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The Book of Images

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March 17, 2035.

Things were different after Mt. Fuji.

Not that Amara had a baseline for "normal" ranger life. Or even normal life for cadets. Not that she and the others were even particularly being treated like rangers. Reyes had shuttered her in the research and development area; breaking down the components and re-shaping the mechanisms for the next series of Jaegers, while Vik and the others were routed back into training under new supervision. No Lambert, no Jake. Their new overseer was a veteran from the first war -- dark hair, suspenders, rosary beads that Vik said reminded her of her grandmother.

The Shatterdome was under new supervision, too. Interim Marshal Becket stalked around the place for weeks, brooding and saying very little to anyone that wasn't Ms. Shao or Dr. Gottlieb. Dr. Gottlieb himself looked harried and under-slept. If Amara saw him at all, he was usually rushing between the medical bay and the sub-basement elevator. She spotted him coming out just the one time, Becket on one side and...

"Alert the med bay, cadet! Now!"

Amara felt frozen to the spot, despite the marshal's order. It was the tattooed man on Dr. Gottlieb's other side screeching "PLEASE!" that finally got her to run for the emergency phone.