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The Bitter Taste of A Broken Heart

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Fanfiction Cover By: Mochi

Summer was relatively nice. Of course, the whole debacle with the villains ambushing and Bakugou getting kidnapped wasn’t. But other than that, it hadn’t been too ruined for class 1-A. They had recently moved into the dorms and many had cheered at the chance to be closer to their friends. It was nice, but class was starting again, souring a few of their moods. Nevertheless, they made use of the time they had off whenever they were able to.

Today was the weekend. The students were in their dorms, but what they did with their time was up to them. Todoroki had chosen to use his free time to see his mother and roam the city. His gaze drifted across the many shops. The streets were crowded with people, making it a bit tough to more around. However, it was to be expected with the time of day.

The high school student kept his eyes focused on the buildings and stores around him, not really paying mind to the people roaming the streets. His feet carried him along the sidewalk. It was surprisingly peaceful and Todoroki was grateful for that. Peace was a rare virtue he sadly couldn’t get that often.

As he walked, his mind began to wonder. Things this year that really been different for him. The thought of that made his lips barely curl up into a faint smile. A warm feeling filled his chest. He thought of his classmates, the friends he had made. The smile on his face grew, both in width and in emotion. Relations between the class were always something he observed from the outside, but to actually be apart of that. Well, it was something completely different.

He was pulled from his thoughts by a sharp and painful sounding cough. Todoroki looked in front of him, but it was too late. He had successfully crashed into the person. A groan left him as he rubbed his shoulder which had collided with the person’s head. His gaze quickly shot up to the person in front of him. It was a young woman, maybe in her 20s. The crash had successfully knocked her to the ground, giving him a bit of a better look at her. There were things Todoroki noted about her appearance. Most notably, how in general, she looked absolutely terrible. Bandages covered her arms and in many places, scars littered her skin. Heavy bags rested underneath her eyes, and she looked sickeningly pale. Also, if he was seeing correctly, she looked as if she had blood seeping from the edge of her mouth.

Artwork Drawn By: Yuu

“I’m so sorry about that. I really should look where I’m going,” Todoroki sheepishly stated. He offered his hand to the woman and she hesitantly took it. For an awkward amount of time, they just stayed there, the woman avoiding eye contact. She quickly slipped her hand from Todoroki’s, likely because it was starting to get sweaty. “N..No, I..I’m the one that… that’s sor..sorry,” she stuttered, looking frantic. Something about her behavior seemed very off to Todoroki, but he didn’t know what. Once again, the two stood in silence, anxiety almost radiating off the woman.

“Well… I should get going,” he stated, trying to ease himself out of this situation. “Ye.. Yeah, I should be going too.” Without another word, the woman moved past him. Once again, she let out a painful cough and Todoroki was only left to stare as her figure disappeared into the crowd. “Strange,” he murmured, turning to the direction he was original going.

He closed his hand, freezing up when he felt something strange. Looking down as he opened his hand, Todoroki saw but a single petal. It was white in hue, though a bit of red specks had colored the edges. It looked as if it came from a water lily. Many questions would run through anyone’s mind. Where did it come from? Why is there red? Was it real? The last question had run through Todoroki’s mind. He ran the petal against the pads of his fingers, taking in the velvety feel of it.

A gasp left him. “Holy shit, it is real,” Todoroki muttered to himself, completely in disbelief of the fact. How is that even possible? “Maybe that's her quirk,” he thought aloud. To comfort himself, he chose to believe that that was the case. After all, how else could someone be coughing up flower petals? Silently, Todoroki slipped the petal into his pocket, continuing on his way.

Almost immediately, Todoroki's mind went back to his previous thoughts. Relationships within the class.. many different things have changed. Momo had come to him a lot to rant about how much of a lesbian she was for Jirou. However, Todoroki said he understood, but really he couldn't due to him being a rather big homosexual. It had been painfully obvious that Kirishima had feelings for Bakugou at first, but Bakugou didn't return his feelings. After all, the blond had recently gotten together with Midoriya. Todoroki's neutral expression darkened slightly. There was a sudden painful ping in his chest, momentarily knocking the wind from his lungs. Something tickled the back of his throat, but he quickly swallowed it down.

It had really been an unexpected pairing really. Everyone had seen how Bakugou seemingly hated Midoriya for the beginning of the year. It was also implied that he had treated him cruelly the previous years too. But after a certain moment between the two and after a big, heartfelt apology from Bakugou's end, what had been broken seemed repaired and it wasn't long before they got together.

God, why was Todoroki even thinking about this? And moreover, why did the thought of the two leave just a sharp pain in his chest? He continued to push down whatever attempted to climb up his throat. However, the act left him breathless and weak. Strange…

By the time Todoroki was close to returning to the dorms, the sun had long set, silvery moonlight illuminating the path before him. Finally, he returned to the dorms, but right as he was about to open the door, he froze. Behind the door, he could hear Bakugou's voice. However, it sounded so different from normal. It sounded soft and full of affection. Todoroki's hands shook, so close to turning the knob, as he heard the blinds voice.

The pain in his chest grew as did the burning in his throat. Suddenly, Bakugou's voice was no longer heard only to be replaced with Midoriya's, sounding just as soft and just as full of affection. At this point, Todoroki was almost choking back on whatever tried to burst from his throat. It was so painful, tears appearing at the corners of his eyes, threatening to fall. What really broke him was to hear both of the soft voices in tandem, hearing how they flowed together.

Todoroki stepped back from the door, staggering. He couldn't go through that door. He couldn't enter the dorms through there. He took a deep breath, noting, how for a moment, it was stuck in his throat. Pushing the thoughts out of his mind temporarily, he walked around the dorms, searching for which of the windows was likely his own. Suddenly, he spotted an open window, up on the fifth floor. His eyes narrowed for a moment in attempt to focus on it better. Whoever was inside the room was just right by the window, and if he was seeing correctly, he saw long black hair. Creating a small ice clump in his hand, Todoroki positioned himself right to chuck it at the window. When he threw the little pieces of ice, they just barely hit. However, he could still faintly hear when the sound of them making contact with the window. Instantly, the window was swung wider than it had previously been and an angry Yaoyorozu popped her head from the open, looking down on the ground. “Yao,” Todoroki called out, using his hands as a way to make his voice louder. When the noirette saw who it was, her features softened, though she still looked a bit annoyed.

Artwork Drawn By: Sky

A rope ladder that Yaoyorozu had created on an earlier occasion was thrown out the window, the girl making sure she had a strong grip on the top of it. The rope ladder smacked against the building, tumbling all the way down the wall. However, surely no one inside could hear it.

Todoroki reached up, the rough fabric of the rope burning his skin as it made contact. He did his best to suck in a breath before climbing up the ladder like so many times before. With each step, the ladder wobbled a bit, but nothing too major. It wasn’t gonna cause him to accidentally let go and fall. Still, it left an uneasy feeling in his stomach as always. But to be fair, that feeling had been bugging him since he ran into that woman earlier.

“Hey, you realize you can’t just hang there do you,” Yaoyorozu commented, snapping Todoroki from his thoughts. “You’re actually heavier than you look so c’mon. I can’t do this all day.” He mumbled something under his breath, annoyance clear in his tone. Once he was inside the noirette’s room, Yaoyorozu pulled the ladder inside, rolling it up for a later use.

With a quick turn of her heel, she looked to Todoroki, her eyebrows raised at the male student. “Now, why exactly did you have to enter through my window,” she asked. Her arms were crossed and her expression reflected her annoyance and determination to get an answer.

Todoroki quickly shook his head. “Sorry, I just heard Iida in the common room and with how late it was, I wasn’t looking forward to a lecture,” he lied. It was easy to tell as there were faint cracks in his voice with every word he spoke. It was also obvious that Yaoyorozu had noted this and knew he was lying, a sharp exhale leaving through her nose.

“Alright,” was all she replied with even though “I’ll take it for now” threatened to roll off her tongue. Giving his friend a quick thanks, Todoroki silently left the room, making sure his footsteps were barely audible.

Being as the two were on the same floor, it didn’t really take him long to reach his room. Due to the time, Satou was probably already asleep and Sero was either hanging with Kaminari or he was already in his room as well. Todoroki let out a pained sigh. At least, he wouldn’t have to face anyone.

Finally, he reached his room. Gently, he open the door and stepped inside, quickly and quietly closing it behind him. Suddenly, he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders, leaving him feeling a little less anxious. However, that only lasted for a moment as, with a strong force, the pain that had burdened him earlier returned. Just as before, the wind was knocked from his lungs and he sunk to the floor.

What the hell was this? Where did this sudden pain come from? Todoroki’s arms shook as he held onto his chest and used the other to steady himself. Small tears slide down his cheeks from the sheer intensity of the pain, the droplets wetting the tatami flooring of his dorm. After taking a moment to regain his breath, Todoroki stood, holding the wall for support.

After that, the pain died down a bit. Though Todoroki had a constant feeling of as if something was tickling his esophagus. It was strange, how feeling left only to be replaced by another one that still made him uneasy. Regardless, Todoroki decided to ignore it and get ready for bed.

When he finally got to sleep, shades of green and orange haunted his dream.

About only four hours later, Todoroki joke up in a cold sweat. There was a overwhelming aching in his throat and he felt as it he couldn’t breath. He quickly sat up and began to try and help himself breath again. He beat his chest a bit with his fist in a hurried panic. A sharp cough left him and suddenly, the aching had eased up a bit. He could still barely breath, but hey, it was progress in that moment.

It still felt as if something was trying to push its way up his throat. However, the feeling had faded as he felt a slight weight within his mouth. Sucking in a breath from his nose, he stood, far too restless now to sleep. Perhaps a drink of water would help the soreness he felt in his throat.

Opening his door, he stepped out of his room, mindful of the nose he was making. Quickly, Todoroki rushed himself down to the common room which was right by the dorm kitchen. His breathing was a bit ragged so he decided to sit down in the common room on one of the couches. His eyes traveled across the room to find not a person around.

Well, of course there would be no one. It was so early in the morning why would anyone be awake. He attempted to calm his mind, but the painful aching was back in his throat. Todoroki did best to keep his voice down, though it was proving a bit harder than he thought. Tears burned tracks down his porcelain cheeks which were paler than usual.

Suddenly, a cough shook his figure, whatever had been in his throat and mouth fell out. Todoroki’s eyes widened at the sight, his tongue still barely hanging out of his mouth. Petals. Flower petals. Having fallen from his mouth, they rested peacefully in his lap and all the boy could do was stare.

Artwork Drawn By: < a href="">Mele

Stare in shock and in horror that flower petals had actually come out of his body. The petals looked as if they belonged to different flowers. One kind of petal being long and orange with a few red and black specks, a tiger lily petal. The other petal was much shorter and a lighter shade of green, a green carnation petal. The shades almost exactly matched those that filled his dream.

For a while, Todoroki just sat there frozen, petals still in his lap and tears still running down his cheeks. ‘How,’ he thought to himself, unable to use his voice for the moment. ‘How is this even possible?’ Suddenly, something clicked in his brain. It was just like the woman from before. She had let out a harsh cough and only a moment later, Todoroki found a white petal in his hand. But what were those red spots that stained the white.

“Blood,” he mumbled to himself, still stuck in a state of shock. The woman’s blood was on that flower petal. His heart rate picked up, still breathing shallow. Would the same thing happen to him? Would the petals rip through his throat till he was vomiting petals and blood? Todoroki clutched two of the petals tightly in his right hand.

How was this even possible? An effect from a quirk? Some kind of virus or infection? He didn’t know, and his mind was far too stuck in a state of shock for him to be able to actually think too deeply about this. His grip loosened, the petals falling back onto his lap with the rest. Now that he got a good look at them, Todoroki realized how beautiful the petals were. How beautiful and real they were.

The tiger lily petals were a vibrant and aggressive orange and yet there was a softness to them. The specks of red and black gave them a sense of uniqueness, the petals almost made it known that they weren’t like anything you’ve ever seen. Hm, what a strange to describe them. However, Todoroki found himself unable think it any other way. The green carnation petals were just as beautiful. Their hue was a bit faded and plain, but that didn’t stop them from being eye catching. There was a simple beauty to the petals and they looked just as soft as they felt.

A faint pink rushed to Todoroki’s cheeks as he stared at the petals, scooping them all up into his hands. The feathery feeling of them against his skin gave him a sense of panic and yet a warm feeling filled his chest, something unlike he had felt before.

However, that feeling quickly faded with painful stab in his chest. Todoroki covered his mouth as he coughed into his hands, two more petals falling onto his palms. His throat felt so sore and his body was left shaken. Paranoid, Todoroki’s head whipped around the room, his gaze focused on the entrances. It was still deadly silent and it seemed as if no one had woken up.

A sigh of relief left him. Quickly, he scooped up all of the petals up in his hands, cupping his hands so that there wasn’t any risk of them falling. Todoroki abandoned the thought of taking something to ease his aching throat and hurried to his room, staying silent so no one would wake up and catch him.

Holding his breath the entire way, Todoroki finally reached his floor, his steps light against the ground so Satou and Sero wouldn't accidentally wake up. His heart was jumping with each step, his hands clenching tightly, squishing the petals together. A quiet sigh of relief left him as he arrived at his door. The breath he had held in now left a painful lump in his throat as he tried his best to get into his room without making a noise.

Another sigh of relief left his lips. From what he could hear, no one had stirred or waken up and no one had seen him on the way up. “Success,” Todoroki whispered to himself, followed by a stifled cough. He let his hands open, the petals spread across his palms. He wore a somber expression as he traveled around his room a bit, looking for a place to put the flower petals.

Todoroki settled on an empty plastic bag within his closet. The petals laid at the bottom of the bag, their colors still vibrant through the see-through plastic. A complicated mix of emotions crossed Todoroki’s face, his hand reaching inside the bag once more. He pulled out a green petal and an orange petal, taking one into each hand. For many moments, he just rubbed the petals between his fingers, taking in the soft, velvety feeling.

His mind seemed caught in a bit of a trance. This whole situation confused and scared him. How was it even possible? He honestly couldn’t find himself wanting to continue thinking about this, exhaustion and pain were all too present in his mind. Todoroki dropped the petals once more into the bag, shoving it back into his closet.

Grabbing onto the wall to steady himself, Todoroki walked back to his futon, settling back down. It was comfortable and warm and quiet. He should have been able to fall asleep. However, his racing mind kept him awake til the morning light.


Kaminari gripped his shoulders tightly, trying to stop his body from shaking. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. “How,” the blond mumbled to himself. That’s all he could manage.

Only a few moments ago, Kaminari had been traveling downstairs. No particular reason, most likely to get maybe a midnight snack or just hang around in the common room by himself until he felt like going back to his room. Just as he was about to walk into the common room, he stopped himself as he heard a distressing cough.

The blond quickly hide himself and peeked around the corner. He made sure that he wasn’t visible to whoever was in the common room, just in case. The sight he was greeted with left him concern at first. The only person within the common room was Todoroki and the cough had left him shaking.

Kaminari’s first thought was to go over to the boy and ask him what was wrong or if he needed any kind of help. However, that thought was pushed from his mind as soon as Todoroki moved his cupped hands.

With one look, Kaminari’s eyes shot wide open. Flower.. Flower petals.. It almost looked as if Todoroki had coughed up the petals. He gulped, but stayed a moment longer, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Even as he stood there, his mind was still a bit fuzzy, barely about to observe what was currently happening. He was still trying to wrap his mind around the entire situation itself. Kaminari was shaken from his thoughts as the sound of another strained cough pulled him back to reality. His gaze turned to Todoroki and watched as two petals, one green and one orange, fell from the boy’s mouth.

A lump formed in his throat and his breath caught. He couldn’t at all believe what he was seeing, but it had just happened right in front of him. Still, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Hearing Todoroki shift slightly, Kaminari’s instincts kicked in and he set off, all but running back to his room. Of course, since it was past curfew and the thought of accidentally waking someone up or somehow drawing attention to himself wasn’t a necessarily pleasant thought.

It wasn’t long before Kaminari made it back to his room, staying as quiet as he could as he approached his dorm. After all, Iida’s room was right next to his and if Iida caught him up, well, Kaminari would surely be screwed. Opening his door, the blond rushed inside. His chest raised and lowered at a fast pace, his breathing shallow.

Moving away from his door, Kaminari began to pace around his room, desperately trying to process what he saw. His hands shook as he held them together tightly, his grip on himself almost painful. The blond began to mumble to himself, tripping on his words.

“Well..well, how… how is that eve..even possible? How the fuck did… did he cough up those petals? What the fuck even was that,” Kaminari rambled to himself, his voice cracking as he talked.

He spent the night pacing around his room, doing his best to understand everything. Of course, he made sure his mutters were quiet as were his footsteps. Kaminari couldn’t afford Iida catching him and scolding him. He wasn’t exactly in any kind of state for that. The pacing only ceased when the blond was almost on the verge of passing out.

However, before he let himself be consumed by his exhaustion, Kaminari grabbed his phone and opened this chatting app that was developed for UA students and that staff. Not completely thinking, he clicked on Todoroki’s contact and quickly sent a message to him. Worryingly, Kaminari wasn’t too aware of his wording, but he was sure of the topic his message concerned. Without much effort, he dropped his phone and finally fell asleep.


Todoroki didn’t sleep at all that night, waiting to see if he would cough up petals again. His curious thoughts kept him awake along with the fear and anxiety that bubbled in his chest. Only by the shrill sound of his alarm, was he finally pulled from his mind and aware of the time.

Sitting up in his futon, the red and white haired boy reached for his phone, silencing his alarm. He had a few notifications, just a few messages from his dms or group chats he was in. Todoroki’s eyes widened at a vague message from Kaminari. His hands shook as he held his phone and he didn’t completely understand the message, but if he was correct, it was sent not too long after Todoroki returned to his room last night.

He didn’t dwell on the message any further after all he had to get ready for class. Todoroki’s legs were a bit unbalanced, but he managed to stop himself from swaying rather quickly. He walked to the small bathroom attached to his room. Taking one look in his mirror, he groaned and reached up under his eyes, the beginnings of dark circles rather obvious.

Not spending another moment in there, Todoroki left the bathroom, not bothering to close the door behind him. Quickly, he grabbed his uniform and got ready. He couldn’t afford catching anyone’s suspicion. He was worried that he may have already caught Kaminari’s. However, Todoroki wasn’t all too sure.

After button up his blazer, Todoroki left his room with his backpack. The few remaining students were also making their way down stairs. He let out a sigh of relief. At least no one would point out anything strange considering this was a little later than usual for him.

“Hey, Todoroki,” a voice called out from Todoroki’s side, causing him to quickly turn his head. He was greeted with a wide smile from his classmate, Sero. The black haired male bumped his left shoulder into Todoroki’s right one before taking a place beside him.

“Oh.. Hi, Sero,” Todoroki sheepishly muttered in response. It was strange to him how Sero’s smile slightly grew from this. “How are you today,” he asked. Todoroki noted how something weird seemed to be lurking under his bubbliness. A thought quickly came to the red and white haired male, but he pushed it aside, hoping it wasn’t the case. Before replying, he focused on the sound of his and Sero’s footsteps as they went downstairs, attempting to calm himself.

“I’m alright, I suppose,” he stated eventually, a bit of his monotone attitude slipping. Perhaps due to him not being too sure if those words were correct. Todoroki was so caught up in his mind that he didn’t register that he was about to run into something. Luckily, Sero noticed and guided him away.

“You almost crashed there, dude,” the black haired male began. “Are you sure you’re alright?” Todoroki quickly nodded, taking control of his restless mind and the confusing emotions that threatened to emerge. “Yes, I’m sure that I’m fine,” he roughly said, lightly tugging himself from Sero’s grasp.

The expression on his classmate’s changed. Previously cheerful, now it reflected a more concerned display of emotions. “Sorry for doubting. Just wasn’t completely convinced. You seemed really caught up in your mind just now,” Sero explained. “And I heard you late last night coming back to your dorm.”

A shiver ran down Todoroki’s spine. Fuck. Even if he had tried being silent, it seemed his effort wasn’t enough. “You did,” he questioned. Sero nodded, looking down at his moving feet for a moment. “Yeah, I did. But I wasn’t too sure why,” the black haired male said.

“I was just going to get some water,” Todoroki quickly stated. His cover didn’t break, after all this wasn’t a lie, but rather his original intention. Sero perked up a bit, like a light bulb went off in his head. “Oh yeah, that would make sense. I heard you coughing earlier that night too,” he declared.

This conversation was only getting harder and harder for Todoroki to keep up. Luckily, he didn’t have to because they had finally reached the dining area where the rest of the students were. Sero was about to say something else when he seemed to have noticed someone.

Todoroki watched as Sero rushed across the dining hall and all but jumped onto Kaminari. “Aye! Kami-kami,” he heard the male exclaim. Taking a few steps further into the room, Todoroki could see a faint blush on Kaminari’s cheeks and his wide smile. However, the moment Sero let the blond go and Kaminari’s eyes locked with his, he paled and the smile that graced his face faded.

Something didn’t sit well in his stomach as Todoroki had a mini staring match with Kaminari. There was a large array of emotions conveyed in the blond’s eyes and Todoroki couldn’t pick anything out. Well, everything was too jumbled for him, but he did noticed something. An almost knowing glint in Kaminari’s gaze. With that, he also paled.

The two kept their eyes locked for a while before Ashido and Sero grabbed Kaminari’s arms and pulled him over to where they were sitting. That shook Todoroki from his trance. Very shakenly, he looked around the area for some place to sit. However, when he saw where his friends sat, there was a sudden painful thud in his chest.

Midoriya and Bakugou were sitting next to each other, their bodies pressed together so that their thighs and shoulders touched. The couple wasn’t being the most affectionate as they were in public, but just something about seeing them make Todoroki’s chest ache. Not being able to stand another minute there, he quickly rushed out of the dorms, heading to the main school building.

As he walked, Todoroki hit his chest, feeling the vines from the flowers moving and curling around in his throat. They sharply dug into him and he barely was able to stop a cry of pain from escaping his mouth. Tears blurred his vision, but he managed to keep it together as he made it, a few of his classmates that tended to be earlier not that far behind him.

Unsurprisingly, he was the first one in the classroom. At first, he considered taking a short trip to the bathrooms, but the thought of his peers behind him and able to see his actions made him reluctant so he decided against it. If he was able to push it down just like he had when he returned to the dorms last night, surely, he could make it through the day.

But the feeling of the vines slowly constricting and loosening was getting to be a little too much for him. His mind swirled with incoherent thoughts. They clouded him so effectively that he didn’t even notice when Yaoyorozu had come up to him and called his name.

“Todoroki,” her voice finally reached his ears, making him jump in his seat. His gaze flicked over to her, expecting to see a worried look. The noirette wore a very concerned expression, just like he had predicted, though it only got even more expressive when she noticed the dark rings beginning to form under his eyes.

“Todoroki, you don’t look that good,” Yaoyorozu voiced, grabbing her seat and placing it at Todoroki’s desk. Feeling uncomfortable under her observant gaze, he shifted in his chair away from her slightly, his eyes going anywhere that he could without catching the powerful glare of his friend. His eyes stopped on Bakugou and Midoriya, who were entering the classroom. He kept himself looking at them for a second longer before he shifted it again, feeling something rising in the back of his esophagus.

Finally, he looked back at her. She opened her mouth to say something, but just as she readied herself, Aizawa walked in. Class had started and Yaoyorozu was clearly annoyed that she hadn’t gotten to say what she wanted to. She kept her worried glare on Todoroki as she moved back to her desk.

Class wasn’t too interesting that day. Todoroki was continuously spacing out during it, getting a bit internally embarrassed when teachers called on him when he wasn’t completely paying attention. He didn’t focus on anything each time he spaced out. His eyes just stared in a certain direction only for it to change the next time. Well, there were a few moments that he focused on certain things, certain people.

There were many moments that Todoroki happened to see a silent exchange between Bakugou and Midoriya. Maybe them passing notes or something else. However, he always quickly removed his gaze from the two of them, a strange disgusting feeling coating him as the vines of the flowers contracted in his chest.

The shrill ringing of the bell dismissing students for lunch was his savior. Todoroki was quick to hop out of the classroom and almost raced to the cafeteria. He had skipped out on breakfast that morning so his stomach faintly ached. The main lunch line wasn’t all too crowded due to the fact that he had gotten there early.

It wasn’t long before he was out of the line and joining his friends at the table they usually sat at. He slid in between Yaoyorozu and Iida. That seemed like a mistake at first, but then Todoroki realized he was safe since Yaoyorozu wouldn’t be rude as to talk about private matters in front of their friends.

Todoroki’s eyes moved, observing each of his friends. Asui was practically sitting in Uraraka’s lap as the brunette was squished against Iida, who had an arm around her shoulders. Hm, when did those three become a thing? Todoroki didn’t really care enough to ask.

Upon hearing someone approach the table, he looked to them. Todoroki was greeted with the sight Jirou standing near Yaoyorozu with her lunch tray, the two caught up in an intriguing conversation. Todoroki faintly smirked as he noted Jirou and Yaoyorozu’s flushed cheeks. If only they had the courage to speak up about their feelings.

With that last thought, he turned his eyes to his other friends. Today was one of the days that Bakugou sat with them instead of the “BakuSquad.” Todoroki didn’t really mind though, he actually kinda liked it. After all, it tended to be rather amusing when the blond sat with them. Still, it wasn’t as great this time. Bakugou was squished up against Midoriya, just like at breakfast.

Something churned in Todoroki’s stomach and he suddenly lost his appetite, not touching his barely eaten food. It didn’t really matter though. The pain in his chest could easily drown out the ache from his stomach.

He watched as Midoriya leaned over to Uraraka and Asui and whispered something to the two girls that had them giggling. The green haired male moved back to his spot with a wide and mischievous grin on his face. “Hey guys, watch what I can do,” Midoriya declared, a bit of cockiness slipping into his voice.

Midoriya turned to Bakugou and quickly press a kiss onto the blond’s cheek, before moving back a bit of a safer zone. Instantly, Bakugou turned as red as a tomato, the blush spreading from his ears all the way to his chest. His face scrunched up in an angried expression yet it also reflected a flustered feeling he was obviously trying to hide. The blond’s hands clenched and he let out a frustrated scream, sparks emitting from his palms.

Everyone at the table laughed. Well, everyone except Todoroki, but he hid it and pretended he was laughing. His shoulders shook as if he was muffling a snicker, but in reality, Todoroki was desperately trying his best to hold back the painful coughs that he could no longer control.

The laughter died down a bit just as Todoroki let a sharp cough slip past him. Everyone’s eyes turned to him, confusion and concern in their faces. He put a poker face on. “I’m gonna go to bathroom. Be right back,” he quickly muttered, unable to push down the oncoming coughs.

With that, he got up from the table, and all but rushed out of the cafeteria doors, headed for the nearest bathroom. Tears faintly blurred his vision and the pain in his chest only grew more and more every second. Luckily, he didn’t run into anyone in the halls.


Yaoyorozu knew something was wrong with Todoroki. He seemed off yesterday and earlier this morning. The dark circles under his eyes weren’t unnoticed by her which means something likely happened last night too. As soon as he got out of the cafeteria, the noirette shot up. She turned to her friends and quickly declared, “I’m going to go make sure he’s alright,” before she got out of her seat and followed him down the hall.

He was a good distance ahead of her, but Yaoyorozu did her best to keep him in her field of vision. Still she couldn’t get herself to get closer. “Todoroki,” she called out, though she winced thinking about who’s attention that could attract. Todoroki didn’t respond, if anything, his speed increased.

“Todoroki, please. What’s going on,” the noirette attempted to shout at her friend, unable to keep her worry from lacing her voice. Yaoyorozu panted, they had been running for a while. She didn’t know why because there were bathrooms within proximity of the cafeteria. Perhaps.. Todoroki wished to go to a more private one, one that would likely have less people.

But why? A flurry of different possibilities ran through her mind. However, none seemed to stick or seem right to her. There was something wrong with her friend and she couldn’t even guess it. Yaoyorozu slowed her, coming to a complete stop. Her hands rested on her knees as she gained her normal breathing back, slowing her racing heart.

”Damnit,” she muttered to herself. Momo had lost track of Todoroki. The slamming of a door hit her ears. He couldn’t be too far! The noirette kept her slow pace, maybe to let her friend have a moment to himself before she barged in. The bathroom he was likely in wasn’t all too far, just a walk half way down the corridor.

When she reached the door, Yaoyorozu froze. What could possibly be behind this door? Possibly just Todoroki in the mists of panic attack or a break down or… Her mind kept churning out these thoughts, but they still felt wrong. At least, they didn’t feel like the complete picture. Maybe only a part of it.

“Todoroki,” she started. No reply came back, but she could hear a few odd sounds behind the door. “Todoroki, I’m gonna come in, okay?” Once again, she only heard the noises. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. “Alright, Todoroki, I need you to tell me…” Yaoyorozu trailed off, her eyes blown wide at what she saw.