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Titans Beyond

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Titans Beyond

Chapter 1: Forthcoming

Author: Brruundin

Warning, I do not own the Titans or any other DC characters I may use.

Time has passed (about a year and a half or so) The other Titans decided it was time to explain their team and include some new junior members. Nightwing received some recommendations from Batman and the other members of the Justice! League and held auditions and interviews with the rest of his team, they finally decided on four new members. Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, and Robin (Damian Wayne version). The tower was big enough to fit everyone and the increase in crime around the city, they decided this was the best option. On the first day of training, Nightwing and Cyborg decide to put the newbies to some rigorous exercises.

"Alright everyone, welcome to your first day as Titans, it's not going be easy, but we feel that you four have what it takes to become valuable members of the team," Nightwing says while looking at his new trainees.

"Yeah what Rob- I mean Nightwing said, sorry but it's going to be weird calling you that especially that we have ANOTHER Robin like really dude? We couldn't pick a different name for him?" Cyborg exclaims, while scratching his head, confused about why that can't call him bird boy or something easy to remember.

"No, I get that Cyborg, but I'm sure you guys will get used to it after a while like Batman did" Robin says, responding to Cyborg's concerns. The other new Titans smirk and Lagoon Boy lets out a laugh.

"Hey listen up! We need to get serious!" Nightwing exclaims while trying to focus his team on the training at hand.

"First, I'm going to have you try to hit me, one at a time. Blue Beetle, you're up first" Nightwing says, clinching his fists together ready to embarrass the new guys.

"Got it" Blue Beetle says while getting ready to attack, we're going to destroy him.

"No dude! Relax" Blue Beetle says to his suit as it continues to talk back to him.

Blue Beetle then launches himself at Nightwing , only to then have his attacked blocked and he's launched to the ground. I told you to go for his other side.

"Look okay I didn't think it was going to be that difficult!" Blue Beetle says as he continues his internal conflict. Miss Martian giggles behind him.

"So, first lesson, always expect a counter attack and know how to adjust to your opponent" Nightwing says, as he brushes the dust off his shoulder. "Miss Martian you're up next!"

Miss Martian nodes, and quickly strikes, when Nightwing goes for the counter attack, she goes invisible and dodges his blow, she quickly tries to strike again but it doesn't work this time, he blocks and tosses her on the ground.

"Oof, Hello Megan! You should have seen that coming." Miss Martian says to herself with her signature catchphrase while picking herself off the ground.

"Second lesson always prefer for the unexpected and learn to read your opponent's abilities, most of the enemies' you guys will go against, we have faced before, and our computer system has their fighting style and abilities on file. Be sure to study up and see what's there" Nightwing says, while prepping the group for their next task.

"Alrighty, if you all will follow me, were going down to training area, to do some simple team training drills" Cyborg says as he takes the lead on this this.

"Your mission is simple, Subdue the enemy, and rescue the victim, make sure nobody is harmed. Got it? Coo, BB is going to be the victim in this scenario because he's usually the one getting caught hahaha booyah!" Cyborg says so that Beast Boy can hear.

"Dude! Don't let the new guys think that! I'm not a damsel in distress!" Beast Boy says while morphing into a puppy and begins to whimper.

"Awww its okay! You're still a good boy!" Cyborg says, continuing to tease Beast Boy, who does not find this amusing.

"Alrighty, well Nightwing and I are gonna monitor the situation from upstairs, after you finish the task, well tell you what to do over the intercom, good? Any questions? No? Alrighty good luck! Kick some butt!" Cyborg says, while trying to motivate the new trainees on their first training team exercise.

Cyborg and Nightwing then head upstairs to watch the action happen, as they get into place they hear a familiar voice behind them.

"So how do you think they'll do..." Raven says while entering the command center.

"Dunno... so far they're doing fine, they need to trust each other more though... see! Right there! Robin should have told Lagoon to dodge that boulder and now he's done on the ground wasting extra time!" Nightwing exclaims disapprovingly.

"Relax Nightwing, they're just getting use to each other, they've only been here a few days, I think they're doing fine, remember when we first got together? It was terrible! Beast Boy almost died several times!" Cyborg says trying to make light of the situation.

"I guess you're right. It's still early, they have time." Nightwing says looking back at the computer to see the results.

"Well looks like they finished, you two should probably let them know how they did" Raven says, with a sort of half enthusiastic tone.

"Alright, guys good work for today. That concludes today's exercises. Head upstairs for feedback and lunch, Starfire and Terra went out to get Pizza" Nightwing says, proud of the good work his team did today.

"Pizza! Booyah!" Cyborg says always excited to eat his favorite food.

The Titans then all head upstairs and begin to go over what was good and what was bad. All and all a good first day, but there's much more to come, this is only the beginning.

A/N Done! So this story was originally posted on but I hadn't updated in several years, so I decided to take a time jump and update there. However, I feel these new chapters can also stand on their own so I decided to post them here as well, so let me know what you think! If you have any questions, or want the full story let me know! Read and Review! :)