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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma

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Emma's Lost Girl Dilemma
:Sequel to Mayor's Emma Dilemma:
Chapter 1

Disclaimers::: I do not own OUAT or it's characters, just my colorful imagination. It's finally here!!! The second part of the Dilemma series! What's going to happen next? How is Emma going to react to finding out she had a baby girl the same time Henry was born? How is everyone going to react? They will have to search for Henry’s twin sister. Eventually we will find out more about Ruby. How will the new romance proceed with Elsa and Ruby? Will it work out especially since Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle. How will Anna react to it? Will they ever find out about Ruby’s lineage? Will anything get in the way of them finding out? We know eventually Regina will realize her dream of experiencing pregnancy but not right away lol. And what of Zelena and Lily? Ingrid and Maleficent? We know Lily is pregnant. And Emma and Regina just had three new additions to their family, how will they deal with adding another daughter to their family? How will Henry react to the fact he has a twin sister out there? There might be a character death in the future. Will August ever confront his father about the part he played in what happened when Emma was a baby? So many things are going to happen in this series. :) oh and dancing of course! And other secret talents coming out….

Dedicated to the love of my life, and to SwanQueen fans everywhere!!!


<“After putting the triplets down for the night, they received two visitors. Zelena had answered the door, seeing that Rumple and Belle were there. The look on their faces were very somber.

Zelena’s eyebrow rose. “What's wrong?” She had a feeling their visit was going to be anything but pleasant.

Regina and Emma came downstairs just as Lily turned to look at them. Henry was curious as well.

“What brings you here, Rumple?” Regina asked.

Belle looked at her husband, knowing what he had to share was going to change their lives. “Maybe we all better sit down.” She suggested.

Emma nodded as they let them in and they moved to the living room. “What's going on?”

Rumple sighed. “Emma… I just found out something… Disturbing. That day you gave birth to Henry? Do you remember what happened?”

“What do you mean?” Emma frowned in confusion. “I gave birth to him behind bars, thanks to your son. There was a doctor there with me and two nurses to help me with the aftermath of the birth why?”

“Were you not aware that you gave birth to twins that day?” Rumple asked, watching Emma’s face.>


The color drained from Emma's face as she saw how serious Mr. Gold/Rumple was about his shocking revelation. “What?” Emma whispered hoarsely, her chin trembled. “How could I have… I mean… I was in prison! If...if I had another baby… Wouldn't I have known it? There was a..a doctor and two nurses… I… A social worker was there too and um guards…” She was stumbling and trying to make sense of what had happened all these years ago.

Regina gasped as she looked at her wife and at Henry who had just moved to his blonde mother's side. He looked just as surprised as she did. “What did you find out?” She asked him as she moved to put her arms around Emma, wanting to be there for her.

“I..I have a twin?” Henry asked his grandfather. He was still digesting this bit of news and coming to terms with the possibility he had another sibling.

Rumple nodded, stepping closer to them while Belle moved to Henry’s other side. “Yes, you have a twin sister.” He confirmed as he looked at Emma. “I would like to help you find out exactly what happened that day. Maybe refresh your memory if it has been tampered with. Belle, look in my briefcase and take out that folder…”

“And how are you going to help us find our daughter?” Regina asked, knowing her wife was still in too much shock to ask the important questions right now.

Emma gasped, leaning against her wife and hearing what Regina said. It finally hit her hard as hot tears fell down her cheeks. Hearing Regina call her their daughter, touched her very deeply. “Yes. I need to know what happened to her. I want to find her. Is… Is she happy?” She hated it that she had no knowledge of having another baby. She'd missed out again on watching her grow up, being a part of her life. She trembled with fury, feeling her rage bubbling beneath the surface. “Who stole my baby?” Her eyes flashed darkly.

Belle took the folder out and gave it to Emma. Her heart was breaking for her and she hoped she would be able to find her with Rumple's help. As a mother herself, she knew she would have moved heaven and earth to find her child.

“That's what we will find out dearie.” Gold promised as he took out the dreamcatcher he knew Emma kept in a special place.

Maleficent's heart was broken and hurting for her daughter. She knew what it was like to have a child stolen from her. She moved and hugged Emma tightly. “We will find her, I promise. And we will make them pay. We will bring her home where she belongs.” She kissed her wet cheek.

Ingrid hugged her from the other side. “It's going to be okay. We will take care of this together as a family.” She promised.

Lily had a fierce look on her face as she waited for their parents to have their say, before she took Emma’s hand into her own. She could feel exactly what her sister was feeling and since she found out she was pregnant, she knew there was nothing she wouldn't do for her sister. “We're going to get her back sis. I promise.” She wanted to rip apart those responsible for hurting her family again.

Zelena hugged Emma tightly, her body shaking with fury. “We're going with you, no matter what. I bloody swear they are going to hurt for what they did. They will suffer!” She was still feeling raw after witnessing what Emma went through before she finally hooked up with Regina. And to see that Emma had a curveball thrown her way yet again, she swore that this time, they were going to do what they could to make sure Emma wouldn't face something like that alone. Emma was her best friend and her sister in law. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for her.

Regina pulled Emma back into her arms, wanting to be there for her. She hated it that other people had hurt her wife like that. She wanted to obliterate them and to destroy them completely. “We’ll take them down together each and every last one of them, and bring our baby girl home.” She promised fervently as she kissed her wife’s temple.

Emma was feeling so much love coming from her family and so much rage towards those who did this to her. She was grateful to have her family with her during this time. It helped even more, having Regina hold her like that. “Thanks.” Her voice quaked but she wasn't going to let this bring her down. No, not after what she went through before. She was very determined to get her daughter back. She looked through the contents that Belle gave her. She found a newspaper clipping and several photographs of people involved in a black market scheme dealing with stolen babies sold on the black market for money. A deep growl emerged from her chest as her eyes began glowing with fury. “My baby… Was sold?! Through… The damned… Fucking… Black market?!” Emma’s eyes glowed crimson red. “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!” The ground began to shake as the lights flashed.

“Emma! Outside now!” Regina poofed them outside, not wanting Emma to destroy their home with their babies sleeping upstairs. She knew sometimes a dragon’s fury was unpredictable, especially one with the powers of a goddess.

Emma collapsed on the ground as she breathed heavily trying to regain her composure and to rein in her fury as she shook with rage. Regina hugged her tightly also wanting to make those people pay for what they did to her wife. She could feel her wife's pure white hot rage as Emma tried her best not to dragon out. They heard Amelia screaming upstairs and Emma's heart nearly stopped as she blinked her eyes back to their natural color and gasped.

“It's Amelia.” Lily replied, knowing through the bond she had with the babies, exactly who was having a temper tantrum.

“I’ve got it…” Zelena and Lily as well as Ingrid moved upstairs to check on the babies.

Maleficent looked at her daughter. “Save that rage for those humans who deserve your wrath. Your children need you, Emma. Especially Amelia.” She had a feeling that Amelia would have an extremely special bond with Emma. They all did. But there was something special about Emma's middle child.

Emma got her breathing back under control as she stood up. She nodded, knowing her mother was right. “Yeah, I still need to know more about what happened. But first, our children need me.”

Rumple and Belle nodded. “We're staying here until you're done.” They wanted to make sure Emma was okay before they could help her find out exactly what happened to her daughter.

“I'm so sorry you're upset. You didn't deserve what happened Emma.” Belle replied. She hated seeing her upset like this and wanted to offer her some comfort.

Zelena arrived with a screaming Amelia while Lily had Aliana and Ingrid had Alexander in her arms. Zelena put Amelia in Emma’s arms. “Here's Mama.” She crooned.

The moment Amelia was placed in Emma’s arms, she stopped screaming. She had big fat tears falling down her cheeks, her face was red from the screaming fit she had earlier. She grabbed a fistful of Emma’s hair and looked up at her Mama as if to ask if Mama was okay now. It became clear that Amelia had felt her mama’s rage and her sadness and wanted to be with her, to be near her. It was as if she were protective of her mama and wanted to make sure she was okay.

Emma gasped as she looked at her daughter. She could feel what she was feeling and there was a tugging in her mind and heart as Amelia attempted to speak with her mama and to connect with her. She wanted to know why mama was upset. A tear fell down Emma’s cheek as she realized what was happening. Amelia placed her tiny hand on Emma’s chest right where Emma’s heart was beating. And Emma felt warmth spreading there as Amelia attempted to heal her mama’s broken heart.

Emma laughed softly as she kissed her daughter's head lovingly. “Oh Amelia, I'm going to be okay I promise. I didn't mean to scare you. Mama just got sad news… But when we find your big sister and bring her home, everything will be fine again.”

Regina gasped in surprise as she saw what happened with Amelia and Emma. She had no idea what their daughter was capable of but now she knew she was special. They all were. She took Aliana into her arms, noticing that she also wanted to reach out to Emma. She moved closer so Aliana could feel her mama’s nearness. Alexander began crying, wanting to be close to his sisters and their mama.

Ingrid moved closer as well, smiling knowingly. Since the babies also had the blood of gods in their veins, they would be able to communicate with their parents earlier than human babies. “They know something very upsetting has happened. They could feel you, Emma and they wanted to be here with you. And because Lily was here with you when this happened, because of the bond they also share with her, they not only felt what you were feeling, they also saw what happened.” She explained.

Emma lavished her love on their babies, letting them know she would be okay and that they loved them so very much. She had not meant to wake them up. But then again, she had not known how strong their bond was. It surprised her. She smiled when she saw how they were hungry so she proceeded to nurse them.

Regina smiled, glad to see her wife was calm now and that the babies presence had helped to sooth the angry dragon inside her wife. She sighed with relief, content with watching Emma nurse their babies. She fed Aliana from the bottle, humming to her.

Just then, Emma began singing part of an irish lullaby.
“Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby.”

Everyone looked at Emma as she sang, Regina gasped. “You have such a beautiful voice!”

Ingrid smiled knowingly. “She gets that from me.” She murmured as she looked at Regina.

“You’ll teach me that song?” Lily asked, wanting to learn some of the songs before her children were born. She knew some herself, but liked that Irish song her sister sang.

Emma nodded and smiled. “Sing it with me.” She began again. “Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby.”

Zelena also joined in, enjoying that song. By the time they sang a third time, they had the song memorized. Soon, the babies were asleep again and they had put them down for their nap before joining Rumple and Belle again.

Belle smiled at Emma. “You sing beautifully.”

Rumple nodded and looked at Emma. “Are you sure you're ready for this?” He lifted the dreamcatcher as Henry moved to hug his mother, wanting to give her the strength she needed to find out what happened to his sister.

Emma sighed, grateful to have her son there as well as her wife. She looked at Regina before she spoke. “I'm ready. I need to know who took our daughter.” She felt Regina squeeze her hand gently.

Henry nodded. “I need to know what happened to my sister.” He was still getting used to the knowledge he had a sister out there. His eyes were bright.

Rumple nodded as he moved the dreamcatcher over Emma’s head, drawing old memories from her, including those that were repressed somehow.

Soon, images showed up in the center of the dreamcatcher as everyone saw a younger Emma giving birth to her babies. They saw who was there in the birthing room with Emma. She gave birth to Henry first. Regina gasped, seeing him being born, knowing it was a rare treat to see this happen even under the dark cloud of the truth of what had happened. They saw how Emma cried after he was born, her heart breaking into a million pieces when the doctor tried to get Emma to look at her son. She knew if she did, she would not have been able to let him go. “I...I can't.” She cried as she clenched at the bedsheets. The social worker came and the doctor tried again. Telling her she still could change her mind. Emma shook her head knowing she wouldn't be out of prison soon enough. She still had to serve her time out first. They saw the social worker take Henry away as Emma collapsed, trying to curl up and accept her fate. They saw a man inject something into Emma, telling the guards to come back later as the guards left and they saw Emma grow disoriented and soon it became obvious she was unconscious as they forced her back and put pressure on her abdomen. They saw that she'd given birth to another baby and then discharged the afterbirth. They saw the man whisper to two nurses and they took the baby away from Emma through another door as they informed the other doctor that Emma had finished and was just worn out from the birth and the stress of losing her son. They left, and had dumped Emma into her cell without allowing her to be cleaned up after giving birth. They saw how Emma had cried herself to sleep after she woke up holding her now empty abdomen.

By the time Emma finished witnessing what had happened, her face held silent fury. A part of her wanted to go after the prison officials for allowing something like this to happen to her. She most definitely wanted to go after those who took her baby away. Emma wanted their blood. Her eyes began glowing crimson red. She memorized the kidnappers’ faces, remembering every detail of their features so she would hunt them down and make them pay for taking her daughter away. She knew the doctor had no idea what happened. But it was the nurses and the man she was interested in right now. She wanted to know who sold her daughter and who had the nerve to buy her as if she were a piece of property. She was growling softly, “Can you follow that man? Those women? Where did my baby go?” She felt Henry move closer to her.

Regina looked at Emma, concern in her eyes as she worried she would let her rage get out of control again. That was when she noticed Henry. His eyes were glowing for the first time. They'd turned green before turning crimson like his mother's were now.

Henry couldn't believe what he saw happened when his blond mother gave birth to him and his sister. It pissed him off seeing how she had been treated at the prison and seeing how she was broken up over being separated from him and unknowingly from his sister, that made him want to make sure his mother knew he loved her and was grateful for everything she had done for him. He wanted her to know none of this was her fault and he didn't blame her for what happened. Henry moved closer to Emma and wrapped his arms around her, feeling so much love for her and wanting to protect her.

Rumple tried to add his magic to the memory of those abductors and tried to follow them. The images on the dreamcatcher burned brightly as his magic wove through it, adding more strength to it. They soon found the man meeting the nurses. One nurse went her separate way while the other nurse followed the man and got into his car while holding the baby. She used wipes to clean her off and put clean clothes on her daughter before swaddling her in a blanket. It became clear they were taking her somewhere. They found out soon enough. A man and his wife was waiting for them. The man took out his wallet and gave them cash for the baby as they put her in the woman’s arms. The magic then ended.

Emma was glaring hard, almost burning a hole into the dreamcatcher as she memorized the faces of the couple who bought her daughter. “Do you have their names?” She turned her attention on Rumple.

Regina reached over to their son. “Henry?” She had seen what happened with his eyes and had smiled at the way their son was trying to comfort his mother. It warmed her up as she moved to wrap her arms around them both.

Henry blinked before he turned to look at his brunette mother. “What?” He was panting angrily.

“Your eyes… They were glowing.” Regina informed him. She knew he would be turning more like a dragon soon like Emma had said he would. “We're going to find your sister. I promise.” She hugged him tightly.

Rumple looked at Emma, knowing once she had their names, she would find her daughter. “Miles and Susanne Jacobs.” He then reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out an envelope for her. “This is a list of people involved with the black market dealing with buying and selling babies and children and women. Maybe this could be something you will want to look into after you get your daughter back. That couple… They bought her illegally and really do not have the right to be her parents at all. Here's their address. I found out when I was looking for information on my son. I apologize for what he did to you. But I needed to know more of the life he led. He was more than just a thief. He also bought and sold information. That's how I came across this.” He admitted. “Apparently he was friends with someone who was involved with the black market. He didn't know the part his friend played in what happened with Henry's sister. It seems they took advantage of my son’s connections to certain people.”

Emma had a dark look in her eyes. “Don't apologize for what your son did to me. You’ve helped me before. That's all that matters. And you helped me today. I'm going to get my daughter back. And a lot of people will pay for what they did. I promise.”

Rumple nodded. “We’d like to come with you. Belle would be more than happy to help with the babies. I doubt you will leave without them so it will help to have people helping you while you're dealing with this.”

Emma sighed deeply. It seemed like everyone wanted to be there for her, to go with her. She chuckled wryly. “I guess. Those people have absolutely no idea who they’ve messed with.” She looked at Henry and at Regina. She could see that something was going on with her son. “Henry? You okay kid?” she kissed his head tenderly.

Regina looked at her wife. “His eyes were glowing too.” She informed her.

Maleficent nodded. “Your son is getting in touch with his dragon. Looks like we’re all going with you. We’ll make this a family trip and a family reunion while taking those people down. I get a feeling your son’s dragon will be making his first appearance soon.” She smiled knowingly.

Emma took Henry into her arms. “I love you so much kid! You make me so proud! Are you ready to get your sister?” She had a dark knowing smile on her face. She could see he was no longer a child. But he would always be her kid, no matter how old he got.

Henry smiled and nodded. “Let's bring her home Mama. Nobody gets away with what they did to you and to my sister.” He was feeling protective of her already. He was angry with how they’d separated him from her and how history had repeated itself once again. Once when his mama and his Aunt Lily had been separated and now the same thing had happened with him and his sister. He was getting fed up. Enough was enough! His eyes flashed. It was time to bring his sister home. “What’s her name?” He asked his grandfather.

Rumple looked at Henry. “Her name is Mariam Gertrude Jacobs.”

Emma had a look on her face. “What the hell kind of a name is that?” She knew if her daughter wanted to change her name, she would be happy to get it changed for her.

Regina’s eyebrows rose as she looked at Emma, sharing a look with her wife. “I have a feeling she hates her name. Let's go get her. Thank you for letting us know about this Rumple. We probably should get packing and eat at Granny’s before we go. I don't think we want to wait too long before we find our daughter.” She then looked at Emma. “I'm going to call mother and let her know what happened. Is that alright with you?”

Emma nodded. “Yeah, of course. I'm sure she would want to know since she's family too.” Regina nodded as she made the call.

Everyone agreed and moved to start packing for their trip. They got the babies ready and packed for them, everything they would need. Three cars were packed and ready. Emma got her brand new van ready to take them where they needed to go. Emma and Regina would take turns driving. Henry would help with his siblings. He got them into their car seats and moved to where he would be able to keep an eye on them.

Cora arrived, having wanted to be there for them and to help with the babies as well. She hugged Emma tightly, her heart going out to her daughter in law. Henry Sr decided to stay behind and keep an eye on things for them while they went to get their granddaughter home. Cora joined Regina and Emma for the trip.

Maleficent and Ingrid rode with Rumple and Belle and Gideon.

Zelena and Lily took her green car that Regina had gifted to her almost a year ago. They made their way to the diner and moved inside as a family.

Granny and Ruby were surprised to see all of them there and it became clear something had happened as Emma and Regina filled them in on what happened while they gave their orders. Granny and Ruby were both shocked and dismayed to hear what happened with Emma and Henry and his sister. Ruby said she'd inform Elsa and Anna of what happened when she saw them. Granny decided to pack everyone some food and drinks to take with them once they had their fill. Her heart went out to Emma and Henry when she heard what happened. “When you bring your daughter home, bring her here so I can welcome her officially.” Granny smiled as she hugged the Swan Mills family.

Soon, it was time for them to go. It was a good thing they left when they did, because as soon as they left, the Charmings arrived. Mary Margaret looked at Granny. “Was that… Emma?”

Ruby rolled her eyes. “What is it to you?”

David sighed. He knew they were still mad at them for what happened before. After Mary Margaret sat down with their son, he walked up to Ruby and Granny. “I really hope one day you'll forgive us. I still want to talk with Emma and see if we can't work things out. She was our daughter first and I know we’ve made a lot of mistakes. Maybe you can put in a good word… If not for Snow, maybe for me?”

“We'll see.” Granny replied. “Probably not right away because things keep happening. It's not a good time. Maybe once everything settles, you might have a chance. I'm not sure about Snow just yet. You know how she gets.”

David nodded. “Thanks. Just don't give up on us please. I know you both used to be good friends of Snow’s. Please give us a chance. I'm working on my wife. Trying to teach her to be more considerative and to be careful of what she says. Remember she lost both parents when she was very young. She didn't have the upbringing she should have had. I'm not trying to excuse my wife’s actions…”

Granny sighed. “I know exactly what your wife is capable of. I don't need you to explain the reasons of her actions. It's just not a good time for Emma. Just let it go. When she's ready, you’ll know. A piece of advice, keep your wife on a very tight leash. Because when they get back… Should your wife try to get in the way… She’s liable to become a dragon’s dinner. Don't go looking for Emma. Let her come to you when she's ready. It needs to be on her terms. Not yours.”

David swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. “Alright… Thanks.” He licked his lips. “Can...can you tell me what happened?”

Ruby stared at David. “Remember when you and Snow stole Maleficent's egg? Well… Emma found out her son Henry has a twin sister. People stole her from Emma. She now knows exactly how her mother felt when you and your wife stole from her.” She slapped her palms on the counter making David jump in surprise. Ruby then turned to look at her Granny. “I'm outta here. Going to pick up my bags and see Elsa. She needs to know what happened.” She wanted to get away for a few days. She really hoped Emma would get her daughter back.