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The Heiress

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“Female victim, blonde, twenty-nine years old. She was found barely conscious at five this morning when the doormen of her building were switching shifts. She was almost hypothermic when the medics got there. We’ve got her body temperature almost back to normal, but it’s clear when we did a full exam that she was raped a few hours before she was found. That’s why we called you.” Doctor Wilder explained as she lead detectives Amanda Rollins and Sonny Carisi through the halls.

Carisi stopped in front of the door, running his hand over his mouth. “Is she awake? Do we know anything about her?”

Doctor Wilder gave a weary look to the two detectives. “She’s awake, but we haven’t been able to get much more information out of her than that. We finished her rape kit about half an hour ago and she’s taken medication to prevent pregnancy, she should be ready to talk soon.”

“Thank you, Doctor Wilder.” Carisi smiled and opened the door, stepping aside to let Amanda in the room first. 

When the girl heard the door open, she didn’t move at first. She was lying on her side, curled into a ball with her hands clutched close to her chest.

“Sweetie? I'm Detective Rollins and this is Detective Carisi, we're from SVU. We just need to ask you a few questions if you're up for talking.” Amanda spoke softly as she moved forward.

The girl in the bed shifted, blue eyes bloodshot and filled with tears. "Amanda?" She sat up a little as she spoke. 

"Maddie?" The detective immediately rushed to her side. "Who did this to you?" She asked, resting a gentle hand on Maddie's bruised cheek. 

Maddie shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut as tears spilled down her cheeks. "I don't know… I couldn't see their face." She whimpered. 

"Uhhh… Rollins?" Carisi cleared his throat. "You know her?" 

Amanda turned to look at Carisi and nodded. "Yeah, this is Maddie… we've been dating for a few months now." She smiled, turning back to Maddie.

"Should I call Lieu and Barba?" He asked, and Amanda nodded.

"I doubt Liv is gonna let me anywhere near this case as a detective." She sighed, taking a seat on the edge of Maddie's bed.

Carisi nodded, walking towards the end of the bed. "Alright, Maddie… what were you doing right before you were attacked?" He asked. 

"My brother was throwing a party. One of those parties that you really only throw because you have money y'know? I was so miserable and bored, so when I got a text from my friends asking if I wanted to grab a late dinner at Via Della in the East Village I was so happy to get out of there." Maddie explained, looking up at Carisi.

The detective nodded. "Do you have your phone on you?" He asked.

Maddie shook her head. "I think the doctors took it when they brought me in. It was in the pocket of my jacket."

Carisi nodded and sat down in the chair next to the bed. "So, what happened next, Maddie?" He asked.

"They told me that they were going to pick me up, so I changed and went outside to meet them. I was waiting in the courtyard for them to tell me they were there when I was hit on the head from behind. I hit the ground on my hands, but I couldn't see straight. I remember being dragged out of view of the street because it got really dark… and that was when he started to take off my pants. He had a hand around my throat, so I couldn't scream or breathe really… and then I could feel him inside me, it hurt… I tried to push him off, but I couldn't breathe. He kept hitting me, every time I tried to push him away. I blacked out after that…" She paused, wiping at her eyes. "The next thing I remember was waking up in the ambulance."

Carisi nodded and wrote everything down as she spoke. "Alright… does your building have security cameras?" He asked.

Maddie nodded. "Yeah, they cover pretty much the whole street and the lobby. There's one in each elevator too."

"Okay. We're gonna do our best to get to the bottom of this okay?" Carisi gave her a smile. 

Returning the smile, Maddie laid back in her bed and looked up at Amanda. "I'm sorry I didn't have someone call you, I didn't know… I didn't know if you'd want to be here…" She apologized. 

Before she could answer, her phone was ringing. A FaceTime call from Olivia. 

"It's okay, baby. Just get some rest alright? We'll be back to check on you later." She smiled softly and kissed her forehead, heading out of the room with Carisi. 

Answering the call, Amanda held up her phone. "Hey Liv… what's up?" She asked as they headed to a quieter place in the hospital. 

"Well… I just got off a call from Dodds. The victim is Madeline Campbell, heiress to Campbell Worldwide Media… her brother found out about her attack on the news and is on his way down here now. What has she told you?" She asked, dropping her glasses onto what the detectives assumed was a pile of paperwork. 

"Liv actually there's something I need to tell you. You know how I've been seeing someone the past few months? Well… it's Maddie. And I know you'll probably want to bench me, which I understand, but I wanted you to know." 

Olivia nodded. "Thank you, for telling me Amanda. For now, we'll keep you on the case, but if you take this personally, we'll have to re-evaluate. Got it?" 

"Copy that, Lieutenant." Amanda nodded. 

"Good. So, how is she?" Olivia asked, looking at her detectives.

Carisi drew a breath before answering. "She's got bandaged cuts on both of her hands, a hand shaped bruise around her throat, Doctor Wilder said she has a gash on the back of her head they had to stitch up which lines up with what she told us. To be honest Lieu, there are probably more bruises we can't see. From what she told us, whoever it was, was rough with her." 

"There's another thing too, she said she got a text from her friends, but the doorman was the one who found her this morning… we need to figure that out." Amanda added. 

"I agree. I'll have Fin look into that, but I want you two here with Barba and I when Daniel arrives. Make sure you get her phone, so we can have TARU look into it as well." Olivia nodded. 

"Alright, we're on our way back now. We shouldn't be too long." Carisi concluded before Amanda hung up the phone.

As she put her phone away, she leaned against the wall, letting out a breath. 

"Rollins?" Carisi asked, standing in front of her.

Amanda shook her head. "I was supposed to take her out last night, but we had to finish up the Klein case. If we hadn't…" She trailed off.

The taller detective shook his head. "No, hey don't do that to yourself. It's clear that Maddie doesn't blame you, and that she was happy to see you after what happened to her."

Amanda looked up at the ceiling before looking to her partner. "Yeah, but I doubt Daniel will feel that way." 


When they arrived at the precinct, the two detectives dropped their coats at their respective desks before making their way into Olivia's office. "Lieutenant. Counsellor." Carisi greeted as they stood to the side of Olivia's desk.

"Amanda, I'm sure you know Daniel and his fiancé Emily." Olivia smiled, gesturing to the two sitting across from her. "This is Detective Carisi." Olivia gestured to him.

Daniel got up from his chair and wrapped his arms around Amanda. "How are you holding up?" He asked. "Have you seen her? How is she?" He pulled back to look at her.

"She's awake, she told us what happened. She has a bruise on her throat and cuts on her hands, but for now she's doing alright." Amanda nodded, giving him a small smile. 

Daniel nodded and sat back down. "So, what happens now?" He asked Olivia.

"Now we try and figure out who attacked her, who would have had motive or the opportunity. And we will need statements from you and Emily on where you were during the time of the attack on your sister." The Lieutenant explained. 

Daniel's gaze hardened as soon as the words hit his ears. "You think that one of us had something to do with what happened to Maddie?! Are you people insane?!" He demanded, standing from his chair.

"Mr. Campbell it's procedure that we get a timeline, so we can get whoever hurt your sister." Barba stepped in, holding up his hands.

Grabbing Emily's arm, hard enough to make her wince, he stood her up and turned her towards the door. "We're leaving. And if you plan on going anywhere near my sister it is with my permission, I am her lawyer and the only family she has left."  

With that, the two headed out of the squad room, leaving the detective and the ADA in stunned silence. 

"It doesn't work like that, does it Counsellor? Doesn't Maddie get a say in who her lawyer is throughout the case?" Amanda moved to sit across from Olivia. 

Barba nodded. "I'll be representing her. There's a good chance he's the Corporate Lawyer for the company, but he isn't her personal legal counsel."

Amanda leaned forward in her chair and covered her mouth with both her hands, staring at Olivia's name plaque.

Olivia shared a look with Carisi who nodded. "Rollins, why don't I drop you off at the hospital? There isn't much more we can do until Maddie's discharged anyways." 

Amanda looked up at her partner and nodded. "What are we going to do about Daniel?" She asked as she rose from the chair. 

"For now, I want to keep him away from Maddie. I think he'll do his best to make this go away to protect his image. And his company's image." Barba looked at Olivia. 

"I agree. We'll come by before the end of shift to talk to her about what's going to happen." Olivia agreed.

"Actually, it's her company," Amanda pointed out. When the room remained silent, she continued. "Maddie's mom was her dad's second wife. They started the company and named Maddie the CEO should anything happen to the two of them. She went to business school, all of it. But when her mom was killed in that car accident, Daniel took over since Maddie was in school still." 

"And he hasn't let her take over or anything?" Olivia asked, leaning back in her chair.

Amanda shook her head. "I asked her why, but the answer she gave me definitely wasn't the truth. She told me that he wanted to make sure she was really ready to take over. The company, the apartment, everything is in Maddie's name, but…"

"But Daniel is the one who's out in the spotlight." Barba leaned against Olivia's desk. "He wants to control what his father wouldn't let him have." 

"You don't think he would've done this do you?" Carisi asked. 

All of them shared an unsure look. "Well there's only one way to find out."


Back at the hospital, Maddie was sleeping fitfully when Amanda arrived. She was grateful Daniel wasn't there and even more grateful that Maddie was asleep. 

Sitting next to the bed, Amanda carefully took one of her hands and sighed. "I'm so sorry this happened to you Maddie. If I hadn't been caught up in a case maybe this wouldn't have happened." 

Resting her head near Maddie's legs, the blonde let out a sigh. "I'm sorry that I couldn't keep you safe." She apologized again. 

After a few moments of silence, Maddie started to move in her sleep, her face contorted in pain. "No… no stop…" She mumbled. 

"Maddie?" Amanda sat up, moving some hair back from the younger's face.

"NO!" She screamed, bolting up in bed, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks.

Amanda jumped up from her chair, carefully taking Maddie's face in her hands. "Baby, I'm here. Breathe. You're safe now, no one can hurt you." Amanda assured her. 

Maddie's wide blue eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears as she tried to register where she was. 

"I don't want to be here anymore, 'Manda…" She mumbled quietly.

Amanda nodded in understanding. "Okay. Well, I can take you back to your apartment once they discharge you." She offered. 

As if on cue, Daniel burst through the door, followed by Emily. "Maddie." He walked over to the opposite side of the bed.

"Get dressed. We're going home and you're doing a press conference about what happened." He dropped a bag of clothes on the end of the bed. 

Maddie shook her head. "No, I'm not going back there." She shook her head vigorously. "And I'm not doing a press conference. I haven't even had time to…" She started before Daniel cut in. 

"We have an image to protect, Maddie. You were probably drunk, it's okay. Maybe you don't remember saying yes." He suggested.

Amanda took that moment to step in. "Daniel, she hasn't even had time to process what happened to her. Maybe we should wait a little while, until she talks to my Lieutenant and our ADA." She countered. “I’m going to take her back to my apartment for the night, so she can get some sleep.” The detective was lying through her teeth, but there was no way he needed to know that.

"Daniel she's right. Maddie was attacked last night, there's no way she's going to be ready to talk about it yet." Emily pointed out, earning a stern look from Daniel. 

Maddie shifted closer to Amanda, who put an arm protectively around her waist. "Please Daniel… I don't want to go back there." 

Daniel clenched his hands into fists, his face turning red before he burst into an angry tirade. "Maddie, why do you always insist on damaging the reputation our parents built for us and for the company? Why is it always you who has to cause a scene any time you're given the chance? Your mother would always defend you to dad, making sure her precious daughter got whatever she needed, and dad never bat an eye at it." He scoffed. "You probably had sex, cheating on your girlfriend here and then cried rape when you realized it would become public."

Amanda's jaw just about hit the floor as she listened to him. Never once had she had the thought that Maddie would cheat on her. "Daniel, I think you should go." She instructed, gesturing towards the door. 

"I'm not leaving without my sister. I am her lawyer and her guardian." He repeated his point from earlier.

"You're a corporate lawyer, and I'm twenty-seven, I don't need a guardian." Maddie pointed out quietly.

Daniel looked like he was about to say something else when Emily put her hand on his arm. "My mother is outside to take us to lunch and talk about the wedding."

Nodding once, Daniel made a move to hug Maddie, who just curled further into Amanda's arms. "Just go, Daniel…" She mumbled.

Muttering something incoherent under his breath, he took Emily's hand and left the room.

Amanda slowly loosened her grip on Maddie, pulling her phone out of her pocket. "I'm gonna call Liv, okay?" She ran a hand through Maddie's curls.

Nodding, she curled back up into the bed, staring at her bandaged hands. She could feel the stitches under the bandages that were holding the gashes together.

"Hey, Liv. Yeah, I'm here with Maddie but Daniel showed up after I did. He tried to get Maddie to leave." She looked back over to Maddie who was still staring intently at her hands. "Liv he said that she wanted this, that she's constantly in the news making a scene and ruining her parents' legacy. He's got more of a hold on her than I thought."

Olivia leaned back in her chair, her eyes trailing over to the ADA across from her. Scribbling down the information Amanda had given her and slid the notepad towards him.

"Okay, so what do you want to do from here Amanda?" She asked.

"When they discharge her, I want to take her back to my place. I got a better door, a new lock… she'll be safe with me, Liv." She smiled when Maddie turned her attention back to Amanda. 

Olivia scribble down the second set of information and held it up for Barba to read. 

Barba waved his hand, reaching for Olivia's phone. "Rollins? Let me get ahold of McCoy and see what he says okay? He should be okay with it, but until then, bring her to the station. She'll be safest with a hundred cops around."

Amanda nodded. "Alright, I'll bring her to the station, but if Daniel come back…"

"We'll make sure she stays in Liv's office okay? I promise she's going to be safe here until we figure out our next steps." He assured her.

"Alright. Thank you Counsellor. We'll be back soon." She hung up and slid her phone back in her pocket before turning to Maddie.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

Amanda grabbed the bag of clothes that Daniel brought and searched through it. It was a surprisingly cold October, so she was glad that he packed jeans and a sweater for her. "We're going back to the precinct. Our ADA is going to make sure that you can come stay with me, so you don't have to go back home until you're ready. I'm just going to find Doctor Wilder."

Maddie nodded as Amanda left the room, picking at the edge of her bandages.

When Amanda returned, the doctor just behind her, Maddie dropped her hands back to her lap. "Hey Maddie. How's your head feeling now sweetie?" She asked as she set the discharge papers down on the table in front of her.

"It's okay, my headache's gone. It's just my hands that are bothering me now." She sighed, holding her hands face up.

Doctor Wilder nodded. "Alright, well what we can do is remove the bandages for now, but I want you to put some on before you go to sleep to prevent them from catching and pulling out. How's that sound?" She suggested. 

Maddie nodded slowly in agreement as Doctor Wilder started to carefully pull back the bandages. 

Amanda, who'd started to fill out the paperwork, looked up when she heard Maddie hiss in pain. 

"It's almost over Maddie, I promise." Doctor Wilder gave her an apologetic smile.

Once the bandages were off, Amanda was able to see the full damage done to her hands. "Oh baby… I'm so sorry." She apologized softly as she held out the discharge papers.

"I'll drop these off at the desk, and you two are good to go. Maddie if your head starts to hurt take two Tylenol, and if you faint or get blurry vision, come back immediately okay?" 

Maddie nodded and gave a small smile. "Thank you, Doctor Wilder." 


Once Maddie was dressed and Amanda had called Fin to pick them up, the two headed outside. 

"Here." Amanda pulled her jacket off and wrapped it around Maddie's shoulders.

Maddie smiled softly, leaning into Amanda's side as they walked to the car. "I'm sorry to inconvenience you, Detective Tutuola." She apologized quietly.

Fin shook his head with a smile, placing his hand on her shoulder. "It's nothing Maddie. Now come on or Amanda here is gonna freeze her ass off, you must know how she gets when she's cold." He smirked, nudging Amanda with his elbow.

Sliding into the back of the car, Maddie laughed softly. "It's the Georgian blood." She pointed out.

"Why are y'all making fun of me when I'm right here?" Amanda asked as she sat next to Maddie.

Maddie just shook her head with a smile as she leaned against her girlfriend, closing her eyes as they headed down the busy Manhattan streets.

“Darlin’ we’re here.” Amanda whispered as they pulled up in front of the precinct.

Sitting up, Maddie looked down at her hands, examining the stitches as if they were just going to disappear if she tried hard enough. “Okay.” She nodded, climbing out of the car after Amanda.

The squad room fell eerily silent as the three rounded the corner, everyone seemed to be staring at Maddie, who felt like she had a neon sign hanging over her head in that moment. 

“Alright, back to work everyone.” Fin called out, watching the cops spur back to life. 

Moving through the bullpen, Amanda led Maddie towards Olivia’s office, knocking quickly before opening the door. “Lieutenant. Counsellor. This is Maddie Campbell.” She gestured to the blonde standing quietly next to her.

Olivia gave her a sympathetic smile, moving towards her. “We’re going to figure out who did this to you okay? I can assure you we will do everything in our power to help you.”

Maddie just nodded, holding her hand out for Olivia to shake before her eye caught her stitches. “Thank you, Lieutenant Benson.”

Sitting down on the couch next to Olivia, Maddie went over the events of the previous night as best as she could like she had for Amanda and Carisi earlier.

They had barely started when there was more commotion in the bullpen. “I know she’s here! Where the hell is my sister?!” Daniel’s voice sounded like it was right next to her as she practically jumped out of her skin.