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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma

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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma
Chapter 3

Disclaimers::: I do not own OUAT or it's characters, just my colorful imagination. So now our Mariam Gertrude Jacobs is now Jessica Amber Swan-Mills. She's been reunited with her birth family, her brother Henry is about to tell her quite a story. Will she believe what he shares? Or will she be a skeptic? Lol. Has she experienced anything out of the norm yet? Especially while growing up. We know Emma is going to hunt down those responsible for taking Jessica away from them. When they get back to Storybrooke… How long will it be before Emma forgives David? I guess it will be a while before we find out lol


Emma chuckled when she heard her wife offer apple turnovers. “Well since Granny packed them, I don't see why not.” She smirked. Upon seeing the look on Regina’s face, she amended, “But you know I’d prefer it if it came from your tree.” She licked her lips. “Your fruit is very delicious.” She gave her wife a look that was meant for her alone.

Regina gave her a smouldering look that promised some adult time together would happen tonight after the kids went to bed. “Oh I know it is. Em-ma.” She winked and gave her a sensual smile.

Jessica looked at Cora before she heard Henry's story. “So you’re Mum’s mother? Do I have another grandparent?” She asked.

Cora nodded and chuckled. “Yes, your grandfather. He is back home taking care of things for us. His name is also Henry and he is very much looking forward to meeting you dear.” She smiled.

Henry smiled at his sister. “He's a nice guy. You’ll like him.” He promised. “Anyways, are you ready to hear a story? What I have to tell you is all true. I guess you’d have to see it to believe it. But trust me, you’ll know it sooner or later.”

“What kind of a story are you planning to tell me?” Jessica asked.

Henry smiled as he answered. “Our family’s story. How everything started and brought us to this moment. I guess you can say I'm an author of some sort. But it's all true. Try to keep an open mind okay kid?”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “We're the same age bro.”

Henry grinned. He had succeeded in getting a rise out of his sister. “Yeah but I'm still half a hour older than you.” He smirked. “You're gonna have to put up with me teasing you now that I have you in my life.”

Jessica gave him a look that said she'd get him back if he tried. “Oh yeah? We’ll see about that.” She smirked. “So… What's the story?”

Emma and Regina knew Henry and Jessica would get along just fine and that they were just happy to have been reunited after all these years. Emma finally had her baby girl back. But she wasn't going to forget what had been done. Oh no. She was going to make sure certain people paid for what happened. Had the Jacobs hurt Jessica, she would have devoured them on the spot.

Regina looked at her wife knowing exactly what she was planning. They'd make sure Jessica got home safe first before doing anything else.

Henry began telling his sister their story. “It all started a little over six years ago. I didn't grow up with Ma either so when I found out I was adopted, I wanted to find our mom and bring her home because I found out mom was the evil queen and had put a curse on Storybrooke, Maine. That's where we live…”

“Hold on a second. You thought Mum was the evil queen?” Jessica smirked. “And she put a curse on your town?”

Henry nodded. “Just listen to the story. I'm not making this up. Everything I'm telling you did happen. Anyways, Mary Margaret… That's who my teacher was at the time, she gave me this book which I thought was this ordinary book of fairytales. She didn't even know how she got her hands on the book but she gave it to me one day and said I could keep it. When I started reading it, everything changed. When I looked at Mary Margaret, I no longer saw her as my teacher. Suddenly she was Snow White. The book had shown me who she was. It was just magic. That's how I knew magic was real. I believed it then and I believe it now.” He smiled.

“That's amazing! You're good at this storytelling stuff. You’d make a great writer.” Jessica smiled.

Henry stared at his sister, realizing she didn't believe him. “I'm trying to tell you how everything started. How this book helped me to find our mom. Her story was there and it told me she was living in Boston. I stole my teacher’s credit card and used it to find out about her. How she gave me up for adoption. She had no choice. We were born in prison. Our father set her up. He was a thief and she was very naïve and much younger than he was. He took advantage of her and gave her stolen items to put in a locker for him. Ma had no idea what he was giving to her to put in the locker. Afterwards, the police caught her and he disappeared and she ended up in prison. While there, she found out she was pregnant. She knew she wouldn't be out in time to be able to raise a child or two…”

Emma had a faraway look in her eyes as she listened to their son tell their story. “It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I wanted you so much. You grew inside me and kept me company when I was at the lowest point in my life. I loved you both so much. But I knew I couldn't be the mother you needed at that time. But fate intervened.” She smiled as she looked at Regina.

“I adopted your brother, not knowing who his birth mother was right away. The moment I found out, I almost sent him back. But the moment he smiled at me, I changed my mind.” Regina smiled. “I just fell in love with him.” She smiled at Henry.

Jessica then looked at Henry, smirking. “And YOU thought SHE was the Evil Queen? If that were true, she wouldn't have loved you as much as she did right?”

Henry sighed and shrugged. “I was a kid. I had just found out Mom was the Evil Queen. I didn't know the whole story of what had really happened. Just that Ma was in Boston and she was the Savior and would break the curse the Evil Queen cast on Storybrooke. I needed to find her and bring her home. And I did. I found her and brought her back with me.”

Emma smiled. “That he did. And when I first met the woman who adopted Henry… I was smitten. But we butted heads so many times. Your mum was just so stubborn. But then again, so was I. We were both afraid to let our guard down. We’d been burnt far too many times. But I ended up saving her life over and over again.”

“Indeed you did.” Regina smiled. “I felt threatened at first, thinking you were going to take Henry away from me. “You saved me from the peasants after you broke my curse.” She smirked. “And you saved me from the fire… And the wraith. After you told Mary Margaret as well as David that you wouldn't let me die… I knew I was smitten with you. But things happened and things got in the way…”

Jessica looked out the window, wondering if her family was certifiably insane. Peasants? Curses? Wraiths? Henry thinking his mom was the Evil Queen? Their mother was the Savior? She remembered being introduced to one of her grandmothers. What was her name? Oh yes. Maleficent. She wondered what happened to her to get landed with a name belonging to one of the disney villains. She frowned trying to figure out what year Sleeping Beauty came out. She looked over at Maleficent after they made a stop and she and Ingrid switched places with Cora. She tried to figure out how old Maleficent was. She didn't look that old at all.

A short time later, they drove into a truck stop where there was a restaurant and gas station. Everyone got out and took their bathroom breaks before they went to order some food and drinks. Jessica decided to take a little stroll to mull things over.

Henry looked at his parents. “I hope Jess is okay. I don't think she believed what I said and well…”

Emma smiled at her son. She remembered a time when she had not believed anything her son said either. “Well Kid, you gotta remember she wasn't brought up with you. She hasn't been in our company long enough to become a believer. Remember it took me a while before I finally believed you. And then I finally broke the curse. Just give your sister time.”

“She’s right you know.” Regina smiled. “She'll come around.”

Henry nodded. “I’ll go see if she's okay and we will be back by the time the food gets here.” He got up and went looking for his sister.


“Hey sweetheart what are you doing here all by your lonesome self?” Two men had Jessica cornered outside.

Jessica glared at them. “I'm not alone! I'm here with my family. Leave me alone!” She tried to push her way through them.

They blocked her way out and wouldn't let her leave. “Oh come on now. Ya don't need to lie. We can be friends and show you a good time.” One of the men pushed her back and tried to move his leg between her legs to separate them.

Henry found her sister and saw red when he saw what was happening. “HEY!!! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!!!” He growled, slamming into them with a force he did not know he had. His eyes glowed neon green before turning crimson. His hands turned into talons, his teeth got sharper.

The men stumbled in surprise as they struggled to get up, wanting to get away from them. They'd clearly been drinking too much. They’d wondered if they were seeing things.

Henry put his arms protectively around his sister, his eyes returned to normal as he looked at her. “You okay Jess?”

Jessica had been caught by surprise when she saw what her twin had done. She'd seen his eyes change and noticed he wasn't human. She jerked her head up and down, at a loss for words. She didn't know what to make out of what had just happened. But she knew Henry had saved her from those assholes who ambushed her. Had he not, something bad would have happened to her. She had so many questions and was trying to make sense of things.

Henry noticed Jess was in shock. “Let's get you inside. You're safe now. I promise. We won't let anyone hurt you ever.” They moved inside to where everyone else was waiting for them. Henry then proceeded to tell their family what had happened outside.

Emma stood up quickly when she heard what had almost happened to her daughter. Oh the dragon wanted to come out. She saw through her son’s eyes what they looked like. Now she had their number and she wasn't about to let them get away with what they had tried to do to her baby girl.

“I'm going with you sis.” Lily growled as she stood up, wanting to take care of the men who tried to attack her niece.

Regina smiled gently at Jessica. “Come sit here sweetie.” She put her arms around her shoulders, letting her wife and Lily take care of the situation. Maleficent's eyes were dark, but she knew her daughters needed to do this.

Emma stormed out with Lily right at her heels as she found the truckers preparing to get on their rig. Before their feet could get inside the truck, Emma and Lily grabbed them and pulled them to the back of the truck. “YOU STUPID MOTHERF******!!!!” Emma snarled as she allowed her dragon out. “You went after my daughter you pieces of shit! Bad idea!!!” She tore into the man who had planned to have his way with her daughter. She devoured him before he could scream. She'd tore his throat out so he never really had a chance to make a sound.

Lily made quick work out of his accomplice, doing the exact same thing Emma did. She devoured him on the spot, feeling so much better now that they had gotten rid of two scumbags and made the world a little safer. She grinned wickedly at her sister as she turned back to herself. “Damn that felt so good!!!” She rubbed her belly, feeling satisfaction at helping her sister get rid of those men. What they'd done together had made their sisterly bond even stronger.

Emma laughed, wiping her mouth and licking the blood off as soon as she transformed back to herself. “You can say that again sis.” She hugged her sister and rubbed her sister’s belly telling the babies they were now well fed. They laughed together, feeling exhilarated by what they’d done together. They'd then changed their clothes and had gotten themselves cleaned up before they joined their family again.

Maleficent knew the instant her daughters returned, what had happened to the men who attacked her granddaughter. She smiled proudly at them before looking at Jessica. “Those men will never hurt you or anyone ever again. Your mother and Aunt made sure of it. Don't worry, we’re family and we protect our own.”

Emma moved over to Jessica and gave her a bear hug, kissing her cheek. “We have your back sweetie, always. We love you Jessica. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask us. No matter how silly the questions may be.”

Jessica nodded and sighed before eating a little bit of her food. She wasn't too hungry and wasn't in the mood to say what was on her mind just yet. She was still digesting everything she'd witnessed with her brother. A part of her wondered what exactly had happened to the men who’d tried to harm her. When she was ready, she'd say something. The change that came over Henry when he protected her from the men, wasn't the only thing on her mind. There were other things she'd gone through in the past that made her question what was real or wasn't real. Things she herself had experienced growing up. She looked around at her family, watching them interact with each other.

Regina smiled knowingly when her wife returned to her seat. She kissed her deeply before they began eating, sharing a bit of the softer food with their babies as they conversed. She had a feeling something was bothering Jessica, but she also knew that when things were settled down, she would open up to someone she felt comfortable with. And then, they would be able to help her.

Henry couldn't help but to worry that he’d freaked his sister out. He wanted to talk with her and to make her feel better, but at the same time, he didn't want to push things with her. Not just yet. He knew she was probably most likely just overwhelmed by everything that had happened ever since they rescued her. He also knew he needed to talk to his Mama about the fact he’d almost dragoned out.

Soon after eating and taking breaks, they’d finally made their way back to Storybrooke. Regina smiled just before they crossed the townline. She turned to watch Jessica’s reaction just as Emma watched her daughter through the rear view mirror with a smile. They knew this would be a pivotal moment for Jessica.

Suddenly, Jessica felt a whooshing sensation moving through her. It felt like they had just moved through some sort of energy vortex. She could feel it moving through her body, spreading through her from head to toe. She also felt a burning sensation inside. She gasped loudly as her jaw dropped in surprise. “What the hell was that?!” She exclaimed.

Henry grinned from ear to ear when he saw the way his sister reacted. His eyes were glowing neon green as were his blond mother’s eyes. “That Jess, is magic.” He chuckled. “Look in the mirror sis, your eyes are also glowing.” He smiled when his brunette mother handed Jessica her compact mirror.

Jessica gasped in awe when she also noticed their mother’s eyes were also glowing. She took the mirror from her mum and looked at her own reflection, seeing a pair of neon green eyes gazing back at her in shock. She closed her mouth before giving the mirror back to Regina. “But… I thought I was dreaming…”

Emma looked at her daughter. “Has this happened to you before?” She asked.

“Yeah… But not always… Only it got more frequent within this past year.” She replied. “What are you? Why are you like no one else I’ve ever met? Why are my eyes doing this?”

Emma grinned as they pulled in front of Granny’s diner. “I'm a dragon. So is my sister and our mother, your grandmother Mal…”

“Maleficent?” Jessica finished as it finally struck home. Maleficent was real? “You mean she's… And you…” She looked at her brother before looking at Regina. “Your story…”

Regina smiled and nodded. “It's all real. Welcome to Storybrooke. This is Granny’s Diner. Come, she wants to meet you.” They began getting out of the van and getting the babies together.

“Why do you call her Granny? She’s not another relative is she?” Jessica asked.

Henry shook his head and grinned. “That’s what everyone calls her. You may have heard of her granddaughter. She’s known as Red Riding Hood. Only she’s not a little girl. She's THE big bad wolf.”

Emma chuckled, seeing the way Jessica’s jaw dropped at that. “You’ll get to meet her in a few days. Ruby is the name she goes by.” Everyone gathered and prepared to go into the diner.

“Actually, I'm here.” Ruby grinned as she stepped into view, having heard what they said about her. “When I told your cousins what happened, they wanted to be here for you.” She looked at the young woman standing next to Emma. “So this is your daughter.” She beamed.

Just then, Anna and Elsa also stepped into view. Elsa couldn't help herself as she moved and hugged Emma tightly. “When I heard what happened… I just had to come.”

Emma smiled, appreciating that they were there. “Elsa, Anna.” She hugged them before hugging Ruby. “Yes, this is our daughter, Jessica Amber Swan-Mills.” They all could see how happy Emma was to have her daughter back in her life, where she belonged.

Jessica’s jaw just about dropped when she looked at her mother’s cousins. She had a hard time believing they were related and realized there was more to their story. “They're your cousins?!” She could tell by the way they were dressed who they were and having heard their names, had connected the dots.

They chuckled softly. Ingrid moved up to them. “Well seeing as they are my nieces. Yes they are.” She smiled.

Granny beamed as she moved through the group of people, just to get a better look at Jessica. “Welcome to Storybrooke! I'm so glad to meet you. Call me Granny. Come! You must be starving for some dessert! Let's go see what I can get for you.” Her eyes twinkled as she hugged Jessica before rushing to get her something sweet to eat. They didn't have to wait long as she brought out a cake she'd baked earlier as a surprise for Jessica. On it were the words, ‘Welcome Home, Jessica!’ Regina had called Granny earlier and informed her of their daughter's name so she could bake her a cake.

Jessica sat down, feeling overwhelmed, but at the same time, also feeling like she was among family. It finally hit her then. She was truly home. She saw Grandma Ingrid make ice cream using magic, to go with the cake Granny had baked. Her eyes had widened in surprise. It was her first time truly seeing someone using magic. She knew she would have a lot to get used to now.

Henry grinned. “My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road. What's yours sis?”

Jessica smiled at her brother, finally finding something else in common with him. “I'm a Rocky Road kinda girl myself.”

“Sweet!” Henry replied happily.

Soon, everyone was enjoying cake and ice cream and drinks as they began getting to know the newest addition to Storybrooke. Ingrid and Maleficent joined the twins as did the others, several tables had been pushed together to accommodate them.

Jessica looked at her family. “So looks like you all need to tell me more of your stories. Henry started but he hasn't finished telling me everything yet.”

Henry smiled. “Why don't we all take turns telling you? That way I don't have to do all the talking.” He suggested.

Jessica was fine with that idea as she wondered who would take the reins. “Who's going first?” She looked at her parents. “You were telling me how you two met.”

Emma laughed softly. “Well it's a long story and not all of it is pretty. We weren't always together thanks to the Blue fairy who tried to keep us apart by getting us to meet others who would prevent us from falling in love. Long story short, she failed.”

Regina smiled. “How well do you know your fairy tales Jessica?” She asked.

“You mean besides the princess getting her prince and all that?” Jessica replied.

Regina chuckled. “Well… Take a look around you Jess. What else do you see?”

She looked around, biting her lip as she tried to figure out what she was getting at. “Well I know Mom is a dragon. So that means Maleficent is her mother and umm… Well I know Ingrid and Cora are also my grandparents and…” Just then, Henry Sr. Finally joined them and Regina introduced her father to Jessica.

“Yes, please continue dear.” Regina smiled.

“Well it's nice to meet my grandfather. And to meet Ruby and Granny as well as Belle and Anna and Elsa… But…” Jessica paused, looking at Mr. Gold wondering who he really was.

Belle smiled. “I know my husband is Mr. Gold here, but in our other world, he was also known as Rumplestiltskin.”

Jessica was surprised. “Wow… Okay. But why do I get a feeling I'm missing something big here?”

Regina chuckled. “Because you are. There is so much you have to learn about our family.” She nodded at the redhead sitting across from her. “That’s my sister Zelena. I haven't told you who she is also known as in your world. You met Maleficent, me… I'm known as the Evil Queen. Ingrid is the Snow Queen…”

Elsa smiled. “I'm the Ice Queen of Arendelle and you know Anna is my sister.”

Emma smiled. “I used to be the savior. Well I did break the curse. And then I sacrificed myself for Regina, becoming the dark one for a while until I reverted back to myself again. But the darkness inside me hasn't gone away… There's a story there, but let's save that for later.”

Cora smiled. “You might know me as the Queen of Hearts. Yes from Wonderland.” She chuckled. “Regina is my daughter and so is Zelena.”

“And now we're back to me again.” Zelena laughed. “Have you guessed yet my pretty?” She smiled wickedly. “Your mom may have saved my sister's life many times. But she's also saved mine. Several times even after we’ve butted heads before. Even after I tricked her into dating one of my flying monkeys who used to be a Wizard. But he was so terrible at his job. So pathetic.” She smirked.

Jessica’s jaw dropped. “But how is that possible? You're telling me you're the Wicked Witch of the West? But you're beautiful!”

“Why thank you darling!” Zelena grinned. “But yes, that's who I am.”

Lily grinned as she pulled her wife closer and kissed her deeply. “And this Wicked Witch is all mine.”

“So… You’re what? Villains? Except for Belle, Anna… Granny and Ruby? Umm is that what you're talking about?” Jessica asked.

“Yes and no.” Regina smiled. “Not everything is as black and white as you think. I’ve been married before and so has your mother. But not to your father. I used to be married to Snow White’s father, but not by choice. Your mother used to be married to Captain Hook.”

“The pirate from Neverland?” Jessica was trying to picture her mother with that pirate. “Did he wear a permed wig?”

Emma threw her head back and laughed at the visual. “No… And he is no longer a part of my life. I'm glad he's gone. But once Regina and I shared a True Love's kiss, we knew we had finally found our true love and were able to admit our feelings to each other…”

Regina spoke up. “Well I admitted it on paper after the Blue Fairy stole my voice. My sister was able to talk with Emma and bring her back home to me. When that happened, and we’d finally had our true love's kiss, the spell broke and I got my voice back. We got our happy ending and that was something special. Do you know why?”

Jessica shook her head. “No.” She was fascinated by what she was hearing.

Maleficent answered for her granddaughter. “They’d defied the odds. You know the saying that heroes get the happy endings while the villains do not?” When Jessica nodded, she smiled. “Well they proved them wrong when the Savior and the Evil Queen shared a True Love’s kiss.” She chuckled as she shared a knowing smile with Lily.

“Yeah right after your mom made out with the evil queen… The spell that was also on them broke and Rumple helped them to get rid of the residue of the curse on them. THAT was when we found out your mom was actually my twin sister and Maleficent's daughter too.” Lily smirked.

“Wait… So you two were separated like Henry and I were? And she finally reunited with her mother like I did…” Jessica asked.

Emma nodded. “Yes we were. For a while, I had thought Mary Margaret and David were my parents. But one thing was always missing. The bond between mother and child. I had never connected with Mary Margaret. But then everything made sense… Why I had been born different, having the kind of powers neither one of them had. Ingrid knew it when she used to be my foster mother. When I was growing up, I never had a stable home. I always lived in foster homes all my life. Never stayed in the same place for long, but things happen for a reason. I’d crossed paths with Lily several times and I crossed paths with Ingrid. She was known as Sarah Fisher then. She'd tried to adopt me, not knowing why she felt such a connection with me. I ran away. Sarah knew I wasn't like other people. She knew I had powers. I ran because I was so used to rejection and fear from people when I was growing up. I expected Sarah to do the same thing. So rather than staying and finding out, I ran.”

“And then you had me and Henry after you met our father.” Jessica nodded.

“Yeah.” Emma smiled. “And I am so happy to have you back in our lives where you belong. I love you so much.” She hugged her daughter. “I know you have a lot of things to get used to and you will have more questions to ask. We will get through them all over time. But now you're home.”

Zelena grinned, sharing a look with Lily. “We all need to go dancing sometime. We need to celebrate my best friend getting her baby girl back!”

Jessica perked up at this. “Wait! Dancing? What do you have in mind? I love to dance!”

“Seems we have another dancer in the family dear.” Regina chuckled, sharing a knowing smile with her wife.

“You dance? Really?!” Jessica was grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey that's not fair! My sister can't have learned to dance before I did!” Henry gave a playful pout.

Regina laughed. “Your mama has some wicked moves and she's promised us all dance lessons!”

Emma laughed as she stood up and pulled her daughter up. “I do, it's a passion of mine. Now let's see what you can do.”

Ruby giggled as she ran to put some music on in the jukebox.

Emma began to dance, following the hip hop music and just having fun. Jessica joined her, proving she also had some moves of her own. Both having so much fun, bonding in their love of music and dance. Jessica was still learning, but she could stand on her own two feet and showed she loved dancing as much as Emma did, already knowing the most important basics of dance. She also had some wicked moves of her own. Everyone was enjoying watching the pair dancing their hearts out. After the music ended, Emma hugged her daughter tightly, wanting to memorize her scent as she lavished her love on her. Just then, she felt Henry join in the family hug.

Jessica finally felt as if she were home. “I love you mama.”

“I love you too sweetie.” Emma smiled as she kissed her head lovingly. Regina smiled as she joined in on the family hug.