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Like every year when Yunlan’s birthday comes around, he exasperatedly waves off the plans his employees try to make to celebrate it for the entire week, and then ends up letting them into his apartment in the evening because they show up at his doorstep with food and presents. Yunlan may dislike attention despite the care-free attitude he sports—but he isn’t an idiot to refuse free food.

Everyone more or less makes themselves comfortable in his studio apartment—Da Qing flops on the bed, Old Chu and Zhu Hong mark their territory on the couch, Wang Zheng and Sang Zan carry the beer and wine in, Lin Jing balances the presents everyone else brought and their newest recruit Xiao Guo is the poor guy who ends up struggling with the plastic bags of takeaway food.

Yunlan is of no help to any of them—since they came of their own volition, he’s not going to lift a finger—but no one cares, already used to his lack lustre hospitality. They eat, they gossip (working as private investigators feeds that one) and make merry.

And as with every year, Yunlan relaxes into their company and enjoys himself; not that he would admit it out loud. They’re well into the drinks by the third hour despite the night still being early, with Xiao Guo hunched over and knocked out over one of his uncomfortable chairs and Wang Zheng and Sang Zan obviously into their own love bubble at the corner. Zhu Hong’s face is as flushed as deeply as her lipstick, starting to slur her words. The only person looking as unaffected as Yunlan pretends to be (he’s, after all, the boss, he can’t lose face here) is Old Chu who nurses his beer quietly while listening to Da Qing rattle off about the latest client’s husband Yunlan had ordered him to stalk.

Yunlan only bites the rim of his beer can and snorts—cheating spouses are like an everyday occurrence to them, he isn’t quite sure why everyone always takes it so close to the heart.

“—and look, he didn’t even take off his ring!” Da Qing stretches out his phone to flash a photo he’d taken for evidence.

Yunlan gives the photo a half-hearted glance. “Great, print that out tomorrow.”

Da Qing looks back at the picture. “Wait, what about this one? Does this one look better?” he asks after he swipes the screen.

In Yunlan’s honest opinion, he sees zero difference in the pictures, but he can’t be arsed to argue with Da Qing over photography angles again.

“Mm, yeah, it’s better,” he lies, hiding his grin behind his beer can when he notices that Old Chu is blatantly watching him lie with a knowing look.

“—and this one?”

Yunlan resists the urge to groan, and he’s luckily saved by the literal bell. His door bell rings, that is, and it wouldn’t have been suspicious except Yunlan definitely notices that everyone abruptly sits upright at the sound. He’s a seasoned investigator, of course he’d notice his own employees acting fishy, which is exactly right this moment. Besides, Xiao Guo can’t act to save his life, and the other is suddenly wide awake looking like he wants to bolt any moment.

The doorbell rings again after the apartment settles into a silence. Yunlan raises his eyebrow.

“Does anyone want to tell me what’s going on here?” he drawls out.

Lin Jing rubs the back of his neck hesitantly. “Err…maybe you should see who’s outside,” he says, completely unconvincing.

“You’re closer, you get it,” Yunlan cocks his head.

Lin Jing shuffles slowly to it when he sees that Yunlan won’t get up from his chair—obviously this isn’t going according to plan for his employees—but before Lin Jing makes it to the door, Yunlan gives a sigh. Fine, he’ll just play along to their dumb game, whatever it is; he’d just fire them all tomorrow or something.

He waves Lin Jing away offhandedly, staggering for a moment when he gets to his feet. He’s not drunk—he’d just had beer, he’d need way more—but tipsy, hell yeah. He ignores the looks his employees obviously start throwing each other behind his back and slides his door lock open.

Yunlan isn’t quite sure what he expects, but he certainly does not expect the pretty face behind his door.

A familiar pretty face; classic snow white skin, high cheekbones, tall nose, long lashes, glassy doe eyes, pink lips and a set jaw line. To add to that, the pretty face wearing glasses and a suit that looks expensive and tailored to fit the other’s slim waist. Yunlan thinks he swears in his head as his mouth runs dry. If he’d seen this guy anywhere he’d most definitely try to hit that.

But he can’t hit that because he knows who this guy actually is. There has never been anyone that pretty, except…

“…S-shen Wei,” Yunlan croaks, flabbergasted as fuck. “It is you, right? What…what are you doing here?”

Shen Wei parts his lips for a response, looking quite shocked himself, obviously having recognised Yunlan too.

“Zhao Yunlan. I…I um…” he stutters and pulls out a neatly folded piece of paper to read an address neatly written on it. “Am I at the right place?”

“Yeah,” Yunlan nods, frowning—that is his address. “Where did you get that? Why are you here? I haven’t seen you for years—how did you find me?” he squints. “Are you here for my birthday party?”

“Birthday?” Shen Wei blinks, and then looks like a realisation dawns. “…Oh. I guess so. Happy birthday. Sorry, I didn’t bring a present,” he says. “…Can I come in?”

Yunlan opens the door wider and lets the other enter. His employees all heard their exchange by the door; they all look like they’re torn between squealing or panicking, except Xiao Guo who’s out right panicking.

“Did you guys do this?” Yunlan sends them a pointed look, gesturing vaguely to Shen Wei. “How do you even know I know him?”

“Er—we, uh…didn’t?” Da Qing says, visibly wincing.

“Okay…” Yunlan says slowly, eyebrows raised.

“Who is Lin Jing?” Shen Wei asks when he walks to the center of the room, ignoring the tension in the room.

Their forensic expert absolutely looks like he’d rather die than raise his hand, but unfortunately Yunlan saunters over to pat the other on the shoulder. Several times. He feels Lin Jing flinch under every one of them.

“He is,” Yunlan says. “What business do you have with him?”

“The one I got paid for,” Shen Wei says calmly.

Lin Jing jolts right out of his seat when Shen wei makes a beeline towards him, yanking Yunlan down to the chair instead.

“You’re…really Black Cloak Envoy?” Lin Jing asks Shen Wei, who nods. “Actually—the um, the service, it’s for him,” he babbles pointing at Yunlan and flushing red. “It’s his birthday, so, you know,” he laughs nervously. “It’s a present from uh…us.”

Yunlan stares at Lin Jing incredulously, and then at the rest of the team who nod vigorously in agreement, and then at Shen Wei who looks at everyone without so much a change in his facial expression.

Yunlan had known Shen Wei in high school, and that stoic demeanor of his still hasn’t changed. They were friends, good friends despite Shen Wei being a senior, until they lost contact after Shen Wei graduated and went elsewhere to a fancy university. Meanwhile Yunlan stayed back here after his and started his private investigator firm from scratch. It’s Shen Wei’s fault really—the other had zero social media nor even a hand phone, it can’t be expected of Yunlan to keep in touch with someone like that.

Shen Wei sighs minutely and nods.

“As you wish,” he says.

Yunlan is not prepared for what comes next.

Shen Wei takes two steps, rests his hand on Yunlan’s shoulder, and then lowers himself to sit on his lap. Yunlan’s eyes fly wide, hand startled to rest on Shen Wei’s waist. The other is suddenly too close too fast—Yunlan can’t help but run his gaze over how incredibly smooth and pale Shen Wei’s neck is. He’s distracted by the heat and the weight of the other, and most of all the tinge of sweet perfume when Yunlan breathes in.

Yunlan audibly swallows in confusion.

“What…are you doing,” he asks, but it comes out more as a stuttered sentence.

“My job,” Shen Wei replies, infuriating cool, though his ears have started to flush bright pink.

There are no more words that linger in Yunlan’s mouth when Shen Wei loosens the tie he’s wearing slowly, pulling back his collar a little to expose his collarbone. The tie gets dropped to the floor, and now Shen Wei’s’ fingers are deftly popping the buttons of his suit, sliding it off his shoulders. Yunlan finds himself reddening involuntarily—he had a huge crush on Shen Wei all those years ago, and it’s incredibly unfair that Shen Wei got even hotter and is apparently what seems like…to be stripping on his lap.

It’s a dream, a wet dream, probably, Yunlan tries to convince himself—because if it isn’t, he’s going to fire his entire team for deadass watching him get a boner from the crush of his youth.

Shen Wei worries at his cuff links—fucking cuff links—as he starts to gyrate his hips, leaning forward and just barely brushing his lips against Yunlan’s ear, cheek, jaw, neck; it’s embarrassing how hard arousal hits Yunlan, like he’s a teenager in puberty again and not an adult who has fucked plenty of people.

Then again, Shen Wei had only been the one who ever managed to rocket his heartbeat fast enough that he thought he might die.

“Zhao Yunlan, relax,” Shen Wei murmurs, lowering his voice so that only both of them could hear it as his hand caressed over Yunlan’s throat. “I’m sorry if this is awkward, I promise it will be over soon.”

Yunlan would protest that that’s definitely the opposite of what he wants to happen, but his breath is still caught and his tongue still frozen stiff. There’s no way he can react to Shen Wei yanking his pristine white shirt open and popping the fucking buttons at the chest, revealing the milky white skin underneath and dusty pink nipples peaking from the cool air.

Saliva floods Yunlan’s mouth—he wants to lick them, kiss them, bite them, but Shen Wei stripping on his lap is a service his stupid employees paid for as a fucking joke and he’s pretty sure it didn’t include sex. Maybe.

There’s no music and it should be awkward but it’s still the hottest thing Yunlan has ever seen. Ever will see. Shen Wei’s shirt is tossed off by now, the fly of his pants languidly unzipping, and Yunlan hates the tight jeans he’s wearing because the fabric is too thick to feel Shen Wei’s ass riding over his swollen dick. Like a professional Shen Wei strips his pants off in a fluid movement despite their positions, and Yunlan’s line of sight is just drawn to the bulge behind the black fitted boxers.


Yunlan only jerks his gaze up when Shen Wei suddenly grabs his hands and splays it on his muscled abdomen, and, driving Yunlan to an early blue balls grave, flexes under his touch. The edges of Shen Wei’s lips are quirking into a smirk. In a final show, Shen Wei slides off his glasses and drags the arm of it down his outstretched tongue slowly, before his mouth curves into an uncharacteristic cute little smile.

“Was that okay?” Shen Wei asks, blinking his doe eyes and Yunlan has never wanted more than to mess his bloody fucking untouched perfect hair.

It takes a while before Yunlan realises that Shen Wei has stopped thrusting his hips and was looking at him seriously.

“—U-um, um, y-yes?” Yunlan says, aware that he’s been reduced to a mess of words trying to string a coherent thought.

“Good,” Shen Wei sighs, and then gets off Yunlan’s lap.

Yunlan crosses his legs immediately to hide the evidence of his arousal, but unsubtly watches Shen Wei bend over his perfect ass to pick up his clothes from the floor. He also notices everyone drawn to watching it, and he coughs loudly to snap them out of it. No one has made a single sound in the entire strip dance, but their faces are rosy red from either embarrassment or white from sheer fright that they were going to die after Yunlan was done with them.

Shen Wei pulls on his pants and shirt, hanging open due to its lack of buttons, but leaves his suit jacket folded over his arm, and turns to Lin Jing.

“I hope that was satisfactory,” Shen Wei says, shaking a dumbfounded Lin Jing’s hand politely. “Have a good night.”

Yunlan shouldn’t have let Shen Wei just leave like that, front door closing with a soft click, but he can’t be blamed for being stunned to hell in his chair.




Yunlan doesn’t go to the office the next day. There’s an advantage to being his own boss. Instead, he wakes up hard, spends over an hour masturbating and wastes another hour staring at the ceiling in a daze. He hasn’t been this horny since—well, since the time he realised the attention he loved to lave on Shen Wei was more than just friendship. When he finally bothers to check his phone, there are about two missed calls and several politely worded apology texts from various members of the team for last night. He doesn’t read any of them, snorting to himself. He’s not actually mad at them, but it wouldn’t hurt to let them think that he is.

He checks his email while chewing over a sandwich he soppily put together for brunch, answering the few urgent ones (he’s not a complete slacker) and filing away cases from new clients for Da Qing to check them out. When he’s done, his fingers bring him to search for Shen Wei on the net. As expected, there are barely any profiles to peruse—Shen Wei’s name is not exactly common, and the other always had an aversion to using media. He clicks through a couple before coming to an article dating about three years back with a grainy photo of Shen Wei in a blue blazer shaking hands with an old man.

Apparently, Shen Wei made local news for being the youngest ever professor in literature Dragon City university has ever had—but when Yunlan scrolls through the university website, Shen Wei isn’t listed as a staff on it anymore. Yunlan clucks his tongue in annoyance, hoping this isn’t a dead end. He fires off an email to the current head of the literature department faking a persona of young hopeful intern hoping to meet the inspiring Professor Shen, so if possible, could he pretty please know where the Professor might be?

There’s nothing else he can find on the web after that, not even when he searches for stripper services in the city and practically combs through all of the profiles available. None of them are Shen Wei, not even a whiff of a ‘Black Cloak Envoy’, the pseudonym Lin Jing had dropped yesterday.

Yunlan purses his lips and curses Shen Wei’s tendency to guard his privacy like an iron fortress. Eventually he calls it quits on searching the internet and shoots a text off to Lin Jing.

how did you get shen wei yesterday

Within less than a minute there’s a reply.

Boss!!! We’re sorry!! We didn’t know!!

whatever. give me his contact

Actually. I only have his agency number.
It’s 0729-86-2663.
We really didn’t know that you know him!!

but hiring a fucking stripper was okay?


Yunlan shakes his head as he leaves the rest of the messages on unread, just to fuck with them. He flops his feet up while waiting for the line to pick up from the number Lin Jing had given, and is greeted with a frankly creepy robotic voice on the other end.

“Welcome to Dixing Entertainment. How may I be of service?”

“I’m looking for a…stripper,” Yunlan winces at himself, “He’s called Shen Wei.”

There’s a pause, more like a tonal beep. “Sorry. We don’t have anyone registered under that name. How else may I be of service?”

Yunlan frowns, cocking his head a little before it hits him. “Oh I mean, Black Cloak Envoy. Can I uh…hire him for a night?”

Another pause. “Please state your desired date, time and address.”

“Tonight—“ Yunlan starts, but the voice on the other end interrupts.

“Black Cloak Envoy’s services requires at least a week’s notice in advance.”

Yunlan sighs. “Just, just give me the first date he’s free.”

“…That will be on the 31st August.”

“That’s an entire month from now!”

“Will you schedule a service or would you like a different date?”

“Fine, fine. Let’s say…six in the evening,” Yunlan rattles off his address, and hopes that he isn’t giving his details off to some scammer, because this whole set up feels extremely dubious.

“Do you have any requests for Black Cloak Envoy? Our employees reserve the right to decline any requests, but rest assured they will do their upmost ability to meet them.”

“Requests,” Yunlan repeats blankly, for a moment before he gets it. “…Ask him to come in a thong,” Yunlan smirks, and almost laughs at the image. “Just that. Nothing else.”

“As you wish,” the voice replies with no tone change. “You will receive a text with a link for payment. We require fees to be paid in full to confirm your appointment. Is there anything else I can help with?”

“Nope, I’m good. Thanks.”

When Yunlan ends the call, there’s already a text with a link, like the other had said. He taps on it and is brought to a website that’s worded like a consent form—there are several conditions that come with hiring from Dixing Entertainment it seems; no photographs, no videos and no touching the stripper unless permission is explicitly granted. Breaking any of these rules would put him on a blacklist. Yunlan just ticks the box and stares at the amount he realises he has to pay for this—it’s…hefty to say the least.

At least someone is earning good money, Yunlan thinks, propping up his legs and leaning back on his couch in thought.

A month is ridiculous, and though he’s got that stripper appointment locked down, its not enough of a guarantee to meet Shen Wei again. He makes Lin Jing trace the physical office of Dixing Entertainment and ends up doing some old fashion stakeout at the entrance, watching the multitude of people walk past the unassuming office building in his car parked several meters away.

There’s probably actual work he should be doing, but Da Qing and Old Chu can handle them—if his team falls apart just because he takes a couple days off then he really has not been training them well. Yunlan gets a backache camping out in his car for four entire days, and on the fifth, he thinks he’s dreaming when he sees the familiar face flash past and disappear into the lobby of the entrance he’d been staring at for hours.

Yunlan scrambles after him, not willing to lose this chance. He just misses the elevator sliding shut when he runs in, and immediately heads for the stairs. It’s a ten-storey climb—he’s panting and wheezing like hell when he pushes open the door to the level, and chases after the figure in blue down the end of the corridor.

He isn’t sure how Shen Wei would react, but he certainly didn’t expect getting slammed against the wall and staring wide eyed at the punch Shen Wei was clearly aiming towards his throat. The other gapes, letting go of his collar in shock.

“Oh. It’s you. I…I-I…I thought…” Shen Wei breathes out in relief. “Sorry,” he manages after a while. “You scared me.”

“…Fucking hell,” Yunlan heaves, staring back. “I think you cracked my skull.”

At this, Shen Wei looks immediately worried, hand touching the base of Yunlan’s head. “I, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he murmurs. “Should we go to a hospital?”

Yunlan shakes his head and opens his mouth when he gets his breathing under control. “Not that hurt, just an expression,” he promises. “But seriously, you could’ve killed me.”

“I practice a bit of Muay Thai,” Shen Wei explains, and then purses his lips suspiciously. “Why are you here, Zhao Yunlan?”

“I was just in the area,” Yunlan grins, adjusting his jacket. “Saw a familiar face. Came by to say hi.”

“You ran up ten stories just to say hi to me,” Shen Wei states placidly.

“I haven’t seen you in…more than ten years, Shen Wei,” Yunlan says in return. “We should catch up.”

“Yes, well,” Shen Wei swallows, and looks away briefly. “I’m…busy…today.”


Shen Wei looks uncomfortable. “It’s not really convenient—” he starts.

Might as well get straight to it.

“Because of your stripping?” Yunlan presses, raises an eyebrow.

Shen Wei’s ears go a bit red, and he sighs. “…Why are you always like this?” he says eventually.

“Always like what,” Yunlan gives him a pointed look. “Always able to see when you’re trying to avoid me for some unknown dumbass reason?”

“I’m not particularly trying to avoid—”

“Shen Wei,” Yunlan sighs, flicking his gaze up. “You still can’t lie to me.”

Shen Wei swallows, and fiddles with the cuffs of his jacket before finally stilling. “...Fine,” he concedes. “Let’s talk. But I need to pick up something from the office first.”

Yunlan grandly gestures for him to go ahead, trailing behind the other to one of the offices along the corridor. There’s just a simple place card at the door with the company name, and when they enter in, Yunlan is mildly disappointed at bare walls and the lone reception area with an older sleazy looking man behind it.

Shen Wei nods his greeting, and the older man stands up to slide a folder over.

“Black Cloak Envoy,” the other greets, eyes curiously flicking to Yunlan. “Your updated schedule for the month.”

“Thanks,” Shen Wei says and leaves.

Yunlan whips his head back and forth at the fast exit, frowning a little at the receptionist who just looks like he’s smirking, before hurrying out after Shen Wei.

“That’s—that’s all?” he questions.

Shen Wei just glances at him oddly as they get into the elevator. “What were you expecting?”

“Well,” Yunlan coughs, looking none too subtly at the suit Shen Wei is wearing. “The last time you came to my apartment, you were also wearing…” he trails off. “Or did you just have a client?”

Yunlan catches Shen Wei rolling his eyes, not dignifying him with answer.

“Hey, hey—it was an honest question!”

“Don’t you have a job,” Shen Wei says when they’re seated in a café.

Yunlan sips his iced coffee, leaning his cheek on his hand while he watches Shen Wei flick through the folder the other had picked up without once looking back at him.

“I’m my own boss,” Yunlan shrugs. “Do you strip full time?”

Shen Wei’s ears go red again.

“Why does it matter to you,” he says, and something in the folder must’ve caught the other’s eye because his cheeks also start to pink.

Yunlan leans forward to see what it is, but Shen Wei helps him by thrusting the paper at his face.

“Zhao Yunlan,” Shen Wei demands, hand shaking. “Just what are you trying to do?”

Yunlan spies the writing under 31st August—6pm. Thong. Nothing else on.

“—hey, hey—Shen Wei!” Yunlan catches the other by the arm before he stands up to leave.

Shen Wei tugs at the hold, but Yunlan won’t give.

“Yeah, I might have hired you but that’s because I was trying to find you!” he explains hurriedly. “Do you know how difficult it was for me to find you? And I’m like the best fucking investigator in the city—you still don’t have a phone, do you? That’s why you even came down to the office to pick up schedule.”

“…Still,” Shen Wei, purses his lips. “That gives you no right—”

“I paid for your service!” Yunlan inserts. “You’re so fucking expensive and you know how much I hate spending money.”

Shen Wei stares at him for a moment before he slowly sits back down.

“…You are pretty cheap,” he comments finally with a small smile and Yunlan can totally tell that Shen Wei is judging his ratted leather jacket.

“You said we could talk,” Yunlan says, letting go of his grip when he’s convinced Shen Wei is going to stay put. “I want to talk.”

Shen Wei just looks resigned. “What do you want to know?”

“…Are you embarrassed about stripping?” Yunlan asks bluntly.

It’s obvious that Shen Wei’s face is pink in full now. “That’s—that’s…”

“Shen Wei,” Yunlan sighs, taking another languid sip of his coffee. “Don’t you know me? I won’t judge you just because you choose to strip. It’s just a job. It’s not like it’s illegal.”

“…Yunlan,” Shen Wei says quietly. “We haven’t seen each other for more than a decade. I wasn’t sure if…if…you would be the same,” he admits. “And it wasn’t the best…reunion…”

“It was really hot,” Yunlan blurts before he can stop himself.

“Huh? Oh,” Shen Wei bites his bottom lip shyly. “Thanks,” he continues, still not looking Yunlan in the eye. “I know it’s not the most…distinguished job. But it—…pays well. And sometimes…it can be fun,” he confesses, blushing a little. “My clients are mostly older women, and they tip really well.”

“How did you get into it?”

“Well, Ye Zun—” Shen Wei begins, and Yunlan immediately curses at the name.

“I should’ve known,” Yunlan groans. “Your little devil brother—”

Shen Wei ignores him. “Ye Zun started out when he was in college, and he asked me to cover for him once when he forgot he had an appointment and was too hungover to perform. And because we—”

“—look the same, you bailed your charming little brother out,” Yunlan finishes, and Shen Wei doesn’t correct him.

“And then my father fell ill around five years back, and we had to find some way to cover Ye Zun’s university fees and the hospital fees,” Shen Wei continues. “So I just…helped out. It pays well.”

“And now you strip full time?” Yunlan blinks. “I saw that you were employed by Dragon City university, a couple of years back. Something about being the youngest tenure hire, Professor Shen.”

“I voluntarily quit,” Shen Wei explains. “There was just too much risk, if I was recognised. I tried wearing a mask at first but Ye Zun looks…well…let’s just say there still aren’t many people in this world who can tell us apart.”

“Even he still strips too?”

“Less than before,” Shen Wei nods. “Now he’s busy with med school, so…”

Med school?”

Shen Wei shrugs. “Said he wanted to be a surgeon. You know how he likes cutting things.”

Yunlan lets that slide. “Let me guess, you’re paying for his tuition fees again, aren’t you?” he sighs when Shen Wei doesn’t answer. “You spoil him, you really…” he shakes his head exasperatedly. “So…this. Stripping. Is what you want to do? I mean, not that you can’t, but you’re like, super smart and you went to that fancy college and—”

Shen Wei, this time, looks at him with a chuckle. “…I’m a published author, Yunlan. I still write. If that’s what you’re trying to get at.”

“Oh.” A pause. “…Do you write about your stripping?”

“Zhao Yunlan,” Shen Wei sounds like he’s torn between hitting him and bursting into laughter. “You really haven’t changed.”

They meet up fairly regularly for dinner after that day—mostly because Yunlan is persistent when he wants something, and Shen Wei has never really gotten the hang of refusing Yunlan. It’s incredible how easily they fall back like how they were before, like nothing had changed. Shen Wei relaxes in his company and starts smiling in that way that used to make Yunlan’s heartbeat skip—and now, it still does.

Yunlan is aware that his infatuation with Shen Wei has never really gone away, and it doubles back with the memory of Shen Wei grinding on his lap and his beautiful milky skin. It’s difficult to explain why he’s always felt so drawn to the other—besides the pretty face, there’s just something about Shen Wei that he wants to keep close. Keep for himself.

When Shen Wei cancels the appointment that Yunlan had booked, promising that he’d get a refund for it, he wants to tell Shen Wei he actually really wants Shen Wei to strip for him again. In a thong. But that’s…if he wanted to come on to Shen Wei, he’d do it less…less…well. He’d do it more suavely. Instead he uses the money to buy a handphone with a prepaid line for Shen Wei, who takes it after Yunlan graciously lets Shen Wei pay for their dinner.

There’s only one number in it and it’s Yunlan’s, and Yunlan doesn’t care how much he likes that.

The first time Shen Wei calls him, Yunlan accidentally lets his phone buzz to the end because he’d been staring at it so incredulously, unable to believe that Shen Wei is calling him. They text fairly often once Shen Wei had gotten the hang of it, but Yunlan has always been the one to ask the other out for dinner, or to call the other whenever he wanted to rant about something.

He picks up immediately on the second time.

“—Yunlan,” Shen Wei sounds breathless, or rather, panicked. “Is this a bad time?”

“One moment.”

Yunlan glances at the client he’d been speaking to and gives an apologetic look. He lowers and covers the phone.

“Sorry, this is important,” he says, cocking his head to the door of his office. “My colleague will hear you out in the meantime. Excuse me.”

When he pushes Old Chu in there, he also grabs Xiao Guo just in case Old Chu offends their client at some point. Yunlan finds himself a quiet corner before putting the phone to his ear again.

“I’m free to talk now. What’s up?”

“It’s…” Shen Wei sighs. “It’s. I. I need some help.”


“Tonight,” Shen Wei starts, still sounding harried. “Ye Zun and I have a…an appointment together, but he, he’s on placement outside the city right now, and he offended the consultant by accident—”

“I’m sure it wasn’t an accident—”

“–so he got assigned to be on call tonight. He can’t make it. The clients are expecting two strippers in three hours, what am I supposed to do?”

“Doesn’t your uh, agency, have someone that can fill in?”

“This wasn’t through Dixing Entertainment,” Shen Wei confesses. “It’s…Ye Zun booked this. Said it was a favour for a friend.”

Yunlan is skeptical as fuck right now. “Are you sure this is a legitimate appointment? Your brother isn’t the most—”

Shen Wei doesn’t let him finish that sentence. “I know how…reckless…he is, so I did meet with the clients personally before hand when we discussed payment and scheduled the appointment. It’s a group of women throwing a bachelorette party for one of their friends. They were nice people.”

“Then…if you explain it them, I’m sure they’ll understand.”

Shen Wei sighs quietly. “You’re, you’re right, I’m just…just—….”


“Yeah,” Shen Wei laughs a little, but his voice is shaky. “Ye Zun and I, we have a routine, and…and...there’s going to be like fifty people there, I’m just worried that I can’t handle that many at one time.”

“Shen Wei, I promise everyone won’t be able to look away from you,” Yunlan grins. “Even I couldn’t look away from you—”

“Oh do shut up, Zhao Yunlan,” Shen Wei retorts, and Yunlan can hear the smile behind it. “…Thank you.”

“Anytime,” Yunlan leans his head back against the wall, and wonders how he’d ever fallen so deep. “Hey, where exactly is this party happening anyway? I can pick you up after, you know, to go eat. Celebrate your domination over fifty people.”

“That, that’ll be nice,” Shen Wei says, outright chuckling. “I’ll text you the address. See you later.”

“See you,” Yunlan murmurs, grinning widely himself.

It’s not everyday that he gets to flip Shen Wei off balance till the other is gaping with his mouth open. Yunlan can’t suppress his smug grin as he gets up from the car he’d been leaning against for the past ten minutes waiting for Shen Wei to show up. Yunlan adjusts the tie he’d put on, unused to it resting on his collar, and stretches his arms a little in his suit. It’s rather tight fitting—he’d bought it a couple of years ago for a formal event, and it’s barely worn. More importantly, like he’d guessed, he’s matching with Shen Wei, who’s decked delectably in an equally formal suit.

Shen Wei’s gaze is trailing up and down his body, and Yunlan preens a little on the inside—he still has it.

“What. Are you doing here?” Shen Wei manages after a moment, face carefully schooled back into its usual stoic expression, but the red ears give him away.

“We’re having dinner, right?”

“I mean,” Shen Wei swallows, and then purses his lips. “You know what I mean.”

Yunlan drops the act, grinning. “A friend needed some help,” he shrugs. “I’m not a professional but I think I can swoon a few girls.”

“It’s not about swooning,” Shen Wei rolls his eyes. “It’s a performance. Zhao Yunlan, I’m not asking you to strip with me—”

“You don’t have to,” Yunlan interrupts. “Look. I just thought you’d feel better if you knew you weren’t alone.”

Shen Wei stares at him, looking away to the ground after. There’s a long silence, and Yunlan worries if he overstepped.

“I can leave if you—” Yunlan starts gently, reaching for the other’s arm, but Shen Wei turns to him at the exact same moment.

“Don’t—” Shen Wei starts, cheeks tainted pink. “…Stay,” he says finally. “Please.”

Yunlan can’t help but be entranced by the way Shen Wei’s eyes are so round and glassy behind his spectacles, or how long his pretty eyelashes are, or how his mouth is so…fuck, Yunlan wants to kiss him so bad. The moment is broken when the front door of the house that they were standing in front of swings open, and an enthusiastic chorus of screams beckons them in.

“They’re here, they’re here, they’re here!”

Shen Wei’s expression falls back into its blank one, squares his shoulders and gives Yunlan once last glance.

“Stay at a corner. You don’t have to do anything,” Shen Wei murmurs to him before walking to the excited girls.

Yunlan quirks a smile as he hops after the other. Music is already blasting when they get inside, and wolf whistles abound. Shen Wei wasn’t exaggerating when he related about the number of people—it’s a lot to have that many focus their attention on a singular person.  Yunlan picks a corner, hanging back while Shen Wei positions himself in a makeshift circle, everyone eager to watch.

There’re already dollar bills being tossed at Shen Wei —and the other smirks, so uncharacteristic of him, that it makes Yunlan’s cock twitch in his pants. The music changes then, a dance club type of beat. It’s not one that Yunlan recognises, but obviously Shen Wei has a…what he called it…routine…prepared.

If Yunlan thought Shen Wei stripping on his lap was hot, he’d never seen this.

Shen Wei is like a completely different person. Admittedly, Yunlan has never seen Shen Wei dance, so this is new. This is all new. Shen Wei thrusts his hips to the rhythm, chin tilted up and cocky, so unlike the gentle demeanour Yunlan knows him for. It’s shameless, obscene, and fucking hot, the way Shen Wei makes a space for himself on the couch and mimicking a jacking off motion, unbuttoning his suit jacket at the same time.

Several women scream when Shen Wei gets to his knees on the ground, working his thighs to the beat, and dropping the suit jacket behind him. Yunlan can’t take his eyes off how Shen Wei works the floor, works the crowd, works whatever sex appeal hidden under that fucking sexy tailored suit. A girl—presumably star of the party—gets pushed down on a chair and everyone chants while pointing at the blushing maiden, looking like she’s going to die of a nosebleed.

Yunlan feels the same—and also the bitter tang of jealousy when Shen Wei smoothly rolls over and slides between her legs, and grinds his crotch against her chest. Shen Wei divests his shirt quickly after that, turning around and plonking himself right on her lap, dragging her hands over his chest and down his stomach.

In this moment Shen Wei’s gaze catches on to Yunlan’s, who finds that his mouth is too dry to swallow.

Their eyes are still locked when the music finally finishes, and Shen Wei gets up, abruptly breaking their eye contact when he realises what they’re doing. The roar of the crowd is an easy distraction, with plenty of women trying to stuff dollar bills down Shen Wei’s pants—hell, Yunlan would join them if he had cash on him. Yunlan can see Shen Wei smiling a little to himself, obviously proud of the spell he could put on others, and he’s so intent into the staring that he doesn’t realise somebody pushing him out into the middle of the circle until it’s too late.

The crowd chants for him to strip—Shen Wei tries to explain that Yunlan isn’t here for that, he’d just be doing a second routine in replacement—but it falls on deaf ears (mostly because it’s so rowdy that Yunlan can’t even hear himself).

When Yunlan reaches to undo his tie, everyone screams enthusiastically—well, he might understand a little on why Shen Wei thinks this is fun. Shen Wei is reaching for him to stop, but a thought crosses Yunlan’s mind.

It’s a do or die kind of idea—and Yunlan has always flirted with death.

Someone switches the track of the music again, but it doesn’t matter for whatever Yunlan will do. With a grin he pushes Shen Wei back, and then again harder until Shen Wei stumbles and falls back against the couch. He spies Shen Wei giving him that ‘Zhao Yunlan, you wouldn’t’ sort of look before Yunlan crawls on top of his lap, knees splayed on other side of Shen Wei’s thighs.

Oh yes, he would.

His stripping isn’t the most finesse, but he does garner a couple of catcalls when he pops the shirt buttons like he saw Shen Wei do the other time—a tight shirt has its uses after all. Shen Wei looks positively torn between letting the show continue and demanding that Yunlan stop this…dance…and Yunlan doesn’t let him think by mimicking the same gyrating action Shen Wei did on his lap the other time.

Shen Wei’s neck flushes deeply, fingers gripping the sofa tight as Yunlan goes with it, unbuttoning his pants and letting the bulge of his erection rock against Shen Wei’s own crotch. Shen Wei’s breathing goes heavy, pupils dilated, and Yunlan has never wanted so much as to fuck him over the couch for everyone to see.

He presses his mouth against Shen Wei’s ear while grabbing the other’s hands to cup them over his ass—bold move, but worth it when he hears Shen Wei’s breath hitch and gasp. He can feel Shen Wei hard as a rock beneath him now, and he rocks his hips to the beat, ignoring the yelling and screaming and chanting and focuses solely on the flushed, debauched way Shen Wei pants with his lips apart, and then the squeeze of his eyes when he comes in his pants.

Yunlan can’t breathe from how fast his heartbeat is rocketing, nor how thick his arousal suffocates him while watching Shen Wei blink dazedly in post-orgasm bliss.

The rest of it is a blur—Yunlan recalls grabbing Shen Wei and hastily bowing their way out, ignoring the pleas for an encore performance, and Shen Wei lets him steer him to his car. Yunlan somehow makes it to his apartment, drags Shen Wei along by the wrist and all but shoves the other against the wall to kiss the soul out of him.

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei breathes against his lips, but Yunlan doesn’t want to hear it, not when he’s been jacking off to Shen Wei almost everyday since that fucking lap dance.

He can’t wait anymore.

He slides his tongue into Shen Wei’s mouth hungrily, hands grabbing Shen Wei by the jaw to kiss him harder. When he was sixteen, he day dreamed about kissing Shen Wei, and now more than a decade later he can say the wait was worth it if this is what Shen Wei tastes like. Shen Wei moans into it, and Yunlan eats up every gasp and whimper. When Yunlan pulls back to let them catch some air, Shen Wei’s glasses are all fogged up, and Shen Wei licks his own lips, breathless.

Shen Wei looks—…shy, with the way his face is tinted pink and eyes crinkled into the embarrassed smile Yunlan knows the other does when he’s happy but is awkward about showing it.

Yunlan stares.

“…You like me,” Yunlan says in wonder, thrilled. “Thank fuck.”

“If you couldn’t figure that one out,” Shen Wei says, with a smile he still tries to suppress. “You are more terrible of an investigator than I thought.”

“You could’ve told me,” Yunlan says. “We could’ve been doing this so much sooner.”

“Like you could’ve told me?” Shen Wei says in return, one eyebrow raised.

Yunlan kisses him again to refute that point. Their kiss is slower this time, but even deeper, because Yunlan wants to have everything he can from Shen Wei, wants to memorise every crevice of his mouth. He lets go of Shen Wei’s lips with a suckle to them when the heat in his groin flares and drags his mouth to Shen Wei’s ear.

“Can I suck you?” he murmurs, giving the shell of the ear a gentle bite.

“…I came just now,” Shen Wei murmurs back, ears getting redder. “Next time, when I’m clean—”

“No, now,” Yunlan insists, hands sliding down to play with the button of Shen Wei’s pants. “I want to taste you.”

“Your mouth is filthy—" Shen Wei falters when Yunlan drops to his knees and pulls Shen Wei’s pants and boxers down with him. “Yunlan, seriously—”

“I’m completely serious,” Yunlan smirks, gaze up.

Yunlan reveals in the heady musky scent and licks at the come sticking over Shen Wei’s exposed cock, and then sucks the whole length into his mouth. Shen Wei’s thighs tremble and clench, and he hitches another erotic breath.

“Fuck,” Shen Wei curses and grabs the back of Yunlan’s head to steady himself.

Yunlan has never been more pleased. Shen Wei tastes slightly salty and bitter but isn’t horrible—he swallows it all down and puts effort into sucking Shen Wei’s cock properly, rolling his tongue over the head of it and lapping at the slit. Shen Wei’s heavy breathing get louder and louder, a sound that Yunlan chases after, and he forces himself to relax his throat so that he can take Shen Wei in full to the hilt.

Shen Wei gasps his name this time, looking absolutely agonised in pleasurable death. “I’m, I can’tYunlan, I’ll come—”

Yunlan sucks harder, makes an obscene slurping noise, and cup his hands over Shen Wei’s ass to keep the other still. He slides one hand down Shen Wei’s ass crack, and with a smirk, rubs over the hole that twitches at his touch.

“Fuck, fuck—…fuck!" Shen Wei cries, hips stuttering when he comes, hand gripping Yunlan’s hair so hard that Yunlan thinks he might’ve ripped off a couple of strands.

Come floods in Yunlan’s mouth and he takes care to swallow it all down before he stands up, grinning hard.  He cups Shen Wei’s cheek.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to do that,” he murmurs before kissing Shen Wei again.

There’s a look in Shen Wei’s eyes when he pulls back, one that makes Shen Wei look a little more like his sadistic little brother. Yunlan does not want to think of Ye Zun right now—or ever—and his thoughts thankfully short circuit when Shen Wei kicks off his pants and boxers completely and stalks forward, causing Yunlan to step back. Shen Wei doesn’t stop until Yunlan stumbles down to his couch when the edge hits his knees.

Shen Wei climbs over, shucking off the shirt he’d pulled on sloppily when they left the other house, even tossing off his glasses—now completely naked on Yunlan’s lap. Yunlan thinks he might die because he doesn’t know where to put his hands; he just wants them everywhere.

“Where’s your lube?” Shen Wei whispers.

Yunlan gestures vaguely to his pillow on his bed a couple of steps away.

“Stay there,” Shen Wei says, and goes to retrieve it.

Yunlan spends the entire time admiring how incredibly beautiful the curve of Shen Wei’s backbone is, down the paleness of his thighs where he wants to leave bite marks that would stay there forever. Shen Wei straddles him again when he comes back with the lube bottle in one hand. Yunlan watches wordlessly while Shen Wei pours a generous bit on his fingers, and then leans forward and reaches backward.

He’s stretching himself, Yunlan thinks dumbly.

If he wasn’t hard before, he’s certainly hard enough to cut a fucking diamond now. Shen Wei moans a bit and squirms, and Yunlan steadies him with a grip to his hips and leans forward to close his mouth over the dusty pink nipple hovering close to his face. Shen Wei keens, and it’s got to be the hottest thing Yunlan has ever heard—Yunlan gropes up to play with Shen Wei’s other nub, gently biting and worrying the one he has in his mouth between his teeth.

When Yunlan looks down he spies Shen Wei’s cock jutting up again, leaking from the tip—he accidentally bites on Shen Wei’s chest a tad too hard at the sight.

Ngh, Yunlan—” Shen Wei gasps, sounding downright pornographic.

It’s a fucking desperate mess how they both yank Yunlan’s cock free from its confines, and Shen Wei teases the tip of it at his entrance.

“Condom,” Yunlan bites out, but Shen Wei just shakes his head against his temple.

“Don’t care,” Shen Wei breathes. “Fuck me. Now.”

Yunlan doesn’t need to be told twice.

Shen Wei’s back arches sharply when he sinks down on Yunlan’s cock, taking every inch of it in a smooth glide. Shen Wei presses his forehead against Yunlan’s own, breathing heavily and looking already fucked to perfection, rutting his hips in short juts. Yunlan helps him, hands gripping on Shen Wei’s thighs so tight that they leave streaks of red, and slams him down hard.

Shen Wei, fuck,” Yunlan gasps against the other’s neck, overwhelmed by how hot and tight and slick everything is.

It hits Yunlan too fast to warn Shen Wei when he comes, frame taunt with tension and clutching onto Shen Wei tight while he rides the orgasm. Shen Wei continues to rock his hips through it all, until Yunlan can feel Shen Wei’s hole clenching on his cock with a loud gasp against his ear, white come splattering up between their chests.

Shen Wei slumps on him after sounding winded as Yunlan nuzzles his nose against his neck and sucks wet, sloppy kisses, leaving splotches of red blooming up the flushed throat. They stay like that for a while more before Shen Wei leans back, a pretty blush dusted over his features. Shen Wei eyes searches his for something—and Yunlan gives it all to him, mouth curving into a soft smile, not the grin he usually plasters on for show.

“…I didn’t think you would ever want me,” Shen Wei confesses quietly against his mouth.

Yunlan only laughs, because that’s just about the most ridiculous statement he’s ever heard.

“I still want you in a thong,” he says jokingly.

His grin is wiped cleaned off when Shen Wei whispers in his ear.

“31st August,” Shen Wei drawls, and fuck Yunlan because his cock swells up so fast it hurts. “That's tomorrow.”