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When Daryan Cresend is found guilty of murder, Ema flinches. Not because she feels sorry for him (ever since he was accused of the murder the other week in court and ordered to attend his own trial she has known he is guilty), because she doesn’t, but because of what she knows this is going to do to Klavier. Daryan is one of Klavier’s band mates and closest friends, and the thought of Daryan doing something like this is tearing Klavier apart.

Most nights since Apollo Justice accused Daryan of murder and all hell broke loose, Klavier has been awake most of the night, stressed and near tears. Ema tries to help, but she doesn’t know how to.

And tonight is no exception. With Daryan officially labelled as a murderer, Klavier storms home and then storms around their apartment, so stressed he eventually collapses on the couch and covers his face with his hands. And Ema has to stand there and watch her boyfriend break apart.

“He told me he innocent,” Klavier says, voice muffled by his hands. “And I believed him.”

“Of course you did,” Ema says, sitting down beside him. She rests a comforting hand on his back, wishing she didn’t have to see Klavier Gavin, normally such a strong person, so broken. “He was your best friend.”

“It just makes me feel like such a fool. How could he have lied to me? How could I have been friends with a murderer?”

“Klavier, you didn’t know,” she says, pulling him into an awkward one arm hug. “He was a good liar. But… but we all got taken in. I worked with him at the station and he seemed like such a nice guy. Come on, you’ll be okay.”

Ema kisses his forehead and Klavier sniffs.

“Thank you.”