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“I think I’m going to get my nipples pierced”


As long as they’ve known each other, Kirishima has heard Mina state a lot of random things. He is proud to say that he’s not phased by most things she says. Except for times like these, when he is still groggy from just waking up.


Leaning against the doorway of their kitchen, scratching idly at his bare stomach, Kirishima let out an unintelligible sound that could vaguely be interpreted  as what? . Mina waved towards their dining table, gesturing for him to take a seat. As he got himself settled Mina was almost immediately next to him, setting down a cup of hot tea and an open magazine.


While Mina headed back to the kitchen to finish cooking before their breakfast burned, Kirishima took a sip of his tea as he stared at the page Mina was attempting to show him. Starting at the dog-eared corner, Kirishima let his eyes crawl down until they stopped on what looked to be an underwear model. Eyebrows furrowing he carefully, as to not lose the page, quickly checked the front cover to confirm that he was indeed looking at a Lingerie catalogue.


“It’d look good on me right?” Mina asked placing a plate of food near him, taking a seat next to him with her one of her own. Kirishima nonchalantly reached over and grabbed a piece of toast to munch on as his eyes raked over the sheer teddy, slightly open with matching lace bottoms that the model was wearing.


“Didn’t think it was your style but yeah.” He managed around the food in his mouth. Mina smacked him in the back of the head ignoring the boy’s whining, “I’m talking bout the nipple rings idiot not the nightie. Look! She has them and they’re heart shaped! Isn’t that cute?!”


Kirishima looked closer and indeed through the sheer garment he could see diamond-like gems shaped like a heart around the model’s nipple. He tried to imagine how they would look on Mina, and could definitely picture it if they were pink.


As long as he could remember, there wasn’t a time that Kirishima could recall the color pink without associating it with Mina. They had been friends since they were kids, growing up in the same neighborhood together and attending the same schools. The nickname Pinky, that she hasn’t outgrown to this day was due the slight obsession and eccentric use of the color.


Whether it was a shirt, pants, shoes, or even hair bows and clips to keep her kinky curly hair at bay, she was never found anywhere without something pink on. Even her room was just shy of being overwhelmed by the colour without making it too gaudy or unappealing to the eyes.


When they graduated high school, they decided to attend the same university and move into an apartment together. On the final night before they were set to actually move to their apartment and away from home, they decided to create new images of themselves by dying each other’s hair. Kirishima transformed his raven locks to a vivid fiery red, while Mina, true to herself, went with a Bubblegum Pink. A color that Kirishima believed contrasted wonderfully with her golden brown skin tone.


“So?!” Mina asked again, pulling Kirishima back to the present. “Of course it would!” he smiled at her.


“When were you thinking of getting it done?” he asked, while beginning to dig into the rest of his food.


“Right now!” She exclaimed, finishing the rest of her tea in one gulp before grabbing her empty and Kirishima’s half eaten plate to take back to the Kitchen.


“Hey!” he started, reaching towards her. Scrapping any scraps left into the trash, Mina laid the plates in the sink to be washed later.


“Hurry up and get ready!” She yelled to Kirishima over her shoulder as she made her way back to her room.


Kirishima huffed, pushing himself away from the table, grumbling and muttering under his breath as he made his way to their shared bathroom. “You owe me lunch!” he yelled before slamming the bathroom door shut.


After a quick shower Kirishima threw on a pair of worn cargo shorts and long red tank that showed the definition of his obliques when he moved his arms a certain way. Opting out of his daily routine of shaping his hair up into spikes. He patted his pockets to ensure he had his phone, wallet, and apartment keys in case they went their separate ways afterwards.


Upon sight Mina bounced excitedly at the door, dressed in white short overalls on top of a short sleeved lavender crop top. Her face freckled with white dots along the bridge of her nose and cheeks over her foundation and concealer. A “starry” look she favored with her affinity of space.


“Let’s go! Let’s goooo!!!” She grabbed Kirishima’s hand to pull him out of the door.


Where she get this boundless amount of energy from so early after waking, Kirishima would never know.  



After locking up their apartment and making their way outside, they linked hands as they started the trek down towards Stun Grenade, their preferred shop for body modifications. They chatted about things such as classes, some films and events coming up that they wanted to see and go to, and things that needed to get done for the apartment. When they came across a row of shops their eyes locked onto a neon sign of a grenade exploding that set perpendicular above one of the shops door.


They quickenend their pace until they reached the door, opening it and stepping inside. Their arrival signaled by the ringing of a bell that rested in the inside corner of the door where it met the frame.


The sound of tattoo guns buzzing could be heard the moment they stepped through the door. The shop itself was small, yet comfortable. A bench length L-shaped counter was the first the first thing seen when stepping through the front door. At the right end before the curve sat a computer, a young looking guy with spiky raven looks and slightly curved pointed nose standing behind it while he assisted two ladies in front of him


They gave a quick wave towards Tokoyami when he took away his gaze from the customers he was helping to see who entered the shop.Tokoyami was currently interning at the shop. He also handled reception in between his appointments, fielding questions and helping to schedule appointments.


Once your eyes were drawn past Tokoyami, the next most attention grabbing sight was the wall filled with posters that showcased different examples of tattoo ideas. Kirishima let his eyes drag along the wall, towards the back wall which housed a mixture of personal pictures, certificates, awards and aftercare rules. Between the back wall and the left wall was a doorway where the artist suite’s were located. The left wall also covered with tattoo stencils, but was arranged around 3 cubed glass cases which sat upon a black table with a slanted glass covering.


Those cases displayed an array of of body jewelry. Kirishima felt Mina disconnect their hands as she went over to the display, while he went to stand at the left end of the counter where the artist’s portfolios laid.


As he was idly flipping through them he heard Mina gasp audibly. He closed the book and asked over his shoulder, “You find something you like?”


“Yes! But you’re not allowed to see til it’s finished!”


Mina made her way towards the now free Tokoyami, leaning in so that she could quietly say what she wanted without Kirishima overhearing her. While she took care of of the payment and the consent form, Kirishima turned around to the bar like counter that rested against the large windows that allowed the shop to be seen into from the outside.


Taking a seat on the stool that sat closest to the door they had come in through, Kirishima pulled out his phone to play a mindless game while he waited.


“Bro! Why didn’t you tell me you were stopping by?!” Kirishima lifted his head from his phone at the familiar voice.


“Yo Kaminari!” Hoping off the stool, he clasped one hand with his friend and threw the opposite arm around him for a one armed hug. Kirishima first met Kaminari in a shared class they had, where they were partnered together for a group project. They found that they had a shared like for many things, and have been fast friends ever since.


“I hadn’t planned on coming down today, Mina dragged me.” He stated, nodding his head in her direction. Kaminari ran over to give her a hug, as another friend of his made himself known by throwing a long lanky arm over his shoulder.


“That’s so hurtful dude, when has anyone ever had to drag you down here. I mean, I thought we meant something to you.” Wrapping an arm around Sero’s waist, Kirishima gave him a quick squeeze before letting go. “You know you’re the love of my life dude.”


“Eiji! Stop being a homewrecker and get your own man.” Was the only warning he got, before pushed off balance as Mina hip-bumped him off to the side. He managed to catch himself before falling to the floor or crashing into any furniture. He refrained himself from elbowing Kaminari in the abdomen as he laughed at him, while sending a glare at Mina who ignored him entirely as she was picked up in a bone crushing hug by her pseudo-man.


Sero had actually been the one who introduced Mina and himself to Stun Grenade. Sero and Mina met when they were interning together at a Dance Studio. At the time her and Kirishima had decided they wanted to get matching tattoos, but were researching a good place. When she inquired where sero got his work done, he mentioned the place his roommate was interning at and brought them with him the next time he had an appointment scheduled.


Funny enough it was then that they found out that Kaminari was Sero’s roommate, and the person who was working on the majority of the pieces that Sero was getting done. Once deemed good enough without the need of further instruction, Kaminari was offered a permanent spot from the previous owners of the shop.


“Yoooo be careful of the goods there” Kaminari whined as Sero set Mina back down on her feet. He gently grasped The back of Sero’s arm, careful to not cause any friction to the now sensitive skin. Kirishima moved closer to get a better look, and whistled in appreciation. Starting at the back of his shoulder, wrapping around towards the front was the head of an octopus. It’s orange body and arms speckled with yellow dots, wrapped around the front of his arm down until it rested just above his elbow.


“That’s your fault dumbass for not covering it before sending him out here.” A harsh female voice reprimand. Leaning against the doorway was Jiro, a girl of small stature with a gifted use of color and detailing that made her the the most requested artist, second only to the owner.


Jiro was the one who did the matching tattoo that he and Mina shared above their ankles. Her and Mina clicked immediately over their tastes in music, leading them to hanging out often and going to a variety of concerts and festivals together.


“Jiro why are you always so mean to me” Kaminari whined. “I just wanted to get a picture in different lighting” The blonde stated, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, which cause Jiro to roll her eyes in response.


She walked over towards their group, giving Kirishima a brief hug and hello before grabbing Mina’s hand to guide her towards the back.


“I give respect where respect is due,” she stated before closing the curtain to her suite behind them.


“I’m a respectable guy right?!” He turned towards Sero and Kirishma, who inadvertently averted their eyes. “Traitors!” He turned towards Tokoyami, “You think I’m a respectable guy right.” All he received in response was deadpanned stare, before returning his attention to the book he had been reading.


“I hate you all.” He turned towards Sero, index finger extended. “You picture, then get out of my life, I never want to see you again.”


Extending his arm to allow Kaminari to maneuver it in order to obtain different angles of the outline. “You say that now, but forget that It’s my turn to cook tonight.”


Immediately he received puppy eyes. “You wouldn’t do that to me. You love me too much to let me waste away into a corpse on your couch. You love that couch me than me.”


“It’s true I do, he nodded.” Kirishima nodded in agreement, recalling in fear the couch incident of October last year. Who knew that someone as sweet and gentle natured as Sero’ could become that terrifying.


“Sparky why the fuck are you out here running your mouth, when you have appointments to set up for.”


Kaminari quickly put his phone away grabbing Sero’s hand and running towards the back. “Finishing up right now Boss man.”




Kirishima hid a laugh behind his hand, knowing it would only serve to fuel the rage of angry blond now standing behind the counter.


When those sharp red eyes fell on him, the boy in a black skull tank scoffed. “The hell you here for? As brutal as it may have sounded, Kirishima knew there wasn't any real heat behind the words. That’s just the kind of guy that Bakugou was.


While Kirishima hadn’t known him long, he had been coming here long enough to know how to read him. When he first met Bakugou, he’d describe him as angry, foul mouthed, and short tempered with self confidence and pride that bordered on arrogance. While that’s still true to this day, Kirishima knew that he could back up that confidence and pride with pure talent and skill.


He couldn’t imagine having such a successful business at such a young age, but Bakugou proved otherwise. During a few of their sessions Kirishima learned that they were actually the same age. Apparently the previous shop owners, turned out to be Bakugou’s parents. His mother had been the one to teach him everything he knows about tattooing, taking him under her wing when she caught wind of his artistic talents. They had given the shop to him once he gained the necessary experience to handle things on his own.


Kirishima thought it was so cool that his parents had so much faith in him to entrust him with everything. When he told him as much, Bakugou sneered claiming that ‘the old hag just got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to find someone else’.


At that moment Kirishima came to the conclusion that most of Bakugou’s nature was a front to hide his doubts and insecurities. Despite the confidence and pride he held in his skills and himself, Kirishima theorized that any perceived display of weakness on Bakugou’s part, would cause him to not be taken as seriously as he strived to be.


“Yo Blasty!” He called out as he approached the counter. Ducking quickly to avoid the hand that came swiping at his head. He took enjoyment in how the nickname irritated Bakugou, and made a silent vow to use it as much as he could without receiving a significant amount of bodily harm.


He ignored the glare he received as Bakugou rechead down into the mini fridge under the counter to grab three bottles of water. He twisted one open, draining half the water in one go. After receiving a rather rude gesture, Kirishima watched as bakugou headed back through the doorway. He heard the soft murmuring of a conversation before the buzzing of a tattoo gun drowned out any other sounds.


When the so called coast was clear Kaminari popped back into the room, Sero in tow. “Yo Kiri, what are you and Mina up to later?” Before Kirishima had the chance to respond, Mina and Jiro stepped back into the room as well. “Obviously we’re joining in on whatever y’all are doing.”


“Finally done? That took longer than expected.”


“Well excuse me for wanting to catch up with one of my friends.” Mina stalked over til she stood right in front of Kirishima, hands on her hips. Kirishima’s eyes were drawn immediately to something shining in her navel. “I thought you were going to get your nipples pierced?”


“I was, still plan to actually, but when I saw this I knew I had to get it right away.” Kirishima snorted while taking in the design of the belly ring. Two pink stones set in surgical steel balls sat above and below her navel respectively, a pink alien head with yellow green eyes dangled from the bottom stone. Kirishima rolled his eyes, “Of course you would.” He stated fondly, Mina smiling widely, eyes crinkling in response.


Jiro walked over, linking an arm through Mina’s. “I’m done for the day so I’m stealing your girl for a while.” As they walked towards the door, Mina looked over her shoulder and mouth a ‘Sorry’ at Kirishima before they walked out. “Meet back here after closing!” was the last thing he heard before the door shut.


“So what is it exactly that y’all are planning?” Kirishima asked, turning towards Sero and Kaminari again. “Well Kami’s got another appointment and I have some errands to run myself. So we just planned to meet back here and go out for food and drinks.”


Kirishima nodded his head in agreement, “What about you Tokoyami? Are you going to join us this time? Kaminari ran over throwing an arm around the boy’s neck stating loudly “He Better!” Not giving him a chance to decline.


“Would you rowdy fucks, SHUT UP! Better yet just get the hell out!”


Bakugou came out of the back, escorting his client out of the front door. He made his way back towards the counter, reaching over the front to grab a black snapback from the shelf built behind and underneath it. “I’m going to lunch.” he told Tokoyami, placing the hat backwards as he headed towards the door. “Bring me something back!” Kirishima called out.





Shortly after Bakugou left, Kirishima found himself left to his own devices. Sero made his way out to take care of his errands, when Kaminari’s next appointment arrived. Kirishima contemplated what his next moves would be. He wasn’t necessarily feeling like heading home, but he didn’t want to linger more than he had too. While he decided, he offered to go to the convenience store up the street to grab drinks for everyone.


He happens to run into Bakugou on the way back. “Don’t you have other people you can bother, GO HOME”


Lifting up the bag in his hand, “Just dropping these off dude, then i’ll be on my way!” Bakugou didn’t say anything as they went back into the shop. Immediately Bakugou headed towards the back as Kirishima dropped off Tokoyami request. He went through the back to drop off Kaminari’s drink, throwing a quick ‘ see you later ’.


Before he actually made it towards the front, Bakugou called out to him “Shitty Hair, get your ass in here.” As Kirishima stepped into the room, Bakugou gestured for Kirishima to sit in the tattoo chair. Bakugou was seated as his desk, a half eaten burger and fries in front of him. He pulled the exact same thing out of a paper bag, handing them to Kirishima.


“Don’t say a fucking word.” He stated, as if reading Kirishima’s mind. However, he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as he practically inhaled the food. As Bakugou finished up his, he picked up a tablet that laid on the desk, turned it on and handed it to Kirishima. “Tell me what you think of those designs.”


Kirishima carefully began swiping through the pictures, taking his time to soak in all the details before moving to the next one. A few definitely caught his interest, whether that meant adding to his current sleeve or for starting a second one. However, there was one that upon first glance, had his jaw dropping and pulled an audible gasp from.


“I had a feeling that would be the one you’d like the most.” Kirishima could hear the smugness in Bakugou’s voice, but he honestly couldn’t take his eyes of the picture. It was as if someone had taken a photograph of a red dragon in flight, flames spewing out of it’s open jaw. Kirishima knew he had to have this, there was no way he was going to let anyone but him wear this on their body.


“DUDE! This is so amazing! But how the hell are we gonna fit this on my sleeve?” Bakugou scoffed, “We’re not dumbass.” Standing up from his chair, Bakugou walked around until he was standing directly behind Kirishima. Pointing over Kirishima’s shoulder with one finger and one behind him, he traced along the picture and his back what he envisioned.


The body and wings of the dragon would span across between his shoulders. The Tail of the dragon curling on the back of his left shoulder and down towards his side. The head of the dragon would rest on the back of his right shoulder, mouth open and teeth bared as the flames spread towards the front of his shoulder, down and around the rest of his arm until it met the rest of his sleeve. They would figure out along the way, exactly what to blend the two together.


An excited grin lit up his whole face after Bakugou was done explaining. Taking that as a form of agreement, Bakugou went back to his desk to pull up his calendar so that they could get started on scheduling a couple different sessions.


While Bakugou was skimming for available slots, Kirishima asked “So you’re coming out with us tonight right?”


“The fuck would I do that for.” Bakugou answered in between clicks of his mouse and the stroke of keyboard keys.


“You never go out with us man! And you know that saying...all work and no play makes Blasty a dull boy!.”


Gritting his teeth, Bakugou replied “Oh would you look at that, all of a sudden I’m permanently booked up.” Turning his head to hide his smile, Kirishima joked “Oh well, looks like i’ll need to find myself a new artist. Maybe I’ll go to One For All, I hear Midoriya’s..”


Before he had a chance to finish his sentence, a hand gripped the top of his head, turning him until his eyes met blazing ones. Bakugou sneered “You fucking let Deku touch any of my work and their won’t be a body left to find when i’m done you, GOT IT?!”


Kirishima snorted, “Chill dude I’m just messing with you. As if I’d let anyone else touch it after all the work you’ve put into it.” Bakugou flicked him hard on the forehead before re-taking his seat. As the sounds of click’s returned, Kirishima paused, “But seriously Blasty, you’re coming out with us tonight right.”


Tokoyami jumped when “GO DIE” echoed out to where he sat. He blinked a couple times and went back to his book when Kirishima’s loud laughter drowned out Bakugou's cursing.