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Love Square of Two Idiots

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“Izuku! Izuku wake up! Time for school!”

Izuku Midoriya groans as his eyes grudgingly open to the bright daylight pooling into his room. He forces himself to sit up with a big yawn and stretch. His unruly green hair stick out in more places than usual. One piece of it is caught by the saliva drooling out of his mouth. He rubs the sleep from his eyes and heads to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Turns out looking at a mirror was a good decision he thinks while pulling the stray piece of hair free from saliva. It's the first day of a new school year at a new school. He has to look at least half presentable.

He near galaps down the stairs with a notebook under one arm and a backpack swung over his shoulder.

“Morning Mom.” he says as he brushes past her to grab the waffle that just popped out from the toaster.

“Good Morning Izuku.” Mrs. Midoriya replies before she kisses the top of his mops of green hair. Izuku takes a large bite out of his waffle as she does so.

She wordlessly motions for him to go sit at the table while he is eating.

“There is no need to rush Izuku. I made sure to wake you up early so you wouldn't have to.”

“I know mom. I just want a headstart on the first day.” he says in between bites of his waffle.

“Mitsuki told me that Katsuki is going to be in class with you again.” she says earning Izuku a light blush on his cheeks. “You two have been in all the same classes since grade school. And here you are, both still in the same class in high school.” Mrs. Midoriya stares past him seemingly having flashbacks from when he was young. She wipes away a tear from her eye. “My goodness when did you get so old. It only seems like yesterday when you were playing super heroes in the backyard.” she starts onwardly sobbing. Izuku stands up and panics.

“H-hey mom! It's ok its-”

“I know I know. *sniff* I just can't believe *sniff* how fast you're growing.” she wipes away her tears and pulls Izuku into another embrace. He hugs her back.

“I love you mom.” he hums into her hair.

She pulls away keeping her hands on his shoulders. “I love you and you never forget that.”

Izuku nods with a smile, then goes back to eating. He stuffs his face with the rest of the waffle and gets up to make his lunch. His mother has offered him numerous times to make lunches for him, but he insists on doing it himself. She has to make her own lunch for work and doesn't wish to burden. She already does so much for him. Makes him more independent as he sees it.

He closes his lunchbox ad tucks it into his backpack, then heads towards the door.

“Bye mom!”

“Wait Izuku you still have twenty minutes until the bus comes. Did you remember everything? Notebooks? Pencils? Phone?”

“Yes yes mom. I double checked. I'm going to head over early. Don't want to risk being late on the first day.”

“Right right. Have a good day sweetie!”

Izuku makes his way to the bus stop with a skip in his step. When he makes it there, he plugs his earbuds in and tunes everything else out watching the cars bustling by in sync to the music he is listening to. A very serene moment in time. That is until one of his earbuds is ripped out of his ear.

“Oi! Earth to Izuku! I said good morning, shitty nerd!”

“K-kachaan!”  Izuku jumps when he turns to the boy that interrupted his atmospheric experience. The spikey blonde before him stares him down with cherry red orbs and a scowl. Izuku averts his gaze to fight down the blush filling his face.

“G-g-g-good mor-morning to you t-too!”

Katsuki Bakugou replies with a ‘tch’ and walks past him.

“H-hey where are you going? The bus is coming soon.” Izuku calls to him hoping he doesn't sound too desperate.

The blonde doesn't look back, but he gestures to the amount of people swarming the bus stop and calls out “I'm walking to school today. Too many  idiots make me fucking claustrophobic. See you at class!”

Izuku watches him walk away with a sigh. He was already too far away to catch up to. There goes his chance to take the bus to school with Kachaan. That slims his chances of getting to sit next to him if they don't show up together. Then again, there still lingers the possibility that the professor had taken it upon themselves to assign everyone in class a seat. That is something that has happened before when they arrived to school together.

He catches himself muttering when he earns some odd looks from the bystanders also waiting for the bus. He really has to stop doing that.

Izuku takes a seat on the bus and plugs his earbuds back in. When the bus starts rolling along, Izuku makes sure to appreciate the newest ad that his- ehem. That Kachaan modeled in. The ad was for some clothing brand. He is wearing a plaid red and black flannel with ripped jeans and red converse. He also leaning against a brick wall that had the brand logo graffiti onto in the backdrop making his creamy hair and skin stand out. He has his hands in his pockets and tilted his head to one side, wearing his model grin that was so lax- yet so enticing.

Izuku wiped the drool that gathered at the corner of his mouth. Gross .

He had been pining after his childhood friend for ages. He doesn't even remember a time before he had a crush on him. He assumes that it's just always been a thing.

Yep that's right.

He has huge a crush on his childhood friend.  

And that he would never have a chance.

He shakes that last thought away and replaces it with the fact that today is the first day attending UA, a private high school in which only the best students and rich kids get into. Izuku and his mom most certainly don't have the money to spend on that kind of pristine education. So he got in on his smarts alone earning himself a full ride scholarship.

Kachaan on the other hand got in because he's rich. His mother is a model and fashion designer and his father is a very successful businessman. And their son is a very successful model on top of that. If that doesn't get one into UA then Izuku wouldn't want to know what would. He is completely aware that he would most likely be attending classes with the most pompous kids around, but that doesn't matter so much. He is in class with Kachaan so it's ok. He knows that Kachaan wouldn't allow him take any bull shit from anyone.

Izuku steps off the bus to come face to face with the UA gates.

The school is just as luxurious as it's advertised to be.  The building is completely glass, and the landscape is perfect down to the shape of the bushes.

Here goes nothing.

Izuku is about to enter, but then stops abruptly when he sees somebody collapse out of the corner of his eye. The man is heaved over on the sidewalk in front of the gates, coughing up blood onto the cream colored cement. Many people walk past him without batting an eye at him. Izuku goes over to him without hesitation.

“Oh my god, are you ok sir?” he kneels down on his level. “That was a stupid question, of course you aren't ok! You're coughing up blood!”

The stranger holds up a hand. “I will be fine my boy. Just a thing that happens every now and then. I'm quite alright I can assure you.”

Izuku helps the stranger to his feet and guides him to sit on a nearby bench on the sidewalk.

“Do you need me to call a doctor? An ambulance?”

“None of that is necessary. But thank you for your kindness my boy. You can go on ahead to class.”

“If you're sure… Have a good day sir.”

Izuku takes one more look back and makes his way to class.


Izuku walks into the classroom to see just about what he expected. Pretty much everyone already knew each other because they are all probably from the same rich neighborhood or something.

He scans the room. No sign of Kachaan yet.


He realizes that he has to find a seat since most of them are taken already. He takes a seat near the window where the desk in front of him and beside him on his right are vacant.

He opens up his notebook and begins doodling.

To his dismay, a girl with medium length brown hair takes the beside him. She shifts uncomfortably in her seat for a few moments before speaking up.

“Hi. My name is Ochako Uraraka.”

Izuku doesn't want to dismiss the idea of being friendly towards her just because she took one of the last vacant seats in the room.

“H-Hi. I-I`m Izuku Midoriya. Nice to meet you.”

He was never really any good at introductions.

His eyes darted back to the empty chair in front of him.

Kachaan, where are you?



Katsuki Bakugou is pissed off.

Well that's not new news. He's always pissed off about something. But today he is pissed off that he didn't just wait for the fucking bus like any rational person would of. It's starting to lightly drizzle outside and he really didn't want to go through the effort of pulling out his fucking umbrella. That would just slow him down further.  

The damn streets to this city are just as fucking crammed as the bus would of been.


He then remembers that there is a way to get to UA through the nearby park. It would just mean that it might set him back a few minutes.

He can deal with being a few minutes late rather than having to fight the urge to shove all the extras crowding the city streets into the fucking dirt.

He slips out of the bustling sidewalk and walks through some trees.

Here we are.

He takes a deep breath in through the nose and cracks a smirk when he exhales.

There are far less people this way. Turns out not taking the bus wasn't such a bad plan.

Katsuki strides down the dirt path very pleased with himself. He takes in his surroundings. Lots of trees. The couple to his far left. The smell of nature attempting to mask the overwhelming scent of gasoline. The skeleton looking man collapsing to the ground to his right-

Katsuki stops in his tracks and turns his head towards the man. He just watched him collapse under his own weight and is now struggling to get back up.

Whatever it's not his problem-

The light drizzling starts to pick up.

This guy is going to get sick on top of not being able to get up.

Skeleton man manages to in an upright position when the rain starts to fall harder. The rain suddenly stops falling on his face. He looks up to see a hand extended out towards him. His eyes trail up the arm this hand is attached to and meets beaty - almost menacing- scarlet eyes. The blonde was using his other hand to hold an umbrella over their heads. The skeleton man takes the hand and is hoisted up back on his feet.

Katsuki replaces the grip the skeleton man has on his hand with the umbrella that he pulled out from his bag handing it to him. Katsuki then wordlessly turns away and begins walking away-

“Hold on son. Thank you, but I can't just take your umbrella-”

Katsui snaps his piercing gaze over his shoulder.

“You wanna thank me? Start so by seeing a doctor. You burden those around you by being an idiot like that.” the spikey blonde retots, then turns his head back around and continues walking.

The skeleton man is frozen in place. What a weird kid.


Katsuki doesn't have anymore time to waste. He has to get out of the rain otherwise he risks smelling like wet dog for the remainder of the day.

He was NOT going to be the wet dog kid on the first day.

He starts to pick up his walking speed. He makes it out of the park and back out into the city sidewalk.

Dammit he is starting to get kind of wet.

He spots red haired kid wearing a UA uniform up ahead with a large umbrella.

Welp. Time to take advantage of this situation by introducing yourself like you want to be his friend or something.