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Best Mistakes

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It was Albus' first year at Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry, and the young boy was rightfully nervous. His older brother James was in his third year, and already had assumptions about his brother. Only to add to his nerves James was practically dancing around him, taunting him about which house he going to be put into. His father, Harry Potter, was telling James to quit it as he could see it was stressing Albus out.

"I doubt you'll be in Gryffindor, you aren't nearly brave enough. You'll probably be in Hufflepuff," James said, patting his brother's head mockingly. Albus moved his head away and sighed, knowing what his brother said was probably true. He wasn't nearly as brave as the rest of his family, even his sister who was two years younger had more courage than him. He had already accepted his fate as a Hufflepuff and tried not to worry about it any more, however, he still wanted to fit in with the rest of his family and be a Gryffindor.

"We'll be proud of you, regardless of which house you're put into," His Mother reassured, also assuming he wouldn't be placed into Gryffindor like the rest of his family.

Part of Albus didn't want to be placed in Gryffindor. All his life he'd been in constant comparison with his brother James and his Father, and being put in Gryffindor will just prove to the world that he is like James, but a much worse version of him. He didn't anyone to know this, and he did want to be put in Gryffindor but he also knew that he'd always be placed dark, lonely shadow of James.

Soon they got to the platform 9¾, and Albus took a deep breath, knowing this could be the start of something amazing or terrible. James ran through the wall first wanting to find uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione. Harry suggested going through with Albus, however, the boy declined as he wanted to do this himself. He ran towards the wall and clenched his eyes shut, before continuing to run onto the platform.

He opened his eyes saw James already making conversation with their aunt and uncle, so slowly made his way over there. His cousin Rose was staring at him, most likely feeling the exact opposite of how he was.

Rose had waited her whole life for this. Her mother and father had told her endless stories about Hogwarts and since she was just six years old, she was aching for her letter to arrive. Despite the advanced knowledge she had for her age, she was destined for Gryffindor like both of her parents. Albus envied Rose's confidence, her head held high and a massive smile on her face. Albus, on the other hand, had been fearfully anticipating this day. Ever since he learnt about all the amazing, heroic, but downright terrifying adventures his father got up to, Albus was dreading his letter. It's arrival sent shivers down the spine as he realized he was going to have to live up to the incredible doings of his father. Nothing scared him more than disappointing his own family. Harry and Ginny along with Lily walked over to were their children, however, not a word left their mouths before Ron gasped, looking behind them.

"If it isn't Malfoy with his child." Everyone turned to look at Draco Malfoy, who had aged considerably well, talking to his son. Malfoy's son looked like a mini version of himself, having the classic Malfoy complex, white as a sheet skin and pink-tinted lips. However, the boy had fluffy white blond hair instead of having it slicked back. The young boy also appeared much scrawnier and shorter than Draco ever was at his age. Fortunately, the Malfoy's failed to see the stares from their previous enemies, as the Hogwarts Express appeared.

Albus' parents hugged James, before telling him to get onto the train so he could get good seats. Rose followed after him as they boarded the train, clearly excited for the year ahead.

"Albus, Hogwarts is going to be the best years of your life. We love you so much and are already proud of you. Go have fun and make new friends," His Mum told him, rubbing his shoulders reassuringly before kissing his forehead and sent him onto the train.

Albus wandered onto the train and started to hunt for his family. He heard James shout a familiar name and followed the sound. He soon saw a carriage already trashed and laughter echoing off the walls, with bright smiles sat against them. Albus squeezed himself into the cornered and watched everyone greet each other after the long summer. The three cousins sat in a compartment along with some of James' friends. Rose seemed to have fitted in perfectly, already joking along with the other students, who were all Gryffindor. Albus, on the other hand, was sat next to the window just wishing the ride would be over so he could get rid of everyone. The group would occasionally try to include him in what they were saying but Albus didn't really enjoy their humour. Albus had never been a fan of big groups of people, making Christmas quite a stressful experience instead of a happy one.

Soon, the turrets of the castle came into view and there was immediately excited chatter about it. Albus made sure he had all his things, before going to change into his robes. The feeling he had when he pulled them on was not that of happiness, but instead anxiety. He went back to the compartment where James pea-nutted his tie, although made sure he fixed it as well, not wanting to be embarrassed by his younger brother.

Finally, the train came to a stop and everyone rushed to get off, eager to get to the great hall. Albus was just pushed along with everyone off of the train, he didn't even get to say goodbye to James before he was rushed away with the rest of the first years. His eyes searching for someone familiar as he followed everyone towards the boats which were going to take them up to the school. He climbed into a boat and his eyes landed on the boy who his family were staring at in the train station. He turned away quickly but didn't miss the fear written all over his face. He was glad that he wasn't the only one who was scared about Hogwarts. Soon the boat was in the shadow of the daunting school and Albus could feel all of his nerves building up. When the boat finally pulled up to the shore, Albus was considering just jumping out and swimming back to the Hogwarts Express. The blond haired boy looked like he had similar ideas to him.

However, they were hustled off the boat and through the main doors. There were simultaneous gasps of fascination from all the first years, except Albus who just gulped as he looked up and saw his surroundings. Before they even had a chance to comprehend what was now there home for the next seven years, the doors to the great hall were opened and they were greeted by the existing students.

Soon the sorting ceremony began and one by one each student house was revealed. The pale, blond-haired boy, now named Scorpius, was sorted in Slytherin. However, the excitement from the Slytherin table for him had been considerably less than any other students. Rose, obviously, assorted into Gryffindor and held herself proudly as she made her way over to join her cousins.

Next Albus was up. They called his name and for a split second he was going to run for it, but instead, he was pushed up and forced to sit on the stool. The hat was placed on his head and nervously awaited its answer. It felt as though it had been on his head for hours before it finally made its decision.

"You're not like the rest of your family, are you Potter? You're quiet, scared? But determined, for what? That's for you to decide," The sorting hat said. There was silence in the hall as everyone watched the young boy's destiny unfold. "There's something in you Potter, like your father, SLYTHERIN."

There was a stunned silence. Without thinking he stood up and made his way over to the table, not even sure of his actions. When he sat down, Scorpius Malfoy gave him a small look of confusion, but soon enough looked away. No one clapped, no one even dared to look. How did the child of a Potter and a Weasley end up in Slytherin?

It must have been a mistake. It had to of been a mistake.