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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma

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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma
Chapter 6

Disclaimers::: I do not own OUAT or it's characters, just my colorful imagination. So Regina's wish came true thanks to Emma. :) soon they will begin searching for the people responsible for taking Jessica from her mother when she was a baby. Lets see what else happens next. Lily will be due to give birth soon. :) will anyone run into the charmings I wonder. I know we will do the whole thing with Ruby finding out her legacy. We still need to have Ingrid introduce her parents to her daughters. All I will say is it's going to be very interesting and will explain the origins of the star and moon birthmarks they have.


Morning came and found Emma and Regina making love once again. They would have gone at it again a second and third time if it weren't for Amelia screaming for her mama.

Emma laughed softly as she kissed her wife before she got up and put her robe on. “I bet she just woke up Aliana and Alexander with that.” She smirked as she moved to the nursery. Sure enough, all three of them were wide awake. Regina joined her and smiled knowingly as she picked Aliana up while Emma settled into her chair and began nursing Amelia and Alexander. Her daughter finally quieted down as she snuggled against her bosom and started nursing. Emma smiled when she saw how Regina had gotten their other daughter settled in the crook the of her arm as she started feeding her from her bottle. Emma chuckled at the sight. “Soon you'll be able to feed them at your breast.”

Regina’s eyes grew dark and smouldering when she eyed Emma. She bit her lower lip and smiled before she kissed Aliana’s head lovingly. “I look forward to doing that.” She murmured.

Just then, Maleficent, Lily and Zelena and Robyn came in and smiled at the family. Mal replied. “Ingrid's visiting with her parents right now. She wanted to tell them about our family.” She smiled knowingly when she looked from Emma to Regina. She could sense that something had changed. Especially with Regina. “I do believe congratulations are in order Regina darling.”

Zelena put two and two together when she saw the way Emma was grinning proudly and Regina was blushing but smiling happily. She gasped and broke out into a huge smile. “You're pregnant?” She knew how much that meant to Regina and couldn't help but to be thrilled for her sister.

Lily grinned when she heard what her mother and wife said. “Damn sis! You're turning into the Von Trapp Family!!!” She laughed. “Congratulations!” She moved and kissed their cheeks.

Zelena had a look of confusion on her face. “Von who?”

Emma laughed delightedly. “I guess you can say that.” She then looked over at the redhead and smiled. “If you watch the Sound of Music, that will answer your question.”

Regina smirked. “Looks like my sister and I would need to watch the Sound of Music together just to get the idea.”

Zelena grinned. “Movie night?” She looked at Lily and Emma. “We could make popcorn.”

Everyone started talking about the possibility of having a movie night and were still chatting away when Jessica came downstairs followed by Henry. The triplets were seated in their highchairs as they started eating more solid food. It was clear they were growing fast already, being dragons.

Henry noticed something big was going on with his parents. “What's going on with you two?”

Regina laughed softly. “Guess, my Prince.”

Emma grinned as she winked at their son.

Henry looked back and forth at his parents, seeing the way they were behaving. He inhaled deeply, remembering how that was how his grandmother or aunt and sometimes his mother found out certain things. He was still getting to know what he could do as a dragon. “You smell different Mom. What is that?”

Emma’s smile grew even wider as she inhaled deeply, knowing exactly what their son was talking about. “Come here kid. Have another whiff.” She winked.

Maleficent laughed softly as she watched her grandson get his bearings and learn to use his sense of smell.

Lily smiled. “Before you do, come smell me so you can learn the difference. Smell everyone.”

Henry did what he was told as Jessica decided to try doing what her brother was doing. They moved over to Lily and inhaled deeply before smelling Zelena. They then smelled Maleficent and moved over to their mother and then lastly to Regina, getting to know their scents. Henry’s eyes widened as it finally hit him. “Grandma smells like chocolate and cinnamon and burnt marshmallows. Aunt Zee stopped nursing, but Ma, she smells like sweet milk and honey and cinnamon with the scent of chocolate and marshmallows. She’s nursing still. But Aunt Lily smells like Ma but she's pregnant and her milk smells sweet like honey, ready to nurse when our cousins join out family. But Mom… You're starting to smell like Aunt Lily, just without the chocolate and marshmallows. You smell like apples and cinnamon and I can smell honey and the faint scent of sweet milk… You're pregnant?”

Jessica could smell exactly what her brother was describing and her mouth opened in surprise. “More babies?”

Regina beamed proudly as she nodded. “Yes I am. How do you feel about that, darlings?” She looked positively radiant and very happy.

Henry grinned happily as he hugged his parents. He knew how his brunette mother felt about this. It was a dream come true for her. “I'm happy for you two. I know how much you wanted this.” He then moved to sit back down as they began eating. He looked over at his siblings and noticed they were growing fast. They’d been born not so long ago, and already, they looked to be about 4 or 5 months old. Soon, they would be talking. He was amazed at the speed they were growing at and knew that was probably part of the reason why his Mom wanted a baby.

Jessica was still digesting everything. She still had a lot to learn about her family. She looked over at her grandmother, a question burning strong in her mind. There were so many things she wanted to ask Maleficent.

The older dragon turned and looked at Jessica as if she'd heard her questions. She smiled at her granddaughter and nodded. “I know darling, this is a lot for you to begin to understand.” She winked at her. *Just ask me anything and I can teach you everything I know. Only if that's what you want. You're family and I love you.*

Jessica’s eyes grew wide when she realized her grandmother had spoken telepathically with her, she was still getting used to communicating that way. She blushed slightly and nodded at Maleficent and smiled back at her. *Thanks grandma.* she was looking forward to getting to know her grandmother soon and wanted to learn everything from her. She had a feeling she was going to enjoy learning from her very much.

Maleficent smiled, feeling proud of Jessica already. She had a feeling she would make an excellent student. “Is there anything you’d like to know darling?” She asked.

Jessica blushed slightly. “I just um… How come there's so many babies. How do you do it?” She couldn't help but be very curious. She wanted to know if it was supposed to be this normal for them or if it was just their family.

The women in the room were all smiling at her question. Maleficent replied first. “We're shapeshifters. We can change our anatomy if that makes sense to you darling.”

Emma then spoke, “With Lily and I also having the blood of gods in our veins, we’re quite fertile. Right now, Grandma Ingrid is visiting with her family, having a reunion with them and telling them about our family. I believe she's going to try to convince them to come with her so they can visit us. She's the daughter of Norse Gods. And well… When your father did what he did with me, I got pregnant from the very first time.”

Lily smiled. “So did I, from the first time Zelena and I got together.” She rubbed her swollen abdomen.

Zelena kissed her wife as she got handsy with Lily. “And very soon, our babies will be joining this family.” She murmured.

Regina smiled knowingly. “I loved every moment your mother was pregnant with the triplets. And now it's her turn to experience it with me.” She chuckled.

“I look forward to enjoying every second of your pregnancy, to pampering you, my Queen.” Emma murmured, loving the way Regina's eyes began to smoulder at her words.

Jessica was intrigued by the whole situation, but it started to make better sense why it happened that way. She could see how much they loved each other and it made her feel warm inside. “What about my father? What was he like?”

Henry looked at his sister. “What he did to Ma was not good, but he tried to make amends and well… He was Mr. Gold’s son…”

“He's our grandfather?” Jessica was surprised.

“Technically, yes, but our genetics is eating our mortality away. He will always be our grandpa anyways. Sometimes I call Belle grandma, but she prefers being called by her name.” Henry explained to his sister.

Emma smiled at her daughter. “When I met your father, I was very young, seventeen going on eighteen. Your father was much older than I was. At first, I thought he was a good man, his name was Neal. At least that was what he told me. Until he set me up and had me do him a favor by putting a bag in a locker for him. I got arrested and he bailed, leaving me to deal with the whole thing by myself. I found out I was pregnant and I told you what happened. Years later, after your brother brought me here, Mr. Gold asked me to find his son, Baelfire. I owed him a favor and agreed to help him. Henry and I went to New York with Mr. Gold. I was able to track him down and chased him and I stopped him from getting away. That was when I found out Baelfire and Neal were the one and same. Of course I blew up at him for what he put me through. Henry wanted to meet him so I warned him and explained to him about what your father did to me. He was able to get to know Henry shortly before he died. But at least he died doing the right thing. He died so your grandfather could live. He had a lot of remorse for what he did to me.” Emma explained.

Jessica chewed her lip, deep in thought. “At least he's redeemed himself.” She nodded. “I'm glad he gave us to you even though it wasn't under good circumstances. But at least you have us.” She smiled. “I know I'm new to this family, but I'm glad to be here. I wish they never separated us.”

“Me too sweetie. I love you and I look forward to getting to know you even better.” Emma murmured. “Any time you have questions, you can feel free to ask any of us and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.”

They ate their breakfast and got the triplets cleaned up and changed and dressed before they decided to go for a walk to the park and then to the harbor. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Henry and Jessica decided to join Emma, Regina and the triplets. Zelena, Robyn and Lily joined them wanting to spend time together before Lily's and Zelena's babies arrived. They were expected to arrive any day now. They decided to enjoy the company of each other and show the Triplets around. Robyn enjoyed playing with the babies who were now crawling and learning to walk. The women held them as they walked and they were quick learners thanks to their unique DNA. They would be walking on their own soon enough, but not quite yet. They went to the park first and got to see some of the other families with their kids. Ashley was there with her family and came over to converse with them.

Just then, Mary Margaret arrived with Neal. She saw Emma with her family and yearned to talk with her, not wanting to overstep her boundaries or say something stupid. She knew she had a tendency to put her foot in her mouth. When Emma looked her way, she lifted her hand and waved at her.

Emma sighed, sharing a look with Regina. She really wasn't ready to talk with Mary Margaret. She muttered under her breath, but then Neal smiled when he saw Emma there and waved at her, excitedly. Having a soft spot for Neal, in spite of his name, she found herself smiling and waving back at him. It wasn't his fault what happened between Emma and Mary Margaret.

Henry looked at Jessica and explained to her again who Mary Margaret was. Jessica looked at the approaching dark haired petite woman who was responsible for what happened to her family. She decided to wait and see what would happen next before taking it from there.

Zelena knew very well how much her wife despised the Charmings, especially Mary Margaret. She didn't want the teacher to upset her wife, not when she was so close to going into labor. She stepped in front of Lily, more than prepared to act as a bufferer between them if necessary.

“Hi! I'm so surprised to see you here. It's a beautiful day isn't it?” She looked at Henry and smiled at him. He offered her a small smile in return. She then looked at the other girl standing next to him before looking at the babies who were all staring wide eyed at her in unison. She looked at Emma and Regina, flinching slightly at the way Zelena and Lily were staring at her.

Emma bit her lip and then nodded. “Yeah well I'm here with my family. My wife and I wanted to enjoy ourselves and we certainly didn't expect to see you here.” She saw the way Mary Margaret faltered at that. “But hey, it's a beautiful day for my growing family to enjoy before my sister goes into labor. As you can see, Henry is doing very well. Oh and this is our daughter Jessica, his twin sister.” She was tempted to say more, but didn't want to create a scene. Not on such a beautiful day as this. She was making an effort to be civil with Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret nodded, finally getting to see Emma’s daughter. She remembered when David told her what Ruby shared with her that day they last caught a glimpse of them at Granny's. “I'm so happy you got her back. She's beautiful like you. Well we’d better get going.” She left as Neal waved bye bye to Emma.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. They were glad things didn't go the other way. Lily on the other hand scoffed. “She never said anything about the triplets. Must have been in a hurry to get away.”

Zelena smiled as she kissed her wife and caressed her abdomen. “Maybe she didn't want to risk staying longer. She knows things are very awkward right now…” She then leaned to whisper into her ear. “Probably was afraid to piss off my sexy dragon lady.” She had a wicked smile on her face.

Lily snickered at what Zelena whispered. “Oh yeah you’d like it if that happened wouldn't you?” She smirked knowingly as they decided to leave the park and they all headed to the harbor.

Jessica looked at her brother and then at their parents. “I got a weird vibe. I don't know if that's because of that woman or if it's something else. But something doesn't feel right now…” she was feeling a disturbance in the air around them.

Everyone turned to look at Jessica, wondering what she meant by that. Regina then noticed something was happening. “It's a portal…” Sure enough several figures appeared, one of them was Ingrid. She'd arrived with her parents, smiling when she saw them and then they were heading towards them.