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Sounds and Illusions

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\\\\\Anthony's POV\\\\\

I am a half-blood. I already knew it. My mom had told me about it on my 10th birthday. Apparently, my father is a super powerful Greek god. But still, the fact that he hadn't contacted me even once, hurts. It would have been good to have been acknowledged for once in my life. Don't get me wrong, but my mom is not the typical doting mother. She is a workaholic and forgets that I even exist half the time. All my life, I have worked hard to stay out of trouble (though it hasn't been easy) and get the approval of my mom. But she is always so busy.

Anyways, on my 10th birthday, she came to my room, and asked me about Greek mythology. I told her what we had learnt in the library books as I liked the idea of gods and monsters. She then proceeded to tell me that I am a part of the Greek pantheon and my dad is a Greek god. She didn't mention which one though but we'll get to that later. She gave me a pen and told me that on removing the cap, the pen will turn into a sword. I have been training in Martial-arts and fencing ever since.

Recently, after my 15th birthday, the monster attacks increased, but almost always it was like the monsters had stumbled upon me and had not been searching for me, as if there was something else important and very big going on. So, I took the decision to go to this demigod camp soon.

But that decision was taken out of my hands, when as I was going home from a quick stroll through the neighborhood park, one large man with one eye came towards me muttering about tasty food. With my instincts screaming danger, I knew that this person was a monster. I ran home as fast as I could and took my emergency backpack with a change of clothes, few snacks and a stash of pocket money.

I left the house and hired a cab for Long Island. We were just outside Long Island, when the cab broke down. I swore and got out of the cab. I started running towards the camp to get there before nightfall. But it was easier said than done. It was as if every monster in the area was getting notifications that tasty meal has arrived. I was able to outrun most of them but I had to kill a few.

When I could finally see the pine tree, I released a sigh of relief. It was a sigh too soon. Suddenly, there were these large, beast like dogs around me, growling at me. I brought my sword out and prepared to fight these too, when one of the beasts lunged behind me and bit my calf. I screamed and drove my sword through the monster.

All of a sudden, the world slowed down, my mind got kind of woozy, yet my senses sharpened. Before I could comprehend it, I had already killed all 3 hounds. As the haze started clearing off, I saw a boy kneeling next to one of the monsters and wait, he was crying?! He then reached in his pocket and drew a pen like mine which also turned in a sword, albeit a longer one, and drove it through the beast.

I saw some people gathering behind and went to them. A centaur came up to me and asked me what happened. I told him how I was told by mom to come here, how I took a cab which later broke down, then monsters attacked me, how I fought those hellhounds (I was told this by a blonde girl) and how the boy behind me had most probably seen everything and yet didn't do anything.

Annabeth (so that is the blonde's name) took a look at the camper and sharply breathed in. She told Chiron (the centaur) that the camper was Percy. He also looked over to the camper (this Percy fellow) whose back was still turned and his eyes widened minutely.

As I asked who the boy was, another camper, told me that Percy was a hero and the leader of the camp. I nodded to accept it, but inside I was irritated and angry. So, this is the leader of the camp, who didn't even lift a finger to help a fellow demigod? I decided then and there to make him pay. And pay he will. That is Anthony Spencer's promise.