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Phinbella Pseudo-Rejection -- Extended

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Isabella woke up in her bed, groggy and tired. The bright sunlight shone in her eyes and she got up. Isabella slowly stretched as she yawned. Her room was decorated with all sorts of pink. Walking over to her vanity table, she opened the drawer and grabbed her hairbrush and her signature pink bow. Her eyes slowly became accustomed to the light as she styled her hair as she usually did. Once she finished, which took a few minutes, she carefully placed her bow in the spot where it belonged; in her hair.

She smiled brightly, before heading to the bathroom to finish her usual routine and preparation for the new summer day. After brushing her teeth and all the other multiple processes that she took to prepare for the whole day, she headed down to the kitchen and greeted her mother. Her mother, Vivian, had smiled brightly and handed her a plate of eggs and brown rice. This was the usual breakfast for the Jewish-Mexican lady. As she walked her way to the table with a bright smile on her face, she nodded her head as thanks to her mother, who graciously accepted with another grin.

"Good morning, Isa!" her mother yipped to her in her usually cheerful attitude as she smiled softly to her daughter. Isabella smiled back at her mother before digging into her breakfast. She ate at a much faster pace than she would during the school day, as she knew a new contraption would come about today. Although she knew that she did have much more time due to it being summer, that didn't stop her from wishing to find out what sort of crazy creation the brothers had created this time.

Her next door neighbors were not the usual bunch, which was meant in a good way. The three of the family's children were very different than the rest, mostly the two younger step-brothers. The two of them, Phineas and Ferb, were very...creative. They were astounding builders, with the skill to build entire rollercoasters that spanned the city within a day.

Phineas was the very optimistic brother, who was a chatterbox sometimes with how inventive he was sometimes. His everyday motto was 'Carpe diem,' to seize the day. He regularly used his creativity to create many different inventions that seemed impossible until he built it. These inventions, which were all made within a day, included the usual gigantic rollercoaster, waterproof mechanical shark, animal translator for all animals, and many more.

Ferb was the quiet one of the two. However, he more than makes up for his silence for the actions. While Phineas was the creative half of the two, Ferb was the builder of them, the one who made the magic really happen. Ferb is the one who uses his own two hands to build what is needed to build, and keeps a calm mind through any situation, and is able to see even the smallest of details and can tell what one's actions mean. As Phineas' imagination regularly makes him overlook certain details in a design, Ferb easily detects these errors and can very quickly come to a solution to the problem.

And the two brothers are very impressive to too many adults, only being 10-year-old boys. In fact, they were considered the prodigies of the generation, gaining the attention of colleges around the world that were prestigious, such as Harvard, Stanford and many more. These feats have earned them to pride and support of their parents, for they were so glad to know that their sons were some of the smartest people on the planet. (Okay, for this story, I'm gonna have the parents know about their buildings. It won't have much of an effect on the actual plot so the rest is gonna be the exact same.)

Isabella also had a certain crush on a certain brother in the family. And it just so unfortunately had to be the entirely oblivious one of the brothers. Isabella was in love with Phineas Flynn. The only problem with the fact that she had a crush on Phineas was that he was completely clueless about anything involving romance. His overactive imagination had almost always been focused on making others happy with his creativity, and not on romance.

About everybody in Danville knew about her crush on Phineas except Phineas himself. And they didn't do much about it, as they all thought that Phineas needed to figure out his feelings on his own. However, their standards for how dense the prodigy boy could be was struck down every time. This was usually due to how Phineas, although being one of the smartest people on the planet, was practically the very worst when it came to anything related to romance, as evidenced through his romance experiment for Baljeet and his friend. For this, Isabella thanked them. She regularly thought, If he loves me back, he'll figure it out on his own.

Even though this thought was there for quite a long time, the time it was taking Phineas to show any hint of progress was monumental. It had been there for ears when Isabella had had feelings for Phineas, yet his denseness has prevented him from showing any sort of interest for anyone that wasn't platonic. This had been extremely frustrating for the young lady. It actually infuriated her that the Dorito-head was a genius when it came to every other possible subject, but even the word 'romance' seemed foreign to him.

As Isabella finished her breakfast, she smiled at her mother once more and headed to the door. Before even touching the door, she called out to her mother, "Hey, Mom, I'm going to go to Phineas and Ferb's home, okay?!" Before her mother could even reply, Isabella called out once more, "Love you mom see you later bye!" very quickly and went outside, sprinting to the Flynn-Fletcher house.
Isabella walked past the driveway and to the fence door to the backyard. Taking another breath, she opened the oak-wood fence door and smiled brightly. She had sparkles in her eyes as she called out her very well-known catchphrase, "Hey Phineas, Whatcha doing?" The sparkles in her eyes disappeared when she saw that there was no Phineas nor Ferb in the backyard, drawing schematics for the usual contraption of the day.

Strange, they're usually already making something by this time. Wonder what happened to 'em? Isabella questioned herself. Indeed, it was strange. Phineas and Ferb were usually so excited, mostly Phineas, that they began to create their schematics early in their day, as early as five in the morning when they went around the world in a day. There was no sign of them, not even loud scribbling on a paper coming from indoors. It was as if the whole house had no sign of Phineas or Ferb, due to Phineas being so unknowingly loud.

Going to the front door of the Flynn-Fletcher house, she softly knocked on the door. She softly breathed her words, "Mr. and Mrs. Flynn Fletcher? Are you home?" She knocked once more, with a little more force than the first time. Isabella only had to wait a few moments before someone called out to her that they were coming. Gradually louder footsteps came to the door, as the father of the family opened the door.

Lawrence Fletcher had still been waking up from his actual waking up, for he still felt tired and unused to moving around again. He worked at an antique store and didn't open up until around an hour from now. This led him to still be in his pajamas, and just stared at Isabella without any hint of interest or emotion within his eyes.
He smiled weakly as he looked at the ten-year-old girl and asked, with a hint of curiosity, "Hi, Isabella. What brings you to our house today?" Isabella blushed slightly and looked to the side. Once she felt Lawrence stare at her curiously, she gathered her words together and looked at the man once again.

Isabella nodded her head to Lawrence, "I just wanted to know where Phineas and Ferb were. They weren't in their backyard earlier." To this, Lawrence scratched his chin for a short while before a short 'Aha!' came to him.

Lawrence had a sympathetic look in his eyes while he softly spoke to Isabella, like a parent trying to console their child, "I'm very sorry, Isabella. We forgot to inform you that we're moving to Illinois soon." This had crushed Isabella. Her very best friend and crush moving away for who knows how long?

This was the start to the end.
Howdy howdy folks, I just wanted to go back to this chapter because 1) I wanted to fix how this chapter and the next chapter had absolutely no connection and 2) Even by the usual 1500 word chapter, which is shorter than what I should be writing, this is way too short at less than 900 words, so I had to adjust it so that there was a bit more meat on the bone than what I had last time, even if it wasn't much.

Anyways, I think that this is a good step towards making this story better than how horrible I messed it up beforehand.
And lastly, if you have any sort of feedback on my story, I'd love to hear it!

Never going to give you up,