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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma

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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma
Chapter 7

Disclaimers::: I do not own OUAT or it's characters, just my colorful imagination. Well the confrontation with Mary Margaret wasn't bad. And now Ingrid is back with her parents in tow. Just perfect timing too with Lily soon going into labor. What of the bad vibes Jessica felt before Ingrid’s return? Maybe we will find out soon…


Emma and Lily both lit up when they saw Ingrid there. Lily grinned and waved at her. Emma laughed softly. “Mom you're back!!!”

Ingrid came up to her daughters and hugged them tightly. “Oh my darlings! You have no idea how happy I am to see you all here…”

Just then grey smoke appeared as Maleficent made her presence known. She had felt it when her wife returned and wanted to be there to meet her parents. “You're back darling!” She murmured, kissing her.

Emma eyed the other two who had arrived with Ingrid and smiled. The blonde woman looked more like Ingrid but more rougher around the edges. Like a tall blonde Valkyrie. Long braided platinum blonde hair. She looked like a warrior, capable of causing destruction. She looked very fierce, yet her eyes were warm when she looked at Emma and Lily. A wolf was standing at her side.

Emma then eyed the man standing next to the woman, he was wearing an eye patch, knowing her Norse history she already figured out who they were, being a history buff and known for doing research every chance she could. She knew he had to be Odin.

Ingrid beamed as she looked at her parents. “Allow me to introduce my wife and mate, this is Maleficent. And these two, Emma and Lily are our daughters.” She was so proud of them and it showed. She then looked at their daughters, “This is your grandfather, Odin and your grandmother, Skadi. They are not together anymore, but were married for some time, they agreed to take time off to come with me today just so they could meet you two and your family.”

Lily spoke up first, “It's very surreal to meet you two. This is my wife, Zelena, our daughter Robyn and as you can see, soon we will welcome more into our family.” She smiled, rubbing her swollen abdomen. “I have heard bits and pieces of Odin but… Well my sis Emma, she's the expert on history.”

Zelena nodded, “I can see the similarities. It's nice to see where Lily and Emma gets their looks from besides Ingrid and Maleficent.” She was intrigued by them and looking forward to learning more.

Odin chuckled, “Well my first wife is Frigga. Skadi and I were married for a time. She's been married before shortly too. She's the goddess of war, death, rebirth, wind and harsh weather. She's also known as the original Snow Queen.” He smirked as he winked at Ingrid.

Emma smiled knowingly as she picked up from there. “I'm glad to finally meet you both. This is my wife Regina and our children, Henry, Jessica, Aliana, Amelia, and Alexander.” She looked at her wife, her eyes twinkling with love. She wanted to say more, but Regina beat her to it.

“I'm glad you came when you did, we were just celebrating some good news of our own as a family. I’m also pregnant.” Regina beamed happily.

Ingrid gasped with joy. “Oh that's wonderful news!!!” She grinned as she moved and hugged Regina and Emma. She was feeling so proud of them.

Skadi smiled and lit up. “Our family is growing already! That makes me so happy.” She was glad to hear her bloodline was continuing. She wanted to get to know Emma and Lily better and to share things with them about their lineage, their family history. She moved over to their children and started getting to know them better. “I do believe I will stick around for a while.”

Odin beamed. He already had numerous children and grandchildren over the years. He was glad to meet their daughter's family. It had been a surprise when they first reunited with Ingrid, but they wanted to help her get more answers to what happened in the past. At the same time, they were intrigued about Maleficent. Now that Odin had met her, he was realizing something about the dragon. He had this nagging feeling he knew exactly where she came from. “Tiamat. She was the goddess of dragons, mother of dragons… We thought the blood of the dragons ended with her… But it hasn't. You’ve taken your mother's mantle.”

Maleficent looked at Ingrid's father, surprised to hear what he was saying. “Excuse me?”

Odin smiled. “You and our daughter, you’re bringing the dragons back through yourselves and through your daughters. You're the mother of dragons. She's been reborn through you.” He laughed happily, glad to see a new dynasty in front of him and knowing his daughter was a part of it now. “You were cursed. You thought your bloodline would only continue on through your daughters? Yes they are dragon goddesses, but so are you. You deserve to be who you were always meant to be. I do have just the thing you need.” He grinned, handing her a golden apple. “Eat this. Just think of this as a gift from me to you, just for loving my daughter. For giving us a wonderful beginning. You deserve this, more than you realize.”

Maleficent was thoroughly surprised by everything he was saying. The very mention of Tiamat was doing things to her. She reached for the apple that Odin was offering. “What's in it for you?” She hesitated.

Odin smiled. “You're already giving me everything I could hope for, for our daughter. I just want you to realize your potential. To reclaim what is rightfully yours. There are no strings attached, I promise. We finally have our daughter back in our lives. We want nothing else. Take it please. You're family.”

Maleficent sighed, thinking about the piece of news he shared with her about being cursed. “Who cursed me?” She asked as she inhaled deeply, the golden apple as soon as she took it from him.

Odin smiled, knowing about dragons’ tendency to go after anyone who dared to harm them or their loved ones. “Isaac Heller with the help of the Apprentice. I do believe you are familiar with them.” He watched Maleficent's reaction with a glint in his eye. “They've been known to mess with the natural order of things.”

Maleficent bit into the golden apple, taking a huge chuck and chewing on it and enjoying the juicy flavor that was exploding inside her mouth. As she swallowed, her eyes went dark. “Tell me more.” She ate the apple in just a few bites.

Emma and Lily both heard what their grandfather was sharing with their mother. They wanted to hear everything. “I killed Isaac’s girlfriend when she threatened to kill my son.” She was surprised to hear that the Author and the Apprentice would team up against her mother. “If you ask me, that Author is as shady as they come”

Skadi came up to them after spending time with the babies. “I heard through the grapevine that the Author made it to where Cruella would never be able to kill anyone much less harm anyone.”

Emma frowned at this. “But she held my son over the edge of the cliffs. I know what I saw. I was there.”

Maleficent looked at her blonde daughter. “Cruella always talked a tough game. But sadly she couldn't go through with her threats thanks to Isaac. That was the only way they could think of getting you to go dark.”

“So Cruella was a pawn in their game and I killed her.” Emma sighed, realizing that Cruella was a victim in their plot to get Emma to go dark.

Regina pulled her wife into her arms, wanting to comfort her. “This is not on you. That was not your fault Emma.”

“It was theirs. Isaac screwed Cruella over.” Maleficent replied. Her eyes were burning with a need, a desire to make them pay for what they did. She missed her friends.

Skadi knew what her daughter in law was thinking. “I can bring her back.” She had a dark smile on her face. “I can also undo the curse Isaac put on your friend.” She smirked. He won't be able to put the same curse on her twice.”

Emma grinned. “You can do that? That would be great!!!” She then thought about Ruby, wondering if she could help with her mother Anita. She really wanted to be able to help her friend.

The wolf standing next to Skadi moved over to Emma’s side. She sat on her haunches and licked Emma's hand.

Emma was distracted from her thoughts and turned to look at the wolf in surprise. “Um… What…”

The wolf’s eyes had an amused glint in them. *You’re close to my daughter Ruby. Tell me, how is she doing these days?*

“Anita? You're alive? Why haven't you let Ruby know?” Emma was surprised. But before Anita could answer her question, her grandmother spoke up.

“Because when I found her, she needed to heal from her mortal wound. She's been stuck in this form ever since then, and has been my companion.” Skadi answered. “She's almost ready to shift back to herself.”

“Aren't there others who can heal her?” Emma wanted to know.

Skadi nodded. “Yes, but they don't want to have anything to do with me, because of my reputation. It doesn't matter that I used to be married to your grandfather.” She smirked.

Lily moved closer. “Maybe my sister and I could try together. Combined, our magic is stronger than anything. I mean next to True Love’s magic.”

“I think between the four of us, we probably could. You said it, True Love is the most powerful. You and your mate as well as me and mine.” Emma suggested.

*I’m willing to try anything just so I can be with my daughter.* Anita replied.

Skadi smiled and nodded. “That should work.”

Regina, Zelena, Lily and Emma moved to surround Anita, pouring their magic inside of the wolf. Focusing on healing her completely and helping her to transform back into herself.

After Anita was back to herself once again, and made new once more, Odin offered her a golden apple. Skadi and Anita were both over the moon with joy. Anita beamed happily and thanked her new friends for their help before she ate the golden apple.

Skadi moved over to her longtime companion. “You're so beautiful!” She pulled Anita into an embrace.

Anita melted into her blonde companion’s arms and sighed happily before she did something she'd been wanting to do for a very long time. She kissed her deeply.

Skadi moaned with surprise as they kissed passionately and deeply. A wave of energy burst forth around them as they shared a true love's kiss.

The others were surprised to see what happened. Anita and Skadi were true loves? Emma and Lily smiled as did Regina and Zelena.

“Rubes is going to flip.” Emma chuckled.

Lily felt pressure building up inside. She put her hand under her swollen belly. “Um… Guys?” She felt this incredible urge to turn into a dragon.

Maleficent smiled knowingly as they used magic to get them to the caves. Odin remained outside with Skadi, Anita and the kids while Zelena moved to her wife’s side, turning into a dragon as soon as Lily did. Emma, Regina, Maleficent and Ingrid joined them while Ingrid called Cora and Henry so they could be there for the births of their grandchildren. Emma also called Ruby and Granny, letting them know there was a surprise waiting for them.

Emma was so excited for her sister finally becoming a mother. She was happy for Zelena as well. They helped Lily to get as comfortable as possible.

Regina was equally as thrilled for her sister and sister in law. She held Robyn in her arms and lavished her love on her niece while her parents were bringing her siblings into the world.

Henry and Jessica waited for Ruby and Granny to arrive as well as Cora and Henry Sr.

They arrived not much longer after Lily had started her labor. Cora rushed inside the caves while Henry Sr. opted to stay outside with the others to let the women tend to things.

Granny spotted her daughter first. “Anita?” She gasped. “You're alive?” She was so happy and surprised to see her, but at the same time, she was very upset. “Why didn't you tell me?”

Ruby had conflicting feelings. “But I saw you die! I… I. killed. You.” She began crying.

“But you didn't.” Anita moved over to her daughter and tried to hug her.

Ruby jerked away at the contact. “But… You let me believe I killed you?! Why?!”

Skadi knew she was a stranger to them, but she wanted to help Anita and her family get past this. “She almost died. I found her and helped her. There was a chemical compound on the metal spikes… Someone plotted against your mother. You didn't do this to her. Someone knew you would try to defend your friend and put you in that situation to where your mother would die. They got away with it. Trust me, you had no way of knowing that was going to happen. Neither did Anita. As a result, she was put into a death-like sleep. I brought her home with me and tried my best to heal her. She was stuck in wolf form for a long time until today. Emma, Regina, Lily and Zelena used their magic to heal your mother so she would be back to herself again.” She explained.

Ruby had a nagging suspicion she knew who was responsible for what happened to her mother. “Quinn. It had to be him. But karma did him in. He wasn't happy when you started giving me all the attention after he brought me to you.” She knew she would need to thank her friends for helping her mother. She didn't want to stay mad at her so she threw herself into her mother's arms, smiling when she felt her mother envelope her into her embrace. “Mama! Don't ever leave me again.”

Anita kissed her daughter's head lovingly. “You couldn't get rid of me even if you tried.” She chuckled, so happy to have been reunited with her daughter. She then proceeded to introduce Skadi to Ruby.


Lily was giving birth, pushing their children out. Zelena was helping her wife to bring their children out. It helped that she knew what she was doing. Emma encouraged her sister and kissed her cheek, feeling so proud of her.

*You’re doing it sis!!! Come on mama, push!!!* Emma cheered her on as did Maleficent and Ingrid.

Cora was beside herself with joy. She was so happy for her daughter and daughter in law. “Grandma can't wait to meet you!”

Maleficent chuckled knowingly. “You have a week to wait until you meet them officially. They will be spoiled rotten.”

Soon, Lily finally pushed their children out. It was a huge egg that she had to push out. After she finally did, she exhaled happily, feeling exhausted. *I did it!!!* She felt so much love for her babies.

Zelena was overjoyed as she snuggled with her wife. *You did it baby! I love you so much!!!* She was so happy as she kissed her wife.

Regina smiled proudly as she brought Robyn over to her sister so they could be together as a family. “You did amazing!”

Lily had a huge smile on her face as she also shared a look with Emma. It had come full circle for her, having given birth the same way their mother did all these years ago. She knew what to name her twins, having discussed it with her wife. “Their names are Gemma Corine, and Zoey Reagan. Emma and Regina are their godmothers.”

Everyone was very happy with the names. “Perfect names for them too.” Cora beamed.

Emma loved their names. She knew their kids would be very close as cousins. “I love them!” She kissed her sister's cheek while Ingrid moved to tell the others the good news and shared their names with them.

While everyone celebrated the newest additions to their family, they got to know Skadi better and got them caught up to everything that has happened. Ruby thought Skadi smelled familiar to her. Not just because she was Ingrid’s mother, but also because she smelled similar to Elsa. She wanted to talk to her about that, but wasn't sure if it was a good time to talk about it. She shrugged it off when she remembered how Elsa was also Ingrid’s niece but the smell was too strong for that to be true.

Skadi was surprised to hear about the whole situation regarding what happened to Jessica and how she'd been stolen from her granddaughter. She learned the same thing had happened with Emma and Lily years ago.

“Well looks like I will be staying here with you. Nobody gets away with what they've done to my family. Speaking of which, I do believe there is something I can do for you…” She then brought Cruella back.

Maleficent smiled when she saw her old friend, “Ahh good. Now we can get down to business…”

Cruella looked around, noticing there were a lot of people there. “Hey Mal, old friend! Looks like someone finally had the common sense to get me out of that Underbrooke.” She turned and glared daggers at Emma.

“I have unfinished business with you blondie!” Cruella was clearly upset with Emma.

Skadi waved her hand. “I can easily send you back there.” Her eyes flashed darkly.

Maleficent put her hand on Cruella's shoulder. “You threaten her, you will have a problem with me.”

Cruella gave Maleficent an incredulous look. “She killed me!”

The older dragon shook her head. “She's my daughter. She had no idea that Isaac rendered you unable to harm anyone. Isaac and the Apprentice did this. They wanted her to go dark. So did Rumplestiltskin. But his reasoning was different. Emma didn't know. She actually wanted you to be brought back too. We can work together to make Isaac and the Apprentice pay for what they did to you… What the did to me.” Maleficent had a certain fire in her eyes.

Cruella was surprised to hear Emma was Mal’s daughter. She turned to look at the younger blonde, noticing how Regina was with her too. “Clearly a lot has happened in my absence.”

Emma smiled at her. “Sorry about killing you. But I am happy to see you. Now we need to take care of some things around here… Let's talk.”