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The Tales of the Blacks

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Lily Potter's P.O.V

We had just arrived at the Weasley's when I saw an owl come with two letters. I gave the money to the owl and took the letters. One was from my sister and the other was from someone who did not say who they were. I opened the one for my sister first.

Dear Lily,

I am very sorry for how I neglected you after you left for Hogwarts. I was very jealous of you. I was wondering if we could start again. I am wanting to divorce Vernon. He has been horrible to me and Dudley. Do you think Dudley and I can stay with you and your family? I’m sorry for not being there at your wedding and there for Harry. Tell them I’m sorry and wish to start over.

Your loving sister,

Petunia Dursley

I smiled. I decided to write to her later. I opened the other letter.

Dear Lily,

I hope you do remember me. I’m going to visit the Weasley’s today with my daughter Lily. You do remember her right? Oh, how rude of me for not saying who this was from! This Ashley Black(nee Light). I’m for what Sirius did. I guess he is truly like my parents. I hope to you see you again. Tell James and Harry I say hi. Also, tell him I’m sorry for missing his birthdays. Lily’s sorry as well.

Your caring friend,

Ashley Black(nee Light).

I gasped. James looked at me concerned. 

"She alive!" I said happily. Harry looked at me.

"Who mom/Lily?" Harry and James asked in unison. 

"Ashley!" I said. Molly looked at me.

"Ashley Light? The poor girl who married that bad man?" Molly asked. I nodded.

"She is coming with here today with Lily." I said. James smiled.

"I will see my goddaughter again." James said. I nodded. Ron was confused.

"Ron remember that girl George wouldn't stop talking about." Percy said. 

"PERCY!" George shouted.

"It's true Gred. You wouldn't stop talking about her. You were worse than Ginny and Percy." Fred said.

"Forge! I hurt!" George said. We all laughed. 

"Wait! Cedric will have to give up his position as seeker." Fred said. 

"Maybe not. She might let him have it." George said. 

"How can you be so sure?" Fred asked.

"I know my girlfriend." George shot back. As the arguing continued I noticed Lily and Ashley enter. She snuck up on George and jumped on him. They stopped arguing and started to laugh and Lily joined in the laughing. Ashley shook her head. I headed over to her and hugged her. 

"I'm really sorry about him." Ashley said.

"It's ok." I told her.

"Aunt Lily!" Lily said running to me and hugging me. I hugged back.

"How's my goddaughter?" I asked.

"Our  Goddaughter." James said. I nodded.

"When Narcissa and Draco be coming?" I asked Molly.

"They should be here in a minute." Molly said. I nodded. A minute later Narcissa and Draco arrived.

"So this is my godson?" Ashley asked Narcissa. She nodded.

"Mom who is this?" Draco asked.

"This Ashley Black, your godmother, and her daughter Lily." Narcissa said.

"Nice to meet you Draco." Ashley said. 

"You as well Aunt Ashley. You as well Lily." Draco said.

"Likewise Draco." Lily said from her spot on the floor. It's great to see them getting along.