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Lion Spirits

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It had been a relatively uneventful day in Lance’s opinion.


He had woken up, eaten a poor excuse for a breakfast, stopped the Galra from stealing supplies from a local patrol of cargo pilots, almost gotten married to Hunk (again), accidentally stole a miniature bomb thingy from one of the cargo ships which earned him some scolding from Allura and Shiro, and flew back in a mechanical red space lion to eat some semi digestible green goop for an early dinner.


So yeah, uneventful.


Which brought him to where he was now, laying in bed, face mask freshly applied, headphones he stole from Pidge resting on his ears playing some classical alien melody in hopes to lure him off to sleep.


Keyword being 'hopes'.


Eventually, the exhaustion from the day's events caught up with him and lured him into a deep sleep.




The first thing he recognized was a heavy rain. It beat down on his armor and soaked through the exposed parts of his undersuit. He looked up at the sky to see clouds, grey and yet so comforting. He unlocked the air seal on his helmet, it opened with a small hiss to release the pressure. He took off his helmet and let the rain beat a steady pattern onto his skin. His eyes fluttered closed in pure bliss, he hadn’t realized how much he missed the rain. The warm and soothing droplets rolled down his cheeks like tears, and who’s to say some of them weren’t. At that moment, all was calm and right with the world. How he had missed this, how he had longed to feel it again.


Thunder crackled loud in his ear, startling him from his trance-like state. He glanced around to find shelter, no doubt he would rather spend all his time out in the storm, but the threat of lightning scared him into submission. He looked around for something to shield him from the rain. A shack, the same shack that sold pizza and those oh so heavenly garlic knots down by the pier. It looked exactly how he had remembered it, if he concentrated hard enough, he could even feel the warmth of the oven, feel the grease on his fingers as he sunk his teeth into his favorite delicacy. Watching the employees frying the homemade fries in their pans, adding spices and flinching any time it bubbled over and pinched their hands with the boiling grease.


A brief flash of lightning, followed by the crackle of thunder snapped him out of his fantasy as the rain grew increasingly heavier. Quickly, he ran over, nearly losing his balance to the wet sand, and hopped over the bar stools and the counter. A brief flash of memories struck him, waiting for his mom to finish changing his younger cousins diaper in the public restroom, he sat on one of the slightly torn cushions atop the bar stools. His gangly legs swinging to and fro while his hand tapped along to the tune playing from the shacks old speakers. The smell of pizza wafted around him and he tried not to drool too much. He knew his mama would be upset if he spent his newly acquired allowance on all the garlic knots he could carry. It took all of his self-control not to reach down into the pocket of his shorts and pull out his crumpled five dollar bill. After what had seemed like forever, his mama came out of the restroom carrying his cousin Maria on her hip.


“Gracias por esperar tan pacientemente mi hijo, vamos a dar un paseo por el paseo marítimo bueno?”


He remembered nodding so hard his head nearly popped off. He jumped off the stool and said a quick goodbye to the person leaning over the counter. She gave him a small smile and waved back, exchanging a knowing look with his mama.


The memory faded as soon as it appeared, it brought fresh tears to his eyes. He wiped them off along with the rainwater and slid off the counter into the shack.


It was strange, having looked inside the small kitchen so many time but never at this angle. It didn’t seem as cramped as before, now it was a little more spacious and felt a little like home. He glanced outside at the storm, the rain was so heavy it made it hard to see the details of the distance. Everything just seemed like a blurry shadow.


He placed his helmet on the counter and looked around the kitchen. The wallpaper was peeling, and it brought a fond sense of home into his chest. There were many framed pictures hanging up on the walls, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t register any of the faces. The one thing he did recognize was probably the oldest thing in the place. It had collected a thin layer of dust, and when he swiped his hand over it to clear it.






The names were a little fuzzy but still readable if he concentrated hard enough. He remembered the employees all looking fairly similar when he was younger, they all had similar kind brown eyes, curly dark hair, darker tanned skin and smiles that ended in dimples. He remembered telling one of them a story about his siblings' barbecue disaster where his oldest sister Veronica has nearly singed her new hair extensions and the laugh he heard from the boy working was entirely worth it. It sounded like a campfire, loud, warm, and slightly crackling. Younger him had smiled, making it a personal goal to himself to try and see what everyone's laugh sounded like.


Hunk had been easy enough, Lance always saved his best jokes for the gentle giant. The first time they met in the garrison Lance made a slightly rude comment that would have his mother scolding him about the head commander Iverson. Something about comparing his voice to that of a howler monkey. Hunk couldn’t contain his chuckles and they burst out of him and alerted the entire class to the two boys. Lance couldn’t find it in himself to care, Hunk’s laugh was a little rough but gentle and his smile afterward was like the sun. Their outburst in class had them sent to the principal's office, but neither boys cared. From then on Hunk had become Lance’s best friend, and the two were nearly inseparable since.


Pidge occasionally released a tiny chuckle whenever she found something funny, but Lance had made her honest to God burst when he tried Coran’s specialty Ralmore Tentacle Kabobs with Sonshek Sauce. His face had been greener than her Lion and he had sworn to himself to never try Coran’s dishes again. Her laugh rang out through the castle, she clutched her stomach while happy tears streamed down her eyes. Lance was a little worried her gut would burst, but he was too busy laughing himself to do anything about it. Even Coran was laughing, his accent mixed in with his chuckles and the resulting sound was foreign to Lance’s ears but reassuring nonetheless. Pidge had a laugh that portrayed just how young she was, it was original, not at all girly, a little squeaky and super loud. Her cackles reminded Lance of the little gremlin she was, and he couldn’t help but want to hear it again.


At first, Shiro had seemed like an unreachable hero of a man. Lance had practically worshipped him all throughout his garrison days so it made him a little hard to approach. But the closer they had gotten, the more Lance began to see in Shiro. The man was as awkward as a prepubescent boy trying to ask out a girl to a high school dance. It was almost hilarious how little Shiro knew about taking time to appreciate small conversations. The guy was so nervous about spending time with the other Paladins, he had locked himself in his room to do push-ups! Lance had started to invite him to more and more events around the castle, little things like sleepovers with Hunk, video games with Pidge, story time with Coran, and R&R/ Spa Nights with Allura (and an ever so reluctant Keith). Eventually Shiro loosened up a little, and finally, during Paladin movie night, one of the on-screen characters had accidentally fallen into a very noticeable and totally avoidable hole, and uttered a line that didn’t completely register with the rest of the crew but had Shiro laughing so hard he was practically gasping for air. It had shocked everyone to see someone who was normally so controlled and uptight to let go like this. His laugh was boisterous and a little husky and sounded like it had been building up for years. It was very contagious and soon everyone was rolling around on the floor and trying to get ahold of themselves. Figuratively and Literally. Lance could tell Shiro had been holding that in for a while, and he was glad to see the older Paladin be able to be himself around the others.


Lance was expecting Allura’s laugh to be very feminine and gentle, he had heard her chuckling a few times during the diplomatic meeting, but Lance had believed those were only to be polite. He tried everything to make the princess reveal her true laugh, jokes, pick up line, even doing something embarrassing, but he still hadn’t made her laugh. He was about to give up when during one of the spa nights, Allura had dug out some of her older Altean makeup. She had mentioned it was for special occasions such as costume parties or festivals but wanted to try and revive her old face painting skills. Lance had taken to using Keith scowling face as his canvas and tried to make him look less grumpy. He painted blushing cheeks, gave him huge lips, over saturated eyeshadow, and tried to give him long wings like he had for Shiro but couldn’t find the eyeliner. Finally, he added a mole on the left side of Keith's nose, just above his upper lip. When he backed away to reveal his magnificent creation to Allura she had snorted so loud the mice who had formerly been sleeping on her bed had awoken suddenly. Allura’s laugh had not at all been what he was expecting, it was almost hilarious in of itself. Her laugh was filled with loud snorts and extra bubbly, it was almost ugly and not at all pristine and feminine. When she had finally calmed down she thanked Lance, telling him that she hadn’t laughed that hard since her father's death. To say that Lance's heart hadn’t skyrocketed at that reveal would have been a lie. He couldn’t wait to hear her laugh again.


Keith’s laugh… was so far nonexistent. The other paladins had claimed it existed, but Lance wasn’t having it. Currently, he had not been successful at making Keith laugh but he swore that one day he would. He would make that emo mullet bust a gut if it was the last thing he did, because if Keith could laugh? Then pigs may as well join NASA because they’d be doing much more than flying.


Lance ended that train of thought before it could reach the station. He had heard a noise, it was like a call for help. Someone's scream, most likely from an older woman, and many small children. He could barely make out what they were saying.


“¡ Auxilio! ¡ que mi marido lo salve, que alguien me ayude! ¡ Dios mío, ven rápido!”


Lance sprung into action, grabbing his helmet and sealing it over his face as he ran out into the storm towards the voices. The pounding rain on his helmet muffled the voices until he could no longer make out what they were saying. He hurriedly tore off his helmet and tossed it on the ground, blindly following the shouts.


Suddenly a scream erupted through the rain, it sounded like the crackling thunder and tore through Lance like a torpedo. The rain no longer felt soothing, it felt like bullets trying to pierce through his brown skin. The rain buried his vision, it mixed through the tears and sent salt and rainwater flooding in his mouth every time he gasped for a breath. His heart was pounding as his feet slipped beneath him, the wet sand catching his feet and absorbing the friction, slowing him down.


But he kept running.


He was sprinting now, tearing across the beach in a desperate run. He had recognized that scream, it was the same one he had heard many time before. When everyone in his house got too rowdy and disobedient, when a scary movie provided a hearty jumpscare, when Marco was stuck in a tree and almost broke his leg falling out. It was his mother's scream, and if that hadn’t already broken his heart, a child's voice rang out clear through the howling storm.




His eyes widened, his lungs begged for air, and he pushed himself harder than before. Racing down the achingly familiar street, he stopped at his old house.


It was hard to see due to the heavy rain, but there it was. His childhood house, torn to bits. Shingles were scattered everywhere, the drains were broken, spilling rain and flooding the flowerbeds. The door was blown wide open, hanging on a single hinge. The porch boards were torn up and tossed around by the wind. The wind chime gone, lost somewhere in the storms. The windows were shattered, the paint peeling. The normally cheerful pastel yellow paint now dull and soggy.


This was not the house Lance remembered.


The scream erupted again, it came from the backyard. Lance scrambled over to the brown picket fence that was ripped from the ground, the gate was thrown wide open. He entered the backyard to find everything in chaos.


The chairs and tables were blown against what was left of the fence, the rest were nowhere to be seen. The flowerbeds his mama had practically slaved over were in shambles, the beautifully bright colors now faded and smudged. The pool, where Lance had learned to swim, spent so many summer days, where he trained to be on his elementary schools swim team, was no longer the crystal clear blue Lance remembered. Instead, it was a muddy grey, reflecting the angry storm which had only seemed to worsen. Scanning the backyard Lance noticed the small grove his father tended to daily. Oranges, apples, even pears were all grown there during the hottest seasons. Most of the fruit came from this garden, and here the trees were uprooted. Cast aside and split in half by lightning. The tree with the tire swing, where Lance would push his little cousins on during family gatherings, and the other one where Abuelo would nap in a hammock under the shady branches. One was intact, the tire swing missing, but the other was a wreck. It had fallen over and landed on top of…




Lance ran over to the fallen tree, tripping on loose branches and upturned patio stones. He tried with all his might to lift it up, but it was too heavy for him. It only he had been stronger than it wouldn’t have crushed…


“Mi Hijo…”


Lance let go of the trunk with a start. He glanced down at his mother’s face and promptly burst into tears.


The sunny and strong woman he had known and loved was gone, replaced with this fragile and grey one. The color had gone from her beautiful face, her laugh lines making her look much older. Blood was dripping from a gash on her head, it was the only color left on her weak face. Her brown eyes had dulled, and her plump lips were thin and malnourished. She reached out with a thin and delicate had, Lance took it carefully as if it would shatter upon the slightest touch, then gripped it like a lifeline.


“Mamá, lo siento mucho. Yo no era lo suficientemente rápido... te defrauda. mamá, por favor, no me dejes. Por favor no mueras.” he pleaded


His mama gave him a sad smile and said “Lo siento, mi hijo. Volveremos a vernos otro día. No todo está perdido, me alegro de que aún estés vivo. Te quiero.”


“¡ mamá no!” he cried, just as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her pale body going limp, the hand Lance held went cold. She was lifeless.


She was dead.


“MAMA!” he cried, his tears drowning his voice. It weakened him, and the rain beat against his armor harder than before. The world lost color, it became dark and muted. Lance stood and walked out of the backyard. He walked into the street, down to the boardwalk, down to the beach, down to the water's edge. The rain splashed around him, he treads through it until it reached his knees, and he cried.


He cried until no more tears would come out, he cried so the whole world could hear his mourning. He cried to the ocean, the normally warm water turned freezing. He cried until he wasn’t sure what was tears and what was rain. He looked up.


He had nothing left. His mama was his world, his universe, all he wanted was to see her again, and now he had. And now she was dead. Crushed by the same tree that he had climbed, that he pretended he was a monkey in, swinging through the jungle, he played Tarzan with his siblings, he had tried to convince his parents to build a treehouse in the tree. His sister Sofia had carved her crushes name into that tree when she was thirteen. Their mama was not happy about that. His brother Marco had gotten stuck in that tree while chasing a squirrel when he was nine. His brother Luis showed off to his crush how fast he could climb a tree, she was impressed and they started dating for a while. Lance had always wanted to try that out. His Abuela has grown that tree from a sapling when she was young. His Abuelo had promised to always care for it before she passed away. It was a symbol of their love.  


To Lance, it was a symbol of betrayal.


He looked up into the sea. The normally sparkling and gentle waters were choppy with waves and unforgiving. Lance looked down at his knees. His armor was roughed up, his undersuit soaked to the bone. His skin felt clammy and cold, if the storm didn’t overthrow him, then the hypothermia would surely take him. He closed his eyes and tried to think of sun, but all he could see was his family, their bright smiles, their cheery eyes, and his mama. Her tanned skin, brown hair with a slight curl. Her generous personality, how she made sure nobody would go hungry and made everyone feel welcome. Her neverending optimism, Lance had never in his life met someone as strong as his mother.


And she was gone.


The wave crashed over Lance, the undertow pulling him into the sea. He gasped for breath, his hands splashing furiously to try and find something to hold onto, something grabbed his ankle and pulled him under again. He gulped in a mouthful of seawater, air gone from his lungs. His life was in the hands of the unrelenting sea, and it let go.


Lance drowned.




Lance gasped awake in a cold sweat. His hands were shaking holding his blanket in a vice grip, his mask had peeled off and was smeared all over his pillow, Pidge’s headphones were on the floor still softly playing the soothing music. It wasn’t enough now, Lance was already in a state of panic.


He got out of bed and staggered towards the bathroom, he squinted at the light as he entered. He walked up to the mirror and closed his eyes taking a deep breath before opening them and looking at his reflection.


He was a mess.


His eyes had heavy and very dark bags underneath them as if he hadn’t slept in years. His skin, normally a gorgeous caramel brown was a pale dusty color. His hair was slick with sweat and stringy, his face mask was smudged all over his face. He looked sickly.


Lance closed his eyes and took another deep breath. He repeated until his hand was no longer shaking, and he couldn’t feel that many goosebumps. Then he got to work on re-doing his routine.


Lance picked up his washcloth and ran it under the Altean sink, then he got to work removing the remains of his face mask and cleaning away the tear stains and sweat. Then he removed his pajamas and took a nice long hot shower, using his moisturizer to substitute for his face mask. He wrapped his hair in a towel, like his sisters had shown him, and walked back over to the mirror.


Color had returned back to his face. There were no more tears or sweat or face mask, just Lance. He smiled, hoping nobody would notice the slight tremble to it, and walked out of the bathroom and over to his bed.


He stripped the bed of its sheets, balling them up and tossing them in the corner of the room. He opened the bottom shelf of the dresser and retrieved new sheets, a blanket, and pillowcases. Remaking his bed was super easy, his mama made him do it every morning. Ouch, let’s not think about that now… it’s still fresh.


Finally, there was no evidence of any nightmare. Lance’s walls had taken a beating, but he built them back up again. Hopefully, they would last longer this time, that nightmare was brutal.


Not ready to go back to bed, Lance put on his fluffy Blue Lion slippers and walked over to the Lion Hangar.  




As soon as the hangar came into view, Lance was swarmed by the presence of Blue and Red. Blue felt worried and wanted to comfort Lance. Red was an ever-present threat of wanting to beat up whoever hurt his son.


Lance chuckled at the thought, “Hey guys.”


As soon as he said it, Blues comfort increased tenfold. She swarmed his consciousness and gave him a mind hug


My Paladin, is everything alright? She purred.


Lance entered the hanger, the presence of the Lions only growing stronger.


“Everything's okay Blue, just another nightmare.”


Blue purred again in concern That makes for the fourth one in a row, you do not look so well.


Lance chuckled “Ouch, you wound me m’lady.”


Red purred in confusion She did not lay a paw on you? Where are you hurt? Blue! You must be more careful, these humans are delicate!


Blue laughed at Red’s confusion, No brother, it is a figure of speaking. Lance is not harmed, he is being sarcastic.


Red growled in anger, You got me worried if anyone tries to hurt you then come to me at once. I will not sit by and watch my Paladin be harmed.


Lance smiled up at the Lion, “Thanks Red, but I’m not that fragile! I can take care of myself you know!”


Red snorted, Lance felt Blue’s eyes look over to glare at the Red Lion.


Blue looked back at Lance and filled him with a sense of bravery Yes you can, my cub.


Red stared down at Lance. Blue, do you think-


Blue cut him off Are you feeling any better now Lance?


Lance smiled up at her and nodded, ending in a yawn. “Yeah, much better. I think I’m gonna try and go back to sleep now,” He stood up and stretched until his back popped. “Thanks, Blue, and thank you too Red! Goodnight!”


Goodnight Cub~ Blue purred


Don’t forget what I said about protecting you, I meant it. Red added.


Lance nodded and walked out of the hangar with a quick wave over his shoulder.




★Well? How did the conversation with your Paladin go? Are they ready yet?★








✭What? I can’t stand sitting by and watching my Paladin struggle with internal conflicts! It makes me upset, and I want to help!✭


★I understand Red, however, we must be certain the bond we have established with our Paladins is strong enough to support the Spirit Connection. I do not want anything to go wrong.★


✫My Bonds with Lance and Princess Allura are both very strong, I believe they are ready. I also agree with Red though, if it’s possible that our Paladins are struggling with internal conflicts then it would be best to interfere now in order to help them. They need all the support they can get.✫


✭He had a nightmare, a NIGHTMARE! I need to be able to protect him! I cannot stand for this any longer. I am going to comfort him right now!✭ミ


★Red wait- aaaannd he’s gone.★


ミ✲Way to go Paul.✲


✫Green? Who’s Paul?✫


✲I’m not entirely sure, Pidge mentioned it once. She called it a Vine. I think it might have something to do with being the Green Paladin and strengthening our bond! There are a lot of them…✲


ミ✭Ahem. Blue?✭


✫Yes, Red?✫


✭… Are you coming with me?✭


✫Am I coming with you to go where?✫


✭To comfort Lance! I’m… not so good at that sort of thing.✭


✫Well, Black, do you think He is Ready?✫


★As if I have a choice? Fine. Go.★


✭YES! Hurry up Blue, I want to see my little boy!✭


✲Here he comes…✲


✭What? I don’t see him?✭


✲Oh, that’s just another one of Pidges Vines. Carry on!✲ミ


✭Ah, okay. Thank you!✭ミ


✧Have fun!✧


✫Thanks, Yellow!✫ミ


★Don’t mess this up.★




Lance had been lying down for what seemed like hours before he heard the footsteps.


Well, they weren’t exactly footsteps. They sounded softer, like a kitten padding down the hallway or a dog wearing little boots. Then came the knocking. Though it wasn’t quite knocking, more like banging. Scratching? Something was clawing at his door, and then a growl. Then the scratching stopped. Oh God, what if something snuck aboard the ship! The very thought made Lance shiver. It would be nearly impossible to sleep with the knowledge that there could be a potentially dangerous alien aboard the ship. So Lance did what any respectable brave Paladin of Voltron would do. He armed himself with a pillow and hid in a makeshift blanket fort he created on his bed.


It might not have been the best decision ever, but it was certainly a decision, and Lance was too tired to think of a better solution. So, yep.


Suddenly, the door wooshed open. It took every ounce of Lance's self-control not to let out a screech and risk giving away his position, so he clutched the pillow tighter and prepared for the worst.


A Lion.


A Beautiful Blue Lion.


It was translucent and gave off a calming aura. It reminded Lance of the sunniest days at the beach, glistening waters, and calm ocean currents. It was big, bigger than a regular lion, but still small enough to fit comfortably inside the room. It was about the same size as a small couch. It stepped in slowly, scanning its surroundings. Lance felt his connection with Blue humming in the back of his mind. Cautiously, he reached out in his consciousness and touched it.


The Lion whipped its head around to face him, and he gasped. Its eyes were glowing yellow. Not a sickening yellow, like Galra eyes, but a warm and inviting yellow, reminding Lance of the Sun, or a candlelight. Its body was glowing, the energy around it humming with content. Lance recognized it to be a female Lion or a Lioness as it did not have a mane. Its fur was softly tossing in a nonexistent breeze making it seem ethereal. It’s… enchanting.


I’m flattered that you think so Lance. Blue purred through their connection.


Lance yelped, scrambling backward against the wall of his bed. “Blue? Is-Is that y-you?”  


The Lion smiled warmly. Hello Lance, I am sorry to startle you. I hope you do not mind me coming to visit you. I want to help you with those nightmares you have been having.


Lance relaxed, the aura surrounding Blue was soothing. “That’s night of you girl, but you don’t have to-”


Blue interrupted him by walking over to his bed and promptly curling up behind Lance. Now, she purred through their bond, Tell me what your nightmare was about. I wish to help you through this. She rested one large paw around Lance, spooning him and releasing the tension from his body it one fell swoop. He melted into her embrace, she was so warm like the sea during a sunny day, but not unbearably warm. Just the right amount of heat for a comforting embrace.


Lance sighed “Well, it was… about my family.”


Blue purred in encouragement as if to say go on. Lance took a deep breath and retold his nightmare. The whole time, Blue was a comforting presence behind him, sometimes changing her aura to soothe him whenever he felt the impending anxiety creeping up on him, or other times purring softly to offer her sympathy. When Lance finished he felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders, the ever-persistent threat of tears was still there but it was slowly being replaced by a feeling of content and comfort.


Wow, these Lions sure are a Package.


Blue chuckled I am glad you think so Lance. Her tone switched to one more serious, but not any less soft, While I am here, is there anything else you would like to get off your shoulders?


Lance knew the answer to that. Yes, my doubts about my place on the team, my sense of self-worth and confidence. Despite constant reassurance from Hunk and Coran, I want to hear it from someone I know through a deep connection. Not to say Hunk and I don’t have a deep connection, we’re best bros for life, if we are still single by 40 then we’d probably marry each other. I just need to hear this from the Lions, I am their pilot after all. My insecurities had only increased during the Lion Switch. The whole event only told me that I could be replaced easier, instead of telling me I was special enough to be chosen by more than one Lion or whatever.


Suddenly, Lance's door flew straight open. A blast of strong, warm air entered the room as a brilliantly colored Red Lion bounded through the door. Its electric yellow eyes landed on Lance and it rushed over to the bed and glared at him. Upon closer inspection, the Red Lion looked pretty similar to the Blue Lion. It was smaller, still translucent and had a bright red fur coat. It’s mane whipped around using the same nonexistent wind, framing its face and making it look god-like. Its aura was warm, like Blue’s, but reminded Lance more of a Candle flame or a Campfire. His eyes glowed yellow and Lance thought they looked like tiny flames. His canines were sharp as he scowled. Lance should have been afraid right now, but Blue’s ever comforting presence behind him melted away all the fear and grounded him in a blissful state of serenity.


You. The Red Lion snarled. Who told you that you were easily replaceable, I’ll kill them.


Blue chuckled. Now Red, what did we say about killing other Paladins.


It was the other Paladins?! Red roared. I’m sorry Keith, I did like you, but you must go. Nobody hurts my boy.


Blue gave an exasperated sigh, Lance giggled at that.


Oh! He giggled, that means I did something right. Right? Blue? Did I make him happy? I am not the best with these emotional sorts of things…


“Aww, don’t worry Red,” Lance giggled, “You’re doing great!”


Red beamed, but dropped his smile quickly and scowled off to the side. Move over, I want to hug the human too.


Blue shifted on the bed so she was right up against the wall. The Red Lion tentatively crawled in beside Lance and laid his chin down on top of Lance's head, then he sighed with content. Lance felt a bit squashed, but the ever comforting and solid presences surrounding him was enough to make him comfortable. Both Lions had a soothing aura, and Lance fell into a deep slumber.


Red? Blue said once the Red Paladin was asleep.


Mmm, what? Red mumbled.


I think this trial was a success, what about you?


Mhmm, success, yippee.


Red, you do know we are not able to fall asleep, correct?


Shhh, he is comfortable. I want to stay a little longer.


Oh, Alright. Goodnight Lance.


Goodnight Lance.




“Buenas Noches Leones, te amo~”