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Starlit Thoughts

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Izuku sat on the roof of the dorms, staring at the stars silently. He remembered, vaguely, doing this with his father when he was younger, maybe when he was three or four. His memories of it were hazy at best, but he could hear his father’s voice telling him about the stars and constellations, telling him stories all while holding him in his lap as they sat on the roof of their home.

That was before his father left for America, before he was told he was quirkless, before his life went downhill, before it started going up again.

He couldn’t say he missed his dad properly, not when he barely remembered him, but watching the stars helped him feel closer to him. Not to mention, helped him calm his nerves and think clearly.

Yes, he was nervous. Why?

He had just moved his things into Shoto’s and Katsuki’s shared room.

It felt unreal, being together with the both of them.

Unsurprisingly, it was Katsuki who had “come after” Izuku first, as the others put it. The first thing he had done was to, quite literally, drag Izuku out of his bed at 5AM so they could go for a run…

On a Saturday morning.

Don’t get Izuku wrong, he ran everyday, but his Saturday runs started at 8, not 5.

Katsuki started getting him up everyday after that.

At first, Izuku had been suspicious of him. While Katsuki had calmed down greatly, he still wasn’t on “friendly” terms with Izuku. At least, that’s what he had thought. But the more time they spent together, the more Izuku began to realize how much he missed Katsuki. Not the Katsuki that everyone thought they knew, but KATSUKI, who was just as much of a nerd as Izuku, who tried to beat Izuku to death with a pillow because Izuku beat him at a video game, the Katsuki who stared Izuku down when he walked back into class, then wearing another cast. Katsuki was brash, violent, and foul-mouthed, but those be damned if they tried to say he didn’t care about people.

Izuku knew for a fact Katsuki was better than he was before, better than he was in middle school.

He still remember the night Katsuki kicked in his dorm room door at 2 in the morning, a look of panic almost permanently stuck on his face. It wasn’t until 5 when Katsuki told Izuku about his nightmare. They laid together in the bed, Katsuki clinging to Izuku while he ran his fingers through his hair to keep him calm. Katsuki began to talk and talk and talk, about all the nightmares he had been having.

Of Endeavor hurting Shoto.

Of Izuku or Shoto being hurt in general.

Of himself, not being able to save anyone at all.

Of the League attacking them again.

Of Izuku jumping of a roof, still looking like he did in middle school.

Of himself, watching as Izuku hit the ground, unable to move or save him.

Izuku froze for only a moment before hugging Katsuki close, mumbling words of comfort. Neither spoke of this after everything calmed down. Everyone had noticed that the two had become closer, though.

Then there had been Shoto.

Shoto who gave Izuku small smiles and tiny flowers he’d find.

Shoto who had been so awkward about it at first but kept grabbing Izuku’s hand, lacing their fingers.

Shoto who held Izuku close with his anxiety got the best of him.

It was Shoto who had kissed Izuku first.

(Izuku refused to count the kiss Katsuki gave him when they were seven. Shoto still found out because Katsuki bragged about ‘kissing Izuku first, you icyhot bastard.’ Seriously, was he always going to call Shoto that?)

It was Shoto who took Izuku out on his first proper date.

(No, Katsuki, training is NOT a proper date.)

It had taken them awhile for them to get where they are. And no matter how many times Izuku pulled back or hesitated, Katsuki and Shoto always waited. They understood, and Izuku loved them all the more for it.

He loved them so much so he didn’t know why he was nervous.

Would it be like this when they moved in together?

All thought processing stopped.


Where had THAT come from?

Izuku knew he was blushing and he buried his face in his hands and whined. He was not ready for that. He’d die for sure!

The thought of waking up to them every day…

He heard footsteps quietly padding over to him and didn’t bother to move his hands from his face.

He knew that it was Katsuki. It must be getting late.

Katsuki sat next to him, staring out over the view. Both stayed quiet for a moment before Izuku leaned against him, Katsuki wrapping an arm around him.

“If you don’t want to stay in our room, you don’t have to.” His voice was quiet, soft even. This another thing most people didn’t see. Katsuki could be soft and gentle when it counted, not that most people believed this. Not when one time they heard him tell the germs in his mouth to die when he was brushing his teeth.

“It’s not that-”

“We know you’re nervous, that this is the first serious relationship you’ve been in but… fuck, Deku, we’re nervous too.”

Izuku closed his eyes, listening silently.

“Icyhot and I love you… but we won’t force you to move into our dorm.”

“I know…. Kacchan and Shoto are good to me.”

Katsuki let out a snort, burying his face in Izuku’s hair. “Damn straight we’re good to you.”

“Kacchan, none of us are straight.”

Katsuki barked out a laugh, pulling Izuku closer. “Damn nerd….” He had said it with such fondness, such love that Izuku wanted to cry.

“Come on. We can figure out where you want to sleep but it’s cold and I refuse to get sick.”

Izuku rolled his eyes but smiled as he stood. Katsuki followed his lead, stretching before grabbing his hand and walking back to the door.

He walked at a slightly slower pace, staring at the back of Katsuki’s head with a smile. He knew they had been worried over him and he knew he had worried over nothing. Sharing a room with them wouldn’t be so bad, he knew.

As they walked, Izuku moved up, walking beside Katsuki and laced their fingers. The other squeezed his hand silently. Izuku could see the blush he carried out of the corner of his eye and, still, felt more loved than he ever had.

When they entered the room, Shoto looked up from his book, giving them one of his small smiles and Izuku knew that things would be okay. After all, he had two of the most amazing people in his life.



How were they supposed to fit in that bed?