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Sounds and Illusions

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\\\\\Percy's POV\\\\\

The still night was pierced by a scream which came from the camp border. Percy ran towards the border and saw a black-haired demigod who was around 15 years old fighting 2 hellhounds. The boy was carrying a 2 feet long sword/knife which vaguely looked like Riptide, and killed 1 of them with a fast swipe of his blade. But now something in the air had changed. He saw a white-red glow surround the demigod briefly, before his attention was again on the fight.

Percy started to run towards them to intervene, when suddenly, one of the hellhounds sprang between him and the other hellhound... But wait, there was no 3rd hellhound... Percy saw that the hellhound (which wanted to protect him?) was Mrs. O'Leary. Before he could do anything about it, the boy glowed black-red for a second and as if in slow motion, drove his sword through Mrs. O'Leary's gut.

Percy ran forward and knelt in front of his faithful friend and pet. Mrs. O'Leary's breath was coming out labored and it turned its pleading eyes towards him, wishing for an easy death. Percy uncapped riptide and drove it through the hound.

He slowly stood up, seeing the golden dust of his pet float away, and turned around. His vision was slightly blurred because of his unshed tears so he could not see the congregation of demigods which had assembled there. Then he heard Chiron gallop towards him. He raised his eyes and the dull sea-green orbs met with disappointed brown ones. Chiron then asked him in a very soft and disappointed voice, "Perseus, did you really just stand there and let Anthony fight those hellhounds on his own? I had thought that after the war, everybody would have learnt few things, like helping fellow demigods. But I am most disappointed in you Perseus. You should have helped him."

Percy stared up at Chiron in horror. Did the centaur really think that he would leave a fellow half-blood just like that? He saw Annabeth shaking her head in a dejected manner and felt his heart break a little. He opened his mouth to explain when suddenly, a trident appeared above the new boy, Anthony's head. The demigods bowed down and Chiron said, " All hail Anthony Spencer, Son of Poseidon, the God of Seas, the Earth shaker, Storm Bringer and the Father of Horses."