "What do you think?"

She just shakes her head. She has no idea.

"Brains," he says softly and touches her forehead with his fingertip. "Which is why I'm so glad you're going to find a way to get mine back."

Now she just feels guilty. She pulls him down in order to bite his neck, burying her face in it so that he can't see her expression. She has no intentions of helping him with that.

He finds his way back inside of her and she arches and moans beneath him as he does. She had no idea what he'd been concealing in his pants - he can reach parts of her that no one else has. When this is over she'll have to refrain from letting herself get distracted by that. That's something else she has no intentions of doing. Starting something with Ed. She had just needed a release right now… That's all.

She can hear him growling in her ear, it almost sounds like snarling, as his hot breath permeates her hair, and the hand cradling her head tightens. Then he suddenly arches away from her and she can see his face as he finishes. His eyelids flutter in pleasure and his face has gone utterly slack. And then with a high pitched whine, his face scrunches up into what looks like a grimace of pain and he collapses on top of her.

He has filled her with warmth, and joy . . . but most of all, he has released her.

"Stay here," she says and rolls him over. She stands up and puts on a minimal amount of clothes.

"Okay," he says panting, lying naked on the green room floor as if he's stunned.

She heads down to her clinic.

When Lee comes back, Ed is sitting up, but still naked. He seems to mind getting caught naked just about as much as she does. Which is not at all. The green room isn't exactly a private place. She lets out a little laugh. Jim was often embarrassed about every little thing – even something as minor as kissing in public – and Ed's so different. It's refreshing. But it's also got to end here.

She joins him on the floor, a small syringe hidden within her pocket.

"Ed, I like this side of you."

"I like this side of you too, Lee." A smug smile starts to grow on his face.

Yeah, she doesn't need this.

With one quick stab of the syringe and a roll of his eyes, he plops back down onto the floor. She had given him a little bit of a drug she thankfully had in her clinic – one that had the quite helpful side effect of causing amnesia in regards to more recent events. Ed's not likely to remember what's happened between them. And that's the way she needs it to be because she doesn't want their dynamic to change - she likes what they've got going. And now that she will be ruling The Narrows she will need his – uncomplicated – assistance.

As she dresses him so that he doesn't wake up buck naked and totally confused as to how he got that way, she thinks about how she likes what he's becoming – he seems more like the earnest, innocent Ed that she used to work with all those years ago and less like . . . The Riddler. She doesn't like that guy. She knows he's holding Ed's brain hostage as a way to resurface. And it's why she won't help him.

"Sweet dreams," Lee says and kisses him one last time, hoping that those dreams don't feature her but if they do, that they aren't too naughty.

She lets herself out and leaves Ed sleeping peacefully on the floor of the green room, blissfully unaware of what had just transpired between them.