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The Usual Meetings

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Again, she comes to take me outside in the scorching heat. Hanging over us is the sun, the sun that never lets down the temperature outside. Staring at her, I can see the hints of bruises on her arms and neck. I don't question it. She leads me to somewhere else beautiful away from that damned orphanage.

As we walk in the silence, I ask her, "Why do you come to see me?"

Ray tilts her head, thoughtful.

Waiting for her answer almost felt unbearable as a lump forms in the back of my throat and the rapid beating of my heart seizes me tightly. Slowly she opens her mouth, she smiles and says, "Because you're the only one worth it."

The fear becomes a warmth that envelops me and I blush awkwardly in embarrassment. I quickly look away from her smile that shines as brightly as the night stars' because is it alright to feel such happiness? The kind that threatens to break out on my face and allow me to hope rather despair?

When we arrive at a rooftop, Ray suddenly picks me into her arms. Being used to her warmth, I ignore my question and allow myself to be cherished by Ray. I had always been weak in her embraces.