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The sun had been down for hours now.

Morioh was quiet at night. Everyone in that sleepy little town had gone home for the night and the streets were typically empty by eleven or twelve, but there were a few places where those that chose to stay awake were able to go to have fun.

That sort of crowd had always been considered dangerous, but at this point, Jotaro didn’t care where he’d end up. He’d been stressing for weeks over finding the suspect behind the disappearances in this town, and now even the slightest disruption would irritate him.


He knew why. Aside from having to hand around a group of rowdy high schoolers (and sometimes Rohan), he never had any time to himself. Being around his kid uncle all the time only led to trouble, he never had a moment alone where he could do more… adult things.

Naturally, when the sun set and he parted ways with Josuke and his friends, after he’d went back to his room and gotten ready for his night, he started walking the path opposite to that of Morioh Grand Hotel. The closer he’d gotten to the inner city, the better. Jotaro knew he was in the right place as soon as he heard the distant, rhythmic thumping of club music from a few blocks down.

This part of town was sketchy, and although he didn’t anticipate to run into any other Stand users, he ditched his usual flashy white hat and coat. Instead, he chose to stick with his plain black turtleneck, which was tucked into crisp, white dress pants and held together with a black belt.

His dark curls were slicked back, as always. The lack of his hat showed off his full brows that gently arched, drawing attention to the stark color of his eyes. The gold studs in his earlobes glinted under the dim street lights. He couldn’t help but feel butterflies in his stomach as he approached the source of the music; a black, rectangular building that was about three stories high, which bore no sign on the outside.


While there was no sign explicitly stating that the club was a gay bar, it was well known throughout the town that if someone was looking for a fling with a person of the same sex, they’d definitely find it there.

He slipped inside of the building with ease, making sure that nobody saw him go in. There was no sort of security outside, but Jotaro could have sworn that he had felt eyes on him.


The hallway was dimly lit with purple and blue lights. A few people were idly chatting and leaning against the walls, with some guests being clearly intoxicated. Jotaro easily shrugged past them and continued into the main room.

The heavy vibrations from the music pierced straight into his chest, his senses a bit overwhelmed by the combination of loud talking, booming electronic music, vibrations from the bass, the unstable flashing of the lights on the dance floor, and the muddled scent of alcohol, sweat, and sex.


Jotaro briefly reconsidered leaving and going back home.


He shook the thought from his head and continued through the crowd, passing the dance floor in favor and sitting at the bar. He was never fond of dancing at clubs. He instead liked to pass the time by drinking at the bar and sometimes talking to (and usually rejecting) the people that would hit on him during the night.

He picked a stool in the middle, where a younger bartender was eager to take his order. He never really looked over the menu, so he told the kid to just give him something strong.

As he waited for his drink, he glanced over his shoulder to look at the people sloppily dancing against each other and flirting. He grimaced a bit. So all the other patrons had the same idea as him, huh?


As soon as he turned back around, another man had slipped into the seat next to him. It was hard to make out his face from the flashing purple and blue lights in the room, but he’d seen enough to know that the man wasn’t hideous.

The man flashed him a polite smile. Jotaro couldn’t help but notice that the way the flashing lights cast shadows across his face made him appear almost mysterious.


Jotaro was intrigued.


“What are you having?” The man inquired. Jotaro could barely make out the question over the booming music, so he leaned a bit closer to answer.

“I don’t know. I just asked for something strong,” he answered loudly, watching the way the blonde seemed to recoil a bit.

“Ah, I see. I was going to ask the bartender for the same drink to try to flirt with you, but I’m a bit of a light-weight.” He laughed, resting his elbow on the counter as he shot Jotaro a sultry gaze.

Jotaro cocked an eyebrow as he sipped at his drink. “At least you’re honest.” He couldn’t help but crack a small smile. “What’s your name?”

The man’s lashes fluttered as he glanced down, seeming to not have heard Jotaro’s question. His gaze fell in lap. Jotaro noticed the man’s free hand was in his pocket. Whatever. It didn’t really bother Jotaro that much.


“So, be honest, what are you here for?” The blonde asked, tilting his head to the side.

Jotaro sighed and put down his glass, running his hand through his dark curls. “I just wanted to hook up with someone to relieve some stress.”

He watched the other laugh freely. “I was hoping for the same thing… Would you want to partner up for the night?” He offered. “Apologies if I’m being too straight-forward. I don’t like wasting time.”

Jotaro simply nodded, as if to say “agreed”. This was the smoothest hook-up he’d ever organized. At least this guy wasn’t beating around the bush. He was attractive, (seemingly) normal, and wanted nothing more than a fling.

“Anywhere is fine,” The man piped up, interrupting his train of thought. “Anywhere that’s private, I mean. People that do things like that,” he turned and motioned towards a couple in the far corner of the dance floor that were grinding on each other. Jotaro turned to look at them and rolled his eyes.

“They’re kind of embarrassing, don’t you think?”

Again, Jotaro nodded and began to stand up out of his chair, fishing his wallet out of his back pocket. “Let’s find a hotel or something around here.”

The man reached forward and lightly touched Jotaro’s hand, as if to stop him. “There’s no need to leave so early. Finish your glass, I’d like to have something, too. I’ll also grab the check.”

The dark-haired man murmured a small “thanks” as he began to finish his drink. Jotaro and the stranger continued to chat idly while they drank. Jotaro was secretly relieved that this had been so easy. His first time out in years, and he managed to find an attractive, kind man with a no-bullshit attitude that was willing to pay for his drinks and the hotel.


How lucky. He thought to himself.



The two left the bar around one in the morning once they’d ran out of things to chat about over their drinks. Jotaro only had two drinks, and the stranger had one, but while they chatted, Jotaro learned a few things about the stranger. He was a shy office worker who was only five years older Jotaro, and he’d never really played around with his sexuality until now. Jotaro listened to the man’s story, counting down the minutes until the man finished and was ready to go to the hotel. Jotaro followed him with his left hand in his pocket, his vision occasionally dipping every now and then. That’s odd… Whatever. He shook his head and blamed it on his lack of sleep.

By the time they’d checked into a shady hotel and headed to an elevator, Jotaro was feverish. His head was hot and his heart was thumping madly in his chest. God, has it really been this long? I feel like an excited teenager. He thought to himself, embarrassed.

He leaned against the wall of the elevator, the soft *dings*  from the elevator ringing in his ears. His heartbeat and breathing became loud in his ears, and the room started to spin.

A gentle touch to his hand felt electric. Reassuring fingers laced with his own, and he glanced down to see the stranger smiling warmly up at him. “Excited?” He hummed, enjoying the way Jotaro glanced away to avoid his gaze. The doors slid open and the stranger lead the way to their room, swiftly unlocking the door and pulling Jotaro inside.


Before he could even do anything, Jotaro shut the door and ambushed the stranger, pulling him in for a heated kiss. Their lips met, and Jotaro felt himself slowly grow more heated, his head fuzzy as their kiss was hesitant at first, but gradually it grew into something more, with tongue, and teeth and desperate, roaming hands.

The stranger tasted faintly of alcohol and mints, and something else Jotaro couldn’t quite identify. Jotaro felt himself melting as he raked his fingers through soft blonde hair, his nails scratching pleasantly against the other’s scalp.

The stranger parted from their kiss, almost having to pry Jotaro off of him. “A-are you okay?” He huffed. Jotaro gave his partner a once-over, feeling his heart flutter at the sight of the stranger staring up at him with lidded eyes and disheveled hair. His pink tongue darted out to wet his lips.


The only word Jotaro could use to describe the sensation that he was feeling would be… Overwhelmed. He could barely hear anything over the sound of his heart pumping in his chest, the room was spinning, his vision kept flickering and every touch was setting him on fire. Was he maybe… Drunk? No way. He’d only had two drinks, he didn’t remember drinking anymore. Jotaro stumbled to the bed to sit down for a minute, but his legs were heavy and clumsy, leading him to trip and fall to the floor, his limbs betraying his mind.

Jotaro started to panic. He wanted to sit up, he wanted to collect himself, but he couldn’t move, he couldn’t think. All he could do was try to keep his breathing steady.

All that he knew was that he was sleepy. So, so sleepy. His eyelids were heavy, and he was starting to drift off. He fought to stay awake.

Suddenly, the stranger came into his view, a sinister grin lighting his lips. “Goodnight, Kujo-san,” he purred as he crouched down and watched Jotaro fade in and out of consciousness.


When… Did I give him my name?


The realization that he had been drugged hit him the moment he noticed a light pink, human-like apparition form behind the man. The aura it gave off couldn't have been mistaken for anything else.

A Stand user…?!

Before he could defend himself, Jotaro blacked out.




A dull throbbing between his temples ripped Jotaro out of his drug-induced sleep. His vision slowly settled as his own hands came into view, close to his face.

A dull ache in his back told Jotaro that he’d been curled up in a fetal position during his sleep. He groaned and tried to rub his neck to relieve the tension in it, only to find that his hands were bound together by the wrists. He rolled over and slowly sat up, noting that his ankles were also bound together with thick rope.

“S..tar--” He struggled to put his words together, finding his voice scratchy and his tongue unable to form the words he needed to summon his Stand.


Okay. So this was a minor setback, but Jotaro will be fine.

After all, he could summon Star Platinum without speaking.


He focused all his energy into summoning his stand, only to feel empty inside. He felt the faint glimmer of Star’s presence, only to have it dissipate a mere second after he managed to call it. Damn it… Jotaro wasn’t one to cry often, but he found himself blinking back tears of frustration. He felt like screaming, but he knew that he couldn’t. What the fuck happened last night?

This was something he blamed on the drug.

He glanced down to see that he was still fully clothed. There wasn’t any sort of distinguishable scent in the room, other than the smell of laundry detergent from the sheets underneath him. He didn’t smell sweat on himself, either, or any distinct cologne, so… Perhaps he wasn’t assaulted last night?


Jotaro furrowed his brows, confused. Isn’t that why people drug others? To assault them… Right?

Well, for whatever reason why he wasn’t assaulted, he was grateful. But it still didn’t make sense… What sort of merit would there be in kidnapping someone and just keeping them locked up?

Jotaro gulped when he heard the distinct sound of keys jingling and a door unlocking. After a moment of silence, gentle footsteps padded towards the room and Jotaro locked his eyes on the door. Sluggish as he was, he was sure to stay as calm as he could during this ordeal. The handle dipped and in stepped the stranger from last night. He was adorned in a light green, striped dress shirt that had the first three buttons undone. His white pants were rolled up at the hems and he was missing a belt. Jotaro imagined that he was dressing down from his day at work… this guy was an office worker, right?

“Ah, you’re awake!” The stranger exclaimed as his face lit up. He rushed in and sat on the edge of the bed where Jotaro was curled up, looking down at him with a delirious grin.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think that what I used was that strong,” He sighed, gently brushing back the hair that had fallen out of Jotaro’s slicked-back hairstyle with delicate fingers. “You’ve been asleep for almost two days.”


Jotaro’s mouth went dry. Two days? Without using the bathroom, eating, drinking water, or moving?

“Water,” Jotaro rasped. He couldn’t find the strength to wriggle away from the stranger’s hand. He was leaning against the headboard of the bed, feeling as if he were being weighed down.

The stranger offered a cat-like smile and nodded. “Of course,” On the bedside table, there was a bottle of water, which the stranger swiftly uncapped and held to Jotaro’s lips. Jotaro hesitated.


“Go on,” he encouraged darkly, his loving tone suddenly dropping.


Jotaro obliged and raised his head a bit as the bottle was gently tipped and water gushed into his mouth. His lips were still clumsy and heavy, and a bit of water managed to dribble out and spill down his neck and shirt. God, how humiliating… Jotaro wanted nothing more than the strength to be able to kick this guy’s teeth in.

He would have downed the whole thing in a gulp if the stranger hadn’t pulled it away from him when he was nearing the end of the drink.

The stiff fabric of the stranger’s dress shirt was pulled over his hand and dabbed lightly at the water dotting Jotaro’s lips and neck. “Sorry. If I had given you anymore, I thought you would have drowned.” He sighed, rolling up his sleeves once he was finished.

“Your...n-ame,” Jotaro managed to get the words past his lips now that his throat wasn’t as dry. He was sure that the other could see the dark circles under his eyes. Jotaro hoped that he appeared harmless. He needed to know everything about this man, to gain his trust. He wasn’t going to be stuck here forever.


“Me?” The man shot Jotaro another sultry glance. “My name is Kira. Kira Yoshikage.”


Jotaro’s blood ran cold in an instant. He’d been hunting for this man all along, but he never imagined that this would be the way the two finally met. He couldn’t let this chance slip by him.

“Kujo… Jotaro.” He responded wearily, trying his hardest to remain calm. The nerves eating away at him were frustrating. Jotaro knew he was capable of doing everything he could to escape, but his body just… wouldn’t move.


Kira brought his hand to Jotaro’s face, his fingertips tracing Jotaro’s features. First, the outline of his right eyebrow, then down to trace over his prominent cheekbones, then slipping down to the corner of his lips. Kira’s face flushed, his smile darkening.

“I already know, Kujo-san,” he hummed. “To be honest, I was just going to take your hands and throw you away,” Kira’s free hand moved to hover over Jotaro’s hands, which were clasped together at his chest, bound at the wrists.

Kira’s fingertips deftly traced over Jotaro’s knuckles, his eyes roaming over the multiple light slashes of skin where old scars had healed over. “I’m just too selfish. You’re too gorgeous to throw away.” Kira gripped the rope around Jotaro’s wrists to tug his hands up, planting a small kiss on his index finger.


Jotaro felt a small heat form where he was kissed. He groaned out of irritation. God, this sensitivity again? He tugged his hands downwards, ignoring the small laugh that Kira gave. Even that small movement exerted too much energy for him.

“Do you do a lot of fighting, Kujo-san?” Kira mused as he delicately traced over the light scars marking Jotaro’s knuckles and the back of his hand. Jotaro nodded stiffly, holding his hands together tighter. His cheeks started to burn and he lowered his gaze.


The room felt too hot.


“As expected of the world’s strongest Stand user,”

Jotaro’s glance shot up to the eyes of his captor. So that thing he’d seen earlier was a Stand. He was desperate to know what it looked like, what its capabilities were, and most importantly, what its weaknesses were.

“Do you want to meet it?” He offered as he retracted his hand to instead brush his fingers through Jotaro’s curls. His touch was gentle and comforting. Jotaro leaned into it a bit. It was almost unfitting for their situation. Jotaro never responded, but he was careful to keep his distance when a pink, human-like Stand materialized in front of him.

It was visibly muscular with smooth, pink skin, and angular, cat-like eyes. It was quiet and stared Jotaro dead in the eyes, unblinking.

“This is Killer Queen,” Kira was introducing the two to each other as if they were friends. “I know it looks scary, but it means no harm… As long as you don’t do anything to provoke me.” Kira bit off the last part of his sentence, glancing over to Jotaro through his lashes. “But you won’t do anything like that, right?”


Jotaro hated every part of this. He wanted out, badly, he hated to be treated as if he were helpless. But Jotaro knew that if he wanted to survive, he needed to comply.


“No,” he answered hesitantly.

“Good!” Kira clapped his hands together and his Stand retreated, disappearing into thin air.




As the day went on, Jotaro only felt hotter and more uncomfortable, despite being able to gain a bit of his mobility back from the previous drugs wearing off. He had tried to summon Star Platinum before, but to no avail. The Stand would only materialize for a faint moment before sputtering out completely. He was helpless, tied up with limited mobility and dealing with what felt like a fever coming on.

His face was flushed and his clothes felt heavy and stifling on his body. Jotaro rolled over onto his side in an attempt to get as comfortable as he could. His ankles were still bound together. He briefly considered calling in Kira to help him into some more comfortable clothes.


That was just one of the rules he’d been taught; to call if he needed anything.


Jotaro groaned and rolled over once more, this time onto his stomach. What the hell was wrong with him? Ever since he woke up he’d been feverish, it felt like he was burning up inside. His heart was fluttering in his chest and he felt dizzy from even the slightest sensation. He closed his eyes and re-lived the moment when Kira brushed his fingers through his hair. As shameful as it was, he couldn’t take his mind off of it. Kira’s warm, delicate fingers raking gently through his curls felt heavenly…

Of course, it doesn’t feel nearly the same as the real thing. But in that moment, just the memory alone was enough to make him shudder. Soon enough, the scenario in his mind has escalated to something more, and he’s fantasizing about pushing into Kira, being engulfed in his heat and fucking into him as Kira gasps and begs him for more. He’s thinking about those hands again, this time lacing into his hair and pulling him down for another dizzying kiss, with needy moans and sighs.

Before he can help himself, he’s rutting into the mattress, the bit of friction he’s getting through his clothes being enough to push him over the edge. With an uncharacteristic cry, he’s coming and frantically moving his hips for more, and fuck, it’s not nearly enough for him.


As shameful as it was, Jotaro simply couldn't help himself.


After all, he could never forget the reason why he met with Kira in the first place.