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I like your colour best

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It explains a lot when you consider the signs. 'Why does no one mention how he wears them during lessons?' 'How come he puts them on during battle but takes them off after?' 

Becuase he hears colours... duh! And today, especially, was not one of his best days. Yu suggested that they search for items and resources needed to improve their gear, as the Shadows were becoming progressively stronger with each level. Yosuke did NOT like the colours of the shadows. The murky mustards, the (scarily similar to a pile of shit) browns, and ugh the mossy swamp like greens.

The only thing keeping him from going insane are his prized headphones. He really didnt not know what to do if he hadn't kept these wireless babies fully charged- plus the design was nice. "Low Battery." Oh how those dreaded two words sent shivers down his spine.

He didn't let it show, and continued to twirl his kunai. "Yosuke! Your turn doofus!" Chie's lime green spiked through his mind. "Right! Jiraiya!" He jumped and twirled slashing his Arcana card that formed. The disco frog spun, creating a whirlwind and launched it at the Shadow. He tried not to focus on the mouldy aubergine purple that clouded his minds eye when it screeched and was reduced to a black smoke which dispersed in seconds.

"Damn, my headphones died." Yosuke muttered, taking them off, they now rested on his shoulders. The murky colours filled his mind's eye. His only moment of relaxation was when his friends called out to summon their other selves.

"Y'know, senpai, I never see you without them. I guess it goes to show how long we've been here." Kanji's purple broke through his thoughts.

Rise had spoken up at that moment to suggest one or two more shadows before they all leave the TV. The rest of the team voiced their opinions.

Yosuke had to physically force himself not to cringe. He didn't mind their colours in pairs or even triplets if he's had a good day, but all at once brought a headache that stung at the eyebrow.

"Guys! You need to run. Now!" Rise warned in a panic.

"Rise?" Yu asked, calmly leading everyone to the TV entrance.

"I'm sensing an insanely strong Shadow!" 

Yosuke saw two very different colours. The turquoise, Yosuke recognised as gunshots and the salmon pink reminded him of chains. The two combined, Yosuke realised since his heartrate was a huge warning, wasn't really a warm welcome.

"Guys, those chains don't sound friendly." Yukiko mentioned, Naoto adding that the gunshots weren't exactly inviting either.

The screech the Shadow belted was horrid. Yosuke couldn't even begin to understand let alone describe the colour that intruded his thoughts.

"Yosuke, if you're uncomfortable you can sit out and Chie can fill in for you." Yu suggested. That was the last thing Yosuke wanted. It was the main reason he hasn't told them about the colours. He wanted to be more than the 'Junes-kid'.

He wanted to be useful dammit. So he boldly declined the offer and squared up to the shadow that would claim his sleep for weeks. "Nah, partner, Im good. Honest." Yosuke pulled a smile that had fooled before and shall fool again

Yu voiced his plan, try anything and everything until a weakness is hit. If all else fails, they'd retreat and escape at the entrance. 

Yu had to admit, his plan wasn't thouroughly thought through. Rise claimed that every single attack wasn't making a dent through it's defence. Even if they did, all the elemental resistances were a problem. "Guys, you have to escape!" Rise's pink wavered with fear. Yu followed her advice and they eventually made it to the entrance. Some were doubled over due to lack of health but it wasnt like the healer, Yukiko, had much Stamina left from the defence buffs she was placing on everyone.

Yu had a hard time following up with accuracy and attack debuffs, too. So they didnt have the time or the items to heal everyone properly. Yosuke was sure that the pain in the back of his leg had something to do with that Shadow's guns. "Is everyone okay?" Yu knew it was a meaningless question, but being the leader gave him the responsibility of ensuring everyones safety. All of it fell unto him.

Weak hums of confirmation were heard and Chie's snarky 'I'm still alive' brought a smile to their faces, if only for a moment. Yu gave payment to the shrine fox and Yukiko set immediately to heal everyones injuries. Feeling refreshed and safe, they left the TV.

Obviously, they attracted some attention, walking out of Junes... limping. The spells don't heal the wounds they just speed up the healing process, so they would have the signs of injury, but not the injury itself. Yosuke got so much unwanted attention as is, it didn't affect him as much as he expected it to. Thats a different story for people like Naoto and Rise but Yosuke assumed they'd deal with it how they deal with it and decided to leave it at that.

"What was that thing?!" Kanji's voice rumbled from within, quiet enough to not cause a scene, but loud enough to get his confusion across.

"Indeed, it was nothing we had ever seen before," Naoto's calm navy blue caused Yosuke to shiver. "We had best be more careful in future."

"Bearfinately!" Teddie chuckled, his innocent yellow shook with glee. 'Dumb bear,' Yosuke thought, 'doesnt even make sense.' Regardless of what he thought, Yosuke took them both home, luckily, he managed to get by his mother without limping. The last thing he needed was a lecture on how 'that Kanji boy is a bad influence,' especially in the tired state he's in.

His mother just gave him a greeting in that soft amber of hers and asked him how the colours have been today. "Huh? Oh, uh, small headache when they talked at once, but overall-" he wanted to say it was okay, but in reality? 

If you call being shot in the leg, healed almost immediately after with a ryuji like limp (not that he knew who the fuck ryuji was, why did he describe his limp like that anyhow?) with a splitting headache a good day then, yes, Yosuke had a swell day. "overall... it could have been better, my headphones died too." 

His mother wished him a good rest and a promise to be woken up at dinner. The boy thanked him and followed Teddie upstairs. The bear ran up here immediately so he hadn't heard any of the prior conversation, thankfully, so Yosuke's secret continued being as such. "What took you so long, Yosuke?" Didnt stop the bear from prying though. "Is it to do with the hush hush with you and mom?" Yosuke scoffed at the childish nature of the boy, but confirmed his question.

"Won't you tell me~~~~~?" He playfully whined. Yosuke stubbornly refused. "Why~~?" 

"Because you'll tell the whole team, I know you Ted, so don't bother denying it. I'm tired, off my bed." He whined once more from being shoved off the bed, but he admitted that he wouldnt have been able to keep his lips sealed for long.

After putting his headphones on charge, making Teddie promise he'll be quiet, he laid down on his bed and turned towards the wall and closed his eyes. It must have been an hour, possibly even two, before his mother woke him.

He groaned and took his now fully charged headphones and went down stairs. Social interaction on a shitty day... How fun! 

Yosuke realised that they had gone through so much recently that he was pretty sure they were all going to need a therapist after the case finishes. Needless to say he doesn't want to be here.

"Yosuke? Are you okay?" Teddie's yellow shocked him, he sounded so concerned. It was then he realised that he bore a pained face. He didn't realise, and now he felt like shit.

"Sorry, Ted, I'm fine." He made sure to hide any doubt in his voice. He excused himself from the table and took his phone to room, plate and all. "I'll bring this back down when I'm done." He reassured his mother.

hey prtnr

Yosuke was bored, he wasn't expecting a reply by all means, but low and behold, he got a response within seconds.

Hey, Yosuke. What's up?

The question startled Yosuke. It wasn't often that he'd get asked about his day, other than his parents of course. What does he respond with? He can't leave Yu hanging since he was the one who started the conversation.


Shit, he left him for too long, what does he say? Yosuke was panicking more than he should.

sorry, prtnr, spaced out 4 a min. I'm fine wbu?

You don't seem fine Yosuke, you were really skittish today.

Of course Yu can find a casual use of the word skittish. Only Yu. Not that it mattered. He needed to respond to Yu within a reasonable time.

Of course Yu was smart enough to know something was up, even if the inevitable reveal has been delayed for much longer than Yosuke originally thought. He trusts Yu. But does he trust him and his silver voice enough to even mention that Yu is a strong confident silver to him?

U gud to meet up prtnr?

Sure, Samegawa in ten?