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Donghun's Wish

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"Come on guys, just one more hour than we should be done, and be free to leave",  Jun said loudly whilst out of breath, as he walked towards the speaker, kneeling down to start the song again. 

Each of the members which were out of breath picked themselves up and dragged themselves over to their starting positions, Jun then slowly walking to join them. 

"And 5,6,7,8" He said loudly as they started.

Byeongkwan started singing as they all started moving around.

My heart pounds the moment we meet eyes, ooh yeah

A strong shiver that I've never felt before comes to me 

Jun then started singing 


For you i can go anywhere 

Because the prettiest flower is always far away 

Then Donghun as they continued to dance 

Will you stay like that for a bit?

If you can hear my voice 

i will call out to you, ooh yeah 


They manoeuvred their way throughout the song, even though they were extremely tired and exhausted, but they always liked performing this song, as it was written for their one and only 'Choice', which they adore.

As soon as the song came to an end all of them collapsed onto the floor looking extremely tired, but each of them had an a huge smile planted across their face as they closed their eyes and rested their tired legs. Donghun getting up first to witness the rest of his members laying down. The first person he looked to was Jun, who was smiling even brighter than everyone else. He then examined Jun's breathing as he watched his chest go up and down, let alone he would never think that, that moment would be one of the last times to see him smile like that. 

Donghun was soon disturbed by Sehyoon's sudden, rather loud yawn, which appeared to seem louder then the actual music itself. Each of them then started to get up at all different times, with Byeongkwan getting up first and pulling Sehyoon up with him and Donghun helping Jun up. Jun headed towards the sink as Byeongkwan headed to the corner of the room to grab an brome and Donghun and Sehyoon heading to the bench to pack everyones belongings. 

Jun turned on the sinks tap then continued to wash up the containers and cups that hadn't already been washed from earlier, that they had used to eat lunch with and constant water breaks. He started humming a song as he then stopped moments later to red marks appearing on the sink.