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Dangerous Game

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Sweat drips down her face, collecting in pools at the dip of her collarbone. Her feet pound against the dewy grass, her thighs burning in exertion. Her breathing comes out laboured as her lungs fight to regain they oxygen they’ve lost. Adrenaline pumps through her lean body as her eyes look around her, trying to find a clear spot amongst the chaos around her. Shouts are heard, cries of pain are hauled into the crisp Fall air. Bodies run past her, trying to stop her from getting to her goal. She takes no notice of them, her eyes firmly planted onto the cool, collected eyes of her teammate's. With one look they silently exchange words. With a burst of adrenaline, she pushes herself harder and runs into a clearing. As soon as she does so, the teammate kicks the ball over to her, the black and white ball flies over the heads of her opponents and straight to her feet.

Quick as a flash, she's making her way down the field, dodging the attacks she's getting thrown at her. She's almost there, almost able to taste the victory on her tongue as the clock ticks the seconds away in her head.

An unexpected force collides into her feet. One moment she’s watching the ball, the next she’s watching as the grass quickly plummets towards her. Sticking her arms out, she softens her landing and allows herself to roll through the green blades and land on her back.

Her eyes close when the whistle sounds, not signalling a foul, no. Signalling the end of the game.

She groans and smacks her forehead. When she opens her eyes again, she's faced with the only thing she hates, the only thing she despises.

Brown eyes twinkled down at her, an evil, sadistic smile traces the owner’s lips. The bright blue uniform bores down at her with as much arrogance as the person wearing the uniform.

This couldn't be any worse.

"Oops, sorry," their voice says with false sincerity "Let me help you up" a small, tanned hand reaches down towards her.

She looks down to the offered hand and notices tiny marks dotted about the otherwise perfect skin. Some are new marks, with a pink hue to them, whilst others are now scars. A blonde eyebrow raises in question and she looks back up to the owner. There’s a brief flash of something in the brown orbs, but it’s gone as quick as it appeared.

"Like hell you will" the annoyed, gruff sound of her best friend says, coming into view and viciously pushing the other girl out of the way.

"Calm down, Lopez," They say, still smirking at her as Lopez helps her up from the ground.

"I'll calm down when you grow a few inches taller, Berry." Lopez says with a growl before turning to the girl in her arms "You alright Quinn?"

Quinn places a hand on her shoulder and nods "Santana, let me." She whispers in Santana's ear before stepping between her and Rachel.

She dusts grass off of her shorts and clears her throat "Fair game, Berry. Shame it was only a friendly" she says, smiling sweetly at her opponent.

"Yes, shame, because if it wasn't a friendly, we would've destroyed you and your pathetic team." The evil smirk turns into a snarl as Rachel speaks.

"We only drew because the ref didn't call you out on your foul. What did you bribe him with this time? A blow job behind the bleachers after the game? Or did you already do it? Someone should tell him to get his dick checked out, god knows what STDs you’ve passed on to him."

Brown eyes flare up in anger at her words and she takes a menacing step towards the blonde captain. Quinn smirks when the tiny brunette still has to tilt her head to look at her. "I wouldn't push me if I was you, Fabray" Rachel warns, her face getting close to Quinn's.

"Oh I'm just getting started, Berry," Quinn growls back.

"Girls, shake hands and leave, I don't want any trouble on my pitch!" The ref says, walking up to the two bickering girls.

Hardly containing their disgust, the girls shake hands. As Quinn goes to walk away, Rachel tugs on her hand forcefully, bringing their bodies flush together, her breath blowing into Quinn's ear. The air is palpable around them. Quinn finds her throat closing at their close proximity, her breathing becoming ragged.

"You think this is the end of it? You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. I'll see you at the Tournament" she growls before pulling back. Quinn manages a scoff in return. Rachel gives Quinn one last look before turning and jogging over to her team.

Quinn watches the smaller girl go, her anger slowly dissipating. The words “Berry” glare back at her from the girl’s top, accentuated by the blue and white swirl of the Carmel high school’s mascot, the greyhound. Without realizing it, Quinn’s eyes drift down, landing on the wiggling bum of her rival for a moment. She bites her lip and tilts her head to the side. Upon catching herself, she shakes her head vigorously and walks away to Coach Roz and the rest of her waiting team.

"Never in my life have I seen such poor play happen on the pitch..." Roz's voice floats over to Quinn when she moves to stand beside Santana. They both look at each other and roll their eyes, knowing what type of rant Roz will go off on. "Little miss petunia here," Quinn looks over, realising Roz is talking about her, "Was only just able to keep possession of the ball before the little brown ball of annoying ran over and attacked her."

"She came out of nowhere Coach, we tried to stop her." Ramona, the team’s best midfielder says from next to Quinn.

"I do not care where she came from, your job is to keep her away from Fabray. I did not win three bronze medals at the Beijing Olympics in synchronised swimming or bring our Female Olympic soccer team to victory in the recent London Olympic Games on trying . I did and that's it. Get your sorry asses into the locker rooms."

The girls on the team all grumble, not too happy about going to the lockers. Due to how cheap Figgins is, the McKinley Soccer Team must share their locker room with any visiting team.

This, Quinn was dreading.

She doesn't know when, why, or how her feud with Rachel started, it just did. One day they were friends, the next they weren’t. Quinn still remembers when the Berry’s had first moved in and how excited she was to have a new friend.

Ten years ago

Seven-year-old Quinn sits on her doorstep, watching in excitement as removal men carry the furniture of their new neighbours into the house next door. She's been waiting to see any hint of a kid her age living there. So far, she's been disappointed. Not a single box has shown any sign of a kid moving in.

No one else has turned up yet, it's just been the removal men bringing in a dining table, chairs, a coffee table, a coach and a few beds. The boxes they carry are taped up, stopping Quinn from seeing what's inside.

She stands on her tiptoes, peering over the fence when she hears the sound of a baby. Her eyes light up in excitement and she eagerly waits to see who’s making that sound.  When she spots a baby doll poking out of one of the boxes, Quinn finds herself jumping on her toes in excitement. They have a child! Finally, she'll have someone to play with!

Green eyes dart over to the street when the sound of a car pulling up fills the otherwise quiet neighbourhood. She watches as a tall, dark-skinned man steps out of the driver's side, soon followed by a smaller, pale man with thick-rimmed glasses. The taller man steps around the car and hugs the smaller one, placing a kiss on his head.

Quinn's eyebrows furrow at the sign of affection. She’s never seen two men show affection to each other like Dad and Mom do.

"What are you doing Quinnie?" Quinn hears her Mom call as she walks out of the house. Upon reaching Quinn, she places a caring hand on her head. Quinn feels her mother’s fingers lovingly playing with her hair and turns to her with a smile.

"Mom, can a man kiss another man?" Quinn asks.

The fingers falter for a moment, before continuing the comforting touches. "Of course, love is love, no matter where it comes from." Satisfied with the explanation, Quinn turns back to the two men, who are now fussing about with something in the boot of their car. "Russell! Our new neighbours are here!" Quinn hears Mom call out.

Quinn becomes confused as she sees more and more children toys leave the moving van, but still no sign of a child. They even walk past with a swing set at one point, but the child still has yet to be seen.

The two men spot Quinn and her Mom watching and approach them with big smiles on their faces. The taller man holds his hand out for Mom to shake. Quinn's eyes widen at how large his hands are.

"Hello, I'm Leroy Berry and this is my Husband Hiram Berry, I take it you're our new neighbours," Leroy says.

Mom smiles back and shakes his hand, moving to shake Hiram's as well "Judy Fabray. My husband will be out in a minute to welcome you."

Right on time, Dad appears at Quinn's left side and immediately picks her up, "Hey kiddo!" he says, tickling her sides. Quinn giggles, hitting away her Dad's hands.

“Russell, dear, this is Leroy and Hiram Berry,” Mom says to Dad, getting him to notice the new additions to the neighbourhood.

Dad turns his attention to the men and smiles, "Hello I'm Russell Fabray, this is our Daughter, Quinn" He holds out a hand to Leroy, who shakes it with a pleasant smile.

Leroy, the scarier looking one turns to Quinn with a gentle smile. “Hello Quinn, it’s lovely to meet you. This is my husband, Hiram.” From that one, gentle smile, Quinn finds herself feeling at ease with this man and his husband. She manages a small smile and wave, too shy to say anything.

Hiram, with his funny looking glasses, gives Quinn an over exaggerated bow and a charming “M’Lady”, making Quinn giggle at his silliness.

"Rachel, our daughter, is here somewhere," Leroy says, starting to look around for their daughter.

Quinn’s eyes widen at that, she didn’t know that two men could have a baby too. She’s going to have to ask Mom about that later.

"Most likely bossing the removal men about," Hiram says with a roll of his eyes and a lighthearted chuckle.

"How old is Rachel?" Mom asks.

Quinn looks round for any sight of this girl, eager to know how old she is.

"She's going to be seven in December."

"DAAADDDYYYY!" A voice of an angry girl comes travelling through the neighbourhood, followed by the stomping of feet.

"Speak of the devil." Hiram says with a good natured roll of his eyes, making Dad and Mom giggle.

Quinn's eyes widen as they land on an angry brown haired girl. She stops stomping to look up at her Dad's with an angry pout. Quinn can't take her eyes off of her, she's the most beautiful girl she's ever seen. Long flowing brown locks and big brown eyes adorn her face which immediately captivate Quinn.

"The men won't listen to me! They're just laughing when I tell them something!" The girl says, her pout still prominent.

"Rachel, honey, this is Mr and Mrs Fabray, they're our new neighbours," Leroy says, gesturing to Mom and Dad. Rachel looks away from her Dad's, her pout immediately disappearing, only to be replaced with a big megawatt smile. She steps forwards and curtsies.

"Hello, Mr and Mrs Fabray. I'm Rachel Barbra Berry" Judy and Russell both blink in surprise at how polite and formal the young girl is. They shake themselves out of it and smile warmly at her, offering Hello's back.

Quinn wiggles about in Russell's arms, wanting to be let down. Once he does so, she shyly steps towards Rachel, noting how much smaller the girl is to her. Rachel's eyes land on Quinn, making Quinn lose all the air in her body. Her eyes are bright and sparkly, shining with happiness. It makes Quinn smile.

"Hi," she says, then, imitating Hiram earlier, she gives Rachel a bow. "I'm Lucy Quinn Fabray.” Quinn stands up, ignoring her Mom and Dad’s giggles. She’s met with a bright, beaming smile from Rachel, causing butterflies in her stomach. “But you can call me Quinn.” Rachel takes a shy step towards Quinn. "Nice to meet you Lucy." With the shy grin and gentle blush covering her cheeks, Quinn doesn’t care that Rachel called her the wrong name. No, she doesn’t care at all.

Since then, Quinn doesn't really know when the rivalry started. Their parents got along perfectly fine. Hiram and Judy always had tea round each other's houses, gushing over soap oprah's and fashion magazines whilst Russell and Leroy would bond over sports.

Quinn would come home from school to find Leroy and Russell sat in the living room, the TV switched to ESPN, both holding a bottle of beer and laughing together. She'd walk into the kitchen and see Judy and Hiram sat at the kitchen island with cups of tea and laughing together. But yet, you'd never see Rachel and Quinn bonding like their parents.

They went to elementary and middle school together and both became friends with Santana and Brittany. They were thick as thieves. When Rachel had told Quinn about her singing lessons, Quinn all but begged for the same. Soon, Quinn had picked up guitar lessons as well, and she and Rachel would dance about in their living rooms, Rachel singing away as Quinn strums on her tiny guitar.

When Quinn had decided to join the soccer team, Rachel joined too (after some coaxing from Quinn and the promise of protecting her nose for her). Nothing was to split them apart.

Then, high school happened. Quinn was heartbroken when Rachel told her she would be going to Carmel High instead of McKinley with Quinn. But the blondee understood - Carmel gave Rachel a better chance at pursuing her Broadway dreams. McKinley had better sport facilities, with one of the strongest female soccer teams in the state, and being more athletic than Rachel, Quinn went there.

They had spent the whole summer before freshman year together, talking about how they’ll see each other everyday regardless of their high school affiliations. However, this was high school, and it didn’t take long for both girls to become part of the  petty rivalry between Carmel and McKinley.

She remembers seeing Rachel at the mall with friends she made at Carmel. Quinn had run over to the girl, forgetting about Santana and Brittany behind her, too excited to tell Rachel about how she joined the New Directions glee club at McKinley. At the name, the two friends Rachel was with - a well groomed boy and a stout black girl - had turned their noses up at the blonde. Rachel was just about to congratulate and jump around in happiness with Quinn until she had seen the looks from her new friends.

“I hear you joined Carmel’s soccer team!” Quinn said when Rachel gave no reply, but had stared blankly at her in response.

At that moment, Brittany and Santana swaddled beside Quinn.  “Like they’ll have any chance against us though, right Q?” Santana said, sneering over at Rachel’s friends. Santana had taken to the rivalry like a moth to a flame.

Quinn went to chastise Santana, when Rachel’s cold voice stops her. “I doubt your pathetic excuse for a glee club will even be able to qualify for Sectionals. Not a single title under their name. You’re group are hardly what we’d call competition.

The blonde stared at Rachel in shock, not believing that this is the same girl she spent all summer with. Seeing that Santana and Brittany were looking at Quinn expectantly, the blonde stood tall. Fine, if Rachel wants to throw away their friendship over a petty rivalry, so be it. She thinks that was bitchy? Quinn will give her bitchy.

“You think you’re better just because you’ve gone to a fancier school, Berry? McKinley’s Tigers will wipe the floor with your snivelling Greyhounds. I’ve seen the way you work a ball, quite frankly I could have done better in my mother’s womb. You’re going down, in glee club and in soccer.”

With that, Quinn turned on her heel and walked away. She curled her fists to her sides, willing herself not to cry.

Thus started their hatred. When Quinn had been named the captain of the soccer team, it wasn’t too long until Quinn heard from Leroy and Hiram that Rachel had also been named soccer captain. So, when Rachel became captain of Vocal Adrenaline, Quinn fought tooth and nail to become captain of The New Directions.

The only thing Rachel didn't try to win against Quinn was skateboarding. She refused to even touch a skateboard in fear of falling off and somehow damaging her voice, therefore putting a halt to her Broadway Dream. Quinn had remembered this little rant of hers when eleven year old Quinn had shown Rachel her first skateboard.

So, she one-upped Quinn in another way. She stole her boyfriend. This little fact is what made Quinn realise that she absolutely hated Berry's guts. Puck had held a party at his house during Freshman year and stupidly allowed anyone to come. So, Rachel, her soccer team friends and glee club members came along. This caused massive tension amongst the party-goers as everyone feared that a fight would break about between the two rivalling soccer and glee teams. Particularly between Quinn and Rachel. But oh how they were wrong. No one expected what happened next to happen.

Quinn walked in on Rachel and Finn - her boyfriend and Quarterback for McKinley's football team - playing tonsil hockey in Puck's bathroom. That's when all hell broke loose. Luckily, Rachel only walked away with a black eye and Quinn with a bruised nose. If Quinn hadn't been using Finn as a beard to cover up her homosexuality, then she probably would've been angrier. The fight was for show, she couldn’t let the student body at McKinley think Rachel got away with it. Quinn also made a show of teaching Finn a lesson for cheating on her at school. Suffice to say, Finn couldn’t walk without wincing for a few days. Despite everything, Quinn had silently thanked Rachel for this - of course, she wouldn't do it to her face. It allowed her to finally come out and be who she was.

But it wasn't just that that makes Quinn hate Rachel. No. It's her cocky, I'm-better-than-you attitude. It's her confidence, her ambition, her strive to get what she wants, her demanding nature that makes her hate her so. The way her hair falls perfectly round her face, the way she's still beautiful - stop. Don’t think like that.

Nevertheless, Quinn has forever since then been getting Rachel back for stealing Finn. Their rooms faced each other perfectly, their windows where perfectly aligned and everything. So, whenever Quinn brought home one of the girl's waiting to be with her, she'd always keep her window wide open and make sure she's extremely loud and the girl she's with is very vocal. She'd only stop when she'd hear the angry shouts of Rachel and the slamming of the brunette's window, a smirk on her face.

Yes, those days she loved the most.

Quinn looks up from her gym locker when the sound of the shower stool opening sounds through the empty room. What? Isn't she the last person in here? Quinn looks down, seeing that she's still got her towel wrapped around her dry body. Strands of her hair are starting to dry and frizz. Woah, she must've zoned out for a while.

Quickly shrugging off the towel, Quinn pulls her clothes on, wanting to get out before whoever is here sees her. Just as she's bending down to tie up her shoe, the very last person she wants to see steps into her peripheral vision.

She turns her head, her eyes immediately landing on the wet and long tanned legs of Rachel Berry.

"Stop staring, Fabray" Rachel growls, causing Quinn to dart her eyes up to look at her. Quinn clears her throat and places her foot on the ground, noticing how only a small towel covers Rachel’s body. If you could even call it a towel, Quinn would say it’s more of a dishcloth with how short it is.

"Like I'd waste my time staring at your b-body" Quinn retorts, hating herself for stumbling on the last word. She hates to admit this, but from all the dancing and soccer Rachel plays she does have a nice body. Quinn had the pleasure - uh, disgust - of receiving a sneak peek at her body a week ago.

"Funny, you did exactly that last week." Rachel smirks at Quinn, spotting the fearful “Uh-oh I got caught” look in her eye. "Yeah, I saw you staring at me as I got changed after my shower last week. Enjoy the show?"

Quinn scoffs and hoists her bag up onto her shoulder, making sure that her soccer boots won't dig into her side ."If I had to choose between staring at your naked body or eat dog shit, I'd eat the dog shit - at least with that, I can get the taste away easier, with you I will forever have the image of your body engraved in my mind, forever giving me nightmares." Quinn smiles sweetly at her.

Rachel glares at Quinn, her eyes narrowing as she sizes her up. Neither speak for a while; only continuing to stare at each other. That is, until Rachel moves her hand up to her wet hair and plays with the strands, watching as Quinn's eyes follow the movement. Quinn tries to fight it, but she can't help but watch as Rachel's hand descends from her hair, brushing the edge of her towel covered breast, running down her side then gently hooking to the bottom of her towel. Quinn doesn’t miss the smirk on Rachel’s face and silently curses herself for falling for this.

" make it sound like a bad thing." Rachel says, tilting her head to the side.

Quinn's eyes dart up to Rachel's face again and she swallows thickly, trying to gain a little composure before she smirks and leans in close to the brunette. "Trust me, it is." She growls before grabbing hold of her skateboard and walking out of the locker room.

She sighs in relief as soon as her board hits the pavement and she starts skating off down the road. She almost lost her cool then, almost. Rachel had her hooked, but luckily Quinn wiggled away and slapped Rachel in the face with her ponytail on her exit.

As she arrives at her home, she smoothly jumps off her skateboard and picks it up, easily strolling into the cosy home. She walks into the kitchen, spotting her Mom cooking at the stove and Hiram standing next to her, chatting away about the latest gossip on the Kardashians.

"Hey Mom, Hello Hiram" She greets the smaller of the Berry men and slides onto the island countertop, picking up one of the freshly washed berry's and popping it into her mouth.

"Hello Quinnie," Judy says, giving Quinn a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello Quinn, how are you?" Hiram asks, dropping his conversation with Judy to talk to Quinn.

See, the thing is, Quinn actually likes the Berry men. They're basically her surrogate Father's to her. Especially when she realised she was gay. They were the first people she spoke to about it. Hiram held her as she cried in his arms over the realization and the worry of being kicked out of the house. The Berry men proceeded to assure her that would not happen and promised to help her whenever she needed - especially if they need her there when she told Russell and Judy.

Luckily, when she did tell them, Russell and Judy smiled at Quinn, told her they loved her no matter what, and  then proceeded to ask what take out they should get and what movie they should watch. This brought more tears to Quinn's eyes.

So the Berry men are pretty fucking awesome people. Their daughter, however, is not.

"I'm fine thank you Hiram, yourself?" Quinn asks, after swallowing the strawberry. Immediately she picks another one out, placing it into her mouth and piercing the flesh with her teeth.

"I'm very well. My daughter wasn't too harsh on you today was she?" Hiram asks with concern. He, much like Leroy and the Fabray's do not enjoy or understand the feud their daughters have and constantly worries they'll seriously hurt each other one day. Especially after they pushed each other out of a tree during one of their neighbourly dinners. Now they sit them on opposite ends of the table and keep away from conversations that will make them clash. These dinners rarely happen.

Quinn shakes her head "Nah, fouled me pretty hard but other than that it was okay." She grabs another strawberry but Judy slaps her hand away, causing her to drop it. Quinn looks at the fallen strawberry forlornly.

"No more, they are for after dinner." Judy says, shaking a spoon in Quinn's face.

“Hmm” The speckled man hummed disapprovingly. Hiram looks down at his watch when it starts to beep  and gasps dramatically. Quinn finds herself smiling at this, seeing so much of Rachel  in his actions. Not that she notices Rachel or anything.

"Goodness look at the time! I best be getting back, Rachel will be wondering where I am. Thank you for the tea Judy. Bye Quinn."

"Bye Hiram!" Quinn calls out, watching the small man run out of the door.

"Quinn, can you set the table please? Your Father will be home soon."

Quinn groans, she goes to protest, but the spoon is waved in her face again,

"Now, Quinn," Judy says in her 'I'm-your-mother’ voice.

Quinn huffs and jumps off the counter, grabbing the forks and knives and moving to set the table.